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This book seeks to present a systematic study of the tenth
house. In the preparation of this book, a great number of
ancient and modern bookshave been consulted.The intention
is to study the subject of Astrolory scientifically. The study of
any scienceis based on experiments, observationsand inferences. Every science grows on the basis of the work of the
predecessors,who devotedtheir lives to study, research,practice and teaching. We grve the material from the works of the
ancient seers.
But the rules given by them have some limitations. In
thoee days, there were not so many professions as we have
these-dap. Therefore, it calls for fresh study, research,analysis and conclusions.In addition we have given the opinions of
western authors that are basedon research studiee. We harrc
cpllected material fiom a large number of bmks by great
authorities and best writers both oriental and western on the
subject. Good number of exampleshave been added to illus.
trate the principlee. And in each, we do find the tnrth of
Astrological principles becomingprominent. We hopethat thirs
will arouse interest in the etudents for further study and
There can be differencesof opinion among echolarson the
subject. If they are pointed out, we shall be happy to record
new opinions if found convincing.

Chapter I
Chakra-Bhara Chakra
Planetary aspects-Stellar Positions-Vargas
The significanceof the houses
Friends, enemiesand neutrals of each planet


Chapter II
Planets and pnofession
(i) The Sun
(ii) The Moon
(iii) Mars
(iv) Mercury
(v) Jupiter
(vi) Venus
(vii) Saturn
(viii) Rahu
(ix) Kethu


Chapter fII
1. The tenth house and its significane
Its indicators according to classical authors
Varahamihira, Kalyana Varma etc.


2. Judgement of the tenth house
3. Karakas of the tenth house
Significance of the tenth house in
relation to other houses


3. Imdrrtant nrles regarding the lfth houee from Satya Samhita Dip in holy rivers Performance of great sacrifrcesmeritorious deeds Proficiency in many shastras Good deeds Rules from Sarvartha Chintamani 49 60 51 52 62 53 Chapter VI l.Contents 4. 2. 6.10 and 11 in relation to profession 42 Chapter fV l. Planetary combinations and professions 65 Chapter VII 1. 4. 3. Source of income-Gargi's view 45 46 Chapter V 1. 2. Significance of the Bhavas of 2. Uttara Kalamrita's View 4l 4L 6. 6. Professionsdenotedby the twelrre signs 60 60 Chapter VIII 1. Influence of the signs 2. Planets in the tenth house Relation between two planets (Parasara'gview) Effects of planets while placedin the 10th house Planets in the tenth house The Sun 64 65 65 65 65 . Methods to determineone'sprofessionald sourceof income-Mihira's view 2. 4. Indications 6 of the tenth house-Vaidynatha Dikshita's view 5.

Lz . Examples: DefenceAccountant Airfore Officer 106 108 LL? '. Dasha-Bhukti Principles 2. Effects of planets in the tenth house from Chandra lagna 8. Yogas Proclaimed by Parasara 96 100 Chapter X 1. Importance of Lagna in the Judgement of Wealtb 2. Professionsand significators 70 72 7g 76 75 76 77 77 78 79 79 88 Chapter XK 1. Wealth : Time of gains and its amoutns 2. SudarshanaPaddhati 3. Dasas of planete placed in the tenth house from Lagna of Moon 103 104 105 Chapter I( 1. Combinations told in Brihat Jataka 7.Prcfes eion Thrc ugh Aetrclogt The Moon 67 Mars 68 Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu 5. Eflbcts of the lords of different houseeplaed in the tenth house 10. Cochara results 9. Planets connectedwith the 2nd house g. Somecombinations and their indications 6.

Lagnadhi yoga 11. Vipareetha Raja yoga 16. Sunapha. Jupiter& Venus 113 113 114 LL7 120 Chapter XII Sone tmportant Yogas 1. DhanaYogas 6. Kahala yoga ?. Karakakhyyoga 6. Akhanda Samrqiya Yoga 16.AnaphaandDurudharayogas 2. Mahabhagra yoga 13. Bad yogas which make a man poor 19. Bad yogas leading to poverty: KemadrumaYoga L27 127 1?. Lakshmi yoga 125 L25 126 8. Finane 6.7 ConM Hidt Court Judge 4. Horoecopeof a millionaire 21. Chandradhiyoga 12. Vasumadyoga 3. Adhiyoga 10. Sreenatha Yoga 127 126 9. Positions of the benefics : Merctrry. Sakatayoga 18. C'eneralPriniPlee 20. PanchamahapunrshaYogas 6. Other Yogas producrng mtich wealth ?. Gajakesariyoga L22 'Lzg L24 4. An e:rampleof Adhi yoga Lgz 133 133 L27 128 128 130 131 131 137 137 . NeechaBhangaRajaYoga 14.

Horoscopesof Great Writers 6. Horoscopesof Politicians 16. Horoscopesof Film Actors 11. HoroscopesofJudges 8. Horoscopesof Poets 5. Horoscopesof Scientists 4. Horoscopesof Kings 10. Stellar Principles Chapter XV Illustrations 1. Horoscopesof QueenVictoria 15. Horoscopesof C'enerals 148 151 t54 t57 159 161 t62 L62 163 164 167 168 t7L L73 L75 L79 189 . Horoscopesof Busines€rmen 2. Horoscopesof Dewans 9. Horoscopesof Ministers 9. Dasha Phala of the lord of the lfth Bhava from Satya Samhita 198 Chapter XfV t45 1.Prcfession Thrcugh Asbologr Chapter XIIf 1. Professores 13. Horoscopesof Astrologers 14. Horoscopesof Doctors. Horoscopesof Lawyers 7. Horoscopesof Great Men 17. Horoscopesof Political Leader cum Scholar 12.

In every horoscope.Chapter 7 Preliminaries .there are twelve houses' The ascendant is the sign rising at the time of birth. The seventh is the sign setting at the time of brith.we reproducehere some of the basic principles of Astrolory for convenienceof ready reference.we intend to presenta study of the tenth house. The fourth houserepresentsnadir.rrq-c< mi{qrqfr qkd: | @i tl t ll sqreqrrrcqrFrqtr{r& FM In this book. Horoscopes are cast and represented differently in different parts of the country. Before entering into the suhject. The north Indian and South Indian patterns ar€ as follows: North South Indian Indian t2 1 Mo o n 2 Ma r s Venus R a h u4 l1 5 Sun Ju p i t e r 10 Ketu J 3 Sun Jupiter Saturn I 7 Iercury A . The tenth house representsthJzenith. the determination of one's professionand financial position.

e.. In the seventh house. Pushya Saturn 18. The lagna. Magha . Thus. Visakha Jupiter 7. The tenth house falls in the sign of Aquarius. Here the signs are fixed. Rasi Number Western nome Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Karka Simha Kanya Tula Vrischika Dhanus Makara Kumbha 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Aries Taurue Gemini Cancer L€o Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Meena L2 Pisceg Rasi lord Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturrr Jupiter The twenty-seven stars and their lords are as follows:Stars Lorde Stars Lords 1. Ardra Rahu 16. Readensshould familiarise with both methods.e. Saturn is posited. we follow this as this is widely used now-a-days in all parts of India. Jyeshtha Mercury 9. Rohini 5. Taurus. Uttaraphalguni 13. Moola Kethu Kethu 20. Swati Mars Rahu 6. In this book. Anuradha Saturn 8. Mrigasira Moon Mare 14. Punarvasu Jupiter 17. the sigrrs are indicated by numbers. Krittika Venug Sun 12. here. Aswini Kethu 11.e. is the sigr indicated by 2 i. the fourth house falls in the sign 5 i. Bharani 3. Poorvaphalguni Venus 2.. Chitra 15. Aslesha Mercury 19. Leo. Hasta Sun Moon 4.Prcfessionlhrcugh Astrclogt lO In the north Indian method. The south Indian pattern is given on the rigth side.. i. The counting is done in the anticlockwise direction. the sign Vrischika (Scorpio). Punashadha Venue 10.

Mihira). Pun'abhadra Jupiter 26. One cannot arive at the results Qerely following the Rasi chart.ll Prcliminarbt 21. Libra Virgo Ariee ChaJca The Navamsha chakra is very important for arriving at correct ctnclusions. 23. derives . Each planet rules over three stars at an interval of 120. 22. Exaltation Plnneta Sun Moon Mare Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Navarnsha arrd Debilitaion Eraltation Sign signs of planets Debilitation Sign Ariee Libra Taurue Capricorn Scorpio Virgo Pisceg Cancer Cancer Capricorn Pisces . Each NaVamsha denotes a portion of zodiac of length 3'20'. Lagna in Vargoththama navamsha makes one fortunate. QIq qtffi Erq . Stan Lordg Uttarashadha Sravana Dhaniehtha Sathabhisha Suh Moon Mars Rahu Lords Starg 25. 24. Revathi Mercury Theee27 stars are governd by the 9 planets. can be easi\ obtained from standard panchangasor ephemerislike those of Lahiri. if farrcurably poeited in the Navamshadiagram. Each star denotesa division of the zodiac of length 19"20'. The true longitudesof the planets. They should be enteredin the form of a table. Planets in Vargoththama become auspicious. Kethu over Aswini Magha and Moola.ThusAswini denotesa distanceof 13"20' of the zodiac fnom 0 of Aries. denoting the star and star lord for each planet. These divisions are extremely important in prodictive astrolory. Uttarabhadra Saturn 27. A planet though weak in nasi. Poorva Phalguni and Purvashadha etc. Each star extends over fpur Navamshas. Venus over Bharani.

Bhava Chakra The Bhava Chakra should be ca-staccurately. without the aid of the Bhava Chakra. When it is at the ends. Virgo and Capricorn will be Qapricorn. Sagittarius and Aries will be Aries. . it gives very little eflbcts.12 PrcfessiqnThroughAshologr strenth. The method of prepartion of the Bhava Chaka should be understood carefully from standard manuals of Astrologr. Now. The first Navamshaof C'emrnr. frorn the true longitudes of the planets the Navamshas in which they are loacated can be easily calculated and the Navamsha Chakra can be drawn. with a little practice. in the order of Rasis. one can know the star-lord of the planet. we have to guess the results by the method of proportion. the first Navamsha of Taurus. When the lagna is at the beginning ofa sign or at the end ofa sign. Scorpio and Pisces will be Cancer. one cannot arrive at correct conclusions regarding the position ofplanets in houses. The first Navamsna of Aries is named Aries. The Rasi chart sometimes misleads. It is not enough. The second is called Taurus etc.Libra. For these resons the rasi chart should be always accompanied by the Navamsha chart. 'The first Navamsha of Cancer. and Aquarius w-in be Libra. Each Navamsha measures 3o20'. by looking af the Navamshd {iagram. A planet may be debilitated in Rasi but may be exalted in Navamsha. For other positions. The first Navamsha of Leo. Then we cannot treat it as a bad planet. Raphael etc. In this wa$. The cusp of the houses can be calculated very accurately using standard ephemeris like those of Lahiri. A planet placed in the exact cusp of any Bhava will produce the effects of the house to the full extent. Moreover.

the matters signified by the house. Jupiter aspects the houses 5 and 9. Rest of the planets tiave Ll2 aspect over these houses.:Moon and benefic Mercury over any house is good. Full aspect betweenbenefics is also considered io be good' Palnets aspecting their own houses greatly promote the significance of the house. Similarly. Jupiter has full aspect over the 5th and 9th houses. The aspect of benefic planets Jttpiter. Mars has full aspect over the 4th and 8th houses. Rest of the planets have Ll4 aspect over these houses. . That house flourishes under such circumstances. all the planets have 1/4 aspect over the houses 3 and 10' They have Il2 aspect over the houses 5 and 9. Saturn aspects the houses€ and 10. In the words of Prithuysas: d d . According to Varaha Mihira and other ancient writers. Venus.Saturn has full aspect over the 3rd and 10+h houses. Saturn. or aspects its own house.18 Prelininarie" Raphael's table of houses is considered to be very accurate' OnL rnay use Lahiri's table of houses or Fliaman's table of housesalso. flourish. Mars aspects the houses 4 and 8' These special aspects are full aspects and are very important ones. Other planets have 3/4 aspect over these houses. FlanetaryAspects c5qf:d qqd qd tfi@ffi: ffidrq $l: I q{qFntrEqrffirtrrqg{wr1 tt All the planets aspect the ?th house from the house where they are posited.nq: Er@ gfr at I 6s 6s1i5 gra rr If a planet is placed in its own house. Arrd they have 3/4 aspect over the 4th and the 10th houses. Jupiter and Mars hare special aspects in addition.

Conjuction of benefic planets is extremely good. 2. 8th house (Taurus sign) and the 4th house(Capricorn)- Jupiter Rahu Moon LrgnrIt Vonu! S a t u r n lrercury Sun llaG 27. Mercury and Mars aspect the ?th house.Here the angle betweenthe aspecting planets is censidered. 4. l1th house. Oppoeition (180"). Sun aspects the 6th house. above.t1 Prcfe ssion T hrcugh Actrclog Let us ondsider the following horoscope. Mars aspectsthe ?th Kethu house. Moon aspects the 4th house. Weetern Aspects:. re4l auepicious in . It is useful to be familiar with their methodsalso. the aspectbetweenMercury and Jupiter is also considered to be good. Saturn also aspects the 8th house (Taurus sign). Parallel. Oppositionbetweenmaleficsis condideredto be evil. Here 3 planets Venus. Moon aspects the fourth house.When maleficsand beneficscombinethe benefic losesits beneficial nature and the malefic ite cruel nature. and is considered to be a powerful aspect. Here the aspect betweenthe friendly planets Mars and Jupiter is good. the 4th house (Capricorn sign) and the llth house (Leo sign). This is denoted by the symbol A. (Leo rasi) and the 3rd house (Sagittarius). 1.Similarly. Jupiter aspects the ascendant. Trlne (120). below or on opposite sides of the equator 3.This is denoted by the symbol 0. This occurswhen the aspectingplanets have the same degree of declination.Westerners consider the aspect between the planets in a di{ferent manner. In this way the aspects are considered. Conjunction.

