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Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Rei Hino
Gender: Female
Age: 14-16
Date of Birth: April 17th
Used Canons: 90's anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal
Appearance: Rei has a certain commanding elegance that is unusual for her age. Other
characters often comment on her physical appearance: the pale skin, long black hair and
dark purple eyes – all make for a very “traditional” sort of beauty. Her eye-shape is special
among the Senshi: the eyes are large but her eyelashes are tilted upwards, betraying a
more aggressive streak to her personality.
Her school uniform is different from what the other girls wear, because she attends a
different school than they do. The colors here are muted: white shirt with either long or
short sleeves (depending on the time of the year); matching dark gray (sometimes with a
brown-ish tint, depending on the different continuities) skirt and sailor collar; and a maroon
ribbon in the front. The skirt is shorter than all of the other uniforms the girls wear, and the
entire ensemble is completed by a pair of knee-high white socks and simple black shoes.
In the manga, Rei wears a red pendant around her neck – a memento from her deceased
mother. Once transformed into Sailor Mars, this jewel becomes a part of her fuku, being
placed at the center of the skirt.
Because Rei works as a miko at her grandfather‟s shrine, she can often be seen wearing
traditional shrine maiden clothes (red and white). During her spare time, she has worn all
sorts of colors, especially in the „90s anime. These include pink, green, blue, brown, white,
grey and orange. However, it appears that most of the time Rei has a certain preference for
her own senshi colors: red, black, purple. This can be seen in her “idol” outfit, which is red
with yellow and white accents. In the anime she likes shorter skirts and dresses, and high
Personality: Rei‟s personality is different in each continuity.
Manga Rei is elegant and dignified but doesn‟t have patience when dealing with difficult or
immature people. Because of this, she can sometimes say harsh (but realistic) things and
can come off as rude or snobbish. Her cold and practical personality and the negative
experiences she‟s had with men in her present lifetime have left Rei uninterested in
romance. She‟s had a rocky relationship with her father who, after his wife‟s death,
practically abandoned Rei in her grandfather‟s care and only came to visit on birthdays.
Later on, one of her father‟s associates broke her heart and thus the seeds of distrust in
men were permanently seeded. Rei often comments on her almost misandrist views in the
manga and together with Minako she even teases Taiki about “not needing any men”. Her
and Minako are very close in the manga.

she turns out to be as goofy and “untalented” as Usagi herself (for example: skating. Rei gives up on the idea of being together with Mamoru. when the going gets tough. video game collection and knowledge about different fandoms. But in other areas. but then she remembers her past-life lover. proving to be talented musically (she composes her own songs. So far Rei doesn‟t seem to have any special connection to any of the senshi apart from Usagi. more or less against his will. the elegance and good manners become something she tries to “pull off” – rather than a natural predisposition. Anime Rei‟s attitude towards men is a 180° change from her manga opinion on the subject. but for Rei this is all she needed to know in order to stop worrying about the matter. When it comes to ambitions. a model. A funny side of her anime personality is how easily Rei gets star-struck.In the manga Rei remembers having made a vow of chastity for Princess Serenity. Here she is very “pro” romance and often remarks that she wants/needs to find a boyfriend. Rei tries her hand in various domains. Jadeite. Rei does feel bad when she realizes she‟s crossed the line and has genuinely hurt Usagi with her words. Usagi is usually the victim of her sarcastic or mean remarks and often gets scolded by Rei for her behavior. The ‘90s anime version of Rei is probably the most memorable and the closest to her element: Fire. When Usagi and Mamoru‟s past life is revealed to them all. Rei is Usagi‟s best friend and Usagi is hers. Here she‟s very calm and well-mannered and when she teases. Rei is the one Usagi turns to. Rei forces him out on dates and gets clingy (to his visible discomfort). playing her games and borrowing her manga (or reading it on the spot. Underneath the surface. an idol (a singer/composer). Usagi is shown taking advantage of this side of Rei. but then she starts to reciprocate. sings. Before dying at the North Pole she tells a mourning Sailor Moon that she should‟ve kissed Yuichiro when she had the chance. the “Sailor Moon Crystal” version of Rei also has a different temperament from the manga incarnation of the same character. In Crystal. While she retains her good looks. It is unclear whether the vow is to be respected by everyone in this new