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Kadar Cards Advanced Course

Kadar and Energy Work
I want to talk a little about 'energy work' in relationship with the Kadar
When working as a performer I always used the context of energy work
to elevate my performances into something more genuinely magical.
Now I start from the premise that bio-energy fields are very real.
However, I am going to look at this on three levels. The first will be
aimed at the magician with no interest in the validity of such claims.
The third will be from the perspective of the reader who may already
incorporate energy work into what she does as part of a natural process.
The second level will lie in the strange twilight zone between these two
It is my hope that the intelligent reader will find something of use in all
three levels, regardless of existing 'beliefs'.

1. The Magicians perspective.
On the whole magicians tend to lean to the more sceptical end of the
spectrum. Fortunately, this is becoming less of the case and certainly
my experience of magicians visiting the Moon is that they are not
inflexible thinkers and are genuinely using magic to explore ideas
without any preconceptions or biases. But for sake of argument, let us
start from the perspective of the 'old school' magician who thinks that
magic does not exist (strange I know, but common and recently
fashionable too!)
Magicians will certainly be aware of the concept of suggestion -after all
most of magical performance is based on suggestion. Suggesting that
the coin has disappeared, that the hat started off devoid of rabbit and
Kadar Cards Advanced Course

and asks the sitter to hold her hand over the cards and move her hand over each individual card.of course inert card does not radiate energy (which I think to be the case!). By agreeing to help. This is fine.a random and rather chaotic spread .he says the cards radiate energy. Kadar Cards Advanced Course . Performance: The magician divides the pack into two . The magician's words are framing her reality. He lays the court cards out face up . the suggestion of energy fields may well fall into the category of a false reality being suggested. The magician's aim is not to prove the metaphysical. Thought about logically.. and he knows the rules of his own universe . However. She does so. as here we are in the context of entertainment. For such a performer. He has done this many times before. but to entertain people.Kadar Cards Advanced Course that the card selected was freely chosen'.. he will have an air of authority. she has agreed to an unspoken contract . in the deceptive case of magic the magician is normally suggesting something that is not true. If the magician is competent. She is in the magician's world. not her own. There is no doubt that what he says is the current reality. a pack containing the number cards.a pack containing just the Kadar Cabinets. So we work from this perspective first. What is happening here? First of all the idea that energy is being transmitted from the cards is suggested to her. However.he knows that what he says is true . She is to keep quiet and keep focused as she does this but to allow her hand to stop moving and nod when she feels play by the magician's rules and to accept his reality. this would appear ridiculous . she is in a different context now. He suggests that she will feel energy coming from a certain area. He is the expert and master of the world that the audience have stepped into.

incidentally is the same thing). there is no other viable course of action open to her. she will have a psychological predisposition for the routine to succeed. but more importantly. Something else is happening short. In fact quiet the opposite he has said ' I do not know how you will feel this energy. Secondly. he has not been specific. he negates the audiences critical is her performance. This critical faculty is located in conscious reasoning. These is no way out for her other than to comply! She will make her hand stop and she will nod. one where cards transmit power of some sort. what is she to do? She has been told that she cannot talk. This critical. Let us take the 'worst case scenario' . some a tingling some feel something quite different'. But we do want her to feel experience something authentic! The magician has told her that she will feel something but he has not alluded to what that 'something' actually is. It takes data coming in and assesses it against their previous belief system (what they will call 'reality'). This dampens down the critical faculty and allows them to accept the new reality that the magician is presenting to them. one of being a performer herself! It is she who is the centre of attention now . Unless the magician is inept or presents himself with too much ego (which. She has been told that she cannot argue against this (as it is not part of the performance / her current reality). everyone else has no choice but to 'fall in line'. Take this from the point of view of the audience member. the audience member will accept the mantle of being the performer herself . But she is in another reality.her hand is hovering over the cards and she feels nothing at all! In this situation. some people feel warmth. some feel a sort of cool breeze. conscious thinking is largely language based and is expressed in words.Kadar Cards Advanced Course because they do! Because of this authority. they have their ability to think logically repressed as well. What is happening here? Kadar Cards Advanced Course . So effectively the magician tells the audience to 'shut up'. They cannot argue back. She is told that she is now in a new realty.