If we ignore the star lords and only dependupon the rasi chart. Semlsquare (45"). except the square aspect. This is also auspiciousin nature. Stellar Positions The true longitudeeof eachplanet. This irs onsidbredl to be an evil aspect. . 6.Prcliminorics nature.In stellar AstroloS/. This is denotedby the symbol *. one experiencesthe results of the star lords. There is close aonnection between the planets and their star lords. 8. ?. The Ayanamsha used should be reoordedin the form of a table. should be aeurately calculated with the help of somestandard ephemeris or good Panchanga. it should be found out in which gtar is each planet plaed. This is denoted by the L and is consideredas bad. Biqulntile (144"). it will be moet incnmplete. Sextile (60). at birth time. even the star-lords of the various cusps of houses are calculated and recorded. 5.Very many facts cannot be explained adequately unlessthe nature of the star lord is included.ile consideredto be bad. Then the lord of the star should be recorded. Square (90). This aspeet is good in nature. Sesqutquadrate (136"). Multiples of 18' are oonsidered to be good. Multiples of pTfi!. Then.This is denotedby the symbolt. During the Dasha periods also.This is denotedby the symbol Et and is consideredto be evil. This is denotedby the symbolE. 9. Multiples of 30 are also consideredto be beneficial.

g. Anuradha Saturn Uththarashadha Sun Purvaphalguni Venus Anuradha Saturn Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus 16" 13" 15" l5' Saturn Lagna Star lord Rohini Moon Purvashadha Venus 2L" Ashlesha Mercury 27' Ashlesha Mercury Ju p i t e r Kethu 150 Lagna 27. (e. Reverse is the case with the even sign.l6 Pro fession Th ro ugh Astrology Example: Planet True longitude Star Sun Moon 4" 5.) Aries. Taurus etc.y the Sun and the second Hora is ruled by the Moon. each part is called a Hora.'arc length. Saturn 210 Mo o n 5o Ma r s 'l6o B a h u Sun 4o Venus Mercury ts 13" Vargas of Planets: Division Charts 1. 2. In odd signs the first Hora is ruled b.. Rasi: This irs a division of 80. . It is of 1b. arc length. Hora: When a sign is divided into two equal halves.

right eye. @urage. marakasthana. self-atquisition.s. shoulders. character. friendship. places below the earth. securities. mind. fiace. Thrimshamsha: come strong. IIIrd drekkanas are ruled by the lords of the sign. inheritance from mother's house. printing. ears. utriting. etc. health. meals. each is clled a decanate.early environment. bank balance. complexion. qualities. environment. Iiame. mental inclinations. agriculture. be- Our ancients have recommended the prepnration of Varga charts also. 4. from the sign concerned. 5. 6. bonds. Navamsha: This has been already explnined. The fourth house denotes mother. chest. negotiable assets etc. neighbours. The second house denotes accumulated wealth. The lords of the 12 signs. strength or weakness. preliminary education. The ' significance of the horrses L*gna denotes self. education. happiness and unhappiness. each is called a Dwadashamsha. right ear. property. Planets placed in berrefic varga. body. short travels. The Ist. speech. in a way profession too. happiness.mouth. lnnds. the lord of the 5th and the lord of the 9th therefrom. IInd. lungs. inclinqtions and one's aptitudes. Dwadashamsha: When a sign is divided into 12 equal parts.t7 Prelirninaries 3. family. rule the 12 Dwadashamshas. hands. form. food. relatives. Each drekkana is of 10" length. editing etc. The thid house denotes younger brotherlsistere. . means of communication. Drekkana: (Decanate) When a sign is divided into 3 equal parts. convey{rnces.

ctrstoms. The twellth house denotes expenditure. The eleventh house denotes gains from profession. piety. tradition. authority. The ninth house denotes meritorious deecls. eontrol. reputation.h. discoveries. disgrace. etc. debts. income. merlt. temples. . acquistion of money. litigation. long journeys. environmental inheritance from father etc. position in life. trade. sister's husband. suc@ss. separation. father. uneasiness of mind. ttauel. ttwuels. rank. respect. brother's wife. charity.e. trad. etc. The tenth house denotes profession. wife's broLher. education. diseases. government. murder. doctoring etc. ieligion. preceptor. The seventh house denotes partner. feet. legal cn'rft. learning. The eighth house denotes longevity. sucoessor failun: in partnerships etc. etc. charitable deeds. inventions. publishing. pilgrimage. thieves. wife. vital powers.lE ProfessionThroughAstrcIogr The fifth house denotes children. worries. intelligence. dignity. legacies. occupations. nrisnry.luck. defeat. servants. labour. maternal uncle. profit from trade. wounds. honour. higher education. caste. discrim inating capacity etc. devotion.'couselling. worship. arnusements. lottery. The sixth house denotes enemies. 'elder brothers. deal. native'sown work. friends. lordship. insult.. hygiene. caste occupations. law etc. maniage. ornaments. cuts. speculati on. filial revereece. husband. grace of God. recovery of lost property. degradation. sanitation. fortune. snrrow and imBediments. wearing apparel. death.

Moon. it @ones strong and girres benefic results. On the other hand. Venus. Mars Saturn Sun.l9 Preliminaies Friends. Moon. Venus' 'JuPiter & Mars Mars Moon. Venus. Jupiter Sun Mercury. Sun. Sun Moon 'lupiter. . Moon Venus. if it is situated irr inirnical signs. Mars. Rahu Mars Saturn. enemies and nerrtrals of each plnnet This is shown in the following table' Planets Fiends Enemies Neuttnls The Sun Jupiter. Saturn Venus Mercury. Moon Rahu. Venus. MercurY. Moon. Mercury Rahu and Kethu Saturn. Mars Mercury Jupiter Rahu Kethu ' JuPiter When a planet is situated in friendly signs. MercurY Rahu. It gives bad results itt respet:l' of the house in which it is placed. Venus. Saturn. Mars Mercury 'luPiter Saturn. Mars. Sun. Mars' Saturn Jupiter Sun. Rahu Saturn' Venus Mercury Rahu. it becomes weak. Saturn Mercur5r The Moon Sun. Rahu Sun and Moorr llahu. Venus.

Planets having the greatest influence over these do indicate the professions.Chapter II Planets and Profession Plannets in 10th house. placement. Varaha Mihira says: t{*d: I q mears Janma lsgna. one has to study a good number of horoscopes. conjuction. the signs and houses of occupation. Consideration of all the three lagnas . Thus it is necessary to know the professions indicated by the different planets and by the signs first of all. those influencing Lagna. lord of lagna. Chandra lagna and the Surya lagna is necessary. the Sun and the Moon. The nature of the planets vary according to the aspects. Then these have to synthesised together. . the Navamshas they occupy. For this. are all significators of profession. it would be necessarlr to examine the dasha periods he will be running. F{ means the Moon and ef* the Sun. The signs oaupied by the significators of profession also influence the nature of the profession. the same person will follow different occupations at different periods. the stars they occupy and so on. lord of the 10th house. Also. So the great writers have recommended. Firstly we will broadly outline the jobs ascribed to each planet.Janma lagna. For this.

Plan.ets an.d.Prot'bssion


and. professiotts



by thern

The Sun
.F-d"Sf=iqhs ilEqrl qgr$' mtqmffi: r
vgqd-ffirTi t (Saravali)
3r+fi ElrT+TdFri
tt (Mihira)
The Sun indicates government service, trees, timber,
chanting of hymns, gambling, wool, medicine, metalwork,
gold, father, kings, fire arms, fire, poisons,and forests.
The Sun denotesemployment in the State Service, administration or management. It indicates people having much
authoriy and power.
The Sun denotesgovernment offrcials,kings and administrators. One may be in a government service,or in the senrice
of a noble man or king.
The Sun indicates one's father. When the Sun is connected
with the 10th house. One may have income through his father.
Or he may use his father's property as capital and thereby
prosper. This can be so when the influence ofthe lords 9 or 5
falls on the Sun.
The Sun indicates medicines, and medical profession too.
If it is a significator of profession, by being connected with the
10th house, and other signifrcantors (like Mars) also denote
the same, one may take to medical profession.
Influence of Mars, Kethu etc. would indicate professione
connected with frre and frre arms.
Influence ofJupiter, as lord of 9th house would point out to
chantig of hymns and the profession of a priest. Or he may be
emplbyed in a mutt or a religious institution. The reason for
this is, that the Sun is a satvic planet. Influence of the 12th
house is also to be considered here. For the twelfth house is
said to have close connection with temples because the Sun
indicates timber. When it is connected with the lord of the 4th
houe, one may be supplier of timber for house construction.

ProfessionThrough Astrologt


Or he may be a furniture merchant as the fourth house signi'
fies such matters.
Satyacharye says in his work that the Sun ruIes over
business in grass or straw, medical profession, embasey, trade
in pearl and gold.
Western astrologers attribute the following profeesione to
the Sun. All positions of trust and authority, prominent posi'
tions in government, commanders, bankere, noblemen, kings,
emperors, goldsrniths etc.
quffqqrrc ffiqeTq65drR+W
The Sun indicates medicine, medicd profession, trading in
wool, grass, corn, gold, pearls, and the profession of a messen'
ger. The Sun indicates profession of father also. The Sun is a
frery planet. If it is connected with Mars, or Kethu, the profeesion may be related to frre arm6, electricity, radio etc.
Note: Each profeesion is signifred by one or mone planets.
It is also signifred by one or monehouses. Thus the two indications (i.e., of the planets and the houses) have to be blended
together. Consideration should be done w.r.t. Lagna and
Chandra lagna. In tfre present section, the aignifrcance of the
planets is being given. It should be properly synthesised with
the indications of houses and alter careful judgment, find
conclusion should be a:rived at.



xqffiur Tiw l6uffihmiqr

{r-qrF.{t$ryqfqffiqrf*sr6..{ti qw[fial'61:| |

The Moon ie a watery planet. The native may deal in
corals, pearls, liquids, milk etc. He may earn through agricul'
ture, water, gatrnents, cows, sugar and other articles nrled by
the Moon.
The person may be employed in shipping, Navy and water
eupply departments dso.

Plarcts ord. Profession



€gcrii frqrn'
{qfrTtur ilt fdfrflrR er{Fr<: ll
Flowers, food, corals, Eilver, conch, garments, ornamenta'
femdee, ghee, oil etc., are ruled by the Moon.
When it is connected with Venus, the person may be
engaged in perfi.rmes, milk products, scents etc'
The Moon is a feminine planet' It indicates earning
through women also. This includes the cinema line where
actors have to move with women. This is particularly so, when
it has connections with other female planets like venus. combinatione with Mercury also has the eame effect'
Cooks, nursee' Launderere are also ruled by the Moon'
The Moon gives softness and adaptability of temparament'
It makes one disposed to travel and fond of changes'
When the Moon ip a signiftcator of profession and on. this
the influence of Rahiis present, one may be dealing in poison'
ous liquids, liquor etc., for Rahu represents poisonl
Jataka Parijata says that one may be a musician playing
on inst nments, or one may be an agriculturist' One may be a
cloth merchant, or he may be in the selvice of a queen'
The Moon is a watery planet. It nrles over all kinds of
liquids, fresh water, milk and things produced from water'
The Moon is called'a queen. It is also connected with
administration next only to the Sun. If, on this, there is the
influence'of Jupiter, or the Sun, one is very likely to be in
Since the Moon is also a significator for flowers and per'
fumes, connection with Venus would point out to preparation
of scents and perfumee' or business connected with these'
The Moon represents rice and other food stuffs' Connected
with the lord of the 2nd house, one may be earning through

gold. theft. The Moon rules over public commodities such as groceries. When it is connected with other fiery planets or in fi. burglary. gages. surgeons. butchers. It rules the sign of Cancer. occupation and employment. frremen. dentists.The Moon denotes changes and travels also.u qnrrTdtl Mars rules over brothers. etc. Mars rlt)iFi?iitTslwq{'T{rdrgurqrdrun{l fq{fr1q. chemists. It indicates fires. Since the Moon shows food stuffs. (This is because of the influence of Jupiter). injury. If afflicted. iron and steel. The electrical . one will be devoted to one's mother and there will be gains through mother. drinks etc. police department. military operations.rol-Tg|Ftsn dtry. fire places. Its metal is silver.24 Pr ofes sion Thr ough As tr ol ogy selling rice and food stuffs.|ii. blood. It denotes such occupations where one meets the general public. dentists. and connected with the 10th house. frsh.*r. and interest on money. Mars is a fiery planet. things produced in water. engines. . one may be in the preparation of sweets. courage. sin.ery signs. druggists etc. If strong and favourably situated. connection with Jupiter and the lord of the secondhouse. copper. the person concerned may be engaged in professions connected with fire. People dealing in iron and st€el or working in the kitchen are also ruled by Mars. crime. for the second house rules over food. engineers. Sun and Mars may denote employment in Military hospitals. women. The Moon represents one'smother and mind. warriors. Satyacharya says that the Moon rules over agriculture. it may denote change in business.

MaXufacture of engines. This will be more so when it receives benelic aspects from Jupiter or Venus. He commands and rules over others and extracts work from them.It gives organising ability. one will be rash and quarrelsome. When it is strongly placed in good houses it gives ability in logic. So it denotes police and military. Mars is the son of the earth. Mars and Sun can denote military hospitals. h".oi"-. Mars denotes courage and is connected with stripeg and violence. fourth house or their lords and there is severe affliction.Planets and. lagna.+$orrr+rr: il (qrtrfiqfrqkr:) If Mars is not afflicted and if it gets aspects from benefics. Thus. prowes'. the person is more likely to take after such professions. jobs in bakeries and factories are also governed by Mars. it makes one confident. Sun for medicines and hospitals). automobiles.. Mars and Mercury can denote mechanical engineering. and tools is qleo ruled by Mars. A person becomes very able and under its influence. If the evil effect of Mars falls on mind. If the house of income is also connected.Profession 26 work.One may be an officer in police or military departments. Mars denotes logic and sciences based on logic. one earns through theft and robbery. strong and courageous. See qFEEqcd *t T€q-rf{frsrtl c{rd-dffi arfi a. it can give income through landed property. Mars is a significator of landed properties.valour. houses and buildings. It is closely associated with land and house. . and Mars is connected with the house of profession too. heroic. (Reason: Mars for military. and buildings also. But if Mars is afflicted. and sciences based on logic. It is "rrd authoritative very active. This may happen also when there is adverse aspects between Mercury ""u#*" uenotes courage. He may become aggressive and violent.

