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- Children are energetic and physically active

Unit: Animals
2nd grade subsidized - 36 students
The activity that we decided for this characteristic is to name animals and ask students to
make the sound and movements that are related to the animal named. So, the teacher will
tell a story which name the animals studied in class, meanwhile the teacher s reading the
story s/he is expressing what s/he is reading, and when one of the animals is named
students make the sounds and movements.
2. - Children are spontaneous and not afraid to speak out or participate
Unit: Body parts
2nd grade subsidized 36 students
The teacher teaches to the students a song (One finger, one thumb, keep moving) with the
body parts in which they have to sing it and make the correspondence movement.
First the song has to be sung just by the teacher and he must ask to the students repeat
after he finishes every line, in order that they can learn the pronunciation of the song
3. - Children are curious and receptive to new ideas.
Unit: Can/ Can not
4th grade subsidized 35 students
The teacher has a mystery bag in which there are flashcards of the body parts and he has
to take them out of the bag, meanwhile he is doing that, he has to ask students What do
we have here?, and students reply. Also the students can take out some of the flashcards
inside. After taking everything out, the teacher make students form groups of four people
and He hands them some of the flashcards, in which there are questions. E.g. the flashcard
of the hand contains questions such as Can I write with my hand? , Can I scream with my
hand? Can I think with my hand... so students have to answer No, I cannot scream with my
hand, I can scream with my mouth
4. - Imaginative and Enjoy Make Believe.
Unit: Stories / Fairy Tales
3th grade subsidized 33 students
Teacher will present the fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel. He will show the students a
couple of images as he reads the story with the students. After the reading of the story is
done, he will ask the students to make some drawing in order to retell the story as one of

the characters. For example: One student will take the role of Hansel or Gretel and will
retell the story using the pictures he drew as if he had lived it.
5. Easily distracted and have short attention span.
Unit: Places of the world.
4th grade subsidized 37 students
The teacher will show the students different pictures of places around the world, such as
sceneries with a lot of colors. He will ask each student what they see in each picture. Then
he will ask each student to choose a picture and describe what they see in it and what
they like about it. While the students are writing the teacher will ask them to make pause
and stand up. Then they will open and close their hands to loosen their fingers. After one
or two minutes of this, the students will get back to writing. Finally the students will read
what they wrote.
6. Egocentric and relate new ideas to themselves.
Unit: Food
4th grade subsidized 36 students.
Teacher will explain food vocabulary. For this he will show the students pictures about
different kinds of food. Then he will ask the students which type of food they like to eat.
Which is their favorite and which they dont like at all. Then, they will have to write
sentences about food that they regularly eat at home or at school following the examples
provided by the teacher. They will share their sentences after they have finished writing
7. Social and are Learning to relate to others.
Unit: Stories / Fairy tales
5th grade Subsidized 32 students.
The teacher will present a story or a fairy tale. In this case, well use Pinocchio. The teacher
will read the story but will not tell the students how it ends. Then, he will ask the students
to form groups of 4 or 5 and discuss how they think the story should end. They will work
on the story as the teacher checks the groups. Then, each group will present their own
endings of the story to the class. Then the teacher will present the real ending of the story
and the class will discuss which ending they like the best.

Gabriel Hormazbal
Evelyn Zambrano