Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan

2020 Vision:
Values-based leadership;
Ethical decision making;
Congruence of espoused values and daily actions; and
Peer accountability

University of California,

UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision

Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life Message:

University of California, Berkeley
Fraternity & Sorority Life History

Campus opens 1868
June 10, 1870, Iota Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity founded; first national college
fraternity west of the Rockies 
1873 chapter moved into the Berkeley Farm House; beginning of the housed
community; built a house on University land that they occupied until 1950’s
(still standing); first purpose-built fraternity house in the country
May 22, 1880, Rho chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority founded; first
national college sorority west of the Rockies and only second national college
sorority west of the Mississippi River
Cal Panhellenic Council formed in 1916
Initial attempt at forming Interfraternity Council in 1923
1921 Alpha Eta Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau formed at Cal, the first national
fraternity on campus to allow Jewish men
1921 Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta founded as the first Black sorority on
1922 Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha founded as the first Black
fraternity on campus
1929 Alpha Chapter of Pi Alpha Phi Asian-Interest fraternity formed
1923 Oski born – an actual bear cub who lived in Alpha Tau Omega fraternity
1923 Northside fire – housed chapters move to Southside
1985 National Pan-Hellenic Council founded
February 26, 1986, Black Greek Letter Organizations officially recognized by Cal
for the first time
2007 Multi-Cultural Greek Council formed. For the first time all recognized singlegender fraternities and sororities are members of a governing council
2008 Housed fraternity & sorority community becomes first in the nation to
partner with host City and local community on disaster preparedness

I am delighted to share with you the Strategic
Plan for Cal’s internationally award-winning
fraternity & sorority community.
Fraternity & Sorority Life has been on the UC
Berkeley campus for 140 years contributing to the
leadership, scholarship, and service mission of the
University in a community of lifelong friendship
and fellowship.
This twelve-month process proactively assessed
the external and internal environments for
emerging trends, expectations, and issues. The
resulting plan builds on and enhances 140 years
of tradition of a values-based community
grounded in ethical decision-making and peer
As we race to our sesquicentennial in 2020, we
are excited about this road map that will move us
into a era dedicated to the continued support of
the University and the development of our
undergraduate members as collaborative
members of the campus and city communities.
I look forward to your continued input as we
implement the ideas over the next decade!

Dr. Grahaeme A. Hesp


how it's going to get there. ultimately. the University. Vision: The UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community will be one of the most prestigious and well-recognized ethical and valuesbased fraternity & sorority communities in the nation Mission: Building and strengthening a community of scholars committed to upholding the shared values of the University and fraternity & sorority community on a daily basis 3 . ultimately realizing its collective dream.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision Strategic planning clarifies where an organization is going over a finite period of time (5-10 years). It is a process that takes time.e. as well as take the community to the next level. reflection. and how it will know if it got there or not. and diligence if the plan is to be one that will be supported at all levels of the community. thoughtfulness. people and budget) can be directed at moving the community forward. it is a core group of committed volunteers that produces the strategic plan that represents and is supported by the various governing bodies. and the community’s many stakeholders. Perhaps the single-most important work of a successful fraternity & sorority community is setting its future course of action by developing a strategic plan. inclusiveness. A dynamic community requires a strategic plan to guide every aspect so that limited resources (i. Although every attempt should be made to include all stakeholders.

UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision Strategic Plan Development A 12-month process. beginning late January 2009 through early March 2010 • • • • January 2009 o External consultant hired  Established timelines for the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff and Steering Committee members  Established communication times between the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff and the various constituencies to keep the plan on track over the next 12 months  Assisted the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff with identifying potential Steering Committee members o Established on-site visit schedules with the Steering Committee members and consultant o Fraternity & Sorority Life staff gathered data on the CalGreeks’ community for the assessment phase of the plan o Consultant performed an environmental scan of the higher education environment and an analysis of what other fraternity/sorority communities are engaged in o Consultant worked with the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff to produce a survey of the CalGreeks’ Community and constituents to gather their input for the plan. February 2009 o Consultant analyzed assessment data and prepared a final report for the Steering Committee members o Consultant met with the Steering Committee members in a day-long retreat-type format to:  Walk through the assessment report  Conduct a SWOT analysis  Identify critical elements of the fraternity & sorority community that became action items o Steering Committee members appointed to sub-committees to work on action items o Established timelines for sub-committees to complete their work o Established monthly sub-committee conference calls to track progress o Established monthly Steering Committee calls to track progress of the overall process March 2009 – August 2009 o Monthly calls with the Steering Committee members to track progress o Consultant conducted calls with sub-committees periodically to keep on track September 2009 o Consultant worked with the Steering Committee members to finalize the first draft of the strategic plan and to develop a roll-out plan to introduce the first drafts of the Strategic Plan to the CalGreeks’ Community 4 .