Mercury representsplurality. masonary. Mercury is regarded as the god of eloquence and commerce. Mercury is a quick moving planet. duality. clerks. and lack of concentration. Mercury is the planet of wisdom.This is why. medical profession. ambassadors. travelling agents.it is regardedas a beneficwhen it is combinedwith benefics. ministership' message. Mercury strong and favourably placed.Therefore. Favourably posited it makes a person very intelligent. in Hindu Astrology. po' ets. wise and studious' Mercury is changefuI. disputalions. printers. oral discussions. travellers. expertise. birds. priesthood. fame. writing. carrying messages.buildings made of bricke. orators. Mercury indicates mathematicians.wit. scriptures etc.Ietters. It denotes changes. He thus represents speed. It is also called as the winged messenger. mailing etc. administration of government. astrology. secretaries. sculpture. and mur' derous deeds are ruled by Mars' Mercury " gqTifr q{?i +{qq-{-qqrq tt 5t@: ' t5'{cfud 51€r{41aql {fdfdftafrffifl+ qrttrdll !: *4: tl (uI-10) Mercury represents learning. chanting Vedas. astrologers. cleverness. publishers. ftre. it represents travelling.Professionthrotgh AstrologY 2A Construction of houses and buildings is governed by Mars' Satyacharya says that . poetry. wisdom. argumentations. Mercury is convertible. advocates. fame. In Mythology.And . interpreters etc. makes one an orator. It givesinter' est in many eubjects. arts. Iiterature. It is dualistic. bold ventures. It makes a person unsteady and fond of changes.

thread. press. As Mars nlso is connected with Mathematics. paper. messengers. secretaries. mercury. agent. Satyacharya says that Sculpture. brahmins. school teachers. It nakee one well-informed and eager in the parsuit of knowledge. Mercury renders its subjecte active. Mercury denotee Astrology too. gwlvn€-drrrc*ftfirqR il (qrilfi qfrcrd:) qpge wC{fuo qtcagR{rRqFrgfter ?n-{rs{q-ql.. ecriptures. Ttrue it doeg not act independently but in a subordinate position. auditing. tin. commissioners. engineers. are dl ruled by Mercury Mercury represents Mathematics. cotton. wireleas. g<iodfortune. astrology. g*s+yryy$a. able lawyer. expert. typing. rfupiter Fqqrfql qdqtii. teaching. accounts. clerke. astrologer. worship of deities. duties. and 9th houseg also can indicate this professionJ. Mercury in angles confers ability in Astrology. trade of forergn goods. post. letters. representative. 10th. radio. recitation and composition of poetry. research work.Plnncts and Profession 27 it isregar{ed as a malefic. It indicates lecturing too. puranas. legal affairs. accountants. firug ita nature vafes as the quality of the planet with which it is conjoined. book-sellers. Literary men. postmen. and catching birds and animals 619 nlso ruled by Mercury. secretary. devotion. Vedas and correct conduct. . when it is combined with malefics. ambassadors etc. import-export. Combination of Sun and Mercury can denote Astrological Profession. dealing in cloths. [Sun is a karaka of profession. wealth.rr (Saravali) Jupiter governs religion. Connection of Mercury with 4th. clerk. when these are combined or connected one may be aMathematics lecturer. vcrsatile (ftgw) and dispoeed to bueiness and commerce. telegraph.


Profession Through Astrologlr

Jupiter rules over law and justice. It produces, lawyers
and advocates, when connected with the house of profesaion
and ifother factors agree.
It produces preceptors and those well-versed in religioue
lore, Vedas and Sastras.
If Jupiter is connected with profeesion and the lords of the
ninth, fifth etc., the person may be a priest in a temple
[Reason: 9th house denotes Dharma or virtuous deeds. Sthl
denotes worship of deitiesl.
Jupiter is the Karaka for wealth. When'this is well-placed
and receives good aspectsand extends its influence over the
ascendant or the ascendant lord the person gets much wealth
through assets, interest, rent banking etr.
Jupiter produces noble, magnanimous people who are reliable and truthful. They are honest in their dealings. They are
helpfuI to others. They are of an optimistic nature. They are
ambitious and hopefuI. They are charitable and kind. They ane
rather orthodox and stick to tradition.
Jupiter indicates advocates, professors, priests, judges,
ministers, administrators, divines, banketrs, those working in
revenue departments, palaces, law-courts, treasury, wealth,
court, temples, religion, place of justice, treasures, banke,
writers, mathematics, economics, religioue lore, sastras,
preaching, religious education, donation, choultry, physician,
grammarian, turmeric, gold, valuable things etc.
[Some western authors say that Jupiter indicates clofh
merchants, woollen merchants and provision dealers also].
Jupiter is the karalra for law. Judges and lawyers are
signified by Jupiter.
Jupiter is a karaka for religion. It can denote bishops,
priests, and cardinals.
Jupiter is for knowledge. It denotes professors, philosophers preceptors, gurus etc. It can denote great thinkere,
saints, and who are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge.

Ploncts and. Profession


Jupiter is called Guru. It denotes teacherc, professors and
preachers of all kinds. In determining the profeleion, we
to see the houses in which it is situat€d, the houee it nrlee and
the aspects it receives.
Jupiter rules morals. one will be upright and truthful in
his dealings. If it is strong and influen."" t"!rr. or lord of lagna
favourably it makes one generous and kind and therefore rures
It rules over the power of reasoning, clear thinking, law
and sciences. westerners say that it mles over financiidealing, shipping business and foreign affrtirs.
Satyacharya says that Jupiter nrlee over teaching, chanting ofhyms and Vedas, practisingpuranas, performinl'puja ae
a priest and religious instructor.

f+fi sfrr<fimlq kj-qr;rdt{ Td, ..-u (vr"tn")
qilqtrrcfrTqrridett rr*}ecrc{Sqfr{r{l
tqrTf{qrfffi ngcr r*ary: {fi.: | (vltr*fi)
Venus nrleg over diamonds, gems,jewels, ornamentsr l[Eflage, perfirmes, friends, garlands, young women, cowdung,
learning, cohabitation, and eilver.
"latau-rari;ata' adds trad.
ing in cows, jaggery, milk and curdg.
Venus is the Karaka for music. Strong Venug as
eignificator ofprofession, produces musicians, olh"r, the appropriate houses are active. Influence of other pranets
like Mercury etc., would denote playing on musical instrumente.
Venus denotes painters, eingers and artists of all kinds.
Benefic influence of Mercury is required, as -------r'
Mercury gi""rlfr"
Inecessary intellectual abiliiy.
venus ie called'Kavi'or poet. Inflrrence over the 2nd
and Moon can give poetical ability. Venus indicates cowg.
one may be trading in cows, milk, curd etc.

hofession Throuqh AstrologY


Venus is the karaha for vehiclee. (vahana karaka)' It can
give employment connected with vehicles, transport, railway'
and shipping. One may be driver or a pilot when
there is influence of.any sign and planets in addition'
Venus is the karaka for all fine arte, such as patnting'
music dance, etc.
Venus denotes employments in dress making ornanenta'
perfumery and flo,wers.
Venug is a karaka for cOoking. It indicates cooks, butlers,
maid-servants sweet-makers, confectioners and male-ger'
vants. Sale of jaggery, food iteme, milk, curds etc' are al"o
nrled by Venus.
Venus indicates conveyances, vehicles of all sorts, bu8,
lorries, railway, planee, music, paints, petrol, colour, singers,
cinema, drama, silk, perfumes, agriculture, silver, white
things, diamond, diseases of women, aesessment, careful
judgement bl weighing pros and cons, panchayat, jury,
women's schoril, X-ray, glass, draughtsmen, etc.
for drese. So it rules clothiers,
Venus i" t f.r"ka
emobroiders, silk menser6' malrcrs of gloves, bonnets and
women'g dress.
When Venus is connected with the second and the frfth
house and ie a significator of profession one may become a
mueician. If Mercury is connected he may take to instrumentd
Venus is a karaka for beauty and enjoyments' Thus it can
represent cosrnetics, perfirmes, scents and professions con'
nected with these. It is a eignificator of trade and commerce
like Mercury.
Venus is a feminine planet. Thue it indicates earning
through the association of women. Professions like film industry, cinema, acting, directing are closely connected with
Venus is a watery planet. So, if it is connected with the

renunciation etc. coal. lord of lagna etc. Satyacharya says that Venus i. plumbers.Planets ond. Saturn is a eignificator of lands and estates. oil. cheating. Saturn ie an adhomukha planet. phen Saturn rules the fourth house and is a eignifrcator of profession. lazy people.Profession Sl Moon or water signs. paints. petrol. precious stones. if it rules the'fourth house and i:s a signifrcator of profeesion. 'skins). ghee.rt". Venus connected with the Moon can indicate fruits. dead things (hides and . drinks. merchante of coal and other com. Saturn indicates hard labour. soda rvater. iron etc. iron. grains. lowly people. one may earn through these things. moditiee nrled by it. Saturn denotee stone. navy. Saturn denotes miners. If its inlluence falls on lagna. ou"" gold. senrants. For example. When it rules the fourth houee or ig a yogakaraka it givea landed property or business connected with the same. vehiclee. Saturn is a karaka for agriculture. watchmen. such as mine ores. one's profession may be connected with water and liquids such as sale of sharbats. Saturn ERvdcrherffiftryqffidq1i. one may earn through agriculture. one may be engaged in mnking roads. .I fTq<qrrqr fqrdrr{K+{renc qrrtFqn (q" qL) agfrrd dr* qqrrqffilr<Tfidnqr frvtfqq+-<r€ ffiwg: dft: rr (Saravali) Saturn indicates lead. So it denotes all mattere kept hidden and in secret. cow and per- fumery. supply of Btone. water supply etc. women. poor men. curd. etc. It rules over cement alsc.

wells. one may be a sculptor. lead. village-headman's post and witchcraft are ruled by Saturn. Rahy is called Dragon's Head. are professions indicated by Saturn. those who work at night. farmers. oil. pensioi. Rahu is roferred to aa ttre . plumber. one may earn through'leather goods and shoes. carrying heavy loads. cobbler. chhayagratras). jailers. jugglery. Some of the occupations by Saturn are those of agriculturists. coal merchants. Their nature depends very much upon planets aseociated and aspecting them. coal. too. They qlso represent the lordg of the signs in which they are placed. one may be employgd in railways If Saturn rules the 7th house. acavenger.il I 1 82 professionThrough Astrology Saturn denotes leather and hides. For example. those who work underground etc.D. when it rules the 3rd or 8th house. cheating other people. blue things. things within the earth. and is a signifrcator of profession. Satyacharya says that Saturn rules over splitting of wood.sexton. cutting of stones. miner.potter. Mathematically. sweeper. dealing in hides and skins.e. ores. tanner. estate agent. tanning. carrying fuel. mason. Rahu and Kethu are the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon. iron factory. eocial sendce. influenced by Venus. Rahu Rahu and Kethu ar shadowy planets (i. chronic ailments and hospitale for their treatment and so on. Saturn denotesjob in P. dyer.W. Vaidyanatha Dikshita says in Jataka Parijata that Saturn indicates all types of low and despisable professions. magistracy. One may be a worker on stone or wood. According to others Saturn indicates serrric€. Killing animals. orth5paedics. IfSaturn as a significator ofprofession rules the 3rd or 4th house. and is a significator of profession. tin. positions of responsibility. poor homes.. bone. fighting etc. watchmen. dealing in commodities ascribed to Saturn.

mag"ic. humorous acts. Snake catchers..Pl. It is closely connected with inventions.are denoted by Rahu. Westerners consider Rahu as a benefrc but Kethu as a malefic. etc. Both the nodes represent people of low caste. diseases. psychology. Like Saturn it indicates lazinessand slow performance of duties. also. and bad habits like drinking. Kethu can also cause imprisonment. It is consideredto be strong in the tenth house. poisonousdrugs. exile. Professi. witchcraft mountains. science. buffaloes. aerial navigation. magic. inventions. He indicates submanius. ram. Rahu denotes hunting. Iow jobs.sorcery. evil people. caves.anetsand. Rahu represents one's paternal grand father. Satyacharya says that Rahu rules over professions attributed to Saturn. Rahu indicates one's paternal grand father. so it representscruel acts and cruel nature. litigations. theft. Imprisonment. Some say that it has connection with machinery photography printing etc. jails. sorcery. degraded acts. Some great Astrologers say that the professions are indicated by the Navamsha in which Rahu is placed or the planets associated or aspecting Rahu. metaphysical studies. etc. poisonous insects are also ruled by the nodes. science. seruice. drowning. Rahu is a cruel planet. violence. wolf. Much depends on the house and sign in which Rahu is placed. Rahu is good in the 10th house. Rahu is said to resemble Saturn in certain respects. treachery. gambling. Rahu denotes$ack gram. politics. and money from him. butcastes and wicked people. It is very important to consider the sign in which Rahu is .on gg ascending node while Kethu is spoken of as the descending node. accidents etc.

spiritual initiation and even knowledge leading to final emancipation or mohshq.It is a very cruel planet. To rise properly in life and to follow the proper profeeeion for which one has come in this world a few factors demand special attention. The effects are to be guessedby the lord of the Navamasa <.ri. it makes one ill-mannered and sinful. Kethu represents plotting. treachery and deceptioa.?sit.r 34 ProlbssionThrough Astrologr placed.philosphy also. Kethu shows one's maternal grand father. spiritual studies. Kethu denotes horse-gram Satyacharya says that Kethu rules over the professions ruled over by the Mars.. bad tendencies secret quarrels and tale bearing are also attributed to Kethu. Kethu denotes tamoguna. Kethu denotes occult scicences. religious show. It can represent sinful acts and professions.rr. Badly posited. Kethu can represent fraudulent means. Fride. It can denote strifes and intrigues. intriguing and quarrels.rr'theplanets associated or aspecting Kethu. Also it is essential to find out the planets with which it is combined and by which it is aspect€d. Kethu is an evil planet. Kethu is regarded as Jnanakaraka--producer of wisdom. .v 'Y' ffi. for it will represent the Iord of the sign in which it is placed. Kethu resemblesMars in many respects. It thus represents religious knowledge. as it resembles Mars. As the Jataka Chandrika says: qs-(rTrErdr ersfrT{(lfl+Yi's{ftr ilq-cq-mf{ s-c-dsRt-drnffi rr Kethu Kethu is also known as the descending node and as Dragon's tail.

