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Key Royal Condominium Association, Inc.

December 2009

Happy Holidays!
Inside this issue:
Community 2
Halloween at Key Royal Welcome to the Party
Support your local 2
merchants A distinctly American version of Halloween began
to emerge from ancient practices as the beliefs
Duck! 3 and customs of different European ethnic groups,
Party Photos 3 as well as the American Indians, meshed. The
Naughty or Nice? 3 first celebrations included "play parties," public
Fire Safety 4
events held to celebrate the harvest, where
neighbors would share stories of the dead, tell
Planning 4 each other's fortunes, dance, and sing. Colonial
Committee Halloween festivities also featured the telling of
Things to do in Naples ghost stories and mischief-making of all kinds. By
the middle of the nineteenth century, annual au-
12/26—10 am to 6 pm tumn festivities were common, but Halloween was
New Year’s Art Festival sical chairs, and “Duck, Duck,
not yet celebrated everywhere in the country. In
Fifth Avenue South Goose”, with prizes for the win-
the late 1800s, there was a move in America to
435-3742 ners. Over 20 of our young
mold Halloween into a holiday more about com-
12/31 — 6 to 9 pm munity and neighborly get-togethers, than about residents attended and every-
New Year’s Eve ghosts, pranks, and witchcraft. one had a great time, including
Celebration the adults. Look inside for
A big “thank you” goes out to our contributors more photos from the event.
Third Street South
and volunteers: Susan King, Jeannie Miller, Fran
Perrothers, Al Ramirez, Sr. and Robert Triano,
12/31 — 7:30 to 8 pm who followed this great American tradition by or-
New Year’s Eve ganizing a great Halloween party for the Key Special Notes:
Fireworks Royal Kids. Maintenance Fees
Naples Pier due
The clubhouse was transformed into a party at- January 1, 2010
(see more on page 2) mosphere with scary decorations, treats, games
and activities for all of the participants. There was Holiday Trash
face-painting, Wrap a Mummy, “Simon Says”, mu- Schedule:
For Information, Questions or Comments: No Service on
Christmas Eve/Day
On the web:
On your television: Channel 96 New Years Eve/Day
Phone: 239.304-3266
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Community Outreach
We were fortunate to have the
Sheriff’s Department join us for who provide free assistance and
a very informative community instruction with car seat installa-
presentation in September. tion and can also present The
Bucklebear Good Passenger”
They talked about the commu- program, a 30-minute puppet
nity outreach initiative of called show and story time for kids
“See and Say”. The program from two to six-years-old. The
encourages citizens to be program teaches kids about the
aware of what is going on in importance of bucking up.
their community and to call the
community policing division if If you are interested in having a
are over one-year-old and over 20
they have concerns. presentation at Key Royal, please
pounds, until they are four-years- old
let Susan Bedyan, our Property
We discussed other ways in and weigh 40 pounds
Manager, know.
which Key Royal can stay in  A booster seat is used until the child
touch with our Sheriff’s Depart- is 80 pounds and 4 feet 9 inches tall.
ment, one of which was -signing Children weighing more than 80
up for the Sheriff’s blog for in- pounds and measuring more than 4 Things to do in Naples
formation on special programs. feet 9 inches tall can ride with a seat (part two — Jan/Feb)
Your can find more information belt on 1/10 — 2 to 4 pm
about “101 Things To Do On
Naples Concert Band”,on the  Riding in the front seat—Children 12
Cambier Park
website. and under should ride in the back 598-2082
seat for safety
One of the features on the web- 1/21 to 1/24 — 10 am to 5 pm
site addresses car seat safety  You must have a car seat for your 43rd Annual Naples Boat Show
for your child. Here are the infant or child and Seafood Festival
highlights: 100 Goodlette Road South
Susan King, one of the people attending 261-0882
 Newborns to one-year-old the Community Policing program sug-
gested that we invite the Sheriff’s office 2/20 & 2/21 —10 am to 5 pm
children who weigh 20
Naples National Art Festival
pounds should ride in rear- to present a program on seat safety edu-
Cambier Park
facing car seats cation for children.
 Forward facing car seats The Sheriff’s office has nationally certi- (call venue to confirm info)
are used for children who fied child passenger safety technicians

Support Your Local Merchants

This issue we are starting a new column, spotlighting local merchants. If you visit these establishments, let them know you
saw them in our newsletter. Let us know if you have a recommendation.
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If You Care About The Ducks...

