fragments from this lars palm 2009

text: © copyright 2009 Lars Palm covet: © 2009 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

a staggering possibly drunk cockroach * can you hear the sirens through all these wails screams & shouts of surprise? one of the wardens is going a round evacuating the chambers * glue the chair to the roof shards of cheat music send it bach for others hanging the laundry groundhogs fog the bog & a row & a ruption soon began reality sandwiches in between the steps of the winding stair * there are means if you know what i mean if you get my drift shifting in his seat raven looks at his left wing as if there was something strange * two steps forward one step back going where? * twice already you that question tastes good battery guilty as charged taken by

violence & force windswept beach so this comes after * no not now that there’s this argument throwing knives across the room watch that beak of yours horse says & hoots with laughter after the riot most of the participants act out their whatever when asked the fencepost looks confused & mumbles something about * for a decade he walked barefoot most of the year until it finally got in to his head that it was not socially acceptable * although singing echoed among the walls rattling the windows shuffling the balconies & joyously wreaking all manner of havoc & mayhem all those neighbourhood brats still ganged up at the corner * for the past tense for a bit later for now or now for the trip to where for the birds for the sun stubbornly beating down for one of them

for the colonized never for the colonizers for resisting arrested development of houses * sources of disinformation the echo altered slightly * a bandy player shoots the little red ball past the goal out of the arena & in to a nearby house not breaking any windows * & it's up in the morning early even the playground is empty it was a steady meal however it stumbled * they came through the window bounced off the farthest wall & went back out the same window no one in the room took any notice they all knew it was just a show to get some attention they further knew that whoever they were they would lay low in the lowlands of holland until they decided to make another swift appearance but when they came through that window some thing shifted slightly in the light the sun turned a little brighter & jumped a few inches closer to zenith raising the question how many people it takes to strangle suffolk & the question of when * how he got into a fight

with his entire native country * anonymous songs echo among signed walls this strange attraction of australia on so many people seek knowledge, even if you have to go all the way to china they actually stole an island one of them carried it off under his arm whatever next this president still has no country mock the goat elvis is alive & kicking & living in johannesburg war inside my head tip the scales dear silence * takes a shower in a higher tower where the water’s steamed off when it should have got to the top floor hydrogen particles stand lined along the roof’s edges armed to the teeth & her voice folds inward & settles in a bullet casing reserved for the top cop * becoming what you are you leaned through the porthole * those diets would make social activities difficult off soon to the airport in the orange season ties an orange turban around the car roof & drives around honking in town causing scattered amusement *

significant other took almost forty years to internalize that phrase * enormously bright green dress raven flies some more seventy palestinian civilians killed in air raid the stage fell on his head dread john travolta knocking on your door with an electric guitar aimed at your ear health is all in the mind still no matter hockey player used as puck new discoveries indecipherable newspeak & raven flies some more score cards filled by druids * & there’s the loglady step on mine i’ll step on yours the cat stole your bike but the fat lady doesn’t sing just yet now swerve i’ll kick off your head & shit down your neck a bright yellow t-shirt walks up couldn’t live two months on the streets how good is a mind that can be destroyed by madness? * unite ex-rated bairns * beware the holy trinity still negotiating the shape of the table after exhaustive discussions they settle on these really are clouds all the young skaters without any protection

or songs of their own ask could we get some noise please? * just think what they could do with five minutes in a closet * counting a gain? & if so some say it’s good for the head i say it kills slowly & impossibly painfully even more so than these constant commercial brakes stopping the flow of the tale as it said it wanted to be * folds the room nellie the elephant returns the building has left * la culpa de la felicidad he has the black shirt & yet he doesn't know who wears it hung across a wall * wine kills bacteria the strawberry is man made those fields squirm & get up if it may join the fried onion bacteria of the world ignite * day without a roof severely leaning sage quite aloof *

a country not as geography but as a mental state not a new thought by all means but to see it dawn on a grown man for the first time * as most streets in town are one-way minimalist hamburgers are mostly onions surrealists surely aren't at times the birds whistle almost mockingly * the many uses of a guitar a pen may also be useful which has less tear gas than paris your car horn puts a hurt on my ears now go & grow a proper beard order the court planting angels don't you leave me here for dead that monkey offers a cat all i can say is overkill * sundried clothes churros from the landlady this strange love for very small dogs this enormous consumtion of sugar this way of being * punk just laid down for a little rest eating a question? who am ito judge a man on a bench talking to himself? now & at the hour of our death * patience is the cardinal virtue here persistence was not named