. Fourthly'to keep one's mind and discriminating faculty intact the Moon and Mercury should be well placed.Prolbssion 36 Initially Ist house should be normal or strong enough. Thirdly house of gains should'be strong enough so that one may be able to enjoy the fruits of one's efforts. Lastly to have God's grace Jupiter should be strong enough. the Sun should be well placed and have adequate strength to keep the human engine in order to follow the right path. Secondly the 10th house should be fairly strong so that one may not waste his time in trying different professions.d.Plonets an.

the tenth house. dant. authority).r#'+. They exercise propound influence on one's life..horoscgpe ?re phq Asqen=. the Sun and the Moon. the dashama lagna. The tenth hous€ is called sdldl(command. we generally find the tenth house and the ascendant rendered strong by the association and aspectsofbenefic planets. we have given plenty of examples.. . The tenth house <vnq+crdrr fu (Its names and indications) <w+eeq q. This is considered the opinion of ancient sages and scholars like Varahamihira.tu v. a study of which will clearly point out to the importance of this house..r Chapter III The Tenth House And Its Significance The tenth house is a very important house in the horoscope of a person. But eastern as well as western authorities recommend their consideration and careful judgement for arriving at correct conclusions. The general gignficators in any. the Surya lagna and the Chandra lagna. It is the house which determines one's rank. social status. E. and profession ofa person. These signs are respectively known as the lagna.Cfusr{r Varahamihira. The tenth house has to be invariably judged not only from the lagna but also from the Chandra lagna. In the horoscopes of great men. Saravali devotes a separate chapter to discuss the effects of the planets placed in the lOth house from the Chandra lagna. In thisbook.

performance of sacrific6.e. from the tenth house. sleep. rpn4. livelihood. Indi. Iife in foreign countries. Aspada (rank or position). fame. means of liveIihood. occupation. Jaya (success). trade.rains by the Xth house. authopity. Ajna (command) and Meshurana. Prithuyasas also says in Shatpanchasika: 't{t4q Fqr€:" l. rlife.Profession 37 It is also called as Meshurana. the astrologer should indicate one's occupation. profession). From this one should know the profession.r. dress. qffi Tqrtl-{ q sqigq 1s And also'?TU !furmq" -. cqmmqnd. agriculture. is to be seen.q gkCqq sffi5qqqTFr{fr:-r fq*nq. ornaments.Planets and. occupation. in foreigrr lands. renunciation. Kirti (fame) Kratu (sacrifice). qrqRrFK cr{ 6dqq {d1fd xd stfi'r q tgruqrr (phaladeepika) @ The terms to indicate the 10th house are Vyapara (eommerce). Guna (good qualities). The complete sloka is: qfrtreriTkg+. Vaidyanatha Dikshita says in Jataka parijata-sTrdrqi{hpffi ERFTa6TR FnEfu r g?relrlrq 4d $-qr q{il ffi{qr: *-HKll Authority. Pravritti (inclination) Gamana (going). profession)vyoma (sky or zenith) Achara (good conduct). Sarvartha Chintamani says-- sflclEr-{f{lril qiffi gftz e-4rq5t+tl cH 6qfdd qrgprrq frRftqrsqrr From the tenth house. the knees and the servants. respeet. Jeevana (livelihood.cations of the tenth house. istbein. It is also called as {rrs These factors are indicated by the tenth house. profession.'rbspect. Karma (acts. esteem. fame knowl- .

!l PrcfessionThrcugh Astrclogr 98 edge. The author of the Prashnamarga says t{6q . the Karaka planet of the house. . of.Fgqqr qni-dq <Rr vffftq sTrilffi{ffi fu+i fd Evr+1tt (Prashnamargar . Jataka Parijata and Prashna Marga for understandlng the rules regarding the judgement of Bhavas in gendral. the Karaka for profe*sion is the Sun. . debts ane to be seen from the tenth house. Lastly. inns on the way. esteem. pommand. . Then we should see the placement of its lord.2. profession. Here we gtve a brief outline of the most important points. But if we ane interested in the income from the profession. kings. money. matters regarding one's father. and learning are to be ascertained from the lOth houee. Temples. servants. . occupation prbfession. esteem. towns.all these are to be judged from the tenth house which is called the Rajyasthana. Hora) All thinp about the state. in rasi and Navamsha and its stellar position.qfr-sqqrrc+q f. respect. the lord of the house and 3.Irfrtslqlil (8. attainment of high position . assemblies. . The reader should refer to standard works like Phaladeepika. matters concerning one's father. choultries. Parasara says in Brihatparasara Hora l wd qmnr. sky. the house itself. authority. Firstly note which planets are placed in the house and then the planets are aspecting it. we must study Jupiter.rg<wr Tsrsq xvrsrfu d{s{r. lts association and aspects with other planets. state. Judgement . life in another country. rank and status are tb be ascertained by the tenth house. qrqn 5fl TtIclT{Qi rffi pgTatar q5sqfi1. . rrE sdir1 {cqrFTqrirr{i ffi{ll Tlade.P.the lOth house tn Our sastras say: qqrE vteq+rq 6lwq{n( dffE€i ffiq1 the judgement of any house three factors are to be mainly considered: 1. all acts.

says: *. 5. It is deot€d as M. or medium.tftsrtrRlvrdrw$wrqrgttr{nt(r One should cpngiderthe lord of the Xth house. proeperity its is assured.TheTenthHouseand itc Signifrcorw gg 1.e. Malefice in 6.Jupiter. the author of the Jataka PariJata. The lord of the housoshould not be placed in 6. Sun. When a houeeis associatedwith the lord of the lagna. tion.While dealing with the indications of the Xth house. the Sun.coeli. This housedenoteshonour.The Sun torchesthe cusp of lhe tcnttr houseat mid-day. 8. 2. Wlien thrikonas. The kar:akas of the tenth hqrse: In Jataka parijata we find the Karnkas as'tfrq qrj ifq<I" i..mid-heaven. or in thrikonas (1. It should not be in hellacal setting. 4. Jupiter and Saturo all matters associatedwith the tenth house This tenth horrs€ le known in the western books.But the planets should not be debilltated. 5 & 9) from the house. 6. or set qr plaed in inimical signs.In the sameway. 8 or lZ. and the 2nd house are occupied by benefics. the house gets strengthened.also. the karnka planet ehould be judged. credit. Mercury and Saturn are the karakas for the tenth house.coeli. and are ftee ftom malefic aspecte.medlum. nvit planets placed here produce l . 8. or 12 housesbe placed iri the house.prornotesthe strength and goodresults of the house. Mercury. Nor should it be in depression or in inimical signs. or 1.and angleof the South. 'hno es told before. AU Bhavasprduee beneficresultswhen they atreoccupied or aspectedby beneflceor their own lords. by the narnes. 8 or 12 fnrm a housecause its destruc.C. planets owning 9 or 5. Placementof beneficson both sides of a house. Nor should the lords of 6. Errenunafllicted maleflceaspecting their own housespromote the goodeffectsofthe hous€.



dishonour, and bring discredit. Mars afflicted here will pro'
duce slander and illrepute, Sun unafflicted here gives power,
honour, fame, nobility and happiness. Jupiter, Venus herein
make one an eminent person. Westerners say that Saturn,
here, brings disgrace and ruin. The bad result takes place if
Saturn is afllicted. In the horoscope of Napoleon, Saturn is
placed in the tenth house. It gave him a sudden-rise but then
a downfall too.
In state Astrology, it shows kings, emperors, nobles, empires and kingdoms. (This is why in sanskrit, it is termed as
of the tenth
other houses
The 9th
second from
second form


in relation


hosue represents the father. 10th house is the
the 9th. So it denotes father's wealth and one's
It is a marakasthana of the parents, being the
the 9th and the 7th from the 4th.

As it is the 8th counted from the 3rd hosue, it is the house
of danger, and dfficulties to one's brother.
. Being the 7th from the house of happiness, this house also
denotes one's happiness.
Being the 6th from the 5th house, it shows illness and
diseases ofchildren, or their debts.
This is the 5th from the 6th house. So, it denotes children
and amusement of the servants, uncles etc.
As it is the 4th house from the 7th house, that tenth house,
it denotes mother-in-Iaw. It shows the property of the wife
Also, it is the 12th counted from the llth
denotes loss to elder brother.

house. So, it

It is the 9th house counted from the wedth. Thus if the
tenth house is strong by the occupation ofbenefic planets, etc.
tt is good for wealth. This is but natural. The person will be


The Tenth.Housean.dits Signilicance
having a good profession and thereby good income.

The tenth house represents occupation, rank, honours,
success,respect, means of livelihood, and religious knowledge.
In Jataka Parijata, Vaidyanatha

Dikshita Says:

gcFztrlc *C *-* q'{i ffid-sl:
5dc{i mfl fa+54 o'd1,'
Authority, esteem,respect, ornaments, dress, occupation,
sleep, agriculture, renunciation, religious knowledge, profes'
sion, fame, knowledge, and Iearning are to be determined from
the tenth house, its lord and the planets Sun, Mercury, Jtipiter
and Saturn. If malefic planets are placed in the tenth house,
they affect the respect and credit ofthe person.
The author of Uttarakalamritha


qTtrrq-Tqqrqdr.x-qrrfi {qqFRrfr {frtcrl
ru-€' Ffr *s affifftTf{frqqdKq: I
frffi5udqfi-*e-e Ut {a+Tfifl
{TqT{Tq{q-afukfq1r4r:Rr(Ti: e5: ll

cFil qngfrqf q $rtz.{s{rfdfuqT-<d,
qql el,{sFudts ({lcr(T-flqfr: rqRftt
Trade, honours from the king (government), horse'riding,
athletics, professions connected with the state, service, agriculture, doctor, fame, treasure, money in custody, sacrifice,
superiority preceptor, yantra, charms, mantras, mother, area,
merit, medicines, thigh, deity, mantra siddhi (proficiency in
hymns), means, property, adopted son' a noble man way,
respectability, honour, Iivelihood, kings, fame, learning, au'
thority, seal,lordship, control, authority, command, and intellect are to be judged from the tenth house.
In horary charts, this house denotes some additional



In queries regarding crops, 10th denotes the production
and the crop. (Lagna signifies the agriculturist, the fourth
house, the land, the 7th house agriculture and the 10th house
the crop).
In queries regarding diseases,the fbth house denotes the
patient according to Tajika. (Lagna denotes physician, the
seventh house the disease,the tenth house the patient and the
fourth house the medicine.)
It is said to indicate the judges, and the substance taken
away by the thief.
Some judge matters regarding one's father from the 10th
house. (The ancient Hindu texts, however, associate the 9th
house as the house ruling one'sfather.
The tenth house is connected with Iearning as it is the 7th
from the 4th house.
The tenth house is intimately connected with honour
moral qualities and good conduct.
The tenth house is connectedwith travels, and life in other
lands (w[rq).
The 9th house denotes long journey, 10th house is said to
indicate pilgrimages.
In political or mundane astrology, the 10th house indicates
the king, the head of the state, the administrators, external
trade, import-export, the honours and reputation of the country, the government, party in power, the leaders, political
situation etc.
Some Authorities on this subject say that it is not enough
to consider the 10th house alone for determining one's profession. They consider the three houses72, 6 and 10. Added to
these, the 1lth house is also to be con5idered to see the gain of

2, LO and 6 and ll

These houses denote the material welfare of a person. The
Znd bous€ denotes wealth. The 10th house denotes profession

status etc.2. their lords. 9th house indicates insurance. trovel. It promises good bank balance and gains through one's profession and business. One may lose the job. 10th house denotes profession. 7th house indicates trade. Hb . good aspects and his financial prosperity.cance 4A and occupation. Some include the 6th house as the 6th house is Bhagyasthana of the 10th house' The tenth house denotes the position of job. partnership. administration. rank. Thus. The sixth house is the actual work and the conditione contacted during the work. 4th house de' notes education. Evil planets and their aspects to the second hosue produce Ioss of wealth. confinement. There may be breaks in the profession. gvil results happen. Saturn in the sixth hosue may indicate laborioug work and unpleasant surroundings. 1lth house denotes gains 12th house denotee expenditure. 8th house indicates legacy. w\ e. The llth hosue denotes gains. worship of deities. 3rd house indicates normal work.6 and 10 are to be considered together in the judgement about profession. The indications of the houees are to be mastered very thoroughly. 6th house indicates profession. The second house denotes money and self'acquisition. His commande will not be obeyed. or afflicted. Connection between these houses. It denotes bank balance also.The Tenth Houseond its Signift. and are weak. He will have bad reputation. many eminent authors are of the opinion that these three house . 5th hosue counselling. or may change it.4n1g q{is-dRitrsifr{ilqfrRrqr{€qfrcq{tl ffiffi When malefics are placed in the 10th house.

drd q-€ft e. His jobs will succeed.44 professi.on Through Astrology servants may suffer or may leavehim. He may tea"" fris country and go elsewhere.His commands will be obeyed. rest house or temples.mqc artia_ qa]-f. There may be disease affecting his knees. he will public do work like building roads. He will losehis support.He will get servants and fame. .q-{+Tqnrffifr Er€TTrk+.1-qTdI r (prashnamarga) When strong beneficsare placed in the 10th house.

e.i I 1 €f*Avre'fiffiqt a person' In this sloka.Chapter IV Methods to Deterrnine One's Profession and Source of Income Varahasrlhlra says ln Brltrat Jataka: r erqiFa:fr{fir{qffi1 frr rlrEEfrrFm-wrftfn*<r*: t<6ts( qftrivrilrl{f. The most important of these is the Ascendant comes Lagna. it indicates income . I-gl the of lord "t the then congider pf"lt"tt -r"." different means indicated by the two planets' .r". Mihira says CttJitt*-" and the f6$ i. counting has to be done from l'agna' Moon Janma or Sun.C' has to be accuratelycalculated)' the . Venus through i"Oi"s or wife.through mother. Next in importance is Chandra lagna and thenlagna. he discussesthe sourceof income of the from counted house T}t" pi"i"t placed in the tenth no ane there If income' girres *"il as the Moon.i.. Sa[urn through vants.*t in the tenth hoqse.. Mmn inhicates income. in which the tenthhouse falls' (For this purposethe " tenth houseM. house If two different planets are placed in t'he 1fth during-their lagna." Mars ift"o"gh fathEr.. Chandra and counted from the dg" subperiodJincome can be e:<pectedthrough the .. brothers."4.op*.. through 'Iupiter frjendg.h ser' UJftJo. ti the planet is the Sun.*n "f will be one indicated by that planet. Mercury through il.

