What the MS did not think off but the OO 3.1.

After conducting the safety audit for two days for the entire power station we were finally able to jolt down all our observations in to our note books. Khan and I was putting down our observations independently. Before meeting the O&M head, Khan told me to put down everything in a Power Point Presentation. I asked ,’ Why?’. His answer was , ‘It looks nice’. But I don’t bother whether it looks nice or not. I said that putting audit report into Power Point slide is something wired I never heard off. Khan said he too was not sure whether we can put 75 observations into Power Point slides or not. Therefore we decided to put everything into a Doc file. Mr Gupta ,the Safety in charge offered us his desktop computer for our report preparation. So We set in for making the report. We put in all the observations into ten different departments and put them neatly into a Doc file. So far so good. We have whole two hours for preparing this file. At 5 PM the report ran into four pages. Guptaji said that the O&M head along with all his DROs would join us for the meeting at 5:30 PM . Good , I was asking only for that. At 5:25 PM I loaded the audit file into the computer which is attached to a overhead projector at the O&M conference hall and immediately I found I was let down by Microsoft once again. The file does not open , saying it is made in a later version of MSOffice . Then I noticed that the file we made has an extension of docx not the usual doc type. I told Khan about the problem , Khan seemed to have undergone this trauma already and asked Guptaji to save it in a MSOffice 97 format in his computer and bring back the file here again but it’s 5:30 PM and the Executives have already arrived for the meeting. I told Khan to get ready with our notepad meanwhile I went to the adjacent office of the O&M head hoping he must be having the latest MSOffice 2007 . But no , his is the MSOffice 97 then I made a round to the Operation head’s chamber and there his PA said they have had the MSOffice 2007 . I opened the file here and save it in MSOffice 97 (doc file) and brought the pen drive to the meeting hall. We lost a precious 5 minutes start up time. Khan had started describing a critical observation of the electrical department when I just opened the file on the overhead projector for everyone to see and appreciate it. The O&M head asked the electrical head for the slip and asked him for immediate compliance in two days time. After 20 minutes Khan handed over to me and I showed the remaining two pages on the screens and explained the observations. Later in the evening Khan told me that while working on MSOffice 2007 you better save your file in two formats docx and doc so that one of them would open in the destination computer

without fail. But I asked , ‘why should I have the docx format first while the doc format works jolly well. What is the advantage of MSOffice docx file over MSOffice 97 ?’ . He does not have any answer. MSOffice 2007 is a better office but for making a plain document report it’s of no use for us. Also this docx format will not open on the Windows Vista or the latest windows 7 office . I asked Khan , ‘ Don’t you think that we are being run helter kelter by this great software company for their inefficient design of Office package ?’ He does not have an immediate answer .... The story does not end here . The same docx or the other xlsx file when I opened on my OpenOffice 3.1.1 on my Mandriva 2009 laptop both the files opened with out much ado. what Microsoft did not think off the OpenOffice had thought well in advance. So, What do you say ? S. Bera Mumbai

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