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3 Day Startup Program Information Doc

How Students Get Started

3 Day Startup (“3DS”) teaches entrepreneurial skills to
university students in an extreme hands-on environment.
This proven program provides students the tools they need
to start successful companies. Over 5000+ 3DS alumni from 100 programs
across 5 continents–including programs at Harvard, MIT, Technion and Peking
University–have started more than 71 companies that have collectively
raised $18 million in investor capital. The 3DS program creates a living
entrepreneurship laboratory on university campuses bringing together
students ranging from freshmen to freshly-minted PhDs; backgrounds include
computer science, business, engineering, law, design, and others. Participants
gain experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration, brainstorming and
ideation, group productivity, ad-hoc leadership and decision-making under
severe time constraints.
3 Day Startup | Austin Technology Incubator 3925 W Braker Ln Austin, TX 78759 |
3 Day Startup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

These projects are usually at early stages. The program has spread from semester programs at the University of Texas at Austin to schools throughout the United States. a group of graduate students founded 3 Day Startup at The University of Texas at Austin. PROGRAM GOALS 3 Day Startup is designed with two specific goals in mind: kick-start new student-run companies and build entrepreneurial capabilities in students and their university communities. the organizers of 3DS solicit applications from across the university. how opportunities differ from solutions.HISTORY In January 2008. 3DS organizers host workshops on how to recognize opportunities in the marketplace. During this analysis phase. and Portugal. Ghana. team formation) ensure that students feel a sense of buy-in and commitment for the ideas they work on. the participants arrive at the 3DS program site motivated to start new companies: students bring pre-built prototypes or simply an idea for a startup. the top 45 students are invited to participate in the program. often receiving 200 applications from 25+ different majors. Colombia. Two weeks prior. which is the home of the flagship 3DS program. 3 Day Startup | Austin Technology Incubator 3925 W Braker Ln Austin. Thailand. Israel. Chile. Ecuador. 3 Day Startup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. These self-directed program components (idea voting. and how to execute the customer-focused 3DS model. . After reviewing applications and conducting interviews. feasibility and business models are unproven. participants discuss and evaluate their business ideas in smaller groups. Netherlands. In the first few hours. THE 3 DAYS BEGIN On the first day. 3 Day Startup alumni have succeeded precisely because they have applied a relentless focus on making products and services based on actual customer needs. BEFORE THE 3 DAYS: RECRUITING AND WORKSHOPS Before the 3 day program begins. Spain. mentors from around the community provide their insights. participants vote on which ideas (usually 5-7) will become the focus of the remaining time. Germany.3daystartup. Outside of the United States. 3 Day Startup operates successful programs in China. Later that evening. Singapore. 3DS facilitators then lead students through a process where students form teams around the remaining ideas. France. TX 78759 | www.

the FluidUI prototyping tool. computer science students build prototypes. and scaling new ventures. VALUE BEYOND THE 3 DAYS: SUCCESS KIT + GLOBAL NETWORK Students leave their 3DS experience with the skills. vision. with the highs of completing prototypes and the lows of discovering better-positioned competitors. everyone engages potential customers on the streets and over the phones to better understand the need their venture addresses. TX 78759 | www. and more.3daystartup. FINAL PITCHES AND PROTOTYPE DEMOS The ideas that have survived thus far are revealed at the pitches and prototype demos on the final day. 3DS alumni receive the 3DS Success Kit: a package of services vital to an early stage startup including free hosting from Rackspace. the Microsoft BizSpark/DreamSpark suite. Ash Maurya’s Running Lean. The feedback is constructive and extensive: panelists ask tough questions. and give candid advice for the road ahead. and products and services necessary to accelerate the growth of their businesses. 3 Day Startup | Austin Technology Incubator 3925 W Braker Ln Austin. With help from mentors.PRACTICING INNOVATION AND TALKING TO CUSTOMERS Fueled by free food and caffeine. and designers create branding and user interfaces. identify strengths and 3 Day Startup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Day two and three are packed with action–these days are a microcosm of startup life. The benefit to participants and their communities is ongoing. deeply discounted incorporation packages from DLA Piper. On the second day. angel investors. business students model revenue sources and test marketing strategies. and teams comprised of highly skilled and motivated students. A panel of venture capitalists. participants convert their abstract notions of entrepreneurship into the actual practice of innovation late on the evening of day one. The presentations include functioning prototypes. . and accomplished entrepreneurs offers feedback. 3DS provides access to a world-class network of mentors that can provide guidance in areas such as venture capital. product design. beta customer responses.

TX 78759 | www.3 DAY STARTUP GLOBAL BY THE NUMBERS 100 programs across five continents. and the UT Technology Entrepreneurship Society. computer science. 3DS and 3DS alumni companies have been featured in campus and national newspapers like the Financial Times. 71 startups collectively raising $18 MM investment. and noteworthy blogs such as Mashable. incubators/accelerators. 3 Day Startup maintains deep ongoing ties to organizations important to the national and global student entrepreneurship community. 3DS was recently featured in Forbes Magazine in a piece on student entrepreneurship. in Austin we regularly engage the Austin Technology Incubator. 27 3DS-originated companies accepted to accelerator/incubator programs. and VentureBeat. . For example. angel groups). design. 3DS runs programs and cultivates similar relationships with students and analogous organizations at schools such as the following: MEDIA COVERAGE 3 Day Startup receives greater and greater media coverage each year. 3DS partners with academic institutions (business. 5000+ 3DS alumni from 40+ different majors. the Computer Science Department of the University of Texas. TechCrunch. and other university departments). and student entrepreneurship organizations.3daystartup. investors (VC firms. UNIVERSITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEM NETWORKS Beyond relationships with students at dozens of college campuses. 3 Day Startup | Austin Technology Incubator 3925 W Braker Ln Austin. the McCombs School of 3 Day Startup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Central Texas Angel Network. radio stations. law.