".nt to consider the three Lagnas: _ Janma lagna. and the Sun fall. The Sun: property or wealth from father.lrqftq6r: r t e-ds?ir. Also income can be told according to the occupation indicated by the planets which rule the Navamashas in which the tenth house cusps from Lagna. the Moon. Thus it is very importq. ** . it is essential that the tenth house should bL consideredfrom I-agna and the Moon and not merely the stronger of the two. I{e quotes Gargi in support of his view qTdT:rffq'. R-rTd ilhTil* I qfo':TiTe) ilcqrd {fr ilR {: Hfr: tl srdR. wealth through one's own exertion.r-qk ffifi F-{qTE frfqR!-fl{rr Bhagwan Gotq is a great Acharya of Hindu Astrology whose views are held highly authoritative. Chandra lagna and Surya lagna and the plinets in the 10th house from these lagnas.Ttq1: FqaE qfrFdT:tl qyTq.roughAstrology Here Bhattotpala the celebratedcommentator rightly ob_ serves that since a person can have income by different ''i"r.4A professionTh. He says that all the planets placed in the tenth house counted from Lagna or the Moon are to be understood as bestowers of income in their respective periods according to their karakatva or significance.gqal@ffi qrfq i mr. also happen when the Sun etc.. Then the lord of the Navamsha in which the lord of the 10th house counted from these lagnas is to be considered.lr{qfrdE. qd* zl-(lr Cgfl'r g-qqfd-d* . This very view is repeated in phaladeepika by Mantreswara also. happen to be the Navamsha Lords). The results according as the planet placed in the 10th h_ous9from these lagnas is briefly fouo*"r (These results can ".

1 ' Criti ryc-qqqlcmr ail{n%fri r4rfl. things produced or connected with water and ladies. Venus: wealth through some rich iadies. The Moon: property from mother. Mercury ruIes writing.Th. Mars denotes met' als. it indicates occupation connected with grass. frre. Mars: wealth through conquering enemies.i. pundits. 7.here depending upon the signs in which they are situated.' wealth through friends.tsSignificane'e 41 2. (It also denotes occupations connected with tim' ber. AII that has to be considere$.rqfwd:l dFsTiff.. 4. worship of deities. Saturn: wealth through one's seryants. a. Venus indicates income through jewels. 5. Moon or the Sun falls) is the Sun. poetry and arts.ter: wealth through brothers. of course the significance of the planets has to be extended. Each planet indicates several professions. strife. etc). and courage.d. frqifr ffiTgqr4ilrRqil: 6rqTiqffi.Housean. Here below we quote the relevant slokas from Biihat Jataka of Varahamihira: . gold. and buffaloes. mathematics. Jupi. Saturn .ffi( If the lord of the Navamasha (in which the cusp of the tenth house counted from the Lagna. Moon indicates agricultur. and religious rites. Here.Fd ftTk:u Jupiter indicates professions of brahmins. Mercury. war. medicine etc. mines. 6. 3. h l l "---*ui iq-qT-d- srfl'flTtnal {q-4t}Fiqsrf. cows.{l (lulft1ft + l .eTenth. silver. government. qr€fa s-frq€re$:tcr*.

gold. cows.Cfi$k:tl ' Jupiter indicates professions of brahmine. fire. and buffaloes. Each pianet indicates several professions. 7. mathematics. 6.47 The Ten.ee 2. Here. Mars denotes met' als. 5. Mars: wealth through conquering enemies. Saturn .nkqil: -=fl q.Tdtfl+. dqni frffi( *'raf{rd: I If the lord of the Navamasha (in which the cusp of the tenth house counted from the Lagna. of course the significance of the planets has to be extended. Moon indicates agricultur. The Moon. poetry and arts.its Signifiean.:property from mother. wor' ship of deities. medicine etc. silver.atmrcql q€Fr rflqsrtr$: tq's\. it indicates occupation connected with grass.. Mercury nrles writing.thHouseand. All that has to be considere$. strife. Jupiter: wealth through brothers.q-f. Here below we quote the relevant slokas from Biihat Jataka of Varahamihira: qqTti !'Tn-{drlf MYq-qriTfs-sf.' wealth through friends. 4. 3. etc). and religious rites. (It also denotes occupationsconnected with tim' ber. and courage. pundits. Saturn: wealth through one's seryants.rftFm: r cfiri:FrqqqT{m: ailYnqlfrf. war.. mines. government. -qriffiq-gt{rf. Mercury.rqri qft'Kqf. Moon or the Sun falls) is the Sun. Venus: wealth through some rich ladies. Venus indicates income through jewels.heredepending upon'the signs in which they are situated. things pro' duced or connected with water and ladies.

and sculpture. in addition to considering the planets placed in the 10th house from Lagna and Chandra. second house and eleventh house for determining one. aleo take pLace. @n*wdrsd S-fe}sfrfr q qrst wfrqfqr sTrci*€fiqrTBtrq dd: qH qfisftfrq}sq1 6.s source of income. labour. the Acharya says that strong benefics placed in the llth house. He will get wealth by these means without much effort. it is necessary to consider benefic planets placed in the Lagna. 2nd house and the lagna give wealth to the native by the various professions indicated by them. killing. The occupations denoted by the lord of the Navamsha in which the lorJ of the tenth houee is placed by transit. low jobe. carryrng heavy loads.{tl In thie verse. . So says Bhagwan Gargi too: drripiilrt dd{r }fq qtrnr qcr*{Iryr?fiTt Thus.4a ProfessionThrough Astrologr denotes income through hard exertion.

4. by quarrels or litigation.*[mg out punishment imprisonment. 6. the native prusues a relig. much income. . the native will be employed under a king or in a temple or mutt.. If the lords of the 6th and the 10th houses be in conjunction. the profession might involve travel. the native wiLl live by banking. the person will live by being a thief. the native will live on the income from lands. or engaged in tapae or in a n-obleprofe""i. ' 5. If the lords of the second and the tenth houses are in conjunction with each other. If the lords of the 9th and the 10th houses are in conjunction. Uy. If the lords of the Zth and the l0th houses are in conjunction.ious or Charitable profession. (Will live on interest got from lending money). a doctor. Z. 2' If the lords of the 4th and the tenth-bhavas are in conjunction.. the native's profession dctsriorater or is ruined. He may be employed in Railway orpostal service or mightca""y *"r. If the lords of the 10th and the gth houses are in conjunction. 3' If the lords of the bth and the tenth bhavas are in conjunction. yfi&.Chapter V Important Rules Regarding the 10th I{ouse From Satya Samhita 1.i"rr_ dise from place to place.

q sftr+r daffir ffinnftRrfudt r sr+i Tgr{dftKgtTqrt<'iltumqr slT{fr sR ddq' {TF|-gilsrfir5qsfrds(I1 gt g mn*o-tftffi fqlqlsqqrr ffiq If Mars. Sleep is dso to be decided by the lfth houee. sleep may be disturbed. the native puraueB a trade or a bueineee.cisiR <{rl vd f<*frsqerrr One gets the fortune of having a dip in Ganges if there is Pahu or the Sun in the Xth houee. qrtfrni6{FTqrqS* . kona or the llth houee and the lord of the 10th house is aspected or conjoined with Venue and Moon. T+ q.He has cows and money' If Mercury is related to the tenth houee.i: 60 ProfessionThrough AstrologY 8. or ie between two benefics or in the A:nsa of benefic planets. Dip in holy rivers like Gangaes qqrerrv. ff the lords of the tenth and the twelfth hous€e are in conjunction. one becomee famous und is full of e€lf-eetsem. tr+'frdrdrffh1mfi{: u/ . If the lords ofthe tenth and the eleventh housee are in conjunction. the native's profeesion will detoriorate or is nrined.rnrfi{i {aqffi1 tl *65r+r{ ffiryqn. 9.CfrIqt6mqfud(r {ft td ffirl When the Moon is situated in the Xth houee one gets purified by having a dip in the waters of the Ganges. cAmTdcgfrErrnwrrilfietr Er1a{ffi qrfi qlffirqrrqqrt If the lord of the tcnth house is strong. one is engaged in agriculture. and the lord of the 4th house are strong and are placed in kepdra. one is engaged in trade. If there is much malefic influence on the tenth hous€.

Mercuryand Jupiter are strong. +-ili qrMmyr dqffqdrzrg*. and is bereft of profession. laying of gardens etc. one is able to perform great sacrifices.. or conjoined with malefics. 1). one gets the opportunity to perform meritorious rites.Important Rules Regarding the lOth House El If the tenth house is aspected by malefrcs. No.e. if they are strong and conjoin or aspect the Xth house. q. He is without respect. one performs meritorious deeds like renovation of temples. By the lord of the Xth house.qrq|< G" fu. 4. If the lords of the Xth house. meritorious 'fhis is also to be determined by the Xth house. Same is the result when the Moon is in the Xth house. One gets the'fortune of performance of meritorious deeds and sacrifices if the lords of lagna and the Xth house are together or they rule same signs. Perforrnance deeds of great sacrifices.d 6ct{Fn: $q1 qrds gu-{rd: F(rl qrfr{.rftm1qRcftRg-r.. power. .q vfrd rr}qrr .r-{ "6q{T-ig{lq-A:{gs-qqt (wr+ qRqrd:) 1. strength and fame.. ' 2. and are aspected by benefrc planets. . construction of parks. 5. . When there are many auspicious planets in the Xth house.l oilvtTqqf. qrro'qiiqt T{16r qfq qrqirr . or its Navamsha. tanks. Mercury and Jupiter performance of sacrifices is to be guessed (i. *-dTaTrqM rrnrrT: {S. one is a victim of slander. and the lord of the tenth house is weak. 3.X. sacrifices etc). If malefics are placed in the tenth house or its Navamsha. the lord of the Xth house strong and free from malefic influences of Rahu and Kethu.sfiq{ft{rdr. one does sinful acts. These results must be seen from Chandra and the Lagna. one does meritorious acts always. If benefics are placed in the tenth house.

the person may become a saint or a person of saintly nature. or the 12th house. Proficiency in rnany mdrnnr*n: . the person will be proficient in all the six sastras.R. and the lord of the tenth is also strong. own or benefrc vargas. But if the lord of 10th house is placed in the 6th. He will know all the Vedas. shastras il{f. 5 is said to produce yoga. 6-r{dnlqd*q q-sq} fl furrt qRr u (8.Profession'ThrcughAstrologY 62 If three strong planets are placed it he Xth house in $xaltation.XII-6) {Em"rE.t<vFrermvt: sqdcTrftfi' I nnqmfilqfd"'\fr{qrgtfcl r Ekr:s-{gn{la-dl If the lords of 2.frsl ffis qftrs+1FA: Rahu in 10. m-qfqm T{ln: offi<*ltt q€dn{q: qt{a: q-4d-i} gr}m: tl (Bhavartha Ratnakar) If the lord of the 10th house is joined with Jupiter. Good deeds qffi+< qqs qf<Mr {ttpt[: q. He gets spiritual initiation also. or may be without any occupation. 9 and l-0 and are endowed with six-fold strength. haX not be religious. one will be religious and will do good deeds.4. the native will be engaged in good deeds. 6 happen to own 1. Rahu in the tenth house is thus auspicious.fuqr {-trCFrftq*(rr (BhavarthaRatnakar) If Jupiter is connected with the lord of the tenth house. 4. . he may not do good deeds. 11. (There may be evil effects when Rahu is in the"5th as malefics in Trikonas are not good).

diit:tl If the tenth house is related with benefic planets. . friendly or own vargas or in the shastyamsa of a -or benefrc one acqulres good fame.e loth.Important Rules Regarding th. a. mq*) qa mnq-ssfrqrr roqq-drun qr # rq'Ji srfr qrfrcrfi {. one gets bad reputation.c _ is there. {qrBq @ aa6 a-ffir EE-dq@ vE<rerfu1aq*qrr If the tenth house is aspected by benefrc pranets and if its lord is aspected by Saturn. or is placed between benefics. one has many senrants. qv-{nffi$itqn. ffisfu qrfi Rrqrt fisv-erg. cTcndluflqEil*] qrfirE qaqrir @qaqrr If there is the relation of evil planets and the lord of the tenth house is weak or if it is placed in cruel shastyantsa. and its lord is in own house or exaltation the per'on is fuu of serfrespect and is firm in his resolve.)r rfri Weq*) {qcqqtsFqrrr When Jnupiter is placed in the tenth house or a benefi. one understands and acts according to the intentions and wishes of another a3d is fu[ of prrde and self-respect. House Rules ftom Sarwartha Chintamani qtffi'{qnTft{i dQ ffiir qrsft dqsw{Ti sefrffirrir qf(rr If tlie lord of the tenth house is a benefrc and is in exaltation.Crqq l* rr$r crcffi vrrge vrrqryftsfril(1. lorcltof tenth house has connection with benefics.

