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Hello and good-bye
El más formal de todos. Imagina un ejecutivo que presenta una persona a un colega.

Mónica, este es o Leandro Monteiro.
Monica, this is Leandro Monteiro.
Ella dirá: How do you do? El o Leandro
También dirán: How do you do?
Pronto, se muestran A saludar para ser
Para una situación informal se vería así:

Sueli presenta Rick para Marta.
Sueli: Marta, this is Rick!
Marta: Hi!
Ricky: Hi!

After class. this is Maria. Sulei: Abdullah. Ricky: Good morning Cheng! How are you? Sulei: Good. Marta: Hi. thanks. these new friends say goodbye to each other Marta: Goodbye! Have a nice day! Sulei: Thanks. my name is Abdullah. Sulei: Nice to meet you! Marta: Nice to meet you. Marta: Nice to meet you Abdullah. you too! See you later Maria! Ricky: Bye! See you! . my name is Maria. How are you? Ricky: I’m fine. too. Ricky: Hello.Introductions Sulei: Hello! I’m Cheng. Maria.

Do not use contractions. __________ students. My name is Cheng. Practice Exercise 2 Use the negative form of to be Example: I am not Maria. You (plural) _________ teachers. Example: I’m Maria. We _________ teachers. 2. 6. They’re not teachers. Use contractions. she is Maria. 1. ______ a student. 3. We _____ students. you are Cheng. too. 7. He _____ Abdullah. Practice Exercise 3 Use to be. 3. 4. he is Abdullah. He ______ Cheng. You aren’t a teacher. ___________ students. Her name is Maria. Maria and I are students. 6. 4. You _______ Maria. 4.Practice Exercise 1 Using the verb to be Fill in the blank. 5. . They ________ students. ______ students. _______ a student. You (plural) ______ students. 5. You _____ Cheng. we are students. I _____ Cheng. Use the positive form. They _____ teachers. 1. Example: I _am__ Maria. 5. She _____ Julie. I am Abdullah. 3. _______ a student. 2. 1. 2. You and Abdullah are students.

What is your name? = What’s your name? My name is Alan.. my name is. ____________________________ ..LESSON “B” NAMES Practice Exercise 1 Please call me Andy Write about yourself My first name is ____________________________ My last name is ____________________________ Please call me ____ En inglés utilizamos contracciones mucho cuando hablamos. = My name’s Alan. How are you going? = How you doin’? Practice Exercise 2 Put the meaning of these words Useful Phrases (Frases útiles) PlayWhat is your name? ____________________________ PlayHello.

.PlayPleased to meet you. please? ____________________________ PlayThank you very much! ____________________________ PlayYou're welcome. ____________________________ PlayWhere are you from? ____________________________ PlayWhere do you live? ____________________________ PlayWhat do you do? / What do you do for a living? ____________________________ PlayDo you speak Spanish? ____________________________ PlayExcuse me. ____________________________ PlayI don't understand. thank you. years old. En diferentes contextos pueden significar cosas distintas. ¡El contexto es importante! . ____________________________ PlayHow are you? ____________________________ PlayWhat's happening? / What's up? ____________________________ PlayI'm fine. ____________________________ PlaySee you later! ____________________________ PlayHave a nice day! ____________________________ PlaySame to you. ____________________________ Recuerda: En inglés. ____________________________ PlayAnd you? ____________________________ PlayHow old are you? ____________________________ PlayI am .. please? ____________________________ PlayCan you speak slower. muchas palabras y frases no siempre tienen una única traducción. ____________________________ PlayCan you repeat.

LESSON “C” Personal information .