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Green tea is packed with antioxidants
and is an ideal cure to help you recover
faster from a hangover

Drinking two litres of water a day can

prevent and eliminate blackheads and
minimise dry skin


Masala tea with its spices cloves,

cinnamon, elaichi and ginger helps fight
the sniffles in this winter season

A tackle in
the cabin


My wife is three months

pregnant. Can we perform
oral sex on each other?
She can perform oral sex on you,
but not the other way around. An
air bubble can enter her artery and
cause a problem.




when you are heading a company, he believes.

Rugby is technical, skill-heavy
and stresses on your individuality, believes 42-year-old Monojit
Ray, who heads an advertising
agency. More than any other
sport, rugby shows you what
kind of person you are. You
tend to display your innermost
traits. I play in the forward position and am someone who takes

into good positions, you need

to own your role. Each member fits beautifully into their
roles and leverages his
strengths, 23-year-old Suman
Chugani, a business developer
who also captained the
Bengaluru team, says.
Likewise, even while running a company, Prabhu assigns
specific roles. When I started
my company, four of us had the
same background and calibre. I
was instrumental in introduc-

2 I am 26 years old and

smoke daily. I masturbate
regularly while bathing.
While having sex with my
girlfriend, I noticed that I am
not getting an erection. Can
this caused by smoking or
It is a lifestyle problem. Stop
smoking and masturbate only to
satisfy your excitement. It could
also be due to nervousness.

I am 52 years old and my

wife is 48. While having sex I
have been ejaculating inside
her within just 10-12 minutes.
Following this, my wife forces
me to keep at it for some time
to help her climax. Is this
Your timing is good. If she doesnt
orgasm, use your fingers to
complete the act.

4 I get pimples when I

masturbate. Can masturbation cause pimples? If yes,
how do I prevent myself from
getting them?
See a skin specialist or your doctor.
Masturbation is not responsible for

5 I am 61 years old and have

an active lifestyle. I refrain
from eating red meat and
dont smoke or drink alcohol.
I suffer from mild BP and
mild blood sugar. I am under
medication for both conditions and am presently fit.
This May, I had my prostate
removed. Prior to the surgery,
I had proper erections. But
lately, I have had a problem
with it. Can my condition be
Usually, a prostrate surgery affects
erections. However, they get back
to normal soon. Please consult
your surgeon.

Entrepreneurs and corporates

take cues from rugby to hone
their gameplan at work
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t may not have taken off in

cities and colleges, but the
contact sport of rugby has
found new takers in the city
corporates and entrepreneurs between 25 and 42. Every
weekend, and once mid-week, a
group of 40 meets at Embassy
Tech Village on Outer Ring
Road, Marathalli for a match.
Every quarter, over 200 players
get together to play competitively. They say the sport
requires a superior level of strategy and intelligence, apart from

the willingness to take a hit for

your team. The lessons they
learn on the field have a
dramatic effect on their careers
in the boardroom, the players
insist. Here is why.

Rugby is unique among sports
as almost 50 per cent of the
game takes place behind the ball
carrier. This puts a real emphasis
on clear, concise communication from the supporting players, who have to constantly tell
teammates where they are in
attack and who theyve got
covered in defence. I was playing rugby even before starting

Jamaican Beef Dumpling

Manu Prasad
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ts not often that an Island turns into
a Warehouse, but thats exactly what
has happened in Indiranagar. The
refurbished outlet now sports a casual bar look and feel. An open bar and
extra seating that takes complete advantage of Bengaluru weather, a basement
area that aims to give an underground
tone, a stage on a higher level to host
special events, and a basketball court (!)
all contribute to a very energetic vibe.
Apparently the place turns into one
massive club on weekend evenings.
The seating is a bit skewed
towards larger groups but
thats probably because
the audience they want
to cater to typically
hangs out in herds. The
walls have an industrial
look, complete with
exposed bricks and warning signs, which accentuates the name of the place
and its underlying theme. The
music is upbeat and I got quite a few
dirty looks from the rest of the group
for using the spring seat to good effect!

The well-cooked mince came

with a honey chilli sauce that
did wonders for the dish


ing specific roles, just like

we would on a playing field,
he says.


In a team, the right mix is

essential. For instance, you
have the big-built guys playing
the forward position so as to
secure the ball and those with
good speed in running play as
backs. Similarly, in my company, the more experienced ones
in sales handle larger roles and
do the heavy lifting while
younger people take charge of
monthly deals, Prabhu says.
Planning in advance is key on
the field, just as while running a
company. Though you may
not always succeed in achieving
your goals, the sport teaches
you to overcome failures,
Prabhu says. And that, to
these players is the biggest
lesson learnt.

