Service Marketing


Submitted to: Ms Kausar Saeed
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Varda Bilal 14537
Maham Bilal 14538
Batul AsgharAli 13648

The customers who once had a familiar face that made their bond with the company stronger now have to call new repair technicians every time the refrigerator breaks down. a new person answered and the information regarding the repairs had to be given again. Even the companies employees spoke about leaving the company as the repair service was becoming infrequent. Also. Ans2: The Canadians repair service use to be good but over time it gradually deteriorated. One of the members had also worked with the company as a department manager and hence was aware of the service and how the company worked.What is your evaluation of “The Canadian” repair service? Q3. This may have placed a service ideology of the particular business in the minds of these consumers.What service recovery alternatives were available to The Canadian? Ans1: The Riley’s had had a good experience with the company’s product and service.Q1. There was lack of concern towards the customer and no empathy as we saw how the family had to suffer without proper meals for 7 days and stay at home cancelling appointments to meet a repairman who would fix the machine. they expected good quality products and that incase there was some problem. The company must improve its customer service strategy and should make sure all problems are fixed the first time and a thorough check should be made of the appliance otherwise regular defaults will lead to customers switching to a competitor brand. What were the expectations of Chantal and Clinton? How did they develop? Q2.Should The Canadian be concerned with such types of incidents? Q4. The refrigerator broke down very often and it seemed that the technicians were inexperienced as they were unable to fix the problem once and it had to be repaired a number of times. The case also mentioned how due to the lack of inexperience a technician was assisted by a plumber to make repairs. Every time a person called the customer service department. They believed themselves to be loyal customers to the Canadian and had been purchasing their products since the past 27 years. Ans3: The Canadians should be concerned because they poor performance of the refrigerator along with the meager customer performance has lead to strained relations with long term customers of the company. Some of the loss made on the machine was not recovered usually because of the warranty agreements that did not make much sense. the company gave good warranties and that is why the family was influenced to buy its products. Hence. they expected a good service recovery as in the case the incident of the front load washing machine had been explained where the Riley’s were fully reimbursed for the loss of the machine. The correspondence to the company employees was mainly through email due to which most of the complaints that were being received were ignored. . The company employees are no longer loyal to the company leading to a high turnover rate.