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OSCE Surgery

4th year


1picture of lump in Rt. Submandibular region
what are the differential diagnosis?
2picture of breast with retracted nipple
What's the diagnosis?
3Picture of chest x-ray with depressed dome of diaphragm
in the Right side with black shadow(air)
what's the diagnosis?? Pneumothorax
4picture of lower limbs one is amputated & the other with
what is the cause of this operation?
5ulcer & gangrene in foot
what's the cause?
6picture of ant. Neck swelling - goiter
what's the diagnosis??
7swelling appears in the scalp in between the hairsebaceous cyst
what is the differential diagnosis?
8redness & swelling on back of the neck
what's the diagnosis?
9Picture of swelling in inguinal region & scrotum
Inguinal hernia
10Exophthalmus & lid retraction
What's the diagnosis??

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