offsite retreat held with the consultant to synthesize all of the recommendations to date November 2009 o Rolled out the draft strategic plan via listservs and blog o Conducted a Town Hall meeting of all constituents to gather final opinions December 2009 o Draft strategic plan was revised and rolled out for comments February 2010 o Town Hall meeting for comments on final proposal April 2010 o Begin implementation o Conducted an evaluation of the process 5 .UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision • • • • • October 2009 o Steering Committee overnight.

UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision CalGreeks’ Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee Charge: The CalGreeks’ Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee was charged with developing a strategic plan for the University of California. reinforces our collective founding values. provides a high quality undergraduate fraternal experience. and is consistent with the University mission.. is inclusive of all fraternity and sorority members. Inc. IFC chapter Alumnus * parentheses indicate governing council affiliation 6 . National Panhellenic Council representative 2009 Multi-Cultural Greek Council President 2009 Panhellenic Council President Dwight Hillside Neighborhood Association 2009 Multi-Cultural Greek Council Treasurer Pi Alpha Phi Advisor (IFC) University Conduct Officer. Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community that enhances the undergraduate experience for students associated with fraternities and sororities. Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee Del Mario Jeremiha Angie Anne Karen Ted Tacconi Carroll Douglas Harris Hohenberger Hughes Hulsy Sandra Felicity Jacobo Meu Manny Christie Jerry Sara Gordon Jeff Realegeno Richards Rubino Salas Wong Woods Sigma Chi Advisor. Chair of the Committee 2009 National Pan-Hellenic Council President 2009 Interfraternity Council VP External Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. IFC Fraternity Alumni Council representative Multi-Cultural Greek Council Alumna Kappa Kappa Gamma National Volunteer (PHC). Advisor (NPHC)* Delta Gamma Advisor (PHC) Tang Center (University Health Services) Alpha Tau Omega House Corporation.

Measures of Success Our focus on leadership. consistent with the vision of their founders. therefore.Sheila Murray Bethel. By supporting chapters that are role models for our community and working with those that are emerging. we seek to create an environment where students can live and learn in a safe environment. we demonstrate our commitment to being an inclusive. as well as expanding the community. The smallest success or failure of accountability can create a ripple effect that goes far beyond the current issue or event….” --. and complementary to the mission of the University. reflecting the highest integrity of their members. values-based organizations. scholarship. friendship. or what his or her position. “A New Breed of Leader” Growth Growth is the quality development of each and every chapter and member. These measures allow us to document our growth over time and allow us to gauge our shortcomings and our successes. 7 . Support Supporting fraternities and sororities today preserves and strengthens our organizations for future generations of CalGreeks. the coordinating committee chose to focus on seven core values and upon which final recommendations were based: Governance/Accountability “Very little in the realm of leadership is more important than the trust that accountability generates…. and valued part of the University and City communities. and service provides the framework by which we measure ourselves. We value our members and campus community. you’ll have gone a long way in truly building accountability into your organization’s culture.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision Using initial data collected. When everybody on your team knows that accountability matters no matter who the person. responsible. Safety CalGreeks should set the gold standard in safety. Values Fraternities and sororities are ethical. Leadership Fraternity and sorority chapters should be the greatest leadership laboratories on the Berkeley Campus.