pedestrians have almost absolute right of way palm trees are very common * dis traction as distraction blood on the onion back & forth across the date-line came back from the chair wild breasts classwar probably the best war in the world all surface is bound to create tension * a fallen player the singer hears someone saying something what isn't all together clear clearings in the woods are usually artificial * here may be something lifting 2 pounds of alternative music all over the facade & again the lost step across this line even the preacher * short sharp showers going on & off out side the lawns are ecstatic & sing drowning out the splashing cars who in turn drown out the cyclists cursing the puddles * linking long thoughts to brightly coloured graffiti fold the bike cut himself while thinking about shaving

had close shave by traffic light * today the muslims & arabs are in the exact same position that the jews were before the second world war * entering the garden of nineveh exiting stephen's green slipping inside this house falling out through the eastern wings going in to the surgeon’s kitchen & out of his bathroom is this getting on your nerves yet? may we continue until you go off your rocker? lately the birds have been behaving like cats & sometimes sounding like them which needless to say confuses the cockroaches entering the cat door exiting your eye * meaning not so much crown as halo signifying stone formations off the coast more than once something flickered possibly outside his head * ever mindful of what she steps on what would neruda say? to his left a ferry turns around who is that under your foot? & still he misses her painfully so what?

the clouds scatter before the face of a sun & recently a new definition of planethood ringing in my head now with any luck the august rains came mostly light & nightly welcome to the accident world their obsession with papers another sofa kidnapping napping kids yesterday the revolution stumbled what about that brick you stepped inside? not very violent language here how political is this? spitting out pieces of his broken luck sitting amidst an avalanche of wooden doors * although another bus came & so forth we sometimes plunder or more rightly that might be disembark the northern no is absent * fog full already didn't eat as much as i thought endangered dialect meeting of climates dissolves into a bog this is the ultimate guerilla medium beneath my toes designed to cut through fog * la vida es tango politics is punk poetry is jazz life as tango? why not? a long song? sure * ever mindful of who he steps on *

scatter the biscuit the jig is modified so far no cold haily nights one windy no jumping bugs beside the foot shower * swing lower than the fabled chariot in the early mornings she’s a tired town this is violent revolution this is how we’re feeling today decide what language to use to talk to the waves * days run away like wild whatever over the hills drunkenly she tries keeping track of the water's edge when the tide comes * reasons unstated generations gape at generators otherness nerves like fire nerves like steel of whom do elevators dream? break winter fast the last warning yawned & left swollen magpies renounce pies piers submerge themselves what happens there? hygienic paper * entertaining the roofs tainted love in spanish the angry faerie-queen may turn you to a tree you can not choose what kind * stand & stare at the traffic of shoes on the ceiling

* grown still still she takes these stills & distills distortion gone fishing or bathing or hiking in the hills & the villages * grapes echoing apes frightening lies from the other side half full or half empty driving through an endless string of small towns & hamlets running it seems from some ghost you ponder the significance of brightly coloured bricks in arid climates food bombing swiftly changing tidal waves once again that ridiculous macho crap room to roam around the lough will claim a victim every year write some shit about new snow for the rich then tell issa that's art * racing back & forth above the roofs birds not having decided where to go maybe they'll just go sit on somebody's shoulder * he is but he no more exists no he didn’t kick the bucket all that far *

another image this one is of a three-storied house which you enter from the roof another a car runs into a bus * blow up the city dump the remains in some small remote town then forge the signature & a heavy sword then, on an oar, read this “here drifted an hedonist” someone was devastated by the brightly coloured newscast that other koala simply denied involvement with eucalyptus or other such substances the press turned it into a farce thus justifying the meanness * takes his place at the back of the room & the room expands & becomes * no neverland no donald duck no believing it's winter no norman no mailer (well maybe one or two passing through) no other * the state shall not demand the state shall facilitate being fully human that is all the state shall do * imitation commences colonialist subhumans slowly starting a head litter this park