the audience member actually felt nothing then she complies . she can feel this. Imperceptible until we focus on them of course. i. I would have provided you with a context to put these new perception into.he seems to be more specific (i. she must have felt something! This is then how she will remember it. Furthermore. concentrate on your non-dominant hand. imperceptible sensations. Try this for yourself . more convincing) about this suggestion. Had I done my job correctly. She knows that she did nod. she imagines her hand getting hotter/cooler/heavier etc.but she does not comply on a conscious level.I have embedded certain key words into this sentence that will cause a profound change to your body mind connection (I could tell you how in a very convincing way!) .Kadar Cards Advanced Course First of all he is reinforcing the suggestion. also our body is constantly throwing up strange. 'I' had caused them. . 'Now he is telling me exactly what I am going to be feeling' the audience member thinks (on some level). In our worse case scenario. 'ok. Do not think about anything else.e. Then they do become part of our conscious awareness. Kadar Cards Advanced Course .e. If you were to do this exercise (it is a pity that you didn't!) before long you would have felt something . or we will be here all night!' . The subject's hand starts to tingle (because she has been holding it out for some time). there is only one plausible answer. He hand did stop moving. He is doing quite the opposite. Therefore when she does nod and sees that her hand has stopped moving she will begin to rewrite the experience to fit it into the context that you have given there is no other course of action .this is because our perceptions change all of the time. quite the opposite is true.perhaps it is! Any psychological or physical phenomena that occurs will be written into the script by just close your eyes and relax. Why did she do these two things? Well.she realises subconsciously that she is expected to do something. the magician is allowing for any phenomena to seem relevant. I had better nod. She does not think consciously.

So the sitter nods The magician clears away the cards that are not immediately under her hand. in most cases the sitter will actually feel something. In the end.. the remembered result is the same. 'I think you already know the exact card that is giving off most of the energy. She does. now we can continue.' She will agree with this.. you have put your forefinger to your pursed lips).and if she has. as this is what she is experiencing.Kadar Cards Advanced Course However. just replace one or two of the discarded cards and simply say 'Good.. leaving the ones that are ‘transmitting energy'. So she will not say 'Nope. to look briefly at another important principle. Let us say that she is not experiencing anything at all. I want to take a short detour here. You then continue by asking her to let her hand stop over the particular card that is giving off the most energy. everyone else will accept that what you are saying is what is happening. Kadar Cards Advanced Course . I can guarantee it. She is still compliant under her oath of silence (you have not told her to speak yet . 'Can you still feel the energy?' She nods again (in the rare case that she does not. this is the ‘worst case scenario’. This is reinforced by the visual evidence of them seeing her hand stop moving. As you are the only person giving verbal information. and you have your selected card. cannot feel anything buddy!' This silence will be understood a different way by the audience.') All the time you are reinforcing this strange reality that she is by now neck-deep in. However. yet I feel that you are not totally sure as there is energy coming off one or more of the other cards too.

one for her present and one for her possible future.this is a more powerful way of getting the sitter to chose the most relevant card for the reading. or speed things up by letting her shuffle and deal. I will then ask if she is happy for me to continue (i. but for now . she is less conscious of this process.Kadar Cards Advanced Course One thing to note here . or the face on the character reminds her of someone . You may employ the same methodology to choose these. that it may surprise and even unsettle her at first. So she is more likely to instinctively choose a card that is more resonant for the reading. I will ask her to hold her hand out .at least if she is. relaxed and palm downward. I will pay no attention to the cards . but the sitter does not know that he knows.flat. Kadar Cards Advanced Course . These cards are now in a row. she is not choosing the card because she likes the colours or the image. I ask for her compliance to the process.he is safe.e.I will not even look at them at this stage. She then selects three cards. Now we are in the magician's mind set here and the deceptive fellow has marked the cards! He knows what the cards are ahead of time. Or she may have chosen them herself as per the script in the Kadar book. face down. but that it is perfectly safe. This is because she is not choosing it rationally. To the subconscious it is almost as if you had said 'Are you happy to play along with this?'). God may slap his wrists later. I will tell her that I am now 'going to do something strange' and that she will feel something 'quite odd'. Now we come to the second use of Energy Work. to let synchronicity choose. one to signify her past. At this stage I will not know what the marks are.

