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Code of business ethics is gathering a huge attention at the present time
in the business organizations. Even the government and the stake holders
of the business organization are showing much respect to the cod of
business ethics. Managers understand the grandness of the code of
business ethics and they are very much keen to implement it by the
employees of their organizations.
In the business organization an
immense number of incidents of unethical working practices take place
throughout the world every year. Corporate experts are very much worried
about these increasing number issues and they consider the code of
business ethics as a silver bullet for the problem solution.
Academic scholars play their part in solving the problem by writing a
number of books on the ethical working practices and code of business
ethics. They suggest the business organisations to adapt the working
practices, ethical respect and implement it properly in their business
organization from the intellectual level to the ground level of the
organization. The educational institutions consider the code of business
ethics as a serious concept which should be taught to the students as they
the future manages and executives of the business organization and
companies. Apart from the academic scholars and the educational
institutions, governments of different nations insist the business
organization to prepare a code of business ethics and to implement it in
the organization with proper care and interest. Few governments step up a
head and develop a code of business ethics and askes the organization to
implement it a proper beneficiary way. To assure the best working practice
and the management in the business organization as is very huge in its
size and situated in multiple locations all over the globe, it is very much
necessary indeed to practice universal proposition ethical principles in
their business organizations. This kind of proper code of ethics in the
business increases the lawful profits and ensures good care of stake
holder’s interest. It also specifies that the business organization is socially
responsible for the ethics in business (Sealy, 1987, 2001; Petrini and
Pozzebon, 2009; Blumberg, 1970; Machan 2009). In this paper it is clearly
examines the article of code business ethics and reviews the literature
related to it and analyses the concepts. Evaluating the literature of code of
business ethics and examining in the broad terms of international
perspective. Critically reviewing the article strengths and weakness and its
organization implementation.
2. Literature Review:
“The character, custom or a set of moral behaviour that is accepted
extensively” is considered as ‘ethic’. The characteristics or the
specifications of the ethics can be defined as follows. Firstly, describing a
good person i.e. individual character and all the qualities it takes to be a
good person. Secondly, the rule of the society which clearly specifies what

In terms of business model ethics refers to the truth and justice in implementing the business strategies to achieve the organizational goals. It also includes the influence the morality of goodness on the individual.e. So the business involves lots of right and wrong. . The canvas business ethics is verified on the morality of right or wrong in terms of Velasquez (2009). 1984). Few people consider the profits of the organization are important and at the same time they equally vote for the business ethics for the overall growth of the business organization. Valasquez. It also depends up on the social factors of the people living in and around the locality as an act which is categorized as wrong in one locality can be considered as a right in other locality. ‘Business Ethics’ is considered in different ways by various people. one’s ability to choose between right and wrong. business organization and the society overall. Ethics is the concept of morals. quantity and ingredients of the product are to be considered by the business organizations which are operated in the international level. 1994). Managers argue that they are more oriented to business rather than other factors as they run the business to satisfy the stake holder and profit margins. 3. healthy competition in business rivals. 2009). consumer liberty and behaviour of the corporation in the world market (Koontz. According to Garrett(1970) it is about the concerns of the humans on the bases of the business needs and objectives relating to the techniques used to achieve it. Are they ethical in the process of manufacturing and branding? There are various issues to be considered while evaluating the ethics of the business in international level. values and beliefs from all over the world. On the other side it is agreeable that mangers have every right to take a proper decision at the operational levels to benefit the organization. (Carroll . good and bad. fairness and values are not a part of the business community. But in fact is most required in the practical operations of the business (Stodder. In this operation of business the organization have to be very keen on what they are saying about their product and actually what they are delivering to the customers. The quality of the product should reach the standards put forward by the organization in advertising.1991. good. So it always seen as the conception of what is fair. Various issues are concerned in the ethics i. The quantity of the product delivered to the customer needs to be as per the specification of the product. and right to the behaviour aspects. 1998). International Relevance: In the present day world every business is globalized. 2009. social prospects. Besides that most of the people in force that ethics. a product is designed in part of the world and produced or manufactured in the other part of the globe and it is used in some other region. Quality. Solomon. acceptable and unacceptable (Desjardins.

they are most important in terms of the sales of the organization products and the services of the organizations. With this niche consulting companies are investing the international business organization in terms of code of ethical business and the financing firms and the investment angels depend up on this factor to invest in a particular organization (Lindfelt. If some process is going out of ethical in the organization they he should be provided with right to speak about it to the management and raise the issue to the government. 4. As ingredients of the product plays a vital role in the international market. When an employee is working for an organization he should be loyal to the business organization and follow the rules and regulations while being ethical.And last but not least the organization should be fair enough in using the same ingredients mentioned on the label of the product. So the business organization has to be very keen and careful and ethical in using and displaying the ingredients on the label of the product. When an employee is working for an organization he should be loyal to the business organization and follow the rules and regulations while being ethical. few religions and cultures does not touch or use the products made of particular ingredients. By embedding and implementing the strong ethical aspects in the business model the organization lays a foundation for the future benefits of the business and makes a profitable relationships with all the . 5. The customer’s perception of the organization is very valuable to the business. Investors may decide to invest due to the reputation and ethical behaviour of the company in the society (Holme. In this situation to gain the customers trust and confidence the organization has to be ethical in its business process of manufacturing products and delivering the services to the customers. 2008). In this paper it is identified that the employees working for a business organization which is more ethical are likely to be loyal to the organization which is not. Critical Review: Even though customers are not the internal part of the organization they have a great influence on the organization growth and the business development. 2004). Conclusion and Recommendations: For the organizational good will and to gain the customer confidence careful implementation of the code of ethical business is most important. The organization has to put up its business as transparent as possible and give every stake holder to question about the operations of the organization is ethical or not. As most of the organizations are born out of the customer needs. If some process is going out of ethical in the organization they he should be provided with right to speak about it to the management and raise the issue to the government.

All the stake holders of the business organization are ensured satisfaction by execution of the proper code of business in the organization. It is strongly recommended for every organization weather it is small or large. . Which in turn has a mutual benefit of increase in sales as the customer perception of the organization is positive as it follows the code of business ethics.people involved in the business from employee to the customer. the size of the organization does not matter there has to be an ethical business precepts involved in the organization from the knowledge level to the operational level.