inter/national headquarters’ representatives. The undergraduate representatives will make up half of the committee.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision Recommendations – in timeline order. and members of the Berkeley community). parents. quorum will be 50 percent of the total committee. beginning with the formation of an Advisory Committee Create a Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Committee that will give overall advice to the community (in addition to professional University staff advisors) and who will ultimately shepherd this strategic plan through 2020. with members serving for one-three overlapping years. house corporation members. faculty. This group will be representative and inclusive of the Fraternity & Sorority community stakeholders consisting of those who have an interest in the success of CalGreeks’ fraternities and sororities (such as: undergraduate fraternity and sorority members. advisors/volunteers. public safety officials. This group is vital to the success of this plan and ultimately to the success of the UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community. with the other constituencies making up the other half. undergraduate fraternity and sorority leaders. staff. The Assistant Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Students will make appointments. under the advisement of the presidents of the four governing Councils. By the end of spring 2010 8 .

GROWTH.E. Governing Council Officers will determine and outline what happens when a chapter receives a Second Response Notice and incorporate this into the All Greek Social Code. Party Safe@Cal.). GAMMA is not very 1 Statements of what an undergraduate member of Cal’s fraternity & sorority community would be expected to know.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 1. b.A. LEADERSHIP. 5. Ensure that fraternity/sorority-specific strategies are aligned with the overall campus efforts to further the University Mission by: a. 4. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. implementation. Council officers encouraging individual fraternity and sorority member involvement in campus alcohol and other drug education and prevention programs (e. SUPPORT. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. Currently. and/or be able to do by graduation as a result of being a CalGreeks’ community member 9 . GROWTH. Governing Council Officers and Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will develop a set of overarching learning outcomes1 that will be disseminated widely and will annually assess how well these outcomes are being met.S. 3. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY.. SAFETY. These learning outcomes will provide future programming guidance to the fraternity & sorority community. and evaluation of campus-wide alcohol abuse prevention strategies. Council officers participating in the Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Coalition and being actively involved in the development. Spring 2010 – VALUES.R. GAMMA is a group that is national in nature and with proper University involvement. NPC groups already have a national policy of not mixing with chapters not recognized by the University and need to adhere to this national policy. Fraternity and sorority chapters will not socialize with chapters that do not have social privileges and/or that are not recognized. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. B.g. Fall 2010 – VALUES. understand. 2. Fall 2010 – VALUES. etc. resources. LEADERSHIP. Fall 2010 – SAFETY. and student input can help address alcohol abuse in the fraternity and sorority community.

of a minimum of one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1. challenges. i. in partnership with the Development Office. Additional partnerships should be created with the California Alumni Association to tap into resources for seniors.000) by 2020 that will yield annual income to fund leadership 10 . assisting with reunions. a. It is wise strategically for Fraternity & Sorority Life staff to train the mentors that have direct and regular contact with student leaders and to give them the tools. It is unclear whether this program is truly effective any longer. assisting chapters in creating chapter scholarship and leadership funds. working with alumni. Fall 2010 – SUPPORT. The needs of the volunteers/advisors will be assessed to determine the best mechanism to accomplish this expectation. The partnerships between Fraternity & Sorority Life and the Development Office and California Alumni Association will be strengthened. regular workshops between the annual training days. 7. the Council officers will reorganize GAMMA to influence positively alcohol abuse in the CalGreeks’ Community. Fall 2010 – SAFETY. in consultation with the Tang Center staff and under the advisement of the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff. c. and resources. best practices. and knowledge to be more effective. This could be accomplished through rotating coffee hours. etc.g.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision effective: neighbors are not given the notice they have been promised for parties/events and certainly not ‘personal’ notice. Berkeley has 140 years worth of Greek alumni and as invested members of a large affinity group. A leadership development endowment will be fund raised. and/or through the use of technology. possibly identifying Development and California Alumni Association staff to work with chapters on alumni communication and fundraising projects (e. GROWTH. a. request resources to better serve these organizations. perhaps the program simply needs a new direction. securing major gifts to build a CalGreeks’ endowment. a. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will create a communications mechanism that provides a forum for volunteers/advisors to share tips. a semesterly reception. particularly among freshmen and sophomores. Therefore. ii.). The training and support of chapter advisory board members is fundamental to their success.500. Binge drinking is still going on at markedly higher levels within the fraternity & sorority community than within the general student population. and help Cal bring alumni to the table through their close affinity to these organizations. and alumni communications. resources. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY 6. b. they give back to the University in a myriad of ways. Having a University development officer that has undergraduate and alumni Greeks on their radar would allow for the community to keep better track of their contributions.

