Om Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Odisha
BV SAMACHAR - BV Activities Report – As on 15th August 2012
1. District Level BV Guru Training
With prayers at the Lotus feet of Bhagawan Baba,
District Level BV Guru Training targeting New Gurus
have been conducted at different districts.
A. Nuapada District

Phase I Guru training, as per state circulated model
programme, was organised at Sri Sathya Sai Seva
Samithi, Khariar during 28th & 29th July 2012. 47
participants including 15 new gurus were trained by
District level BV Resource persons. The B.V. Gurus
actively participated in various workshops.

Puppet Show presented by Smt. Bharati Padhi was
well appreciated. Participating Gurus presented a
role play titled “Lobha Ru Mrutyu” in the first day
evening session.

In presence of Smt. Bijaylaxmi Satpathy, Member,
State BV Coordination committee, it was resolved to
initiate various activities for qualitative &
quantitative expansion of BV in the organization.
The Phase-II B. V. Guru Training has been planned
to be conducted in September 2012. BV guru
workshop & sadhana camp would be organized at
Samithi level to facilitate more Gurus to participate.

Sambalpur District

The District level BV Guru Training (Phase-1) was
organised on 15-7-2012 at Sambalpur Samithi. 55
BV Gurus from different Seva Samithis and Bhajan
Mandalis of the district attended the programme.

State Resource Persons Shri Ashok Kumar Hota &
Shri Sushanta Mohanty, along with other district
level resource persons, guided the BV Gurus. All
participants actively participated & clarified their
doubts in this workshop oriented training.

Around 20 Sisters and 15 brothers participated in training programme at Ratanpur BM. around 40 sisters and 25 brothers participated in the programme. Bal Vikas course bhajan CDs were distributed among the Gurus for use in conducting classes. Nabarangpur District Samithi Education Coordinators along with active BV Gurus & district resource persons totaling about 35 brothers & sisters meet together on 29. Khurda District In Khurda district BV Guru training was conducted at two places – one at Jatani on 22. Most of the participants were new. State BV Coordination Committee. D. explained the proceedings of first meeting of newly constituted State BV Coordination committee.7. gurus put their difficulties in conducting Classes and their expectation from the organization for qualitative & quantitative expansion. Br.07.2012 (Sunday) at Nabarangpur Sai Mandir to discuss on BV programme in the district – where we are & where to go. At Jatani. District President. Maleswar Patro. Br. Addressing in the briefing session Br. Ashok Kumar Jena inspired the participants. . Tangi Samiti. 2.8. appealed all the Balvikas Gurus to involve actively in this dearest programme of Bhagavan and contribute for its development. All points were clarified with examples & sharing various success stories. BV Gurus’ Meet A.C.2012. In the Doubt Clearance session. Member. Sai Kumar.2012 and another at Tangi Samiti on 1.

Veda training for BV Gurus: As per BV Syllabus various Vedic Prarthana / Suktam have been included in each group. all were requested to collect relevant information. District President and Smt. District Education Coordinator. To be well acquainted with the same. The programme was conducted by Shri Ashok Kumar Hota.After the in-depth brain storming session following decisions were taken to improve the BV Movement in the district. duster & syllabus. Bhabani. After explanation of the state proceedings on BV. all Gurus have been requested to use multimedia technology. Ganjam-2 District On 29th July 2012 all Samithi Education Coordinators & active BV Gurus of Ganjam-2 district came together at Sai Mandir Buguda to formulate plan of action for expansion of BV in the district. As per request from BV Gurus it was decided to conduct the District BV Gurus training for duration of two days in two parallel sessions – one for new BV Gurus as per state module and another for old BV Gurus focusing on intensive Gr-2 & Gr-3 BV Syllabus. in presence of Shri Pratap Swain. Balugaon. especially in urban centres. chalk. the units where Gr 2 & Gr-3 centres are to be opened were decided.  Inactive Bal Vikas centres are to be revived. Member. K. Guru & Students as per format circulated.  Availability of minimum teaching materials in all centres is to be ensured by supplying black board. Khurda District on 22nd July 2012.  To increase the strength of students – all conveners were requested to conduct more and more dynamic parenting and parents meet programmes at regular intervals. they feel confident for further practice at own residence with the CD supplied to them. fill up the prescribed proforma and submit the same as early as possible to concerned Samithi Education Coordinator. After practice of whole day & understanding the vedic grammar. 3.  The District level Balvikas Guru Training will be organized during September 2012 at Nabarangpur Samiti. Based on that.  As far as possible.  To develop data base of Centre. . about twenty BV Gurus joined together to practice Vedic Prayers at Banpur Samiti. Guru and Students. Gurus sit together Samithi wise & prepared the data about BV Centre. It was decided to formulate the District BV Coordination Committee as per state committee pattern & distribute specific responsibility as well as one samithi to each member for all round coordination. State BV Coordination committee. B.  An additional Guru is to be attached to each centre to increase the quality of each class.

. In his concluding address Brother R. Sanchita Patra adds. Dr. written Quiz. Written Quiz for parents Recalling her childhood days as BV student. The programme entitled “Parents Participation in Bal Vikas” was actively attended by 54 parents. Angul. Sanchita Patra. Parenting Awareness based on group activities / value games etc. came forward to render seva at Karabereni. added that involvement of Parents and awareness about value education is the only way for successful implementation of the BV Programme. Therefore I wished to start this seva especially to take care of BV children & others. “I am not a doctor rather the daughter of this village. Sar. Accordingly a homeopath heath centre was inaugurated on 11. On the inaugural day 60 children were treated and given free medicine among other elders of the village.R. an ex-Bal Vikash student and a homeopathy practitioner. Angul. as I frequently visit this village for other seva work. Parents emerged in Play Parents presented their offerings starting from Ravindra sangeet to devotional song in odia Namo niranjan Niklhila nidhan etc.4. which touched the hearts of all the participants. Homeo Health Care started by Past BV Student Dr. 5. Looking in to the increased attendance and interest from parents it was planned to organize such programme with multiple activities in future in a regular manner. Devotional Song by Parents Parenting in play way method They were emerged in various participatory programmes including devotional song. SSS-VIP village of Angul Samithi. District President. I enjoy my time with the village children.7.” This camp will now run on fortnight basis in the village. Parents Awareness Programme th The evening of 28 July 2012 was dedicated for parents at “Sai Sudha” – Prayer hall of Nalco Samithi.2012 at the village to facilitate free treatment on a regular and sustainable basis.

Priyambada Mohanty and many Members of State BV Coordination committee have inspired the Gurus & students.6. Narayan Prasad Sar. Group-3 BV Students of Dhenkanal participated actively in receiving participants. State Spiritual Coordinator Dr. decorating the premises. Inaugurating the programme State President Shri P J P Rao wished that this would spread the vibration of Love & Peace throughout. The beautiful atmosphere of Laxmi Narayan temple of Dhenkanal vibrated with the mass chanting. It was also heartening to observe that many BV students & Gurus have remembered Namakam & Chamakam by heart & chanting without refereeing to books. Offered at HIS Lotus Feet. State Trust Convener Shri Antaryami Pattanaik. . distributing parasadam etc. BV students & BV Gurus conducted Maharudram BV Gurus & students along with other youth ladies from five districts of Odisha numbering about 150. organized Maharudram programme – chanting of Sri Rudram 11 times in 11 groups with each group comprising of 11 members. The presence of State Vedic Coordinator Br.