6fe +rgd ${-*f{tlsttt Yrqd'A qRrq-drkqrqri soffiITffi tr+(rr If the Moon is in Cancer aspectedby Jupiter or Venus and in such Vargas as Paravata etc. one gets bad reputation. one acquires good fame and reputation. . Same is the result when they are in evil Amsas or between evil planets. Frdt?rfi q+$r{a.. one becomeswealthY.'.Cildlgft qRr If the lord of the secondhouse is united with the lord of the tenth house. 64 ProfessionThrough AstrologY If Saturn or Suri aspected by evil planets. is in the tenth house.

expert in interpretation. Sun-Venus dying. an athlete.Chapter VI Planetary Combinations and Professions This is given as stated by Varahamihira in Brihat Jataka in Adhyaya XIV. happy. gambler. SunJupiter cnrel. pots etc. intelligent. astrologer. clever. Sun-Mercury clever. MarsJupiter a king. Mars-Venue cowherd. Moon-Mars sale of drinks. sculptor. . Sun-Saturn expert in metals. athlete. i . minerals and the manufacture of vesc€ls. Sun-Moon mechanic. Moon-Mercury eloquent in speech. wealthy. Moon-Venus expert in cloth work. etpert. a person in charge of a town. Mars-Mercur5t merchant. Moon-Jupiter foremost in family. use ofweapons. doing other's jobs.

and virtues. disobedient. a teacher. women's hosPibal. mathematician.Profession Through Astrol ogY 56 Mars-Saturn sorrowful. coal. Sun-Venus transport. astrologer. MercurY trade). Moon-Jupiter auspicious Guru-Chandra . potter. Mercury-Venus clever in speech. Sum-Mercury _ engineer. mines. judge. military. Mercury-Saturn a cheat. liar. Jupiter-Saturn barber. despised and Iowly. Moon-Mars navy. employment in boiler and eteam engines. Sun-Jupiter. principal. Sun-Jupiter-Mercury Munsiff SunJupiter-Mars magistrate. good phYsician. knows dance. Mercury-Jupiter likes music. engineering. bank agent. Ieader of a group. inspector. a king. Jupiter-Venus Iearned. cotton trade. dentist. having wealth. Moon-Mercury agent. or a cook. able surgeon. wife. factory. Some learned astrologers indicate the professions for the planetary following thus: combination Sun-Mars police. textiles (Moon rePre' sents textiles. Sun-Saturn geology.

factory manager Sun-Moon-Mercury government press. captain. (Sungovernment. etc. Moon-Rahu poisonousarticles. contractor. physician. scents. engineer.ry Cotnbinations & Prolb s sions 67 yoga. paints. criminal.Planeta. Moon-Saturn kerosene. Bank agent. hardware. . treasury manager. government contractor. Mars-Venus music.. steel. trade. tailor. music. lawyer Judge. paper press.IupiLer indicates bank. mathematician. Mars-Mercury mechanical engineer. Mars criminal). bank clerk. Sun-Moon-Mars mechanical engineer a great officer. (Because Mercury indicates writing. leather automobiles (Venus ie Vahanakaraka and Mars denotesmachines) Mars-Saturn factory. . scented oil. Mercury-Jupiter : writer. musical instruments. mathematics. Mercury--printing) government engineer. Moon-Venus petrol. Mars--Machine. slaughter house. Mars-Jupiter (Jupiter indicates lawyer. chemist. operation. digger of wells. king. building construction. minister. milk. treasury).

lawyer. here we have to consider the lord of the sign in which Rahu is placed. leather workers. engineer. dramatist. director. press. broker.Moon-Venus actor. engineer. sanitary engineer. what is intended is that thcy . film In the above cases it is not necessary that the planetc should be combined together. stenographer. Jupiter-Venue teacher. writer. Mars-Mercury mathematician. technician. Sun-Mercury-Venus artist. Mercury-Saturn short hand writer. drama-writing etc. Sun-Mercury advocate. accontant.58 ProfessionThroughAstrology Mercury-Venus good artiet. photographer. Jupiter-Saturn physician. Mercury-Venus engineer. . service in bank. Mercury-Kethu here also we have to consider the lord of the sign in which Kethu is placed. Mercury-Rahu employment in jail. Venus-Saturn tailor. etc. musician in religious line. vary according to sign. cineactor'and a poet too etc. typewriter. and decide the occupation. or high ofEcer in military. poet. proficiency in literature. MarsJupiter police offrcer. teacher.

1 .

. music. we give the significance of the sign mainly regarding o"r. it is very essential that one should understand the significance of each sign as regards profession. In each case. firemen. etc. rice. Aries: Police. gl3l": milk. thieves. This sign denotes persons who are ambitious. It is_a fiery sign. military service. are also ruled by :1. vehicles. soldiers. This influence of the signs _one's i" n Jt modifred by positions. sugar. watch *1rcr. . irrnu"r. Therefore. hotels. . army office"r. . so it shows those occupations where fire. land. Professions denoted by the twelve signs L.riu"e oitf." "lirr. iron and metals are employed. ornamente. place where fire ie used. flowere. Chandra ]agna or Surya lagna) fall or ih" horr""" of profession (10th house from Lagna and the Moon) fall.rpr_ tions and a few salient points regardingtnl .rr"g"orrs etc. and . Taurus: Farming gardening.and aspectJof th" pir""t""" over these signs.Chapter VII Influence of the Signs _ The signs in which the lagnas (Janma lagna. impulsive. [nls 2. active aid courageous.ltt pUjis. cotton. Being a sign of M""" m""h.rri""."^t:srgn."" over profession. conjunctions. This information has been coilected from the books of great authorities (Western as well as Hindu) and is presented here. do have th"i.

orators. secretaries. Cancer: Water supply. dealers in things obtained from water. photographers. engineering. Being the 5th of the zodiac.. drainage etc. navy. preachers. actors. It gives ability to follow more than one profession. contractors. fire place. wells. nurses. publisherq dealers in milk-products. so occupationsconnected with water and other kinds of liquids are possible. journalism. it stands for amusements. boats. transport. forests. school. electricity. indicates glrl schoolsalso. stock exchange. medicine.Some other indications are: Caterers. 5. fisheries. Gemini: Writers. detectives and journalists as it is governed by Mercury. reporters. Leo: Government. engineers. are also indicated by this sign. are denoted by this sign. salesmen. high positione in government. orators. are said to be indicated by this sign. This sign produces literary men. palaces. letters. as Mercury gives plurality of interests.. salesmen. literary men. teachers.Influence of thz Signs 61 This is an earthy sign. Thus it denotes actors and artists. People under its influence are concerned with intellectual work. places of amusement. editors. it indicates finance also. writers. This sign is said to represent house agents.. printing. and captains. transla' tors. Cancer is a watery sign. musicians. 4. inspectors. 3. school teachers. eta' tionery dealers etc. corn dealers etc. Cancer makes one imaginative and inclined to public life. gold mines. As it is the second sign of the zodiac. messengers' etc. As it is a watery sign it denotes sailors. dealers in antiques. The distinguishing characteristic of this sign is intellect. etc. tresurers and company-manag€rs. tanks. mint. also Venus ruling this sign denotes. accountants. guides. agents. profes' sors. owners of restaurants. ra{io. so it can denote agricultural pur' suits. hills. Taurus being a feminine sign. wireless detectives. employeesin transport. postal service. gam- . dress makers etc. lecturers tutors. brokers. import-export. castles etc.

nursery.these professions are related with Jupiter who is the ruler of . druggisr. are some of the items indicated uy irris sign. paints. 8. actor. chemists. boiler.s. lawyers. coffee. planes music. soap. one may be a mueici"n. hospitals. scents. textiles. mercimnts of confectionery tnd bread also. drinks.tmsties. It gives eloquence of speech also as it is ruled by Mercury. advisers. legal profession. medicines. Banks. Virgo gives artistic temperament. jute. tea. liasion offrcer. health department. Libra is most suited for buisness. It gives a taste for art anrr literaurrre. boiler. 6. dance hall. are indicated by this sign. Being a watery sign Scorpio denoteg naval sailors. silver. eSplorers_pne*sts.o-" of its indications.rccording to some authorg it denotes clothes. judges. water_supply. All . doctors. Sagittariue: This sign is ruled by Jupiter. books. church. Virgo: Mathematician. messenger. furniture. istp. schools. engravers and education are some of the indications of this sign. insurance. Libra is an airy sign nled by Venue. "h"m. It is a sign denoting foresight and judgement. . letters. engineer. When lagna or tenth house falls in this sign. Scorpio: This sign is ruled by Mars. sweets. wnter. dams.62 profession'Ihrough A. One becomesdexterous in manual crafl"s. .. race cource. 9. booksellers. prints. dealers in oils and spirits. garden. sugar. courts. temples. forest department etc. teacher. Libra denotes valuers. journals.sbolog bling dens. Chemicals. butchers and druggists. one has an inventive and curious nature. treasury.i"lirr" offrcer plyback etc. money-changers and pawn-brokers also. Libra: This sign is ruled by Venus. salesman. medical department. cotton. those who give lectures on scripturep#" . printers. temples. 7. playgrounds are also eaid to be governed by this sign.

walchmen. company promorcrs and research workers are denoted by this sign. lawyers. indusiry. this sign. sea produce and those connected with places of conlinement (becausePisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac). oils. 10. service.ornbinatiott:.limited companiesatomic theory. blue things. They carfy out large undertakings. watchmen. ing. as it ie a waterY sign.. This sign gives authority and power' People born in this sign think deeply errd are very practical and self-r'eliant in nature. is by it as etc'. foreign trade. navigation. research work. hard labour' mlrrci. The electricians.bankers.. jobs in Saturn. electricity. defence de' partment. professors. coal.t" Planetary C. Capricorn: This sign indica' plumbcrroul"y. shipping.' ruled jails. etc. discoveries. Iiquids. . 12. Thfs signs is stated to denote political agents and ministers state also.& t' . etc.Aquarius: Scientific pursuits. Pisces indicates dealers in frsh. priests. diving operations. arb ruled by the sign of Aqriarius. inyentions. low jobs. courts. railway. 'nithy. dealings in metals are also governed by this sign. of 1l. Electrical app[ances. bus. rivers. dynamos. Pisces: Pisces is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter' It denotesfishery department. Ferries. bridges and aquatic products are also indicated by Aquarius.

"y* tenth househas to be strong.+rirrt: n When the Sun or lWarsis placedin the 10th house. moral qualities. when ueneno.Chapter VIII Planets in the 10th House As told. or when the lord of tln !?Sr* ie posited in the tenth housione becomssvery famous. He is engagedin meritoriousacts. when R"h. t{ergw m<rr 1vftrv5vrqrc when a beneficpranetis praoedin the tonth houseor if the lord of the tenth house is pLced in a Kendra or a Thrikon" house in own sign o1 e:raltation sign. . s{rMq< *gg q+ffs\. planets pracedin the lOth houseexercise a strong influence on one'slife. They influencoone'sprofession. sdrafrwtr€ril nni q{ f. aro plaed he doeg meritorioue deedsand is praisedby the virtuous. The lord of the :"hi. Mantreswara says:- rqfu g'r€r) qr nsdr+q qlit.earlier.rank and status. sucoess.He becomec fortunate rike a king and has a long leaseof life. one ig very powerful and becomesa'faraourite of the people.i qr crq sr4 sFrcfdvtrrdg€ &rs-s g+tr vRr *rqcqrcnrdfu frr5* drtg rrw3nffcf. qfrf{ @d qdi vrcEstr ufeagwn: i. He great things requiring much power.

(iii) When they aspect tach other (iv) Whon t'hey are in Kendra position with respect to each other (v).*gna. (ii) When they are placed together in a sign. the star which it occupiee and so on. Relatlon between two planets (Parasara's vierv) TVo planetsget relatedin four ways(l) [he two may be placed together in a particular houee (ii) they are placed together in a sign (iii) the two planets might have interchanged their signs (iv) planet A may 5e situated in the sign of B and be aspected by the planet B. Effects placed of the planets while ln the l0th horrse In the following paiges.Whon they are in a Thrikona position from one another. (benefic. betrvben two planets:Relation (Man. he Dmmits bad deeds. its strength. yogakaraka. and exchange of sign with any other planet are also to be noted for theee make the two plarrcta related to each other. the sign in which it is placed.I i. But thes€ results will definitely get modified actotding to the nature of the planet with reference to that . These four kinds of relations are recognised in Parasara's system trnd require careful cpnsideration. or neutral). we glve the off€cts of the nine planets when placed in the 10th house frorn the lagna. aspects. Planets ln the Tenth horrse Sun If the Sun ie plaed in the tenth houeoand ia strorg by .Planetein the 10th House 65 Saturn or Kethu is placed in the 10th houre. Coqjunctions. malefic.rarars'riew) {sil f€{frffi?ildril fr: Adg €P{rfil:I ffiir qr fTe{ft:Tqrfirt tr*t tfrn:tt Two planets get connected in five ways (i) When they exchange signs.

he will enjoy good health and Iead life free frorn dieeases. and conveyanceF. He is very courag@us.onageof highly placed officials and noble men.sonof good conduct. w. He will be much praised and will be powerful like a king.rx nruch successin government circles and embassies. possessesall amenitiee and nratorial prosperity. In nrlddle life.'\ { 66 Prcfeseion'l'hrcugh Astrologt being in friendly sign. One pts lratr.'|. Saravali says: sTffidfr rrqrdr. strength. It also denol. He hris steady success in his undertakinp. Moolathrikona or exaltation. and will have a good reputation. Varahamihira says: 'guvtr4wq' d' The person *ill r:ad a l^.ealth. the person will have sons. He succeeds in his undertakinp.. conveyancee. vehicles. Since the bun is Lho knraka for health. he may expect honours and eminence. He will be learned in different branches of studies.relatives and sons. qnfr{ri ffi ftff*wfra lffi ryergilsqt{qrqeq: r He will get wealth from hig liather and wlll be a per. Phaladeepika says: @'bfttfocft'r One is blessed with sons. Mantreswara says in Phaladeepika that if the Sun occupies the 10th house. one is very intelligent.r+rrrcgg*erlEtr fvgr+qrqt <vrisgq:lver{etl When the Sun is plaed in the tenth house.irny life and will be very @urageous and powerful. strength and fame. unaseailable and praiseworthy.He is praised . intelligence wealth. Ho wlll be strongand will be powerful like a king. The person enjoys good reputation and credit. It produces ho-:oursand successin life.

dreee. women might be having some influence over him or his occupation. He will live like a king.luxury and arts. as the Moon indicates mother. strong. the person may derive wealth from his mother.ornaments.(BrihatJataka) Jobe undertaken by him succeed. errcrdevotedto his dutiesand work.Plonets in the 10th House 87 by people. In phaladeepika. He will do good to others and will be helpful to tbe virtuous. q"tfr "gtfr qd'r+fl{il*{il ffi I | . purc. So it may indicate voyages or wealth from travel to some foreign country. it indicates many changes in his occupation. strength and fame.The person ie righteous. and will have euccesain hig undertakings. He has good intellect. cruel and generous. As the Moon is a female planet and indicates females. Mantreswara says- wl Rrcrr$qqfr {rf'mfuror: r . wA qqt qvnil : tl (Eil" gL) When the Mmn is placed in the tenth house. and endowed with wealth. ftrcd. wealth.one will be free from grief. As the Moon is a quick moving planet. intellect and courage.erfoys wines. one gets wealth. The Moon The Moon in the tenth house shows auccess and completion of works undertaken. q4q{: ffdrrnwq qrsTg{ql ffi gFftr<dtsc q{Ti An <tdrqMrfrn qrrdr€fitl lVhen the Moonis placedin the tenth house. The good results mentioned are to be understood as occrrrring when the Moon is etrong and free from afflicted one's. Or it may be that. The Moon is a watery planet. He will be wealthy.