Chapters will increase alcohol-free and non-alcohol-focused social programming every year. Governing Council officers will help students learn how to host responsible social events that appeal to all members of the chapter at all educational levels (first-years through seniors) and ages by developing resources and/or trainings that educate chapter officers responsible for social events on the best practices for responsible social events (e. Fraternities and sororities need to host responsible social events.g. etc. Governing council officers. VALUES. and CalGreeks’ volunteers/advisors will provide education and resources to help chapters create social events designed for the betterment of their members (i. 8. University staff. etc. closed events where alcohol is present should have guest lists according to inter/national organizational policies. use of pre-approved vendors. not focused exclusively on alcohol but focused on their social development). especially events with alcohol such as game day tailgating. 11 . Beginning fall 2010 – SUPPORT. i. Spring 2011 – SAFETY.e. SUPPORT. Collaborating with the campus Center for Student Leadership and intramurals are two examples of programs that could provide great outlets for students and tap into financial resources available for alcohol-free programming. for events in houses where non-members and alcohol are present they should have security (a national requirement) that must be insured and bonded. b.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision development programming funds to support the Fraternity & Sorority community. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY.) a.

NPHC. a. and MCGC) and additional members from the Fraternity & Sorority Community. 12 . 11. b. The All Greek Conduct Board will consist of one member from each governing council and this member will serve as the Chair of the All Greek Conduct Board when an allegation of misconduct comes forward regarding any chapter from that respective governing council (e. an All Greek Conduct Board will be created that is inclusive and representative of the entire Fraternity & Sorority community.g. non-alcohol focused social. Housed chapter members will be required to foster better relations with non-fraternity/sorority neighbors and neighborhood associations (e. d. The All Greek Conduct Board will hear alleged chapter (not individual) violations of the Code of Student Conduct. 10. In order to facilitate peer accountability across the entire CalGreeks’ community and more student self-governance. host informal events each semester. SUPPORT. Additional conduct board members will include the conduct representatives from each governing council (one each from IFC. an allegation of misconduct involving an IFC chapter would be chaired by the IFC Conduct representative). A small effort here will go a long way if issues develop at a later date. etc. educational.g. e. and the Recognition Agreements by fraternities and sororities (Panhellenic Council recruitment infractions would still be handled by that council). Beginning spring 2011 – GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY.g. Residents of CalGreeks’ facilities typically change every semester and it can be hard to ‘know’ one’s neighbors at any given time.). GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. the CalGreeks’ Programming Board will conduct at least one community-wide program each semester (e. Spring 2011 – SAFETY. inform neighbors of social events. and promote faster responses in times of crisis. Create the structure and procedures for the All Greek Conduct Board and start hearing cases by Spring 2011 – VALUES. would be low-stress ways to lower the barriers or make interactions between neighbors less awkward). etc. the All Greek Social Code. A neighborhood clean-up day or low-cost ice cream social with local law enforcement invited. participate in Neighborhood Watch programs. The All Greek Conduct Board will model itself after the hearing panel currently outlined the Code of Student Conduct. In order to build a greater sense of community among all fraternities and sororities. Developing a sense of community around the Southside should foster improved neighbor relations. c. service.).UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 9. encourage all neighbors to look out for one another. Panhellenic. a. The board will consist of a majority of members from the chapters represented by the governing council of the fraternity or sorority alleged of misconduct.