can you feel this. I will then use what I know from the markings on the card with the energy work that I am engaged in. My hands will be bouncing very slightly on the parameters of this energy field.she is feeling something. this give me all the time in the word to look at the marks on the cards! The heat is totally off the cards at this point. the more sceptical magician can 'fake it' and use this as a piece of theatre. in all the years that I have been performing these ideas.. this is her personal energy field. no one is even aware that they are still there! When I 'feel' the parameters of her energy I will look her directly in the eye and say 'There! you can feel that?' Now. Let me explain what I mean. I do not know how big this field is so I will bring my hands in and bounce them back now and then.but not touching her . I now imagine a sort of invisible balloon surrounding her hand. So I may say something like.Kadar Cards Advanced Course Again. I am genuinely feeling for this energy field. However. she does not know what it is! If this is the case. I will them bring my hands up and place one over the top of the back of her hand. 'I am feeling some cold energy here . I have never had anyone say ‘no’. sandwiching her hand .. The card on the table is a 3S Spades.' Kadar Cards Advanced Course . We have aroused the expectation of the unknown in the audience member -she is now ready for the miracle that we will demonstrate.. it is like a very faint cold breeze. When I feel some sort of faint resistance. The worse reaction is to have someone look back confused.. At this stage.. this will be accompanied by an intensification of my focus. but unspecified experience. from the perspective of our sceptical fact my hands start a good 6 or 7 inches away. As I am a sneaky magician. or tingle. the other under her palm. there is a sort of feedback loop and the audience member herself will be convinced that she is feeling something eventually. we have suggested a potentially powerful. The spades are a cold suit. the three is a low energy number. They may well be thinking 'What the hell is he taking about?' but to the audience this looks like curiosity .

Now I will be more specific about the actual meaning of the card . 'Strange isn't it?'. it was a warm energy. the context of the reading is not a ‘magic trick’ . I can feel this one right away! Can you feel that warmth radiating out?' Again I am using my 'authority' and the context of the reality I have created to ensures that she too feels this. Her subconscious talks to her. you can feel that!' I will do this even if I suspect that she is feeling nothing at all.... She has the 3C in the past position. 'Wow. 'Wow. something wilful. as this will help her to do so. ‘This cold energy we feel here. something happened in the past. a real reaction! What did he say.?. Throughout this I will affirm her 'new reality'. 'Can you please hold your hand more over the card. the complementary card . as her hand is covering it? More importantly.either by reminding here 'that the good thing about the past is that it is over' . so that we can pick its energy up more clearly?' This of course covers the card from your view..I am interpreting the energy. I will now draw her attention back to the cards (by this time I have glimpsed and memorised the markings).so no one should be suspecting anything anyway.. If you are performing competently. using Mat's idea of balancing the cards... I sense that you feel yourself to be very much the victim of someone else's cruelty in this. it is a little added security .how could you be looking at the back of the card..Kadar Cards Advanced Course If it were a 8 of Hearts I would respond more strongly.‘ (I would then look at 'repairing' this . cold-hearted. However.. Here.or more effectively. I can feel it too now! How weird!' Affirmation. Wait..the 7 Kadar Cards Advanced Course . it reinforces the idea that you have no interest in seeing the cards at this stage. 'He certainly seems to be picking up something here.

if you have given an effective reading. Professional readers will not. Many readers will see this as a dishonest thing and a 'bad' thing. I know what I want to achieve in the reading. When I perform. Therefore. let us consider one simple fact here .. then the method by which you achieved this reading Kadar Cards Advanced Course . for the performer there is the simple mechanic of using the marking to know ahead. The Twilight Zone Let us now look at the next level .. Well. a lot of the time I will use the cards marked. this opening of the heart is happening to you now. ‘so why have cards at all?’. she has told me!). 'This warmth I am feeling. So I am 'flexible' in how I achieve this intended outcome. The fact that this is chosen instinctively serves to emphasise this 'greater importance'.Kadar Cards Advanced Course Diamonds .seemingly not from the cards themselves but from the sitter's energy field. I have a clear goal in mind. As a performer. Also.. ● How you 'identify' the cards and their meaning .could be the 'energy she takes forward' More on this in another article).. the Cards act as a focus for the sitter to arrive at the matter that is the most important to her. am I right?' (of course I am. this unconditional love. She has the 8 of Hearts in her current situation.the twilight world between magic and genuine reading. as many will be more than familiar with these techniques! I went through a period of soul searching myself over this. So we can see how we can use energy work for: ● How the sitter chooses the cards. You may be thinking. However. I am aware that this reading is also a performance.

