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January 12, 2010

Just What We Need.....A Tax on the Banks.
Christopher M. Mutascio Brian J. Zabora, CFA Charles Nabhan, CPA (443) 224-1302 (443) 224-1335 (443) 224-1384 Industry Update

We have read several articles today that suggest President Obama is thinking of assessing some sort of tax on the banks to help close the deficit gap and to ensure that the taxpayer is repaid in full. We are tired of pointing out the issues with the current path being taken and the negative consequences on the banks and the economy that could evolve. So, instead of ranting on about this or that, we have attached a copy of today's monthly report from the US Treasury on the TARP program. The report is a public document. The report contains the following quote: "OFS is unlikely to disburse the full $700 billion authorized under EESA, and many of the TARP investments under the program, particularly those aimed at stabilizing banks, are expected to deliver returns for taxpayers." For the current administration to use the TARP as a means to assess a tax on the banks to ensure the taxpayer gets repaid is a farce, in our view. The U.S. taxpayer is expected to earn a return on its TARP investments in the banks (just ask BAC, WFC, JPM, BBT, USB, GS, etc). From the report, it looks as if the losses will come from the auto investments and the AIG investments. Neither of which were banks. So, in effect, the banks are paying for GM, Chrysler and AIG? Why? But, read the report for yourself and decide. The more we continue to blame the banks for all of our ills, the greater the risk of re-regulation (etc.) going so far as to cut off capital flow to individuals, small businesses and corporations at a time it is needed most. We are not sure why a bank should take on any risk in the current environment.

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January 12, 2010

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Large Cap Banks

January 12, 2010

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