He will be a righteous persnn. Man q. Swami Sivananda).one is deroted to hirs ocupation. very courageous. He The Moon givee a desire for public life. Change of occupation is also said to be indicated.ffgdt cvrf $q*: {\ ettn q+$*r Vildtqldt $rt rilv-dgtri5qq rrefrrl When Mars is placed in the tenth house. tvomen etc.unassailable and gets sons . If the Moon is strong and is a benefic. does good acts atrd is helpful to the virtuous.: Mahatma Gandhi. As the Moon ig connected with ehipping.Prcfession Thrcugh Asbologr 6a The person meets with success in his undertakinp. Many yogas of travels are also shown. He will be generous and kind. travelling. The person will be having many friends and succese will come to him easily Grfr). doing dharmic acts. {q srqatc. provided the Moon is not afflicted. One is engaged in publicbtrsiness or he may be associated with women. He will be intelligent and active. He may be a trustee of religious institu' tions. The Moon in the 10th house gives popularity. he pts fame and happiness. He is much respected and esteemed. public commoditiee. (e. As the Moon indieotes chonges. Or one may be a dealer in objects mled by the Moon. As the Moon ie changeful. ui qtroqit He gets happiness through his relatives. (All the gmd results are to be understood as occuringwhen the Mmn is strong). fluctuations inbusiness or travellingare also indicated (particularly when the Moon may be in a movable sign). there can be many changes in his life. comlnon people. One may go on pilgrimages to holy places or rivers.9. Moon represents water) or voyages.' the person may take to such profeesions.

Westerners say that Mars in the 10th house shows dis' credit. He serves some important person. fficw: I tq{il*Tr{dr r Grihat Jataka) The effects will be similar to thoeeof the Sun.69 Planets in the 70th House and happiness.malnyoga is produced. Mars in the 10th houseshowssuccessin military life. One may exel in these fields ifit is c'onnectedwith education. One may get money or favours thrcugh his brothers provided the 3rd house is favourable. strength and power. The evil rceult ig to be understood when it is afilict€d. One becomeea great persnn.One book praises Mars in the tenth housethus q<rdsfqq. nqfr 1vfr: ait <m gtlFTsfi\ld:n (Mantreswara) Mars in the 10th housemakes a personcruel. are renowned for their oourage. The native will be lover of freedom. Thus he can be a soldier.ha. One will be very happy and courageous. If Mars is strong here by being placed . Mars in the lfth house.He will take to someprofession indicated by Mars.r&€ : Errcn an ordinar. He is very valourous and powerful. This is becaus€Mars is an evil planet. Rucha. buildings etc.He likes to be independent. can give help and wealth through one's brothers or matters ruled by Mars.wealth.connectedfavourably with the 3rd house.dcfufi:il fs6 q6. Mars in the lfth house shows gtrifee and a quarrelsome nature too. worher in iron and steel etc. Mars is Bhumikaraka. chemist. libera[ and praised by impofiant people. Mars is the Karaka for logic and sciene. moolathrikona or exaltation sign. So it can give incpme through lands. Mars gives su@essin military life. in own sign. It gives desire for adrrenturesand conqueet. People born with Mars ocupying the tenth house. surgeon. +Ttortq ar+i E nndt:gflrqrcrflrf.r .

He gets variouskinds of decprations. qwrcril ffi trr: vqs*& fRtlcg5fis€lilT glQll .He is courageous and powerful. qrqnt s<gi srna frqr w?t ffio:| (sfl"er") WhenMercuryis placedin the tenth house.He hasa lofty profession. Mars indicates agriculture.dressetc). So the person may be a farmer or an agriculturist. It givesa taste for literature.He performs gpoddeedsand is truthful. One may be employed in a profession connected with fire (Bakery. He has a jovial naturs. Much su@essin trade. Mars is a fiery planet. He is happy. factory) qr electricity or electrical gpods. . One gets happinessand is courageous.He is strongand lntellipnt.onebecomes in his He succeeds very inlelligent.PrcfessionThroughAstrclogt 70 persron becomes powerful like a lion.onebecomes learned in many subjects. MencrrrXr rlf q{rqt vqrqfrffiCfu. One may be having many occupations as Mercury is for plurality. So much power and courage will be gven by Mars. firsnrq:gffur @: dr r (n d. srfu(r gqsild"r{ drt (BrihatJatak) The results are similar to thoseof the Sun.He becomesfamousand wealthy.(orna' ments.'' WhenMercuryis placedin the tenth house. He is highly learned. Or he may be having employment in factories. undertakinp. He is through and learned. agencieeand cpmmlssiottsis shown here.) One meete with guctessln his undertakings. The jobs signified by Mars have already been discussed.

(see Sri Dahnia's horoscope). mathematician. mathematics and law. eminent scientist. postman. Mercury rules over atnucements also. lawyer or a great professor. smart. or exaltation signs produces Bhadra Mahayoga which makes the person a great personality. prudent. It can give mastery over several languages also. eloquent and clever. sculptor.g Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar). dull and even knavish. messenger etc. incompetent. traveller. (ii) Sri K. Mercury is a planet of trade. teacher. Mercury can give short journeys. it is a good sign of guccessin business.Planets in the 10th Houee 7| One may follow a literar5r or a scholarly profession. prlnter. When it is placed in the 10th house. proficienry in various branches of learning is indicated. intelligent men and learned people (e. One may be a great writer also. Example: (i) Albert Einstein-eminent scientist. astrologer or an accountant. One may be a powerful orator. Mercury rules writing. clerk. accounts. Mercury produces literaqr and scientific tendencies. This Yoga is found in the horoscopes of many officers. It makes one quick and witty. Mercury's professions are a@ountant. moolathrikona. As Mercury is a karaka for studies. skilful. Mercury in own. when it signifies profession. Krishnamurti-eminent astrologer: Mercury gives eloquence. If Mercury is afnicted it makes one artful. It gives original talents. lawyer. One might take to any one of such professions ruled by Mercury. For instance one may be an expert mathematician. A powerful Mercury makes one able. merchant. It gives a taste for science.S. .

He attains eminene and glory in his profeseion. He is very richFiltm: Uwn lqsfa.fi ifta qffiq.or exaltation sign producesHannsam'ahayoga. judge. when Jupiter is placedin the 10th house. He is a friend of the king. He might do religious worships. He is honoured and held in high esteemby people.He is dutiful and learned. TIIgd: €q{ ffi Onesucceedsin his undertakinp. The professionsruled by Jupiter are: minister. relatives. wealth. The personholds a high post.He is very prosperous.He is clever. As Jupiter rules law one might be a successfullawyer.kings nobleshaveJupiter in the 10th house. sacrificial rites etc.{qqtq{' | | (rsRqd) One gets successin his undertakinp.moolathrikona. .Emperor Caesar.Prcfession Through Astrologt cfrrpiter fu{rr'an q-q.makesthe personvirtu' ous and of right conduct.) Strong Jupiter in the 10th houseensuressuc@ssin life. The personrises in his life and gains wealth. rTHnqdsqll (qlo slo) fugnsq. Honours.and successcometo him.Also unafllicted Jupiter in the 10th house.judges. His conductis noble. in own house. sq}qpq:ffi6T{l {vrq{q frEIrJt !€tr{$ffcrf.onegets much happiness.g.It gives great prosperity provided it is not afflicted. Many profeesors. coilreyanoesand fame. He is famousand very wealthy. (e.He is highly respected.On the whole. Jupiter strong. €eR:| (Brihat Jataka) According to Varahamihira one becomesrrery wealthy. Jupiter in the 10th house.He has all amenities. he has a happy and prosperous life. tt (Phaladeepika) The person follows the right oourse of mnduct.The person becomesa great personality. or a great judge.When Jupiter is placedin the tenth house.He might be proficient in scriptures too.showsa prosperousand happy life.

7A Planets in the 10th House lawyer.Vedas and logic. respect.-d(. rents etc. -( trgr€-{ts4lq-'Frqtrlf Tg{t{ff @:r Jupiter in tenth houseindicatesthat the perstonis Brahmin. (provision dealer). Venrrs zreI vurtgfrran@actrffifd E{TGFE T5f. interests. or ladies. He will be a lord and has a pleasantprofeesion.preachesreligion and follows the path of Puranas. and all amenities. . Jupiter's placementin the 10th houseensuresmuch Successand prosperity.{+lrqfi sqr1rgrfr: @kl: ll When Venue is placed in the tenth house. I ITIFI:| (Brihat Jataka) ResulLs are similar to those of Jupiter. banker. So one may be earning through banking. .works as a teacher. priest. much happiness. He worships gods.Shastras. This is more likely when it lus connections with the 2nd or 1lth house as these houses also denote money matters. clothier. He may be successful in any one of such profession. He has many friends. One becomes very wealthy. He has many friends. wealth and fame. one is a lord getting wealth through agriculturist.dflEq r-iTdrdr @qfuft ft: er(rl (qL sL) When Yenus is in the tenth house. Mantreswara says: ltrysl6qvr3 Ve{Wtgfrn {!tt I (Phaladeepika) The person becomeswidely renowned. one is very intelligent and famous. etc. one holds a prominent official position. professor. He possesses gardens. If Jupiter is strong and unafflicted. . Jupiter is Dhanakaraka. g* 64rqni o. I5.

gt {Fqrril:KsTtl .StrongVenus in the tenth house. One will be successfulin poetry.Much success.the person is very fortunate. worship and meditation.T{rqrfrir-dcn: etlir+'n4FFrilq{r6q: I omrgdfrfrrfu fu $.rmente as he will be under the influence of Venus. he will be sincere. luck and goodfame. jewellery and fine drees. It gives promotionsin the profession.musicor drama. Moolathrikona sign or exaltation sign. So it gives a happy life.sarwartha chintamani saysthat venus in the-10th hopseduring its period. or drama.When Venus is placedin the 10th house. It promotesthe beneficial matters denoted by the 1fth house. He is clean.happiness and honours are indicated. wealtl and all types of bappiness. scial and fond of erfo.Venus is a beneficnext only to Jupiter. onegets much succ€ssl in these. affectionate. Also one will be amiable. He is very affectionatetowards his wife and children. When it is in the 10th houseone may take to the professions of Venus. This Yoga occurs when Venus is in a Kendra position identical with its own sign. Venusdenotescosmetics. jeweller.denotessuc@asin liG when placed in the 10th house.One may be an artist. .Venus being the karaka for poetry. One leads a merry life. and honours to the person.givesmuch wealth. It givesvehicles.dress.If Venus is not afnided. producesMalauya Mahayoga the results of which will be exemplary.jewellery. learning. Venus beinga beneflc. maker olaress or a perfumer. Honourspour in. charitable. Westernerssay that Venus in the 10th housegivesa power of prophecy. music.There may be gains through his wife. As Venus denotes ladies. one may have the patronageof ladies too. dqF.74 Prcfession ThrcughAstrclogr Venus in the 10th housegives taste for arts.It is the Karaka for vehicles.He is particular about bathing. He is wealthy.

Onemqy be a leaderof a group. Sasa malznyogowiil be caused and the person will occupya high position. He may be engagedin agriculture. conveyan@ dm etc. He is much wealthy. 1nrfumee. Mantreswara sa5rs: q?it qr 1qfrdfrgfrvt: {I{: cmsdrr Ttre person is a mlniet€r or a king. But as it is amalefic.no doubt. He has few issues. One may be a sales tax or incone tax practitioner. flowers etc. B^ahu in the tenth houset Mantreowara says: eild.He may be a minister or a punishingauthority. moolathrikona or exaltation.76 Plottcts in thc 10th Howe Venus is a karaka for precious stones. It may ruin businessmattenstoo..Westerners say that it gives a rise followed by a downfall. He is very brave and famous. But.one is rich aud learned.city. rrR rEt {vrqn qft q"sqilf cffi Trfi frsgfrer{Ts E(: r When Saturn is placedin the tenth house. Venus is a watery planet. He en- . it can createtrouble too. in own house. or a village.jewels. lawyer or judge.one is a punishing authority. Saturn in the 10th house. defeat etc. So the profeeelon may be connected with watery thingn. Saturrr {rdq mt v1! qql il w-qqrrdetfir qvrq{t {ffi qtt (Saravali) When Saturn is placedin the tenth house.fallure. Venus is conneci€dwlth law also. €wgAr:r6r4ftm: TrGfi'Cfritsrr{: || lbe person becomesfbmous. to the person.Amicted Saturn can bring dishonour. is good and gives a ridi. oourageousand important in his hmily. Venus can also indicate trade in the items signified by lt euch as perfumes.He is courageous. He is wealthy. if it is strong there.

has inimlcal activity. Note which planets are placed in the lOth house.He will not do gmd acts but is fearless.rally. ptrlegmatic in nature. gives power. strong.if strong.prcfessionThrcughAsuologr 7A gageshimself in othere'buginess. . or aspect it or its lord. proficient in sculpture and arts. He is impure. . Venus. One is deroid of good conduct. has self realisation. loves mankind. If the tenth house is aspected by its own lord or benefics. a leader among the brave. the sign in which Rahu is placed.'He becomsfamous and successful particularly in the later part of life. Mercury. He does deplorable and lowly acts.""*i"g Moon. This should be done from Lagna Ch"rrd"" "od . Other works (like Bhavartha Ratnakara) say that Rahu is gpod in the tenth house. one aspires for promotion and rise in his car@r. d"t. bold and widely ronowned. He may be cruel.Vaidyanathg Dikshita says: *f*ffi5urgffit ffidt uri rt qtFrdri! lfr{. and travels always. Benefics o' either side of the tenth house would cause Subhakarthari yoga and render it strong. Rahu in the 10th house. one is learned. and its lord is also plaed in Kendras or-Konas it becomes strong. Jupiter. conjunction and aspects. its conjunction and aspectsit receivesdeterminethe results. H-e is energetic.One might change one'sjob. .a': wrilr One becomesclever ln etealing. . we harrc to consider the nature of the sign. Kethu in the tenth house: Mantreswara says: @ffiiqqtudrffieqrr He experiences obstacles in the performance of good acts.But one will have a liking for wansand strifes. Vaidyanatha Dikshita says: €cfrddffitrt iFrFFrrfi: y{sffl'I{u{: s{r-$rrfr s fsftqfr:r IKI?FI: q{tft q Ar&rr When Kethu is placed In the tenth house. As in the case of Rahu. One is arr administrator.