13 . LEADERSHIP. While often individual members of Greek-letter organizations are seen as temporary residents. 13. advisors. Fall 2011 – SUPPORT.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 12. SUPPORT. While the City of Berkeley regulations will not always apply to every chapter’s event. Therefore. to create a positive relationship between the undergraduate leadership. a. there is value in every group on campus who may participate in large events – particularly those where alcohol is served and underage drinking may take place – to understand the regulations and expectations. CalGreeks’ Council officers. and student representatives in order to discuss and educate both sides about the neighborhood and the needs of residents. and the City of Berkeley (council members and staff) the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will facilitate an annual meeting of house corporation board members. under the advisement of the Fraternity & Sorority Life professional staff and utilizing the likes of UCPD/BPD. a. The chapter’s house corporation’s members themselves probably do not live in the neighborhood and so opening communication and establishing lines of contact to our area elected representative is an important component in neighborhood relations and the allocation of City resources. house corporation members. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. Beginning fall 2011 – SAFETY. will provide uniform social event planning and training materials to men’s and women’s chapters at the mandatory social chair training held each semester. Currently men’s housed groups receive one type of social/event training whereas women learn different event planning guidelines. the house corporations are the longtime owners of many of the fraternity and sorority homes in Berkeley.

sanitation. after an appropriate investigation by the University Conduct staff. Fall 2011 – GROWTH. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will provide annual training to house corporation members and residents on disaster preparedness through the services provided by the City of Berkeley. a. The community will create an Intake/Recruitment and Retention Task Force that will examine nationwide best practices and make recommendations that should lead to greater numbers of quality students going through the various intake/recruitment processes and that increases the numbers of members who are retained in their chapters. Fraternity and sorority members will respect human dignity.berkeley. disaster planning. The Fraternity & Sorority community must have among the safest residences for students and their guests. in addition to those who perpetrate the behavior. will educate and provide resources to new member educators/intake coordinators during a required training session each semester. In a similar vein to the program at the University of Arizona. a fraternity & sorority life student-programming fund will be created through a one-time association fee for new members to provide leadership and programming funding for the sole support of CalGreeks’ undergraduate members. 17. Fall 2011 – SUPPORT. in collaboration with the Governing Council officers. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will post annual City of Berkeley facility inspections (fire. Spring 2012 – SUPPORT. kitchen. then individuals learn time management or learn leadership skills. All chapters will educate their members using the highest standards of conduct and will treat all individuals with dignity. 18. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff. Chapter officers (president and new member educator/intake coordinator. c. or communications). LEADERSHIP. for example) with knowledge of hazing will be held personally accountable under the University Student Code of Conduct for any hazing activities. Topics could include how to conduct new member programs at the highest level and how to develop learning outcomes for new members such as: As a result of being an active member of a Greek organization. a. separate from University funds. 16. b. All housed chapters (and as much as possible. etc. GROWTH. SAFETY. 14 . un-housed groups) will participate in disaster drills and determine a point person for each facility (may be the person in charge of house management. Spring 2012 – The Governing Councils will set the amount of the fee and the fund will be maintained in a University student organization “recharge” account. a.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 14.) on the Fraternity & Sorority Life web site (http://greeks. 15. b.

SUPPORT. and house corporation members to appropriately involve and communicate with parents including the formation of Parents’ Clubs. and past Governing Council officers who are willing to volunteer their time to get a chance to inform collectively the "future" generation of leaders. to brothers and sisters for life. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY 22. and to assist in chapter recruitment and fundraising. 21. expectations. officers from each Governing Council will develop a recruitment/intake process that is values-based and that involves a basic registration process and an opening day orientation. In order to channel this involvement. To allow new members to focus on academics and consistent with the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) 12 week policy. all new members must be fully initiated during the semester of joining and no less than one week prior to the final day of instruction. volunteers/advisors. substance abuse. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. 15 . 20. Fall 2012 – SUPPORT. Identify and include annual chapter milestones and rewards/recognition for reaching them developed by the Advisory Committee. will collect and use existing composite data that is parsed for CalGreeks’ student health and safety (including alcohol. and opportunities for membership. the culture of the community needs to change from one of just brothers and sisters in college. LEADERSHIP. Fall 2012 – VALUES. in conjunction with the Advisory Committee and Fraternity & Sorority Life staff. 23. other drugs. 19. In order to educate potential new members on the process. The few groups with inter/national GPA requirements for initiation will be accommodated. GROWTH. A hazing hotline should be explored for use in the University-wide community as a prevention tool and as a way to deal with hazing issues before they become serious. and mental health) to set three-year health and safety improvement objectives and methods for achieving them. a. Parents provide support in many ways and including them in the community will help create a positive Greek experience for students as well as their families. past chapter presidents. Mentorship programs will be developed by the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff using alumni.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision c. Fall 2012 – SAFETY. Governing Council officers. Parents are playing an increasing role in the life of fraternity and sorority members and their chapters and Parents’ Clubs can be very helpful in the success of a Greek-letter organization. a. In order to grow in numbers. Spring 2012 – SAFETY. Spring 2012 – VALUES. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will provide resources to chapters. a. Spring 2013 – SUPPORT.