Kadar Cards Advanced Course . it is a process towards a future goal. I do no think that it is in the cards themselves. How many readers must there be out there giving blind and unhelpful readings? How many are there out there who give up because they are not getting results and come to the conclusion that they just are not intuitive enough? How many fail both themselves and their clients because they do not realize that the development of intuition is a process? One day I will leave the marked cards at home . and ensure in the meantime that I do not give inaccurate/damaging readings that could adversely affect my clients.for now they will occasionally accompany me on the road to this ultimate goal. I am not so assured that the adventure has ended. these are just symbols that activate and direct her energy.I do believe that she has an operating energy system. I want to help the sitter. I have learnt to use any method at my disposal to achieve this. I do believe in what I am saying. I want them to go away from the experience with a sense of hope brought about by seeing their potentials. What I mean is at the end of the day. it will lead to successful outcomes.Kadar Cards Advanced Course is of no consequence to the sitter. there is one big difference. in some way. My ultimate aim is to perform without the safety harness. I consider that I find myself in an interesting place. I may perform the above routine as the magician would and be aware of the techniques I have presented above. or the marked cards. Let us look at another simple fact. I have two aims when performing Kadar . and each reading is a new discovery. or the training wheels. the reading will have more meaning for the sitter and will be a more powerful and helpful experience. But this is not an immediate goal. However. The second aim is that. I have no excuses and no regrets. rather than their problems. Therefore when I am asking the sitter to feel the energy from the cards . if you are using successful techniques. I want them to go away from the experience empowered.the first is to give the audience an interesting experience (for me this includes and experience that challenges their pre-constructed or 'given' reality)… But also I want to entertain them.

It takes very little practice for the complete novice to feel this. Finally.Kadar Cards Advanced Course However. So all of these seemingly devious techniques serve a purpose .I am genuinely feeling for her energy. Doing it for real. I may have suggested that she feels this energy. What is more.I know it to be real. you will still have had a successful performance and you will still have entertained. I think that suggestion is the vehicle that will take the sitter to a genuine experience. I can see the marks and I know what the cards get you to the 'real stuff'. that this energy is real. there is simply no need for you to follow me down this path of non-conventional thinking. let us look at the transition to genuine phenomena. there is no compulsion to use them. I fake doing it . we have the free will to choose that which is useful to us. I can do a reading now if I wish and the reading will be accurate and helpful .i. If I cannot do something. The cards are laid out on the table.this will make it genuine and authentic! (to me). I do feel that when she feels this energy. For me this is a legitimate tool for getting genuine results.e. Thankfully we are in a world that is diverse and from all the information we have. This is something that particularly excites me. Let me go back to the reading I performed for my wife's friend. However. When I put my hands around hers .'fake it 'till you make it!'. It is there. If you are a skeptical Magician. This is no bad thing! If on the other hand you see these more practical techniques as not fitting in with your current beliefs. The techniques in the first stage will yield you the results you want in a performance context . I do not see this as some sort of hypnotic phenomena . my performance is theatre too .it is not just about the reading Kadar Cards Advanced Course . yet when she does.

Now what the heck was it? I look down and her hand is obscuring my view. 'I am feeling some warmth.. but you do not know how to.. I already have enough information to do a reading from this . she needs to takes risks.Kadar Cards Advanced Course itself. so I can see the back of the card?' Now I really need to 'fake it'. I am thinking that the first suit was a red suit.low energy. it is about the whole experience.something to do with her material world .there .?' Again she nods.. I feel for her energy . But the energy is is a red suit I conclude.' So nods.'do you mind moving your hand. so many responsibilities holding you back. But (if the following makes sense) I fake it by not faking it. Ground down by the day to day stuff. It feels warm but not too warm .I have found it! She feels it too . so I suggest. 'It is not a high number. It is a powerful moment for her. I forget the first card! . be more impulsive and creative.ok.she is surprised . I look back a her and concentrate on the energy.. You wish to escape.. be more free.e. This is not a great time to say . ' I have not given any specific details. and she nods again when I say Diamond . you are feeling trapped. I already know the solutions to her dilemma resides in the complimentary suit of Clubs i... but already she is emotionally moved and a tear is rolling down her cheek. ?' She nods enthusiastically. cheap clue! 'It was a diamond wasn't it. a heart or a diamond. I will let Kadar Cards Advanced Course . 'I sense you focus here is on the material world.she is predisposed to the reality of such possibilities. but this is the first time she has actually felt it... liberate. she has concrete evidence. So I ask her to hold her hand up. I am not feeling much energy.

