1. From the research it was found that most of the respondent who are using the 100 cc
bikes is between 31-40 years and most of the people are working having an income level
between 8000-10000. So the company should develop strategies in such a way to attract
the above set segments to increase their sales.

2. From the study we found that HERO HONDA was placed IInd in the market. The
company should try to maintain the same and adopt suitable strategies to reach the No.1

3. From the study it was found that the customers expect a fuel efficiency of between 60-70
kms/litre in a 100 cc bikes and also it was found that the average travel per day is 50-60
km/litre. So the company should produce bikes giving a fuel efficiency of 60-70 km/litre.

4. Most of the respondents prefer 0% interest scheme and also prefer to purchase the bike
on full payment. So the company should float 0% schemes on being up with leading
finance. Company’s and give sufficient advertisement to attract the customers and also
offer cash and additional service discount in schemes for these purchase the bike on full

5. Most of the customers are dissatisfied with the comfort ness of pillion rider and also
about the engine quality. So the company should design their bike in such a way that it
should satisfy the above said needs of the customer.
6. Most of the customers’ purchase their bikes are influenced the advertisements given by
the company. So the company should plan attractive advertisement which will increase
the company’s image as well as the sales for the company and also the theme of the
advertisement should be clearly mentioning the fuel efficiency of the bike. Since most of
the customers preferred fuel efficient bikes.

In the metro cities where they said more than 250 bikes per month the dealer faces their stock out situation and the customers are asked to wait for more than one week to two weeks for delivery. And the main reason for this the low credit period offered by the Company. So the company should take the above said problems into consideration and try to reduce the above said problems and also try to improve the quality of service. So the company should change the mind set of the customers by introducing high mileage bikes and also increase the awareness of mileage by developing suitable advertisements.7. which will increase the companies’ image and also increase the sales for the company. Most of the dealers said their vehicle only through financiers. So the company should develop better credit policies to increase the credit period which will increase the stockage level and also the customers will be satisfied on immediate delivery. 9. Most of the customers’ complaint about the engine noise problem. Most of the dealers prefer brand image as the main factor for availing the dealership. Most of the people are aware of HERO HONDA but not purchased it due to low mileage problem. 11. mileage problem and chain problem and also when customers enquired about after sale service most of them are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. which will increase the sales for the dealers. 8. From the survey it was found the dealers were given only 15 days credit and also they stock only 26-50 bikes at any point of time. . So the company should develop strategies to the up with all the financiers and also can develop a preferred financial mark. 10. In fact way the HERO HONDA had a good brand image and this factor should be taken in a positive side and company should increase the dealer base in semi –Urban and rural areas.

which will increase the sales for the dealers. The dealers are satisfied with the various services offered by the company but they stayed neutral only on the delivery period of the vehicles. Most of dealers received complaints on registration and delivery of the vehicle. For which the company has to create appropriate information system about the delivery promised and delivered date there by it can reduce the customers complaints. So the company should plan the areas. So the dealer has to deliver the vehicle with registration on the promised time. 13. 14.12. So the company should develop appropriate strategies to deliver the vehicles in time. . From the dealers view point advertising on Newspapers and magazines were found to be effective.