lifetime. signifying that her aforementioned distrust didn‟t stop her past love from rekindling. Rei does mention her distrust in men. Rei realizes that her grandfather‟s employee Yuichiro has feelings for her. but he does serve to show Rei considering romance in a possibly more mature manner than she had when “dating” Mamoru. This character later disappears from the anime without explanation. and plays the piano and guitar) and a good archer. causing everyone around her to blush. At first she doesn‟t react to it. ballroom dancing and being a “lady”). together with the other senshi. who they all consider the bonding element of the group – and the person responsible for saving them all from their loneliness. but still gets territorial at times. for . However. She‟s passionate about pop culture. A good example of this is when she finds out about Chibiusa being the future daughter of Usa and Mamo: Rei seems to get angry at the thought and demands to know when and how “that” happened. Once she becomes friends with the other girls she proves to be quite visceral – plus she has a very short temper and a cold attitude meant to keep others at a distance. ignorance and/or irresponsibility. an actress. She even dates Mamoru Chiba for a while. When the senshi deal with public figures or people who work in some form of media (animators. she does it apologetically. After having ignored him for a long time. Anime Rei has no patience when dealing with tardiness. However. as shown by her manga collection. Rei has many dreams in the anime: she wants to be a businesswoman. Later in the Dark Kingdom arc she mourns his death. instead of studying with the others). a traveller.

in order to live out normal. When the “Messiah of Silence” begins to awaken. In all incarnations. She has had visions and premonitions her entire life. She doesn‟t seem to regret not attending the same school as the other girls – this is her time alone. At one point she has troubling dreams that keep her awake at night and instead of burdening her friends with the information. Mars and the other girls were killed. he is a famous politician. She also has two pet crows. Rei has spiritual powers that extend beyond her senshi persona. Phobos and Deimos. When the other girls have to attend exams in order to get into good high schools. She practices divination by fire. Rei has been the senshi most attuned to the spiritual side of life. Queen Serenity wished for her daughter and her friends to be reborn in peaceful times. she tries to get autographs from these individuals and sometimes turns out to be a member of their fanclubs. in Silver Millennium. . has premonitions. feels the nature of energies around her (she will often lead the group towards the enemy by following the evil energy or aura) and can do exorcisms via her ofuda. She does. Then she transforms into the guardian of fire. Just before dying herself. however. Later. The shrine serves as their usual meeting place. The fancy school can be attributed to her father‟s wealth and position: even though he barely has a relationship with Rei. and has sometimes felt shunned out because of it. on her own. Thus. History: The character‟s history begins thousands of years ago. and becomes a part of Usagi‟s little team. Her spiritual powers are active even before she becomes a senshi. Sailor Mars. But she never outwardly tells her friends about these things – they find out by accident. tasked to guard the Moon Princess. This side of her life has made Rei predisposed to carrying her burdens by herself. Princess Mars / Sailor Mars is reborn in modern-day Tokyo as Rei Hino. and later they are still active when she is in her civilian form. When Metalia caused the war between the Earth and the Moon. but is herself a Shinto practitioner. study with Usagi and the Inners. this figure turns out to be Sailor Saturn. Luna herself feels Rei‟s energy and thinks she might be one of their enemies. who can feel negative energies just like their master and will sometimes even attack enemies. Ami and Luna meet Rei when a mystery ghost bus kidnaps people in the vicinity of her grandfather‟s shrine.example). A little girl who would come to the shrine with her mother is kidnapped by the bus and the angry parents accuse Rei of playing a part in the disappearances. This is evident when her character is introduced and the women at the shrine verbally abuse her (before being shooed away). Rei spends a long time denying anything is wrong – but worrying inwardly. Rei attends a private Catholic school for girls. Usagi. Rei keeps these visions to herself for a very long time and only mentions them to the others when the Outer Senshi confirm her suspicions that the vision is no mere nightmare. Serenity. She was born in Martian royalty: the Princess of Mars and thus the senshi Sailor Mars. Any Unique Abilities/Skills: As mentioned earlier. away from the group. happy lives. Rei is exempt from the task because her school uses a different system. Rei has troubling dreams of the world disintegrating at the hand of a mystery figure with a scythe.

