& Psychology
Deconstructing Developmental Psychology − Twenty years on: Reflections,
implications and empirical work
Agnes Andenæs, Jane Callaghan and Catriona Macleod
Feminism & Psychology 2013 23: 418
DOI: 10.1177/0959353513495213
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Downloaded from fap. theory. 287). We invite contributions that draw on research. in marginalizing working class and ethnic minority people.nav DOI: 10.uk/journalsPermissions. to appear over three issues.com Edited by Agnes Andenæs. however. but posed the question: ‘Will the dominant themes within developmental psychology hear (or even recognize) the challenges being posed by a post-structuralist [and we may add feminist] anti-developmentalism?’ (p. In it she examines the historical contingencies and cultural assumptions that form the conditions of possibility for the elaboration of the various Developmental Psychology approaches. observations and commentaries (500–2000 words). which appeared in first edition in 1994 and in second edition in 2008. 305). that many of its media and policy examples are taken from the UK context.1177/0959353513495213 fap. 2014 .com at INIST CNRS DRD on October 30. we seek to unpack the impact of the book since its first publication 20 years ago. personal reflections or contextual realities. practice. Jane Callaghan and Catriona Macleod Erica Burman’s book Deconstructing Developmental Psychology (DDP). to examine the practices of Developmental Psychology in their contexts? How may the insights generated in DDP be extended or challenged? Contributions may be in the form of original articles (up to 8000 words). especially those operating outside the UK and the global North. She shows how these approaches form powerful discursive resources in regulating women and families. using feminist and post-structuralist theory.F eminism & Psychology Call for papers Deconstructing Developmental Psychology – Twenty years on: Reflections. and that respond to one or more of the following questions: How have the challenges. and in pathologizing mothers. In this special focus. and brief reports (up to 3000 words).sagepub. Forrester (1999) noted the important critical and theoretical contribution of the first edition of the book.co. She points out. posed in DDP been taken up in Developmental Psychology? How has DDP impacted on research and on practice (in particular.sagepub. Claiborne (2010) in her Feminism & Psychology review of the second edition indicates that DDP is ‘an outstanding achievement from a feminist scholar who has done so much theoretical analysis and applied critique of developmental work’ (p. critically appraised mainstream psychology’s approaches to child development. education)? How has DDP paved the way for researchers and practitioners. implications and empirical work Feminism & Psychology 23(3) 418–419 ! The Author(s) 2013 Reprints and permissions: sagepub. in particular the feminist challenges.

consult the manuscript submission guidelines at http://fap.za Due date for submissions: 31 October 2013 References Claiborne LB (2010) Review.com at INIST CNRS DRD on October 30.macleod@ru.uk or Catriona Macleod on c. Erica Burman: Deconstructing Developmental Psychology.ac.Call for papers 419 For further details.no. Queries may be sent to contact: Agnes Andenæs on agnes. sagepub.andenas@psykologi.Callaghan@northampton. Jane Callaghan on Jane. British Journal of Psychology 90(2): 305–313. Submissions will be subject to the usual review process.uio. Feminism & Psychology 20(2): 284–287. Image. 2014 .ac.sagepub. Forrester M (1999) Essay review: Recognizing the gauntlet: Anti-developmentalism in developmental psychology. Nation.com/. Erica Burman: Developments: Child. Downloaded from fap.