you are trying to cover over it and deny it. like a blanket. It reflected her hopes for an emotionally stable future after an emotionally turbulent past. shielding it in some way.the 'get out there and get the job done' sort.8 is a very high number.' Again. 'Your future concerns are around your heart and you emotional life. 'You think “this is the future I have worked bloody hard for. A sort of cold sparkly prickling. but it is there.' Kadar Cards Advanced Course .you do not really know him but you really hope this this time . it is a genuine question. She deliberately chose the 8 of Hearts. I would not be aware of something important that seems to be revealed by her energy field. Then I come to her future.) I am abut to tell her that everything is wonderful . But there is something else.' When I ask her if she feels it too.Kadar Cards Advanced Course her make these suggestions herself later. there is a very strong emotional response that tells me I am in the right track (of course. Yet there is some unsurety too. The Eight of Hearts. let us move on as this is not the subject of this essay. I do feel this warmth in her energy field. due to the mechanics of the system I already know this.. Now luckily I do remember this card. it is almost as if the warmth is cocooning it. However. Again I get a strong response.he is the guy! Yet you have this cold prickliness underneath. 'I do feel great warmth. in the warm energy glow I feel something else.. If I stick to the meaning of the card. this is not an attempt at suggestion at this point. Can you feel that cold prickling underneath. It is what I have planned for and what I deserve”. I am reminded that she chose the Jack of Diamonds for 'her card'. This is a person! A person that you are going to be meeting . a real hope for emotional happiness in the future. and almost a feeling that she is surprised that I have found something out. The active/practical principle .. I just trust my intuition and come out with what is on my mind. Then something strange happens.

It was like learning to ride a bike. Although. confident that I was going to reach my destination and not bump my head or injure any passers by by falling off.Kadar Cards Advanced Course I will not break client confidentially by talking too much about the detail here. but can I move to a position where the cards are placed face down and I have no idea what they are. What remains from these experiences help her now . one of the little trainer wheels was still on there. I was riding the bike and feeling some form of exhilaration! What is more important.a sense of perspective and ability to not be totally swept off her feet . But when she does. This will help her in the new ability to look at things objectively too. It does not mean that there should be any fear about this new person. I see two possible experiments here. What was interesting to me about this reading is . she has not met the guy yet. an indication of the future experiments using energy work. Kadar Cards Advanced Course . that I was forced into a situation of trusting my intuition. She has had experiences in the past with other people that have hurt her. These are early days. I started out with the stabilizers on. I wish her well with her emotional future and remind her that there is a lot of positive emotional energy ahead. then I turn to the energy work to discover what I can with about the cards. Although. For me. but I was very accident (and poor memory) at first. was my own intuition and my own reading of the energy gave me a deeper level of information . this is just the start.information that I would have missed had I stuck rigidly to the meaning of the cards. in truth. from her past experiences and fear of their repetition in the future with the new lover. Then one of the stabilizers fell off! Instead of stopping the bike I continued to ride it. she can do so with both an open heart and a sense of objectivity based upon her past experiences. It does not come from this other person as it is her energy field I am reading not his. she did not have to tell me! I need to say that I did point out that this cold prickliness came form her.

● How you use the Kadar Cards is up to you. I am resolved to trust my intuition more and integrate energy work more into my Kadar readings. Or one can use them in a genuine reading setting. I tell the sitter that I am trying to tell what I can about the cards from just reading the energy systems . but I only use this as a backup. Here are the mains observations. In either case. However. it opens up a word of possibilities for authentic performance of real magic. ● Energy work linked with the Kadar reading is a fascinating field of exploration.the conclusion would be at least as long as the article itself. ● For the Magician. One can use them in a magical/performance setting. I do know what the cards are. but from within the safe confines of a predetermined structure. Is it possible to use the cards to focus the sitters attention and thereby her energy system? Can we then intuitively read the card from the impressions that we get from her energy system? ● The experience for the sitter is the important thing. Kadar Cards Advanced Course . Conclusion.I tell her that I have not really tried this before and I am unsure of the results .I do have a back up.would she like to try this with me? In the second . If I were to explore all of the possible conclusions here .Kadar Cards Advanced Course I the first one I conduct it as an experiment. if my intuition fails or goes off course. one should not dismiss the twilight world in between.

Kadar Cards Advanced Course ● For the Reader. But you are aware that it is a process that you never get to your destination without a journey. Perhaps you should see them as a means to an end. One day you will give readings without them.go for it! Kadar Cards Advanced Course .lucky you .you are free from preconceptions . or the stabilizers on your bike. ● For everyone else . perhaps you should not dismiss techniques that you would see as not being genuine if they work.

Kadar Cards Advanced Course Kadar Cards Advanced Course .

Kadar Cards Advanced Course Kadar Cards Advanced Course .

Kadar Cards Advanced Course Kadar Cards Advanced Course .