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Which two show commands will confirm that a device is receiving OSPF external routes?
(Choose two.)
A. ip ospf database
B. ip route
C. ip ospf interface
D. ip ospf neighbors
Answer: AB
Which command disables hello packets on an OSPF interface?
A. set protocols ospf parameters passive-interface <name>
B. set protocols ospf passive-interface <name>
C. set interface <name> ip ospf passive
D. set interface <name> ip ospf disable-hellos
Answer: B
Which command line will configure the OSPF router ID?
A. edit protocols ospf
B. edit protocols ospf area <n>
C. edit protocols ospf parameters
D. edit protocols ospf options
Answer: C
When configuring single-area OSPF, which area number should you use?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 10
Answer: A
Which term describes a single port on an Ethernet switch?
A. collision domain
B. broadcast domain

Connect your workstation to an analyzer port on the switch. hw-id D. a broadcast domain . show interfaces ethernet eth0 B. Configure the switch to forward all traffic to your switch port. mac C.C. Connect your workstation to a VLAN trunk port on the switch. Answer: C QUESTION 7 Which three configuration parameters are auto-detected on a vRouter Ethernet port? (Choose three. mtu E. full-duplex domain Answer: A QUESTION 6 You want to capture all traffic traversing an Ethernet switch on your workstation for protocol monitoring.10 C. B. Which command line will display operational statistics for the VLAN? A. What must you do? A. show interfaces ethernet eth0 statistics Answer: B QUESTION 9 Which term is a definition of a VLAN? A. show interfaces ethernet eth0. D. duplex Answer: ACE QUESTION 8 VLAN 10 is configured on ethernet 0. Place the card on your workstation into promiscuous mode. subnet D. speed B. a collision domain B. C.) A. show interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 10 D.

which route would be preferred? A.) A. administrative distance 110. learned through OSPF B.0/24.0/24.1. learned through OSPF Answer: B . administrative distance 120. You can combine links of different speeds.1. workstation B. B.1. a routing domain D. 1 B. VLAN Answer: B QUESTION 11 Which two statements regarding Ethernet link aggregation are true? (Choose two.1.1. 10. a switching domain Answer: B QUESTION 10 VLAN-tagged frames are visible on which ports on a switch? A. If you delete a bonding interface.1. administrative distance 10. static route C. server D. 10.C.1. C. all configuration information related to that bond interface is also deleted. 120 Answer: D QUESTION 13 If all interfaces are active. static route D. 2 C. All links in the aggregate group must be up for the interface to be up. 10. Answer: AD QUESTION 12 You want to configure a backup static route for a route learned through OSPF.1. D. administrative distance 100.0/24. 110 D. 10. trunk C.0/24. What is the lowest value you can use for administrative distance for this to work? A. You can configure multiple IP addresses and VIFs on a bonding interface.

QUESTION 1Which two show commands will confirm that a device is receiving OSPF external routes? (Choose two. ip route C. ip ospf interface D. ip ospf database B.) A. ip ospf neighbors Answer: AB .