mutts hung in a tree takes his place below the salt wake up in german that's the sound of a chain working on a man to fly dogs out enjoying a rare movement of silence longtime gringo the flies fly low who sounds now? thinking of birds & bells above all snowy peaks the girl is intriguing lizard dives headlong into some melted ice cream we went for fish soup in franco’s widow an aftershock locks the window knowledge is light * chorizos hung out to dry rules for parking are apparently almost non-existent all the streets are named for sometime someone or somewhere * just in time for four hours of trampling grapes they do that you know * a ship sitting down on its butt in the roads a distinct lack of ponds for frogs to jump into few frogs * willing the town to burn after having left the farm wouldn't have it any other way that signal wasn't very clear rummaging through his head really believing it's a drawer in his living room

a babbling brook of left-over food driving the point home from school to the white noise suburbs while out in the countryside somehow the yield improved again & the farmers found some time to bounce about with delight the residency was filled by bodybags * now here's this chinese man eating paella with chopsticks inspection of some knapsack here beer is in the feminine ice is masculine * love is the subject of this poem her face in the full moon * at the end of the tunnel there's a sign signalling the end of the tunnel that's a damn fine café con leche * for an anarchist chaos may be the means but never the end the longing never stops * rock the ship dog sees fish & wants very much to jump in off the quay on the parkbench ghosts take turns * meanwhile, while charging the cell phone he's struck by pony-tails tottering on the edge of the sidewalk constantly watched by police helicopters *

island people are a breed of their own plays the blues on a sawed-off acoustic guitar correction two windy nights none cold * you don't say hung out to dry a sidewinder unwinds his sheets crossing my path was the lizard of oz * a small beach it may have a name one man & maybe a hundred birds just south of the city-limit not nutbush * she's just after climbing that tree as previously reported neverland now has a physical territory you don't stay they will open the door when ready to receive visitors a handful of grass knee cracked open that's beside the point * face off now who's addicted to when? above the chair microbes mount illegal size pages & if not then yet another bone * now heading for a winged pineapple (insert the town/city of your choice) with his hammer in his hand he looks so clever elevating trains to where she made her escape

& london swings the hatchet * shatter resistant immigrant werevolves virgin hedgehogs sale on screams saved by the tree shaved by the hotel women & children cursed first bridges extinguished gone off on a fender fencing posts switch to karate switch to being happy chinaman switch to exterior extensively laying down the law manned hands not empty * keep warm expose to direct sunlight add caffeine wait while head works then harvest a text * it's a face i'm going through lost highways circle happy to see no circus oh so that's how you i am the food you did not eat she'll be leaving this place wisely it seems no not now oil cartels chart out outer space trains got levitation but you know that having caused that cat's demise yes * who's for dessert? one time we were romantic in public are you going that deep into the desert? car bomb versus cricket team do i want to get out of my own medina? calm perfectly dark surface on that lake

are we somewhere else now? deporting people to certain disappearance might that field open to us? heaven scattered on my trouser legs can you pass that alley over this way? if we slap some fines on them how come there's so little coffee in that milk? god has not seen fit to call me how much longer will that stone be yellow? heavy rain in the mountains how about the snow? we know where your pen lives when will the notion of power become a psychosis? no means yes means no means * this kid carefully explaining how to roll a joint on public service radio on a monday morning * offer grilled salmon now we know what jesus christ did with his mother's hat this poem has a round black bomb in its hand left large deposits of night child on a string all propaganda is boring & makes me want to sleep fight the real enemy wanted for drugs * talking the paella apart now this body on the side walk on across the multitudes out to the sprawl & revolution poked in the i eye took the morning flight you know what you're fighting for yet? the axe came down from the mountain smiling at the door * you often tune some guitar

avoid everything she fucking ran * using the entire sidewalk he makes his way to the car then drives off on the sidewalk only one person notices but she thinks nothing much of it * salmon grilled offer enters the forest skate drunk * wind the dark lit streets rocking a mind a world a depression financial or other other birds wind the clouds up to you & your weird smile simile * ah the fine art of waking up * slowing down the flow to not much more than a trickle slowing down thought so it's possible to catch up & not remain headless * country on foot president lagging behind dogs circling his legs yapping * some of those

very small particles get involved in strange sects advocating activities he has no name for some were seen leaving some others build a house or a barn yet others build a horse now that's crafty those trees are absolutely still today * the autumn sunday cooling down enough so it's possible to talk some sense to it brought up by a self-professed baglady * selling war with food * what comes after the fact? re-envisioning vision those piazzas are delivered john cage where are you? an airplane explodes in mid-air american techno thriller dubbed (o knight of nothing) into spanish circular reasoning defies reason circling * distinctions invisible to us sparrows in london & new york the taj mahal of pigeons the finger of god blown off polar bears preserved in an aggressive pose saxophone player in a corner * some summer turned into september formally fall around here taking a large joy by the hand a middle aged man walks out

