Territory Management

Each territory is associated with one or more sales resources.
A resource may be assigned to multiple territories with the same or different roles.
Territories are assigned to objects by matching territory coverage with attribute values of the
three primary ways that territory coverage can be defined


Dimensional Coverage - Standard dimensions provided are: Geography, Product,
Industry, Account Type, Organization Type, Customer Size, and Sales Channel. Three
additional dimensions are provided for you to configure to your business needs.
Inclusion Coverage - this specifies an explicit list of named accounts, contacts, households,
or partners to be included.
Exclusion Coverage - this identifies a list of named accounts, contacts, households, or
partners to be excluded.

A territory proposal enables you to evaluate the business impact of territory changes prior to rolling
them out to your organization, resulting in better business decisions.

Currencies Affect - Opportunity Management, Opportunity, Revenue Line File Import, Reporting

You cannot change a currency code after you enable the currency, even if you later disable that

For each country , we must define
o Structure
o Specific values to match the structure (hierarchy)
o Specify Validation

Three ways to enter geography structure and data
o Use native Sales cloud data
o Use structure and data that you already own (or 3rd party data)
o Manually enter the data

Three primary objects related to Product
o Product Items
o Product Groups
o Sales Catalog

If you must modify geography structures after your geography data is initially loaded, you will
need to delete the data first.

 Product Groups/Items must be associated with opportunities. Components of RBAC o User o Job/Abstract Role .abstract role is a type of enterprise role that is not specific to a particular job o Duty Role . Product Groups can be defined in a hierarchy. you do not want product groups or items to appear in multiple branches.  Each associated product group/item creates a separate revenue item.Grouping of various tasks a user can perform as part of a specific duty o Privileges Privilege types o Function .what action can be taken against which data Job Role is in OIM(Oracle Identity Manager) . rest all in APM( Authorization Policy Manager) . which drives territorybased assignment and forecasts. Don’t forget to publish your catalog. Product Items can be children of a Product Group         Adding product items is only beneficial when capturing orders and pricing. To prevent this.actions to be performed on the user interface pages  Delete Opportunity o Data . make sure the “Allow Duplicate Children” option is not selected when setting up product groups. Product Groups can be children of another Product Group. Generally.