finished off in red rings. just like the skirt. Star Sign: Aries Favorite Gem: Ruby Favorite Flower: White Casablanca Storyline Specific Information: --Senshi Information: Senshi Name: Sailor Mars Realm of Influence: Fire and Passion Henshin/Transformation Phrase: · Mars Power Make Up · Mars Star Power Make Up · Mars Planet Power Make Up · Mars Crystal Power Make Up Senshi Fuku: Sailor Mars‟ signature colors are red.Later in the story. and the center of her front bow now also turns into a star. The back bow is thinner and it seems to be prolonged along her skirt. with only a quarter of her arms remaining bare. In “Crystal”. the lower sleeve ring becomes a longer. above the first white line. with a gold star in the middle. It is unclear whether the senshi become 24/7 guardians. Mars‟ choker is also red and she dons red starshaped earrings. The “V” of her skirt is now decorated with a single gold star. instead receiving white boots with a red upper “V”-shape. but a red star. and in the new Silver Millennium. Mars always wears red high-heeled shoes. mirroring the one maroon line on her school uniform. The sides of the dress are red and the center is pink. Crystal Tokyo. The sailor collar has only one white line. Her tiara is golden with an oval. The back bow is red. The red back bow becomes longer. and an entire pink layer of underskirt. black and purple. She wears simple round red earrings and a red jewel around her neck. her dress is long and in a cut similar to a baby-doll: fixed under the bust and then long and flowy. and her choker receives a central golden star. Her skirt is deep red. her earrings are elongated stars. translucent piece of fabric. She receives puffy pink sleeves with two red rings. Mars‟ choker becomes “V”-shaped. The red circle on her front bow becomes a red heart. her first fuku includes a red jewel in the center of the “V” on her skirt. the leotard is white and her front bow is purple with a round. As Eternal Sailor Mars Rei‟s outfit changes a lot. they protect Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. She no longer wears her red heels. red circle in the middle. Another gold star decorates the center of this “V”. The tiara jewel is no longer an oval. Princess Mars wears a red choker ribbon that extends in the back until it almost touches her ankles. The gloves are white and elbow-length. Her gloves become longer. As Princess Mars. careers and relationships on the side. red crystal in the center. of if they get to have jobs. In the manga. . Rei and the other senshi are frozen at the age of 22. As Super Sailor Mars.

. Named after the two moons of Mars. They both have long black hair. Phobos and Deimos are from the planet Coronis and just like the “Sailor Moon” cats. · Fire Soul – She unites her hands with the index fingers outstretched and flames burst out. and starts reading. They can sense negative energies and attack enemies. Guardian: Phobos and Deimos. · Mars Arrow – The manga weapon she uses to perform Mars Flame Sniper. and transparent back bows. · Star Power Stick – The star-shaped wand she uses to transform into Sailor Mars in the second season / arc. . black high-heeled ballerina shoes. she hadn‟t even arrived at the shrine yet! And yet Rei could already picture the scene: everyone comes in casually. · Crystal Change Rod – The anime wand she uses to transform into Super Sailor Mars in the 3rd season. While Luna. Given to her by Pegasus. But where?!? Rei could‟ve sworn she‟d left her diary on top of the pile of manga she‟d been reading the other night. they whispered their names to Rei when she was a small child. Artemis and Diana are from the planet Mau. · Transformation Pen – First season / arc henshin pen. wearing turtleneck swimsuits in Mars‟ senshi colors: red and purple. but her friends were coming over for a study session and she couldn‟t have it lying around. they appear to be young girls. As humans. A black star decorates the upper parts of their costume. and then when she noticed the time she closed the book and just threw it there.. Usagi hadn‟t even DONE anything yet – actually. · Mars Crystal – The manga wand she uses to transform into Super Sailor Mars in the 3rd arc. · Fire Soul Bird – The upgraded version of Fire Soul. RP Sample: It had to be around here somewhere. they can take on human form (manga).Powers: · Psychic powers – Used in both civilian and senshi form. She has premonitions. Given to her by Phobos and Deimos. giggling about gods-know-what. · Burning Mandala – Mars is surrounded by rings of fire which then get shot towards her enemies. She suddenly felt annoyance boiling in her chest. and can feel positive and negative energies. The flames now take the form of a bird. Wrote down the day‟s entry. does fire reading. Rei‟s two “pet” crows. almost screaming for Usagi to lay her little paws on it and read. · Akuryo Taisan – This attack uses ofuda and she is able to perform it as a civilian as well. It‟s not that she NEEDED it right now. · Mars Flame Sniper – This is where the archery skills come in: she shoots an arrow of fire at her enemies. and somehow the second she walks into the room the little blonde ditz sees the magenta-colored book in the only place Rei had forgotten to search. finished it off with a little doodle while her mind wandered aimlessly. Weapons or Magical Items: · Ofuda – Used as both a civilian and a senshi by all incarnations of the character.

