Israel Earthquake

The RMSTM Israel Earthquake Model is
the first catastrophe model to offer
both high resolution and aggregate
analysis capabilities for insurance
and reinsurance risk management. Built
in collaboration with Israeli experts,
the model combines comprehensive
information on earthquake hazard with
detailed analysis of Israeli building
vulnerability to quantify potential
earthquake losses throughout Israel.


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000 years. of the city of Elat in 1995.Though generally RMS specifically for the Israel region. increasing the scientific research on active faults. For the Jordan Valley Fault. city. a large event composite function accounts for the difference in in the northern half of Israel could create damaging wave propagation for near-field and far-field ground motions in every major population center. of earthquakes and their probabilities. county. The RMSTM Israel Earthquake Model captures including a magnitude 7. combined with based on population distribution. earthquake sources. provides the basis accuracy of loss estimates by recognizing the for understanding both the geographic distribution geographic distribution of exposure.The attenuation was validated all located within 70 km (44 miles) of the rift. and CRESTA Zone level for all of Israel Stat e o f t h e A rt S ou rc e G rou n d M ot i on M od e l i n g a n d Model G e ot e c h n i c a l Data The active tectonic structure of the Dead Sea Rift The RMS model calculates ground motion with a runs the length of Israel. includes soil type and liquefaction susceptibility The recurrence of earthquakes is modeled based data for over 13.1 far-field offshore the hazard of the Dead Sea Rift and its faults. using observations from recent major earthquakes. which has a high probability of generating a major To account for variations in ground shaking earthquake. creating a series of active composite attenuation function developed by faults throughout the country.The model also includes background caused by local soil conditions. Aggregate geotechnical data is weighted dating back 2. the model incorporates timedependency to account for the accumulation of tectonic stress. .This considered to have moderate seismicity.This catalog. district.Syria Mediterranean Sea Jordan Israel Eygpt Postal Code/ District City County Active faults and seismic sources included in the RMSTM Israel Earthquake Model Geotechnical data is compiled at postal code. the RMS model sources to capture risk from unknown faults.000 postal codes throughout on seismic events from an enhanced historical catalog Israel. earthquake that occurred 70 km (44 miles) south including the Jordan Valley Fault in the north.

Greece Turkey High MDR Israel Low MMI Comparative analysis of vulnerability curves for Israel. building height. Inventory data is 7. such as Greece and Turkey.The RMS model estimates that a worst- damage curve to calculate loss based on occupancy case scenario in the region would be a magnitude type.The last major earthquake resistance based on building codes and event on this segment occurred in 1033. . the country. Other major cities in central and northern industry mix of construction types.5 earthquake on the Jordan Valley Fault. nature of medium and long-term risk.The resulting vulnerability relationships concentrations of exposure. underscores the need for probabilistic earthquakes in countries with similar construction catastrophe risk models that reflect the complex characteristics. increasing enforcement practices. as well as data from earthquakes. and Turkey Geographic pattern of risk in Israel. information on vulnerability and Israeli construction dramatically influencing the composition of risk and practices. The model distinguishes 13 common building Research suggests that the Jordan Valley Fault construction classes and four height ranges. sub-urban. Grecce.Year of generates magnitude 7 or larger earthquakes construction is also used to distinguish the level of approximately every 1. combined with a lack of recent large earthquake south of Elat. causing compiled for urban.These changes in were validated using damage data from the 1995 exposure. and age.000 years. and rural zones of over $30 billion in economic losses. the current probability of a major earthquake. the RMS model is located less than 40 km (25 miles) from the accesses a building inventory database containing an fault.The inventory Israel would also be impacted by a large event on database is used to develop a composite earthquake this fault. In cases where construction information for a Jerusalem is the most populated city in Israel and location is unknown or not available. illustrated by pure premium distributions E n h a n c e d Vu l n e r a b i l i t y R M S ’ Vi e w o f I s r a e l Definitions E a rt h qua k e R i s k RMS worked with Israeli experts to compile detailed Israel developed rapidly in the past five decades.

• Building. and Gaza E x p o s u r e Data R e s ol u t i on ranges • Latitude/ Tel 1. and RMS and the RMS logo are trademarks of Risk Management Solutions. Newark.2500 Fax 1. Residential Hazard Modeling • Source model covering known sources and Mortgage. © 2003 Risk Management Solutions. CA 94560 USA Wo r l d w i d e We b http://www. Southern. General Commercial. height. and business interruption • Israel-specific vulnerability functions • 13 distinct building classes with four height Golan Heights. Postal code . (District). Vu l n e r a b i l i t y M o d e l i n g Jerusalem. and P ro b a b i l i s t i c E v e n t S e t rural levels of development reflecting building • 11.20.2501 Tel 44.510. RiskLink and ALM are registered trademarks. and age • Secondary modifiers including shape configuration. .7256. 1961 to 1975. soft story. Irya (City).148 events defined on 30 seismic sources • Recurrence parameters consistent with enhanced historical catalog and recent research by the Geophysical Institute of Israel and others • Event probabilities based on time dependency stock mix.510. Inc. and post-1994 CRESTA Zone • Building inventory for urban. structural upgrade. I n c.Tel Aviv. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. and General Commercial + Industrial background seismicity for unknown faults Risk Management S ol u t i on s.3800 (Europe) E . 7015 Gateway Blvd. occupancy. and mechanical/electrical equipment for the Jordan Valley source and Poisson for all A L M ® P ro f i l e s other sources • Resolutions: CRESTA Zone and Mehoz (County) • Lines of business: Residential.505. or 1976 to 1994. Northern. torsion.Yishuv • Separate functions for pre-1961.m a i l info@ rms. Central. Mehoz (County).rms. General Industrial. construction quality.West Bank. All rights reserved.I s r a e l E a rt h qua k e M od e l • Composite attenuation function to accurately H i s t ory model ground motion at short and long distances • Released 2003 • Soil and liquefaction data available at postal code resolution for the whole country Geographic Scope • All counties and administrative areas: Haifa. sub-urban. short column. pounding. Inc.