the staffing level of Fraternity & Sorority Life should be adequate and in accordance with that of peer institutions. challenge.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 24. GROWTH. 27. VALUES. of Virginia: 2 FT staff. Fall 2013 – SUPPORT. Ideally. U. This retreat will be funded through Council budgets and the New Member Association Fee. Each chapter will recruit and form relationships with an engaged set of volunteers that support. In order to provide the necessary level of support to chapters. Volunteers/advisors bring a sense of history to our Greek-letter organizations and they lend wisdom to decision-making processes and day-to-day functioning. In order to build a greater sense of community and to give fraternity and sorority leaders the tools to successfully lead. SUPPORT. of South Carolina: 4 FT staff. recognizing the thousands of alumni who have strong ties to this affinity group and the thousands of current students each year who choose to be active members of Greek-letter organizations. 25. Volunteers/advisors serve to mentor undergraduate members but they also educate them about the mission. 26. 2 grads. The following shows the number of full-time staff dedicated to fraternities and sororities of similar sized communities: UT Austin: 6 FT staff & 2 grads. an annual student retreat of all chapter presidents and Governing Council ouncil officers will be provided by the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff. a. vision. parents. Fall 2013 – SUPPORT. of Wisconsin Madison: 3 FT staff. Chapters that are well supported by volunteers/advisors are more likely to achieve their organizational goals and those of UC Berkeley. LEADERSHIP. Full time and long-standing Fraternity & Sorority Life staff are integral to the success of the Greek Community at Berkeley and show the University’s commitment to a valuable Greek experience. 16 . U. The University should commit to one full-time staff person for every 15 fraternity/sorority chapters or four full-time dedicated fraternity & sorority life positions. volunteers/advisors. and mentor their chapter officers and members and lend wisdom. 1 grad. Spring 2013 – LEADERSHIP. Alumni support and advice are integral to a high-functioning chapter. UCLA: 3 FT staff. house corporation members. U. and other individuals. b. These volunteers will be comprised of UC Berkeley alumni. and parents. GROWTH. 3 grads. and supported by donations. and values of the chapter. of Michigan: 4 FT staff and 1 grad. GROWTH. a. and would work closely with the chapter to develop their members. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will host an Emerging Leaders’ Retreat annually for those up-and-coming leaders funded through registration fees and the New Member Association Fee. inter/national headquarters. a. there would be one advisor for every 10 chapter members. U. alumni from other chapters.

In order to demonstrate support for chapter expectations. consistent with the set of community shared values. provide training for live-in house directors. as well as a clear understanding of the benefits fraternities and sororities receive in turn from the University (e. VALUES. consistent with the community’s espoused shared values.g. Ritual equipment. Spring 2014 – GROWTH. SUPPORT. attends chapter meetings monthly.) Fall 2014 – SUPPORT. LEADERSHIP. space for social opportunities. SAFETY. Some chapters currently meet this expectation while others may need assistance. etc. VALUES. The Governing Council officers and Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will create a set of chapter expectations for the Fraternity & Sorority community. number of service hours chapter members performed. inter/nationally award-winning chapters (e. 30. 17 . awards and recognition for achieving excellence. and attends the regular CalGreeks’ volunteer/advisor training/support meetings. leadership programs for all members. basic data sharing such as grade reports and rosters. 28. The Fraternity & Sorority community will develop and implement a marketing plan that communicates the positive aspects of the community.) on-line. The expectations – and those chapters meeting them – will be publicized widely. etc.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision c. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. (These data are consistent with what many chapters already report to their headquarters on a regular basis. composites. Spring 2014 – SUPPORT. GROWTH.g. etc. chapter officers will submit data that reflect their chapter outreach each semester (e.). a. values-based. Fall 2014 – VALUES. 31. VALUES. The Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will lend support to this recruitment process along with the inter/national headquarters’ staff of each chapter. have engaged Housing Corporations that maintain high-quality. support and training opportunities for volunteers/advisors. with the goal of having successful. d. Establish secure space on campus for un-housed fraternity/sorority chapters for storage of chapter items (e. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. etc. b. ensure member involvement in other student organizations. VALUES. Fall 2014 – SUPPORT.g. access to high-quality professional advisory staff.g. chapter files. amount of dollars raised for charity. percentage of members involved in other student organizations. GROWTH. 29.) as well as space to display their awards. LEADERSHIP. safe houses . There must be clear responsibilities of fraternity and sorority chapters articulated by observable/measurable/enforceable outcomes. an engaged chapter volunteer/advisor who reside within 30 miles of campus. determine the ideal chapter size.).