Please do not feed them. Enjoy their are overfed create dangerous amounts of
natural beauty from a distance and pro- waste that harms fish and other animals liv-
tect their survival, by keeping your ing in ponds. So, it’s very important for
snacks to yourself. You may think you are everyone to: Avian Botulism
the only one feeding them so you're not (caused by arti-
doing any harm, but be assured that as  Stop feeding the ducks
ficial feeding)
soon as you leave, another person who  Politely tell others they are harming kills entire
thinks they are doing a good thing takes ducks by feeding them waterfowl
your place. populations
 Remember that ducks live much longer and
Also keep in mind that food attracts more when they eat foods growing naturally
than just ducks. Feeding ducks attracts hospitalizes
in their environment
rats, pests and predators that kill ducks people.
and endanger humans. Most waterfowl Thank you for your helping to make Key
die-offs in the past 10 years have been Royal a better place to live and protecting
attributed to artificial feeding. Ducks that our wildlife friends.

More Pictures from Halloween at Key Royal

He’s making a list, Naughty or Nice

checking it twice, gonna find out Slamming the front door of your Making sure that EVERYONE in your
who’s…. you know how it goes. unit (even if you didn’t mean to). unit is courteous when closing the
door (adjusting the closer also helps)
Condominium living is a lot like Parking in someone else’s re-
that. There has to be some rules served spot (you wouldn’t park Following ALL of the parking regula-
to keep all 270 households in your neighbor’s driveway) tions (including getting permits for
happy and keep Key Royal one guests)
Leaving trash outside the com-
of the outstanding places to live
pactor (kind of like putting out Putting only your recycling (in the
in Southwest Florida. You can
Christmas presents for the rats) blue bags) out on Tuesday night
think of it this way...every good
thing you do is multiplied by 270 Putting your trash out on the So remember...He knows if you have
and the impact of every not so wrong day or time (see previous been bad or good, so be good for
good thing is also multiplied. item) goodness sakes.
So in the spirit of the season, Using glass containers around
here is the Key Royal Naughty or the pool (wouldn’t want Santa to
Nice list. cut his toe!) Enjoy the Holiday Season!
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Fire Safety
Joe Ziccardi from Lint Away attended a community meeting in September to
address the issue of clothes dryers and fire safety. His remarks stressed the
following guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission:
Clean the lint screen/filter before or after drying each load of clothes
Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct periodically
Clean behind the dryer where lint can build up
Replace plastic or foil, accordion-type ducting material with rigid or
corrugated semi-rigid metal duct
Take special care when drying clothes that have been soiled with volatile
chemicals Key Royal Condominium
By not taking the precautions, your unit is at increased fire risk. Association
8204 Key Royal Circle
Special offer available for Key Royal Residents! Naples, FL 34119-6812
Phone: 239.304.3266
Lint Away will provide both inside and outside dryer cleaning at a group rate of Fax: 239.304.3270
$45 per residence for a minimum of 10 residences. (This cost is normally $95 per
residence, on an individual basis). A lint-resistant replacement hose can be in-
Office Hours:
stalled at an additional $25. per residence. If you are interested in signing up for
the service, contact Susan Bedyan in the Key Royal office. We need at least 10 par- Monday—Friday
ticipants to take advantage of the offer. 9 am to 6 pm
1st Friday of month
Long Range Planning Committee 2 pm to 7 pm

During the Budget Committee meet- 1st Saturday of month

 Determining the associations inten-
ing on November 2, Sharon Stites, tions and expectations—our guiding 9 am to Noon
the interim committee chairperson, principles/values
suggested the need for long-range
strategic planning at Key Royal and  Performing a needs assessment Please Send Maintenance
asked for volunteers to serve on Fees To:
such a committee to develop a 5 to  Determining critical issues—
Presidio Realty, Inc.
10 year long-range plan . strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats 4302 Henderson Blvd.
The long-range planning committee Suite 114
would focus on the following:  Bringing in consultants in areas of Tampa, FL 33629
resource management as needed
 Reviewing the community’s his-
tory, accomplishment, current  Defining the roles of the committee one volunteer—Vic Burnett.
status, and current governance members and communicating the Join him in working to make
structure plan between members this community the very
best it can be. Please con-
 Developing mission and vision  Initiating the plan with programs pro-
statements tact Susan Bedyan or a
cedures and budgets
Board member if you would
 Review the plan on a yearly basis and like to be a part of this im-
“Organizations do not plan make necessary adjustments portant committee. The
to fail… committee with hold its first
We are confident that there are owners meeting in late January.
They simply fail to plan.” with the business, budget and planning We hope to see you there.
experience who could play an important
role the committee. We already have

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