In rugby, individual contributions go hand in hand with

team support. You cant take
the ball and run alone. You
need to wait for your team
members and they need to figure out your role, Prabhu says.
Whether you are you a playmaker who sees opportunities
and passes; a power runner
who can make holes and drag
several defenders in; a speedster
who can burn defenders with
pace and/or step around them;
a strike runner who has a welltimed crack at a space in the
line or a support specialist who
recognises when others are
about to break the line and gets

Inevitably, communication is
part of the decision-making
process. In rugby, the ball carrier will make visual, physical,
spatial and audible assessments
before deciding on the next
course of action. To lead from
the front, its critical to make
decisions on your own and
build leadership qualities, Prabhu adds.
Letting your players
work things out for
themselves is an
excellent variation
on the rugby field
and this strategy also
works in your daily life

clear, concise
from supporting
players, like in a
team at work

Musical training
stimulates kids



on my problems head on, Ray

says. At 42, I must be one of
the oldest guys on the field, but
the sport helps me think on my
feet, he adds.

Beef Inenchilada

Appetiser: The bar was well-stocked on

Th tortilla
ill with
i h beef
b f andd baked
b k d
beans filling was served with
herb rice. The beef was a little

paper, including a few standard cocktails. A few beers though, were unavailable. I tried a Pain Killer, usually a rumbased drink, but this one was Whiskey
and one of the best Ive had. It wasnt
stingy on the alcohol but managed to
balance it out really well. The LIT was
also quite heady. The Spicy Margarita
used chilli powder for spice and the
drink in itself was just about fine.
As is becoming standard in the casual bar scene, the starters occupy a large
portion of the menu. The Veg
Enpunadas arrived first the vegetables
and cheese mix stuffed in a pizza base
completely lived up to its spicy description and was complemented by a sauce
that only added to the hotness. The

Cinnamon Grill chicken was excellent

too, with each morsel providing a whiff
of cinnamon that added to the dishs
appeal. The melt-in-your-mouth Lamb
Kabebs (sic) had a mildly spicy sauce
that complemented the dish well. Our
other favourite was the Jamaican Beef
Dumpling, which had well-cooked
mince and a spice pop, and a honeychilli sauce that did wonders. The Thai
fish ball was another good starter, and
the mince fish, scallion root and a hint
of lemon grass made it quite flavourful.
The last item we tried from this section
was the Chilli Beef, which fell short a
bit, mostly thanks to the extra salt and
the beef that was fried a little too much.



Afters: I dont think the standard

crowd here would need or expect a sugar kick in the end, and that would explain the presence of all of three dessert
options. The Butter Milk tart sounded
interesting but wasnt available. We
tried the Chocolate Obsession, but its
obsession to excel turned out to be one
massive egg sell going by smell and
taste. This was the only disappointment
in an otherwise excellent meal.

In what could facilitate the

development of novel treatment
strategies for hair growth in
humans, researchers have
found that immune cells
involved in wound healing can
induce hair growth by surrounding and activating skin stem
cells. Although this study was
carried out in mice, researchers
from the Spanish National
Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)
believe their discovery may lead
to new treatment for hair
growth in humans. They found
that mice started to regrow hair
when they were given anti-inflammatory drugs. The dying
and surviving cells activated
nearby stem cells and hair
began to grow again.

#3, 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar
Ph: 41261114


Price range

Entre: We began with the

Chicken Slider and though
the description said it was a
mini bun, it turned out to
be a full-grown one. But
the dish, with pulled
chicken, caramelised onion and a sunny side up
egg for company, was delicious, so we werent complaining. The Beef Inenchilada (where are these names coming from?) had a tortilla with beef and
baked beans filling served with herb
rice. The beef was a little undercooked.
The Grilled Chicken Chimichurri,
served with herb rice got the green
sauce quite well. My favourite though
was the Chicken Maggi the masala
flavour is awesome enough to bring me
back here!



