> Social and Environmental activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Member of the Local Community

Basic Philosophy

NSK aims to be a company rooted in local communities. There-

Established in 1991, NSK’s Mission Statement unequivocally states

fore, as members of their local communities, our operating bases

the Company’s commitment to helping develop society and pro-

around the world undertake social contribution activities that

tect the environment: “NSK aims to contribute to the well-being and

include helping educate the next generation and participating in

safety of society and to protect the global environment through its

local initiatives.

innovative technology integrating MOTION & CONTROL. We are

For example, employees at our operating facilities take part in

guided by our vision of NSK as a truly international enterprise and

and support local events, promote tree planting, donate blood,

are working across national boundaries to improve relationships

clean up the areas around their facilities, and donate to welfare

between people throughout the world.” Furthermore, our Manage-

organizations. In regions worldwide, we support the education of

ment Principles guide our efforts to realize this Mission Statement.

the next generation by holding

In accordance with our Mission Statement and Management

science classes for children,

Principles, catering to customer needs by providing high-quality

dispatching technical instructors

products and services and responding sincerely to the expectations

to high schools and universities,

of local communities forms the basis of our corporate activities.

providing scholarships, and

NSK’s products enable the smooth operation of a wide variety

accepting interns.

of machines and equipment, which improves their reliability and

NSK employees visit an orphanage
(NSK Korea Co., Ltd.).

safety and helps save energy. Our products are incorporated in
many everyday objects such as domestic appliances, automobiles,
and railcars as well as less familiar industrial machinery, wind power
generation equipment, and satellites.
At NSK, we believe that benefiting society by providing products

Highly Rated by the Financial Sector

and services and respecting the many stakeholders involved in

Companies with sound reputations not only for financial results but

our business activities worldwide is a fundamental part of our cor-

also for environmental and social contributions promise long-term

porate social responsibility. We aim to achieve sustained corporate

sustainable growth. Consequently, institutional investors tasked

growth while bearing this responsibility in mind.

with socially responsible investment (SRI) are increasingly focusing on such companies. As of March 2010, NSK is included in four

NSK Supplier CSR Guidelines

well-known SRI indexes: the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific
Index, the Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register, FTSE4Good,
and the Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index.

Corporate social responsibility is indispensable for the sustained
growth of companies. Accordingly, not only NSK but also its entire
supply chain must give due consideration to compliance, environ-

Dow Jones
Sustainability Indexes

Ethibel Investment Register



Sustainability Indexes

Morningstar Socially
Responsible Investment Index

mental protection, human rights, and health and safety. Since fiscal
2007, we have held presentations to explain our procurement policies
to suppliers, and sought cooperation on specific issues. From fiscal
2009, however, we began developing a more all-encompassing
approach based on “NSK Supplier CSR Guidelines.” At present,
we are still preparing those guidelines. Upon completion in fiscal
2010, in stages, we will encourage suppliers at home and abroad
to adopt the guidelines.

Explaining NSK’s procurement policies to suppliers in January 2010



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