b. Tang Health Services offers a number of programs. otherwise. VALUES. Spring 2015 – GROWTH. The CalGreeks’ Programming Board will offer interesting and exciting health-related programming on topics of interest and utilize community resources. VALUES.). This awards program will utilize data submitted by the chapters consistent with information they need to win inter/national awards. Some have not experienced caring for themselves before. 34. a.g. GROWTH. Outreach effort needs to be ongoing due to turnover of students/matriculation.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 32. Fall 2015 – SAFETY. d. Chapters will be required to participate in at least one health-related program a semester (in addition to any required social/alcohol programming requirement) Fall 2015 – SAFETY. posted on the Fraternity & Sorority Life and CalGreeks’ web sites. GROWTH. a. the community makes it appear as if joining the Fraternity & Sorority community is just about partying and not about espoused values. SUPPORT. Students arrive at any university facing great pressure and new stresses. or know how to cope with a friend or roommate who needs assistance. Officers from each Governing Council will develop mechanisms that make this a reality. money card.). Fall 2016 – VALUES. all chapters will be required to host at least one service/philanthropy event as part of their ongoing recruitment/intake activities. 18 . VALUES. some of the programs are available for academic credit. Develop a comprehensive rewards program that recognizes chapters. LEADERSHIP. in the newspaper. etc. including peer education programs that can help disseminate information about health-related topics and prepare CalGreeks’ students for new challenges. In an effort to demonstrate the value of service to potential new members. b.g. monetary match for their successful philanthropy. All aspects of recruitment/rush/intake need to be alcohol-free as per inter/national policies. c. individuals. etc. and may not recognize signs of illness. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. Undergraduate mental health issues have increased noticeably in the last decade. and volunteers/advisors for achieving excellence consistent with the shared values of the community. 35. depression. The University will create an on-line process where chapters submit information for awards. a. Rewards should be tangible and of the caliber that would warrant chapters spending time submitting an application (e. The results of the rewards program will be shared widely (e. MEASURES OF SUCCESS 33.

a. The live-in house director should live in the house full-time and will be employed and supervised by the House Corporation’s members. Housed fraternities and sororities are strongly encouraged to employ a non-undergraduate live-in house director. an All CalGreeks’ Career Night held annually.UC Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Community Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision 36. etiquette dinners. 19 . LEADERSHIP. Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will offer additional training and facilitate regular round-table meetings for these house directors in consultation with the house corporation members. b. SUPPORT. GOVERNANCE/ACCOUNTABILITY. the publication and update of a CalGreeks’ career contacts directory.g. etc. etc. Fall 2018 – SAFETY. Fall 2017 – GROWTH.) with some external sources of funding. c. web sites. and the hosting of career development workshops. Chapters with a live-in house director will be identified in publications. 37. The CalGreeks’ Programming Board will engage senior chapter members by offering career development resources and programs that are unique and specific to the CalGreeks’ community (e.

Iglesia Brandon Tsubaki Jamie Thompson No thanks would be complete without acknowledging the exceptional work of the overall planning committee chair: Del Tacconi – The Epitome of a Lifelong Sigma Chi and Interfraternal Partner . Grahaeme A. Hesp Maria S. Ron Binder who consulted on the entire process as our guide and mentor and the support of the University of California. Berkeley Fraternity & Sorority Life staff: Dr.Special Thanks to Dr.