oh miss Rei. Maybe nobody else will find it.. She was just mortified. because well. visibly trying to not make a big deal out of it. Well. I’ll do it!” “Oh dear. I. Yuichiro stormed into the room.... Absolutely.. She shouldn’t be long now.... she forgot her books at home and ran back to get them.. mortified. “Where IS IT?!?!” she thought to herself. And then he fell down and extended Rei‟s journal out to her. she needed to locate that book and still have time to stash it away somewhere..” Rei raised an eyebrow in annoyance. miss Rei! I am honored that you would think of me that way! That drawing.. This just wasn‟t going to be her day. Usagi. what it lacks in technique it makes up in. “The-table-in-your-grandfather’s-room-wasn’t-stable so-I-came-in-to-get-something-tobalance-its-legs-and-I-took-this!” Yuichiro shouted almost in a single breath. . as to not annoy Rei.. “Where’s Usagi?” Rei asked.. spirit. Since it’s so well hidden even I can’t find it!” And they all came in and said their hellos. undeniably. Hahaha. Heh” responded Minako.. Rei‟s heart sank. Then her grandfather‟s voice resonated from another part of the shrine. Rei didn‟t even have time to become annoyed. actually not “all”. Well. Yuichiro? Is.Rei was growing impatient now. maybe 25 more minutes. “Umm. okay.. At first he seemed confident he wanted to say something but as soon as he saw that the other girls were there.. Just as Minako was finishing her sentence. everything okay?” “I.. But still. DEFINITELY not her day! “And I just wanted to say I am honored. Now she was trying to calm herself: “Okay.... who immediately left the room. Okay. almost whispering the frustrated question between her gritted teeth. There were footsteps outside. 10 more minutes and the girls would be here.” Rei said nothing. “Ah. “Oh no.. he seemed to shrink and kept his mouth shut. seemingly just as happy as Rei to‟ve ended that moment.. “Okay.. He was calling out for Yuichiro. do WHAT?!?” Rei thought to herself but kept her suspicions and fears silent.. They’re here!” Rei had grown pale. chill. Nobody said anything and nobody moved a muscle.

“But what did I dooooooooo?!” Usagi wailed as she ran.. handing the book over to her as she came into her room. grunting a little at the extra bit of exercise she had to do to rid herself of the object. They came back in when Usagi had exhausted her energy and Rei had exercised her anger and shame away. Usagi ran from Rei and out of the shrine. with the brunette hot on her trail.Then in that piercing silence. Usagi‟s cheery voice called out: “Helloooo! Sorry I’m late. By this time. Rei just took it. lifeless. They said nothing. Needless to say. I swear if I catch you I’ll ---“ “Aaaaaaaah!!!!!!” This went on for a while. . and unceremoniously threw it in a corner. it’s what you would’ve done! I am so angry Usagi. I ---“ “YOU!!!! How DARE you?!?!” Rei screamed at Usagi. pointing a finger towards her and charging in that direction. not much studying was done that day. Out of instinct.. “It’s not what you did. the other three girls had seen the doodle in Rei‟s diary and had taken turns in blushing.