Law of Distraction

Ok, I have to admit it I was taken in by the idea of the Law of Attraction, the idea of intent and the concept of “Co-Creation” but only so far as to know what is going on. Here we have Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey and others espousing this as a solution to all life’s shortcomings. All things that one desires are at our beckoning all we need to do is want it correctly and not sabotage our own desire. For many it works. For some it does not and those it does not work for seem to think they have been left out of a cool party. Can the Law of Attraction bring us things we want? Oh yeah it can, when it is supposed to. What if it is not supposed to? What could be stopping it? We are and on purpose! The idea that the only reason we live an uncomfortable existence is because we are not asking correctly for the comfortable stuff is asinine. The idea that life is a resort where we expect to continually live in the lap of luxury with all days being a sunny day and everything working the way we want it is seriously twisted when give the true purpose of life. Life is a challenging game that we are here to escape and overcome. It is an oubliette of sorts and we don’t leave till we learn the secret. That is not “The Secret”. We have been dealing with an archrival since our consciousness was spit to intentionally create duality to further our growth. When I say “our” I mean the one being from which all things come. “We” are singular. Ego is the illusion generator that gives the observer the appearance of separateness. It is merely an appearance. Ego rules the physical and it is the Satan that we are dealing with. It is the one that divides and sets us against ourselves. It is the thing we thing is us but is is not. We are truly an observer and ego has tricked us into believing that we are the ones who have the power and free will to do what we want. I agree that it appears that way but that is not the truth. All power expressed in this simulation is done on behave of the observer and not by the observer. Chopra would have us believe that we have a soul separate from God and that God helps us create that which we want. That is the height of human arrogance and vanity! How is that possible when we are all the same being? How can we “Co Create” when we

are singular? This confusion is introduced because of a basic misperception about the form, function and purpose of our lives and the purpose of the Universe. Why that confusion persists is also a necessary and purposeful part of the life lesson we experience. Run on down that road and there will be a lesson and it will not be comfortable. Nothing is done against the will of the observer. How is that possible? Well we exist with blinders on. The most important blinder is that we are not permitted to sense what we truly are as that would defeat the purpose of what we are doing here. An observer face is tasked with gathering experience from a specific area or zone within the greater world experience. Because this observer is God as an individuated facet of the “many eyes” of God then it is put into a life on purpose and with Gods/Self/Observer’s full permission to experience a specific life track and harvest experience and knowledge accordingly. Since escaping the game is a primary objective, after the experience is harvested, one needs to understand that control of the ego is key. Ego hides the fact that we are one by controlling our physical senses. Mastery requires control of the ego. Say we came here individually to experience specifically what it is like to live a meaningless life in poverty and obscurity. We may be here simply to learn what it was like and to provide an interesting backdrop for others in the simulation. How does having all the money, houses, wealth etc. achieve that objective? IT DOSEN’T! Say I am Oprah Winfrey’s observer within and I came here specifically to make the game more interesting by providing a nuance trap to keep people in the game longer. We would not ride a boring roller coaster or enter a boring game. It must be challenging and to ensure that the game keeps up with the skill levels we develop it must evolve to make sure the escape is very narrow. Religion, Government, Science all did a good job concealing the doorway out but now we need a new level. Here is the new trap: Ego throws you a bone. Normally Ego’s function is deception, repression and the creation of negative reinforcement. As we grow and see ego as a threat it counters to throw us off the trail. Here we have successful people who lesson was to provide the substance and bait for this distraction.

We spend money on these books and DVD’s and dutifully try to get it to work. When it fails then it must be something we are doing wrong. We are sabotaging it and we need to clear it and that is the reason it does not work. Sorry folks it is a scam. I suppose some need to fall for it because their path lies in a different direction. These special folks do not want to be reborn into this game again. They want out so before they came into the game they said “allow nothing to distract me from that goal”. So here comes a man selling magic beans that won’t grow for us. Can we not see how distracting this could be to our true objectives? Not only that but we beat ourselves up because we don’t get what we want. Ego, Ego, and Ego then has met it objective, once again, by creating negatively reinforced lessons. When we base our happiness on physical comfort and the acceptance and adoration of others then we simply distract ourselves and seldom discover that ego is the enemy that need to be controlled and we need to fulfill objectives that are a bit more meaningful the how much colorable money we have. Would Oprah or Deepak ever explain to people that colorable money is a contract that makes people slaves of reprobates? No. Would they explain to people that meditation is a distraction that can reduce ego but it cannot control ego? No. Would they teach people how to establish a tangible relationship with that which men can God? No. Why? They would lose their gravy train. They are celebrities and they need followers to hold them up and to harvest. Let’s look at their names: Deepak is a Sanskrit word meaning lamp (diya), or source of light. (From Wikipedia) Really? He is a lamp or a source of light? We are our own source of light thank-you. I have seen many a moth find their end in a lamp. Oprah is Hebrew for fawn or young dear. Fawn has another meaning also that to me seems more accurate. From Fawn - /fɔn/ –verb (used without object) 1. to seek notice or favor by servile demeanor: The courtiers fawned over the king. 2. (of a dog) to behave affectionately.

Now if Oprah’s purpose is to do the master’s bidding then she would be rewarded would she not? I do not see Oprah exposing the roots and source of the tyranny that grips the world so really what is her function? If one is wealthy then it serves a purpose and they have that wealth because of the particular lesson they are here to learn and nothing more. If one is poor or destitute then they are here for a challenge and they will learn what they are here to learn. We just need to realize that we are here for a reason and pursuing physical comfort is an ego trap that does win the game for us. It only delays us from our goal. If one is truly looking for the way out then they should be looking for way to suppress the ego and allow the Self to take control of the experience for their benefit.

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