1) what are all the non-customisable menus?

- answer status
- incident status
- incident response
- product
- answer
- disposition
2) how many default incident status are there?
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5
3) can survey report be sent as an attachment? T/F
4) maximum number of special characters can be there in a password(which has a l
ower case,upper case,2 number)..
- 4
- 5
- 6
- 7
5) message sent response is available in which screen after....
- reports
- audience
- summary
6) different types of surveys...(broadcast, transactional, website link, polling
7) opportunity can be created using Rightnow chat? T/F answer - true
8) Customer portal has all popular answers? T/F
9) agent can access customer desktop during chat? T/F
10) agent can give incident as an answer? T/F
11) agent can close a chat from his side? T/F
12) some of the employess have left organisatio. you want to still see the incie
nts assigned to them but their licenses are revoked. what should be done?
- disable assignment
- disable assignment and report filter
- two more options
13) when you change product of an answer, the product of siblin answer changes?
14) workflows come under which navigation set?
15) answer to an incident can be given as (choose 2)
- a text
- a link
- html page
- attachment
16) customer wants to send report to executive team who do not have access to ri

32) a customer wants to search in portal the services provided by you.two more options 33) you can take control of customer's web browser to show customer how to compl .tab 23) ______________ is a sequence of workspace.waiting . 19) a customer updates an incident before agent starts working on it. categories and dispositions can be broken down into how many sub l evels? 22) what all field can be customised in a workspace? .field .. what can be the reasons.true 31) conference mode which enable agent to have a private dialog with a superviso r or another agent while simultaneously chatting with a customer.desktop workflow) 24) advantages of workflow 25) question on force password change 26) two ways to assign SLA to a service request 27) agents can propose incidents as answers only if they have propose permission in their profile (T/F) 28) what are the different sections in which we can configure a broadcast survey ? 30 can chat be terminated from agent end? (T/F) answer .whisp er. which feature ca n be associated with this? . it is don e by: . it asks for password. . what all steps need to be done for agent to see it.enforce password. answer . what is th e incident status? .responded 19) whena user logins for the first time. (answer would be two addition steps which will be given in the answer choice) 17) admin creates new object but if it is not visible to agent. scripts.search basis category . ( answer .ghtnow analytics.search basis product . 18) admin creates ne workspace. decisions and actions.more options in this topic 20) an agent sees negative response to his you tube video from customers.updated . can he directly respond to them? 21) products..

true 35) an object can have a rule base.operator . (T/F) 38) what are the external suppression list functionaltiy in outreach? 39) business rules .agent driven ? 42)Offers multi channel customer service and cuxtomer engagement tool? 43)where to check answers by product service ? . (T/F) 36) which of the following are not the elements of rule base .field .options(answer) .true 34) customer portal is the place where the customers can find the answers to the ir queries. it cannot be deleted.severity -SLA -2 more options 50)Q on password security options ? . (T/F) answer .product -cateory 44)Dialog of chat is inserted as a chat transcript ? T oe F? 45)Components of Report Definition ? -Tables -columns -Fields -Join -Group 46)Q on chat assisting tools? 47) How can agent provide answer to an incident ? .Click to chat and proactive chat 41) click to chat .read about full copy Q: youtube video 40) Type of chats.disposition .Smart Assistant -Standard Text -Knowledge base search -2. each rule base is independent of each other. 3more options 48) Can an administrator limit the visibility of a part of an answer? T or F? 49 )Classify incident based on urgency ? .values 37) once a cloud monitor is designated as favorite.ete an action (T/F) answer .customer driven ? proactive chat .

Disable -Disable from assignment -Disable from assignment/Report Flters 52)Definition of grace period? 53) Where can u see actual question posted by a customer on cutomer portal in th e incident screen in RightNow? -message tab -details tab some more options 54) What all are there in DEtails tab of incident? -source -severity -SLA instance 55) How will u group answers based on service ? . 57)Max Number of segemnts/contact list which can be added in audiendce? . and u dont want to assign incident s on his name ..What will u do? .group by disposition 56) Question on diff docs present in content library.group by category .51) Q if an agent is on holiday for a month .grup by product .