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The Jewish Agency’s Emergency Response

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Safe Summer Sleep Away Camps
For parents in northern Israel, moving their children to safety is their number one priority. The Jewish Agency mobilized its resources and immediately established a network of safe summer sleep away camps for children ages 10-17. Over 17,000 young children, including new immigrant children from 14 Jewish Agency absorption centers, have participated in 26 free summer camps located in central Israel, out of the line of fire.

Upgrading Bomb Shelters in the North
Bomb shelters are now “home” to over 1 million residents in northern Israel. The current crisis uncovered the neglected state of many bomb shelters. These shelters are crowded, unventilated and many do not have basic amenities, including emergency lighting. To ensure that shelters are livable for extended periods, the Jewish Agency is supplying air conditioning units, televisions, cable connection, VCR’s, DVD’s, books and games, and emergency lighting for the 1,500 shelters in Jewish, Arab and Druze communities throughout northern Israel.

Israel is under attack once again. A constant barrage of Katyusha missiles aimed at the heart of civilian populations in towns and communities in northern Israel are wreaking havoc. The daily lives of hundreds of thousands of residents have been tragically interrupted as Israeli families retreat to cramped bomb shelters that have not been inhabited in years. Children and their parents spend their days anxiously waiting for the sirens to signal another launched missile and another retreat to the bomb shelter. The Jewish Agency has launched an extensive, multi-dimensional immediate emergency response that includes:

The Fund for the Victims of Terror
As suicide bombings decreased in the past year, so did the need for the Jewish Agency Fund for Victims of Terror. However, with the incessant barrage of missiles up north, and the increasing number of human casualties, the Fund for the Victims of Terror is needed more than ever. The Jewish Agency has reopened the Fund to assist victims of the current crisis over and above the minimal government compensation provided.

Emergency Amenities to Immigrants Under Fire in Jewish Agency Absorption Centers
Close to 4,000 new immigrants living in northern Jewish Agency absorption centers are living under fire and have been forced to move their daily lives into bomb shelters. The Jewish Agency, working 24/7, is taking care of the basic needs of the new immigrants and ensuring that they have emergency amenities. These include: food, portable chemical toilets, emergency equipment, psychological assistance, transportation to safety and round-the-clock care.