Ware the good things go


Ask the Sexpert, Bangalore
Mirror, 9th Floor, Du Parc Trinity Building, #17,
MG Road, Bangalore- 560 001 or e-mail us at can contact
Dr Watsa on

usical training may help kids

focus their attention, control
their emotions and diminish
their anxiety, factors that affect their
psychological health, shows a study.
Termed as the largest investigation of
the association between playing a
musical instrument and brain
development, the findings bolster the
hypothesis of the researchers that a
violin might help a child battle
psychological disorders even better
than a bottle of pills.
We treat things that result from
negative things, but we never try to
use positive things as treatment, said
James Hudziak, professor of psychiatry
at University of Vermont College of
Medicine in the US. For the study, the
researchers analysed the brain scans of
232 children aged six to 18.
The authors found evidence that
music playing altered the motor areas
of the brain, because the activity
requires control and coordination of
movement. They also observed changes in the behaviour-regulating areas of
the brain of kids who played music.
For example, music practice
influenced thickness in the part of the
cortex that relates to executive functioning, including working memory,
attentional control, as well as organisation and planning for the future, the
authors said. A childs musical background also appears to correlate with
thickness in brain areas that play a
critical role in inhibitory control, as
well as aspects of emotion processing,
they added. The study was published
in the Journal of the American Academy
of Child & Adolescent

my own company, says

Gerald Prabhu, the executive
director of C Centric, a
customer relationship management company. And it was
while playing the sport that I
got the confidence to network.
Until then, I was just another
sales guy making
individual sales
I learnt how to
work in a team
and interact
with different
kinds of people
from the
sport, Prabhu

A group of corporates play rugby at the Embassy Tech Village at Marathalli

Music &
Sound level

Pub grub
KP Groups
Very much
Everything you need
including standard
A meal for two would
cost around `2,000
(inclusive of taxes) a
couple of cocktails, a
non-veg starter, a couple
of main course dishes
and a dessert

1. Complain to your boss
about him/her.
2. Confront him/her directly and hash it out.
3. Pile work on him/her
and find ways to make
his/her work life miserable as revenge!

A playlist that works very

well with the ambiance,
and at a sound level that
doesnt deter conversations
Efficient and friendly
Youthful and peppy
12 pm 11.30 pm (1 am
on Fri, Sat)
Home delivery No
Reservations Might not be a bad idea


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left very little to complain about. The

drinks were excellent too, and though
not cheap, were generous on the spirits.
The service was friendly and prompt and
all this, coupled with a zestful energy ensures that The Warehouse has all the
wares to make it a hot sell in the market.

In all: Except for the dessert, the food

Bangalore Mirror reviews

anonymously and pays for meals

We asked what your

plans were for Christmas. 54% would host a
get-together at home
and spend some time
with family and friends,
18% would go for a party
or a nice Christmas
brunch/ dinner and 28%
would pack their bags
and take off for a holiday
by turning it into a long

SHOPTALK The growth story

This 49-year-old garden centre is a one-stop shop for green-thumbed Bengalureans
alking into the Indo American
Hybrid Seeds Garden Centre
(IAHS) in Banashankari is
more like attending a plant exhibition,
as their store stocks around 20,000
plants including ornamental and landscape plants for gardens, homes and
offices. They also retail hybrid vegetables, oil and flowers seeds. So, whether you are a home gardener, a landscape designer, looking at growing
your own veggies or just want a few
colourful flowering plants for your balcony IAHS is a one-stop shop for all
your gardening needs.
And just in case you were wondering
whether the company is a joint
American venture the story behind
the name is that when the Chief

Managing Director of this Garden

Centre, Manmohan Attavar started it
in 1965, he was funded by a US company and as a tribute to this firm, he
coined the word Indo-American.
When we started this garden centre, it was a fairly new concept back
then and not many people knew
about it. We came up with a more
structured and exotic set-up and
started to retail. We are a wholesale
nursery, says Rashmi Attavar, the
IAHS horticulturist.
Apart from catering to several
interior design and corporate clients
who come regularly to pick seasonal
plants, IAHS also caters to specific
urban requirements, like setting up a
vertical garden. This is like a modu-


7099, 17A Cross, KR Road,
Banashankari 2nd Stage
PHONE: 26760111
USP: Flowering plants
PRICE: From `25 onwards

lar set (a 4x4 feet plastic frame with

pre-arranged plants) which can be put
up against the wall. It is very popular
because it doesnt occupy too much
space and those living in an apartment or looking at highlighting just
one wall opt for this, Attavar says.
Ask her which are the most popular
plants and Attavar says, Geraniums,
petunia, marigolds, palms, peace
lilies and table top plants are very
popular. And during Christmas we
have a huge demand for poinsettias.
Apart from this, home gardeners
come looking for seeds to grow
tomatoes, chillies, coriander, spinach
and beans, she adds.
From seeds to plants and pots to
fertilisers, IAHS offers everything

under one roof. Our range starts

from Rs 25. We grow our own plants
and produce our own seeds at our
Banashankari centre. We do help with
planting mixtures, pots (ceramics)

and fertilisers, she says. Apart from

the Banashankari outlet, IAHS has
retail outlets in Amabara, Ulsoor and
Bangalore Club as well.
Shilpa Bansal