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Mary Cartwright

Minister, Pastoral Care

Nic Glyshaw
Youth Pastor
Sharon Hostetler
Ministry Director:
Connections & Events


Faithbuilders (E. Hall)

9:00 Sanctuary Worship

Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)

Youth Classes (N. Forum)

Salt, Adult Class (N. Room)

10:30 Watermark Worship

Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)

Pathfinders, Adult Class (N. Room)

High Flight, Adult Class (E. Hall)


Praise Songs

Still, Still, Still

Kiefer Ireland
Childrens Ministry Asst.

Morning Prayer

Nicole Moran
Preschool Director

Word in Song

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Frank Shirvinski

Sara Perrine
Minister, Missional Groups

End of The Story

Closing Song

Regularly Scheduled Programs

Frank Shirvinski
Lead Pastor

Stacy Shirvinski
Executive Director: Community
Impact, Families and Children

Jenny Statler
Worship Experience Director

Go, Tell It on the Mountain

CoreFit & More ..............Tu & Th, 4:15 p

Mens Bible Study ..........Wednesday, 6:30 a
Adult Choir .....................Wednesday, 7:00 p
*Womens Bible Study ...Thursday, 7:30 a
Mens Bible Study ..........Thursday, 7:00 a
Roots (Young Adults) ....Thursday, 7:00 p
Womens Bible Study .....Friday, 9:30 a
KP Prayer Group ...........Saturday, 7:00 a
Chain Gang (Craft) .......2nd Monday 10 a
Reap What You Sew .....2nd & 4th Wed. 9 a
*New time beginning January 8

Closing Prayer

Happy New Year

December 28, 2014

20% OFF!

Helpful Info
Communion/Lords Supper
All followers of Christ are welcome to

participate in our Service of

Communion. If you have prepared
yourself for this very special moment
with our Savior, you are invited to His
table. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) Please
take the emblems as they are passed
and partake when you are ready.
Some prefer to take it before passing
it along.

Begin the new year in a home study

group and get connected with your
Church family. To sign up for a
group, contact Sara Perrine at

Ready to conquer that upcoming New

Years Resolution? Looking for a great
gift for that special someone in your life
(including yourself)? CROSSFIT
CHAPARRAL has two special
announcements for you!
Register for our Foundations program in
January and receive 20% off! Our
Foundations program consists of four
introductory CrossFit classes that teach
you the nine basic CrossFit movements,
nutritional information, the CrossFit
philosophy of fitness and a plethora of
additional movements that you will need
to master in order to begin your journey
toward functional fitness. For further
information go to:

In all of our services a special time for
giving is set aside. Participation is an
act of worship and voluntary.

We have a friendly, well-staed and
impeccably clean nursery located on
the north side of the narthex. Please
see an usher for directions.

8-9 a.m.


1/2 ........10:30 a ..CF Refinery .........Commons

1/4 ........8:45 a ....Blood Pres. Screen ....Lobby

1/12 ......Small Groups Return ...............Osite

Did you know that we have breakfast

available every Sunday? Were talking
eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns
all you might wantserved up hot to
order! Of course, there is coffee and
more! Bring the family and a friend to
join us in the Commons for a great way
to start your Sunday morning!
Donations accepted to cover costs!

Thank you to all who were part of

Family Promise this Christmas!!
What a dierence you make!
Prayer: Marilyn Davis, Irv Ekelund,
Dee Hicklin, Payson Kenyon, Neil

The CFC Refinery!
THE CFC REFINERY is a new class geared
towards increasing general strength and
physical fitness using fun and exciting
CrossFit-style workouts without the
barbell. Movements used in these high
intensity workouts are simple, functional
and maximize everyones potential
regardless of their fitness level. CFC
REFINERY will meet 10:30 a.m. on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
beginning in January.
to get started!
Foundations is NOT required for CFC
REFINERY. However, if you want to
expand your program to include the
general CrossFit WODs, attending
Foundations is required.

Today, All elementary (K & up)-age kids
will attend church with their family. It is
always good for kids to experience Big
Church as the more exposure they
have, the more comfortable they will be
as they grow up! Enjoy this time having
your kids in service with you!

Pre-K will have class with Miss Stacy &

Kiefer! Nursery and toddler care will
also be available!

to Chaparral
In order for contributions to be
tax-deductible in the 2014 tax
year they must be:
Mailed with a postmark no later
than December 31, 2014
Put in the offering today!

It is once again time

to take advantage of
the Arizona Tax
Our Preschool and several of our
Missions are able
to receive Tax
Credits. Look for
information in the
Lobby or contact
the office for more

6451 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254