of town & later out of the country * the bike is red this is not a political statement little matty groves died by the hand of lord donnell in an almost icelandic manner ah, the songs of the middle ages people who never get carried away should be on certain mornings georgie went to washington * all ye little song birds should have gone south by now for the winter so what's with you sitting in that little tree? * this current world order ah what to say this current world order ah where to begin this current world order ah fuck this current world disorder * scraping mud coloured earth to the new horrified families my grandmother has lain & then the dog of thickening smile dissolves in the kitchen sink & there was never a morning not yet unpacked & speaks with younger voices in the south because of all the fish at most alittle deranged & try to get used to it my merry sirens

with spotting feathers only the fog stood & spat upon us around between the moon & the dark my eye stands pounding & splinters the sleeping self the damp finds no obstacle little waves on slippery stones your soundless troubled mouth stands like a stork the mirror pulls so wildly & complete coincidence they rummage & can not when the images vanished she calls it freedom i know fish & foetus interfere with the temporary order of a town & then i lie there again, on your floor it has become too high closing time but in no way evening that is in the vicinity a forest would we have been staring ourselves stupid at frightened deer stop there dawn probably shatter & become with the seaside town bathing in shimmer & haze & where friend calls asking about something to keep the balance this sunken backyard changed * face like a big hairy sun the curtain people old gardener plucking over bloomed gardenias * nessie washes ashore cancelling all governments post modem waiting in line for a piece of paper another offering of blue blood everything may be questioned * no pasarán this time we did not pay these assassins lurking the core of european “thought” not this time we did not let them pass

* they say that knowing this just look at that wall what's with science nowadays? * pistol shots ring out in the sleety street tallyho tallyho a dodo's gone down i have infiltrated nobody in particular it was great fun that pig coloured car rolls north at a leisurely pace peace is not only for the dead & the dying not only that but * the first real rain in months sending coyote off to steal fire * now drive the dog out of the poem & send it out into the garden to do whatever it is dogs do in gardens now drive that obedience out of your body & send him off into unreality * yesterday's yeast slung it's gun back at the funny farm wardens wear the wardrobes ringing the bells winging the statutes just for kicks & wreak wonderful havoc beaten eggs learn the gender of spanish words * a wave crashing into our kitchens the smell of newly painted windows *

previously on this show nerds like fire nerds like steel my mind's gone fishin' world peace can be fun so where is the paint? * it wasn't me you know it wasn't me trying to steal my sleepingbag while i was still in it it wasn't me not listening to reason it wasn't me persisting it wasn't my red plasma pumping out of my thigh when the scissors came back out * some otherworldly behaviour this christian love of via dolorosas slam your partner against the wall what's that ogre doing here? all the gruesome details please * you may find a structure lying about here unless you step on it * a long line of stuffed dogs loitering in the vicinity beating up fire extinguishers writing poems composed only of book titles oh where are the freaks when you need them? unconscious consensus tells the other page * it may be that these glasses distort something important & if so that bowl of water

over there may just be a bowl of * their lives are newly painted not knowing the name slowly we build another house i ate a chicken & i did it my way haircuts conspire to over throw the rule of law once again the scent of garlic three drunk kids found an axe in a lake & brought it back to the cabin shin yu pai recovered quickly from being run over by lars palm gog separates from magog death is the silence the little hamlet across the mountain ridge perfection is useless * no firstborn shall be killed not today at least or maybe one of these falling apples is harder than it seems * surprisingly run through by a river he kissed the blarney stone & kept talking into his grave & then there were none moped lads singing about themselves lights across the bay so where is the pint? * these are a few of the things some of us think about face east of the mountains & later climb a ladder for no other reason than that it's there where the moon is rarely full but drunk & the vines grow on steel wires making a roof * this is a political poem

it is not allowed this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem i'm voting with a bullet persona non grata in this language of violence this is a political poem rip out their apology-tongues this is a political poem this is a political poem you have to face the music law built on vengeance this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem this is a political poem the butcher counted his daughter's feet this is a political poem this is a political poem * a pair of brown eyes a car driving on the sidewalk behind me project houses long lacking some serious love & attention a cloud a pair of green eyes two curious guards posted outside the u.s embassy another set of lights ignored by any number of drivers * though they didn't fly coming around the corner he swooned did you read the milk? no but i drank the paper the rising tied development was framed & arrested most palm trees in town are bugged the ball is on the water * skin the fish peel the orange eat or cut the meat from the water melon remove the blanket from inside the sheets take the trash out with a wheelbarrow

