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Richard Torres

Summary Response Essay
Class A
In the article “Why Latin America is a Fertile Ground for Green Tech
Industries”, by Gavin O’Toole, the author argues about the green tech and how Latin
America has several resources that allows a sustainable technology. The ecofriendly tech is going to increase faster according to the paper and supports by Luis
Aguirre too. The resources of Latin America are attracting a lot of innovators in
natural laboratories such as Chile’s desert. Latin America has abundance in
resources that can used in different innovation sectors, but one obstacle is the
absence of innovation in this region. I think that it is one point that should be
corrected by governments’ investment.
The first idea O’Toole gives us a sample how the green tech is increasing
faster, according to the article Latin America has 6% of global renewable energy in
2012 also it has an energy that is cleanest of all regions, around three times the
planet average. One example of the Latin American countries is Brazil that owns the
world’s largest potential wind resources and biomass. Therefore, large North
American companies are interested in investing in Latin American countries such as
Mexico, Brazil and others. Latin America is showing the importance of natural
resources and its use in bioenergy production.
The second idea the author explains how Latin America has a lot of natural
resources, for this reason renewable energy is equal to innovation that included
different projects like the Clean Technology Fund and UNEP’s Green Grown
Initiative; however Latin America is obstructed by low innovation and deficiency of

and volcanoes. but they only need to support in their projects. Other aspect why people doesn’t use renewable energy is for the lack of innovation. sun. We can do it!!!! . Also Latin America deserve to take advantage of its natural resources and in the future it could become in an world power. nevertheless the governments don’t use it correctly. Latin America try to fix the pollution effects through bioenergy. I believe that Latin America has a lot of entrepreneurs. Also the use of clean energy is an alternative to counteract the contamination. which objective is the creation of knowledge and innovation. for this reason Yachay was born and all of us are studying in Yachay Tech. One country of Latin American is Ecuador could become in the largest source of clean energy. for this reason Yachay tries to support it. even it is a great development for contamination problems. lakes. my country owns resources such as wind. the government may try to improve the utilization of its natural resources in its countries and Yachay is achieving it step by step. but it will be a reality and Ecuador and all countries of Latin America never again will have shortage of innovation. Brazil is taking the initiative in renewable energy.Richard Torres 19-12-14 Summary Response Essay Class A entrepreneurs. it is something surprising and all Yachay Tech’s people will achieve the innovation in eco-friendly technology. according to author Latin American has cleanest energy around three times the planet average. however it must be in all Latin America. I’m Latin American and I am proud because my region has a lot of natural resources. Maybe it will be a difficult labor.