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Welcome to The Purpose Revolution Life Blueprint.

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This formula is an excerpt from the highly acclaimed Purpose Revolution 
Program offered by me through The Purpose Academy for World Change 
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Crucial Building Blocks: The 3 Keys to Living Your True Purpose! 
❖ Connection 
➢ Cosmic Connection: 
■ •connection to the Universe, the all that is, being one with the
universal flow. Connection to Nature, to the biofield, actively
take in prana, allow free flow of chi within and all around you
● tune in by creating art, exploring this world, immersing
into music
■ •connection and communication with your soul and higher
self, integration, living from the place of your higher self 
■ •Connecting to your guides, angels, unseen helpers
● meditation, official meditation, unofficial meditation 
(my creation) 
➢ Conscious Connection: 
■ •Connecting to your community, your tribe, gathering "your
people" your world changers team. We create change by
coming together.
Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden, The Purpose Revolution Program, All Rights Reserved 

This is not charity. places where you gather. within your life in order for the change to occur. light and the chance for an awakening ■ •operating from your higher self. in fact you must begin to make these changes now. love. eliminating ego states in order to approach every being and every situation with love and seeing everyone as either love or a desperate call for the need to be loved ■ •you can and must be of service to humanity in your day to day. All Rights Reserved  . among your group of friends. Sharing your gifts with the maximum number of people will help you big time in discovering your mission ■ •secret revealed: you have more than one. there is no need to step out of your current life in order to change the world. This comes naturally ➢ Your Divine Mission: ■ •You came here with specific gifts to share with the world. Tap into what those are. Recognizing them is key however do not become too attached as each mission is only part of your purpose. at play. at work. The Purpose Revolution Program. shining your light freely so that others may do the same facilitates the liberation of our society and our species ■ •strive to connect and build honest authentic communities working for change within each of your "domains" ie at work. etc ❖ Service ➢ Of Service Daily: ■ •share your gifts daily with everyone you encounter. at any point you can offer healing. so does your capacity for creating change and manifesting good. You likely have multiple big missions in this lifetime and smaller ones as well. what comes naturally to you and begin to share freely without limits or confines or rules. Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden. As you grow. it is the opposite.■ •become available for people to share their truth by sharing yours.

 The Purpose Revolution Program.■ •Begin to look where you've been and what you've done as each step is preparing you to step into a bigger and grander role in this lifetime. Clearing. Recognize the trials. Revelation and Liberation and Key Living Your True Purpose Now ■ The Step by Step Method: Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden. tribulations and triumph as stepping stones which will assist you in carrying out your bigger missions ❖ Self-Realization and Authentic Empowerment: ➢ THE Path to Ultimate Healing. All Rights Reserved  . Just as we train and prepare so does life train and prepare us.

 The Purpose Revolution Program. reveling in ritual ■ Wonderful Guided Meditations from Lilian Eden: ● https://www. and without purpose for at least 5 minutes. unabashedly. All Rights Reserved  . make sure you're alone in the room and feel totally ○ Self Healing ■ EFT/Tapping: very powerful method of energy healing that I often use with clients to clear traumatic rial. cooking a meal from scratch. move to the music freely. Does wonders for the body and the soul :) ○ Books: ■ Soul Work: ● “Red. immersing yourself into music. Hot and Holy: A Heretics Love Story” by Sera Beak Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden. close your eyes.emofree.★ Resources ○ Meditation ■ Guided Meditation available for free download on your course page ■ Unofficial Meditation: whatever gets you into the “zone” into the “flow” ● can be creating ■ Guided Visualization and Release ■ Conscious Movement ● Yoga ● Dance ● Tai Chi ● Free Movement to get back into the body: ○ put on your favorite music. painting. pain and remove blocks ● http://www.html ● http://eft.

and I promise you’ll never want to go back! ➔ Doing this might be hard or scary ◆ yes.. I promise you will see a change ➔ I dont think I can do this alone ◆ great news! You don’t have to. I would LOVE to have you join us if it feels right. The Purpose Revolution Program. Its totally worth it to travel outside your comfort zone. feel free to ask me any questions you may have at any time on the course page! http://thepurposerevolution.isn't it so much more frightening to continue to live in the way you’ve been living? ➔ What if I do this and it doesn't work? I dont want to be disappointed ◆ these principles come from a proven formula that has transformed so many lives and created an uprising of world changers. mentor and teach you and facilitate healing for body and soul and where I have created our community in for world change and personal and collective transformation. Enrolment opens in a day or two and will be open for a few days only. it is a bit scary to face our truth.S. coach. All Rights Reserved  . If you follow these principles. but I would venture a guess. Anything worth doing. I’m opening enrolment to The Purpose Revolution Program where I will guide. it sure might be. it probably is.■ Self Work: ● “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay What is standing in your way? ➔ Doing in depth work may be outside of my comfort zone ◆ Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden.. especially something that is for your greatest good and the greatest good of humanity is going to be outside of your comfort zone! ● P. especially when we’ve been running from it for so long. Look for an email with more information on the enrollment period and pertinent details! As always. in fact.

 the way to connect  with it. I found the shine in my soul.“Delfina’s Purpose Revolution Program means love and healing for me. I also learned so much about love and how it really starts by  loving ourselves. All Rights Reserved  . During this process. even the ones I kept  hidden. I healed a lot of old  scars and finally started to embrace all parts of me. which was not easy at all. believe in me  and help others to shine as well”    ­Nataly Garcia    Copyright 2014 Delfina Alden. I felt lost and this program helped me a lot in the path of finding me  again. The Purpose Revolution Program. Finally. I  realized through the different lectures and meditations more about who I  am. so I can finally listen to me and most important of all.