& let the spider eat in peace * the defendant gagged the judge that thing under the bed is drooling school children eaten by hunters she was long gone the offended offend the offensive a burning cow on a summer field refuse & resist he was ever the one to sing slightly out of key * swung past passed through territories terrorist tories past tense guards with dogs wagging tails & tales any direction out of town or village or even hamlet being neither * dogs die in hot cars the priest picks his ear with a screwdriver * the old wooden mosque no longer all wooden so this famous cartoon woodpecker would need tools to get inside it unless of course using * thought of living as a migratory bird kindly remove hat from painting a gutted bus who was where you first stepped? maybe someone needs to walk a little more curry sausages carry luggage abroad * & while we're at it we could maybe train the dog not to growl at & attack his own behind

* don't die on my doorstep it's rude & will only drive my guests arriving in a few minutes insane don't die on my doorstep if you really must there are better places like on the doorstep of an undertaker don't die on my doorstep step outside instead & take the air or to the air or maybe steal some mail or some such don't die on my doorstep just don't read my lips & read them well don't die on my doorstep * you're seriously scared of a butterfly? trees aren't made for walking into this revenge was served well chilled * bring it down bring it here let me take it apart & put it together another way just to see if it might work * truth i dearly hope will never again come with a capiTal t * growing up or out another ape has very white eyes in the centre of the horse just off the coast of malta

today evolution ran amok a man is watering a palm tree settle on the feet of settlers they are classics oh yeah, made of straw? watch me burn will you be suspect? * so you said if i recall the last time they were here * retire your money this monkey is pissed * leaving them all behind for dead or the rats or dogs or whatever might be at hand handling swallows better than spiders & locusts better than piranhas handling themselves roughly at the speed of sound minds * clinic for obese teeth rebels without a clause nor a clue a clean body in a round mind going going gone who sounds now? raising agents runaway gong in the bushes relation ship between parallel lines in donegal autonomous mascara city of nitwits in uniform justice is not vengeance * being taught to act accordingly he actively disregarded all he was taught *

this is the sound of shit happening the early bird catches the germ don't mention the bratkartoffel * you did not there's no way you did you can't seriously say you you did? oh no so what happened then? well that does seem a bit weird maybe * catching a cab to heaven coming & going the light makes a big show of itself * slowly moving inside your head to cause some confusion at long last slowly move back out when the work has been done on now to other heads * spinning the dog agnostics front for another literary crowd your only me fake my day contemporary gangsters commit circle confessions rob tomorrow build a raft & hit the flood them palm leaves rattle warmly i can raid your mind couldn’t resist the next one the moon is a big happy smile * miles away from anywhere near even the back of beyond sheep-dogs bark at butterflies fluttering from sheep to dog & back out toward the sun *

always a french connection when farmers rage * & to continue this stream of words worlds collide with airborne mountains having had their siege lifted by hand me downs or hand over that i * it is vigorously prohibited on the other end of the sausage hate the police invasion of sand eleven beds hanging he caved in she knows some thing's askew here you fucking bastards are gonna pay stepped among the rigorously arranged rocks some other people woodchuck would chuck wood sat for years stuffing pillows now wave said the sea * & then when you go in to his bed be dead still * drilling the street for remnants of those who walked closer to sea level & the hills for uranium deposits

left by some unsuspecting river * would that declaration please stand straight & smile not a question agreement is full drunk songs hit the streets letting slip a curse & a giggle asking that the buses run sideways into the fabric * left right right wrong wing on air hair on nose hose me down up & away sway the breeze who sneezed? * tied him to a tree with a skinny nutcase political disappearances somehow never the rich & powerful no one in her place instead of him qué pasa rosa? & the tree has an identity crisis identified as a bottle of shoes * are you a boy or are you a fish? will your eyes see my face or yours? do you breathe now with lungs or gills? are you a fish or are you a ghost? are you swimming down long corridors? are the doors half open or half closed? are you a ghost or are you still a boy? will the man who pulled you under pillage & plunder or haunt you? *

warm the soup on low heat it gives you time to go down to the sea scale that roof fight the powers that be

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