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Committed and competent professional having 8+ years’ experience with key result areas pertaining to
Advanced Piping Designing Management with Techno commercial competencies; last worked with GL
Noble Denton Pvt Ltd. as in the capacity of Piping Designer (PDMS).
Expertise in Detail engineering for various Industries sectors in Offshore and Onshore; exposure in
designing Piping Layout in 2D and 3D Environment using AutoCAD, Microstation, PDMS (AVEVA Plant Design
Management System) & PDS.
Deft in implementation Piping Components, Piping Supports, Piping layouts, design codes and system
design and enabling corrosion protection for piping.
Proficient in Isometric drawings, piping material specification sheet, GA Drawings, layouts, International
design codes and P&ID; A team player and leader with exemplary communication, analytical, interpersonal
and problem solving skills.
Proven expertise in implementing cost saving and manpower rationalization projects to achieve overall

Core Competencies:
Piping Engineering  Detailed Engineering  Piping  Pipe Routing

Piping Designer (SP3D trainee) (Contract)

Mar.2014– Till date

Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Onshore Plant.
 Created and conceptualized G.A. drawing in Sp3d application and checking with P& ID
 Involved in the preparation of Section details for piping Layout and prepared pipe support drawing as per
site requirement
Project Handled:
Project Title # 1

Saudi Arabian oil gas project

Piping Designer (PDMS) - Contract

Aug 2012 – April 2013

Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Marine system

Reviewed project specifications, mismatch of the P&ID as well as the Isometric Drawings, in coordination
with the Engineers as well as finalized the Drawings.
Developed the conceptual design, piping item & MTO specification as per codes and standards of piping
design engineering & specification study, schedule for development ; prepared Piping & equipment modeling
using 3D software.
Prepared material take-off list required with accuracy of material standards & their numbers so as to
minimize inventory; checked & corrected Isometrics drawing as per Piping GA & P & ID.
Handled the responsibilities of preparing and checking nozzle orientations & Nozzle Schedule from
Equipment GA and P& ID and Pipe Support drawing as per Piping GA.
Prepared MTO for piping system and Piping Modeling using PDMS.
Involved in the preparation of Section details for piping Layout and prepared pipe support drawing as per
site requirement.

Projects Accomplished:
Project Title # 1

National Drilling Company, GPC,UAE

Project Title # 2

The Levingston Corp

Project Title # 3

The National Petroleum Construction Company L.L.C,UAE

Piping Designer (PDMS)

Apr 2012 – 15th Aug. 2012

(contract) . Qatar EXTRAAN ENERGY SOLUTION PVT. existing piping arrangement drawing by using PDMS & Autocad.. Created and conceptualized G.L. Canada Gulf Piping Company L. modification in PID as per process requirement.L.   Successfully handled the preparation of Piping general assembly Drawing onshore pump area and made Section details for piping Layout.C.L.L.C. PDS. Conversant with International Codes and Standards of piping designing. Isometrics for Marine Burges. Coordinated with the client to complete the inspection of installed piping and handled it to commissioning after testing and box up. Piping Designer (PDMS) (Contract) Aug 2011 – Nov. Expertise in preparation of Isometrics drawing as per G. Project Handled: Project Title # 1 Client Halul PWHD upgrade for Qatar petroleum Occidental Petroleum Qatar Limited. Projects Accomplished: Project Title # 1 Client Organization Escravos Gas to Liquids Project KBR Nigeria Gulf Piping Company L.C. Adyard L.C. Kazakhstan Project Title # 2 Client CGTP-Alibakmola Project JSC OGCC Kazstroy Service. Piping Modeling using PDMS and prepared pipe support drawing as per site requirement.A. 2010 –July 2011 Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Onshore Industries    Managed the responsibility of generating piping design & layout. Plot Plan. equipment layout.. 2011 Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Onshore Plant. Hands-on-experience on preparation of P&ID. experience of extracting isometrics from Piping model. etc.C. Doha PETROFAC ENGINEERING INDIA PVT LTD.C. drawing in PDS ‘draft’ application and checking with P&ID. UAE Piping Designer Aug 2007 – July 2010 Functions: Design and Fabrication to Offshore    Conducted designing of Pipe support Detailing Drawing for Onshore platform and prepared bill of materials for pipe support.Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Onshore Plant. Project Handled: Project Title # 1 Client Mesaieed –Srup Ngl-3 Gas Sweetening Plant Qatar Petroleum Ltd.L. (contract) Project Title # 4 Client Organization Structural arrangement drawing Adnocc L. Built Isometric drawing for offshore rig 1. Kazakhstan ETA INFOTECH L. isometrics for offshore drilling rig and spool track sheet for offshore drilling rig 1& 2. pipe support for Marine Burges and prepared isometrics for onshore plant. Projects Handled: Project Title # 1 Client CGTP-Kozhsai Project JSC OGCC Kazstroy Service. Adyard L.L.L. existing piping arrangement drawing by using Autocadd. Involved in the task of preparation of Test pack.    Generated piping design & layout based on P&ID. (contract) Project Title # 2 Client Organization Semi-submersible drilling Rig1&2 Lone star.C.A. Abudhabi. equipment layout.LTD (Contract) Piping Designer (PDMS) Aug.. (contract) Project Title # 3 Client Organization Safe water plant Vessel fabrication drawing Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas L.

and Hindi Permanent Address: #472A.. AutoCAD  Auto plant 2013 Date of Birth: 1st June 1983 Languages Known: Tamil. Onshore Industries. Piping Isometrics & Pipe Support.    Handled generating Piping GAD.C (Liwa). Anna University. Andhra Pradesh Project Title # 2 Client Plant Expansion Project Shree Cement Company Project Title # 3 Client Plant Expansion Project Emami Paper Mill. 2001 N. Centenary Polytechnic. Kunnathur Road. (contract) BIBRAIN ENGINEERING & CONSULTANCY PVT LTD. First Class Computer / Technical Proficiency:       PDMS (Plant Design Management System).Project Title # 5 Client Organization Bue Marine Flat Top Burge #16. F4545003. India Piping Draughtsman Aug.A. generated overall plant layout and key plan. (11. Erode – 638052. Perundurai.6. English. Abudhabi-UAE References: Available on request .P. India. valid upto 15-08-2015 International Work Experience: Doha-Qatar. Piping Design and Drawings and Pipe support material take-off. 17 Topaz Engineering Ltd. India Passport Details: No. Gujarat Project Title # 4 Client Waste Treatment Plant Project West Coast Paper Mill ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. 12 Sp 5) AVEVA MARINE AUTO PLANT 2013 AUTO CAD MS Office Internet Applications Undergone Trainings on:  TBOSIET (Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training)  H2S Safety  Pro-E. 2004 – July 2007 Functions: Detail Engineering Solutions to Paper. Client: SPB Project & Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. Involved in preparation of spools Isometric for construction. Ansys. Projects Accomplished: Project Title # 1 Client Plant Expansion Project. Process & Instrumentation Diagram and as-built drawings. Adyard L. Carried out the preparation of BOM of Piping ISO and Support materials.L. Detail Layout. Water Treatment &Waste Treatment Plant Sirpur Paper Mill.