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Tom’s message and pic

Mukesh Sharma joined GE
Healthcare in 2005 as
Mechanical Purchase Family
Manager. Subsequently he
took additional responsibility
as Site Sourcing Manager for
GE Medical System & led
Value Engineering Global
Initiative for Healthcare
business. He setup a strong
mechanical supplier base in
GE Healthcare business &
enabled Global sourcing in
Mechanical Portfolio. Mukesh
joined GE Water business in
July 2011 as India Sourcing



 EHS Day was celebrated on 6 July, 2011 in Pune. Multiple activities were held including skits,
presentations, safety videos, EHS pledge, slogan and logo design competitions.
 Wipro GE had a successful lean AWO in FW 32 focusing on (Devices) US and Toco line for capacity up
gradation, (Receiving Bay) unloading time reduction, (Packaging) freight cost reduction and space
reduction, (First floor layout) to create space for NPIs by 5000sqft.
 Open-House day celebrated in GEMSI on Oct 13th for Q3, the session included Business updates by the
GEMSI Plant leadership team followed by R&R session. As part of this session, Long Service Awards were
also given out to people who have completed 5, 10 & 15 years of Service in GE.
 Disruptive Cost work out at GEHC Bangalore, India Sourcing and MR Engineering team held a four day
cost work out on the XFA / XFD PS gradient modules for the Super Value MR system.

Internal Moves
Abhinav Gupta Buyer To Logistics Specialist
Abhishek Sharma Buyer To Team Leader-Buyers
Ankur Rajoria Team leader Service Buyer To Lead Commodity Buyer
Mukesh Sharma Healthcare Sourcing To GE Power & Water as
Sourcing Manager
Rohit Kumar Buyer To ITO Deal Leader
Sachin Phadnis Master Black Belt To Supplier Quality Manager
Sumit Garg Commodity Buyer To Lead Commodity Leader
Vinay Gupta Sourcing Leader GE Capital India To Sourcing Manager, GE
Oil & Gas


 Walking and exercise every day and meals with right choice at right time  Diet Consultation with right diet.Nego done with BEL for Kovar frame Chetan Rao.Earplugs. Stop & Go 4. NAME THEM : FILL THE BLANKS Dinesh V.OTD achievement a.Introducing NPIs Vayu & iVent 201E. WHAT ARE THE TWO MAIN CAUSES OF ACCIDENTS? FILL THE BLANK:a.Controllership. Vinu Varghese—Transferring equipment. EAR _______b.EHS PLANT Sumit Garg.Lean Week at WGE 2011.SCM with Pentair and executing on XFA/XFD transfers. Quiz (Lean/ EHS) Chitrashekar T C.Console and EMI finger cost down projects.Onsite workout and generating $280K and driving Session S with Ind ia supplier. 5. .Industrial Solutions 5 S Drive campaign across the plant has been organized and shall be carried out throughout the year in order to establish and maintain high standards of Work Place Management. THERE ARE TWO BASIC KINDS OF EAR PROTECTION. FLASHING “YELLOW LIGHT” AT SIGNALS MEAN: PICK RIGHT ANSWER Kanchan Sarvartha/ Senthil Kumar/ Leela Anil Reducing annualized consumable cost of Probes Kathiravan D. Parthasarthy Mohan. UNSAFE ____b.Ralhan Ravinder). Vivekanand. 2.  Regular with Yoga every day.World Class Clean room Infrastructure Praveen Kumar.Management Award for Logistics. a. LISTEN & LEAVE 4. more immune to illness like cold and able to manage stress.Stabilization of Quality system Sannashivaiha Nandish. Biradar Pandurang. Earmuffs 2. EAR _______ Ganesh Bhat.Execution of NPI Vayu. I feel energetic.LOOK.Culture of SSRP to engineering community Kiran BV. commissioning of Utilities 3.Unsafe Acts.ZERO 483 in FDA inspection Suhas Desai.Health Ahead program SITE FEATURE 5 S drive at Electronic City (ECT) Started in June 2011 Employee Strength-450 Products. Vishalakshi V/ Jessy Joy.EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARD Abhinav Gupta. WHAT DOES PPE STAND FOR? PICK RIGHT ANSWER a. Ramping up and Stabilization of Transducer process in New Clean Room area. WHAT DOES MSDS STAND FOR? PICK RIGHT ANSWER a. Senthil Kumar. IT & global sourcing team.LS Whaman consumable transfer project Zeena Philip. meals at right time with daily exercise. AH Dattatreya.Commitment to cost Victor Martin / Srikrishna . reduced sugar intake & regular to gym.Installation. STOP AND GO b. Unsafe Condition 3. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EUIPMENTS 5. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SURVEY b. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ANSWERS: 1. UNSAFE ____________ K Dheenadhayalan-.Inventory reduction in Q3 2011 MSD team (Lead. 1.Equipment Qualification Anup YadavAsif SK-Support in introduction of NPIs Vayu & iVent 201E HEALTH TITS BITS FROM EMPLOYEES  Given up junk food. PERSONAL PROPERTY EQUIPMENTS b.