Mars & Mercury mathematician. Some combinations and their indications 1. They have definite influence on the profession. Similarly the planets onjoined with the lord of the 10th house. artist.one working on stoneg. Sun-Venus professionsconnectedwith stage. cinema director. intelligent. metals. doing bad acts. 4. fiamousand happy. 2. Then.doingothers'jobs. should also be considered. Sun-Mercury Nipuna yoga. dramatist. 3. Mercury & Venus L engineer. SunJupiter cruel. This may be done with the house 2 & 6 also. Mars & Jupiter post in police.pots etc. Sun-Mars Sinful. Moon & Jupiter a very favourable yoga for much wealth. or weapons. and machines.rRg qr| | (xrV-D Sun-Moon Manufaeture of various instruments. Sun-Saturn work connected with minerals. (This is called GuruChandra yogp. wealth and profession. photographer.) Conrbinations told ln Brihat clataka:- frrqtg{naq\gFsFirqq|qF{RTr $filqrd gtc W dqtffiffiqatr 7r ar+rftnr++rdFnd{Forcq'13{ d6qgi rffir qt$$fld qrrsr. . 5.77 Plancts in the 10th House lagna. Venus & Moon actor.or manufactureof vessels. we will know all about his income.

accountant. Moon-Venus - trade in cloth.This is summarisedbelow:(1) Szn: successful.. successful. l (6) Saturn: Sickly. (2) Mars: brave." . wealthy. luck. wise (4) Jupiter: succeesful. Mars-Jupiter an offtcer. a dancer.an administrator etc. .wealthy. poor. passionate. wealthy. placementof beneficsin the tenth housefrom the Moonwill cause'Amala yoga. Moon-Mercury pleasantspeech.r cheat. issueless. Moon-Jupiter courageous. (3) Mercury.ThrcughAstrologt Prcfessio4 7A Moon-Mars dealtnp in strategies. powerful. well-read.artist. healthy.wealthy. important in family. land lord. merchant. T 'r Mercury-saturn Effects of planets in l0th horrse from Qfuandra lagna: Saravali devotesa separatechapter 33rd for discussingthe effectsproducedwhen different planets are placedin the tenth housefrom Chandra lagna.a minister.copyist. bad conduct.sorrowfull. (6) Venus: fortunate. liquor.goodfame. Iiamous.expertin law and dealings. nobleconduct.cruel. handsome. Thus the effects of Saturn and Mars in the tenth house from the Moorrare told ag bad.virtuous. famous. Jupiter-Mercury - an actor. women etc.re' spectedby the king. But.' learned. musician. Venus-Mercury eloquent. Mars-Mercury trader. wealthy.etc.

(6) Venus:.fame and learning.q$isfirl o. (2) The Moon:-Rtqqqi qilqniqfuf.Planets in the 10th House Gochara 7S results When the planets cometo the tenth placefrom the Moon. it is statdd dfrat Rahu produces gains in the 10th house.{fufa xtqr (Mihira) (L)The Sun:_qqErr*qq The Sun in the 10th place gives victory and accomplishment of all work. ) Mors:-qflqTfrrt Tc qdir r Mars causesneither goodnor bad. has given. Sap .CrA frga tr+<wr Mercury in thel0th. health and wealth in the 10th house. Rahu: In phaladeepika.fant{vwfr| r Mihira) Accomplishmentof one'sundertakinp and fame. losesrvealth. (5) Jupiter:- TI|FFFFIwr6l RI&l: I Jupiter spoils position.+. destroysenemiesand gives wealth. (7)saturn:_6ffisdegw ffi: qFerftWftr The persongets a new job.'wq i{qqrsFrilefitufi c<t llqir A person suffers dishonour and is involved in quarrels even though he keepsrestraint over his words. in his Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra the effectswhich will be producedwhen the lord of the tenth house is placedin the various housesLagna etc. the following results are stated to happen:<flc'lE+rq. (4) Mer-cury:. Effects of the lords in the tenth house of different houses placed SageParasara.

one has gains through trade.80 PrcfessionThroughAstrolog Satyacharya has given detalls regarding this. One need not take them too very literally but they may take them as guiding principles. He earns money through his own effort.having a beneficyoga there will be accrrmulationof wealththrough religiousrites. Notes: Satyacharya eayethat when the lord of the second houseis placedin the tenth house. and profession ruled by the planet.proud.te Suzr*q{i 13:rr If the lord of the third houseis placedin the tenth house. Malefic yoga will spoil the results. He mav not derive much happinesethrough hls children. service. He keepsa bad \ /oman. There is no doubt about this. inetead . He is respected by kings and famous among people. These are given below for the sake of guidance. one gets happiness through his fiather. He earns money by his own effort.dr?fri rffi flq-aE q{1 Tz|gwffidf. tT'+i q{ri qn. the native will be very famous. . and learned. He has many wives and derives much wealth. Satyacharyasays that the native's brothers will be famous and will o-operate with the native in his businessand trade. have his own kingdom and have the occupation of the lord of the tenth house. q{r} vf. in his Satya Samhita. qii 6{n qrd: qT* rnfi q cFrsil: I qg<Rq+ft:fqsq 5xg@a: tt When the lord of the secondhouse is placed in the tenth house.If there is a Misra yoga. Notes: Satyacharya says that if the lord of lagna is placed in the 10th house and has a beneficial yoga. When there ig a beneflc yoga. fq{drqsckd: I Tcqrdtqi src: {qrreradtq r{rqrl When the lord of the Lagna is placed in the tenth house. one is passionate.

He is endowed with happiness of every kind.ftt q*(rr If the lord of the fifth houseis placedin the tenth house. the occupa. the native indulges in bad or cruel deeds. and perform sacrifices.Arflq{+{rgnTrqr zryrrSrnl qre wl t146 wgflR rT!f<t: tl If the lord of the ?th houe€ ie placed in the 10th house. If there is a malefic yoga the natirre will have a sinful avocation. He has a good reputation. s+fi syrt qd wtqq3giqt+5d: srqiFTcftgdil trttr q gd t'dqrr If the lord of the 6th houseis placedin the 10thhouse. He gets happiness in a foreign land. virtuous and full of self-respect.fr q ercffi. the native will be a lord.tiondeclines. He has eqioymentsof many kinds. qfui q. Satyacharya says that the persnn will possess vast extent of lands.. If there be a Misra yoga.Plonetein the 10th House 81 of Subhayoga. If associated with the Sun. will have name and fame through lands. and learning. Satyacharya says that if there is a benefic yoga.Hemaynot bedevotedto his fiather. reputation and honours will euffer. gii {Fqqq{q {rqdFilfr qnilr oTis'V€*. He is dqvoted to gods. gdi 64qrs'{ri{rqrrr$ li q*S. wife . He will pretend to be orthodox. there arises aRajayoga. construct temples. the effects will be of mixed nature. Sage Satyacharya says that if there is a benefic yoga. the person is respected even by kinp.the personis prominentin his family. Malefic yoga will make him sell his lands.r t$Tfri gufrcrfi q*q qd'gqrka: rr If the lord of the 4th house is placed in the tenth house. the netlve will do clerical work.

..It will becomepowerful accordingto the strength of the planet and aspect of other auspicious planets. He is honest and always speaks truth.a2 ProfessionThrcughAstrclogr may not be obedient.. the results will be mixed.n r|qffi 1qqt. He may be empolyed in a foreign land. qr. He is miserly and jobless.q1rl qrfr rtq6e dTTrI:r 5. He is endowed with wealth and sons.4qT-d{t}qffirrg: gdtl f#Ffr rretttir q T$rfisrd . if there is no aspect of benefici. yogEsetc. He leads a happy life. Placementof the lord of the 9tf housein the 10th houe6 constitutes a Rajayoga. He is courageousand does brave deeds. He is virtuous and respectedby the people. He may go from place to place for a living. If there irga Misra yoga.riq'i r+. q. Satyacharya says that lf the lord of the seventh house is placed in the tenth houee.{fr q. the person is an expert in his accupation. he does not derlve happinessfrom his father. Satyacharya says that he will do charitable deeds.( q.n the lord of the 8th hcuse.R: tl When the lord of the tenth house is placed in its own house. the native's wife will attend him well. r*)i qCqr*d firgCffia:r frgl.the person born ie a king or equal to a king. He may be a mlnlster or a wealthy per€onof name and farne. having a benefic yoga. This will be so. oCdnw qR +s $ftliu lVhen the lord of the elghth house is placedin the tenth house. He is devoted to elderr ond preceptors. alfti: li When the lord of the 9th house is placed in the tenth house. He may becomea minister or a commander-in-chief. The person will be righteous and will be engaged in meritorioue deeds.

the native will have some gain ftom trade or from retjoii servic€s such as performance of yogas. qtti q. it denotesgains through induetry. he is respectedeven by kinge.{l{rq{A Wc-dr 1urkfl: I ffii*cnqtqqr0ffi. _If it is plamd in the 2nd house. other planets will give rise PTgtra mahapururha yogawhich will produce eiremely F beneficial results. In the third house. trade. _Notee: Exoept Sun and Moon. one gets suces thrcugh one'gown merit and industrious-efiorts. He te intelligent. resp€ct nmoDgrelatives and neighbours. qai rrqqqrE edr rrqnm*qr @sfr grd aq srFTlsR qrqtrr If the lord of the-lfth houseis placedin the tenth house. satyacharya says that rf the lord of the eleventh house is plaoed in the tenth house has a beneficyoga. Westernem aleojudge in this way: When the lord of the lOth houseis placedin the lagna. and occupation. ID tb forrth house. The matters signified by the two hotrre are to be combinedand the pred.iction is giuen.Pbrute in tle I@h Houe gS Satyadraraya sa1'cthat when there is a benefic yoga.l1 lilhen the lord of the eleventh houseis placed in the tenth Itor!".He may harreto pay fineg or taxes to the government). . Now we will conslder ellbcts which arise when the lord of the tenth house is placed rn dilferent house.lt nray denotehonoursthrough writing. he may incrr o<penditurcthrough ih" king (government. He derives very little happinee fbom hle father. he mldlt follow the profmion of the planet. He has many virtues and is devot€d to his duty. truthful and has control orrcr his sences. it denotes gains through lands and .

His wealth increasesevery day. {qnr trflq€} $TqR tt. the native will be learned. In the 12th house it denotes loes of offie. onoshouldjudge. In this way. public dealinp. In the 9th house. In the 6th house.g4 PrcfessionThtoughAetrclogr property. marriage or partnershipo.healing' army navy etc.he is wealthy and respectedby the king.In later years gets happiness.it indicateshonours to children and gains through speculation.rd5d:r {qqrs qEr. it denotes mudr foftune and gains through friends. In the 7th house. famous.it denotesgains through lrawsuits. lt denotesgains and ho:rours through profession. . . researchetc. In the 10th house. legacies insurane. He is sickly in early age.pleasureofsports or stage. He ie generousand gets happineesthrough hle father. ' Effects of the lord of the loth in variorrs horrseg aE told tn Hora Brihat Parashara horrse qfrfi dr{n qr& fr6q srfr trfi qfr: r End tt'fr gd wsr( trt{kRi Ritl ' If th" lord of the 10th houseis placed in lagna. and wealthy. writing publishing. etc. honour and difliculties. In the 11th house. In the 8th house. it showegains through learning. it denotesgain through service.rr{rtfrnRgs$ga:rr If the lord of the 10th houseis placedin the 2nd house. In the 5th house. it showsgains through estates. He might have poetic talent.

85 Planets in the 10th House o. He derives happlnessthrough his mother. e.landed property. . .+i ftgrrrq{q frfdrqtdqffid: I TEisft qtdl: yrAFr:vR*kntl If the lord of the tenth house is placedin the 6th house. He irseloquent and trutMul. the peftron is proficient in all branches of learning. one gets happiness throggh hls brother€. he is not wealthy. has good power of speechand devotes to truth and dharma. {rqi <Rrltq{i qnir qrcgqrkd: r FTd gurq qrrfr qrqqCrd:rr If the lord of the tenth house is in the 7th house he gets happinessthrough his wlves. o+it Vcqr++q vdFsrsqFa:r v+< ddgdt tr{qq g*er<fru ' If the lord of the 10th house is placed in the 5th house.one ie without an occupation. 6di Tirqrd{q 6{'fr'+ q+fl: I {qigturd qn: qrf+q y{rru: tl When the lord of the 10th houseis in the 8th houee.fr\ {'6q qrdtur{rlerg€Fail: r gqsqn qrrff *rstd n:rr ffi Ifthe lord ofthe 10th house be placed in the 3rd house. and full of virtues. virtuous and wealthy.he does not derive much happiness from his father. He is virtuous.He ls longlivedbut talks ill of others. He gets conveyances.He is wealthy and has sons. cffi V€qq{q gd rrqtri ra:r Wcn r1aqnfr1l If the lord of the 10th houeeis placedin the 4th houseone is happy. and is troubled by enemies. He is ever happy. Though clever. He is valorous.

v<r Sdrt When the lord of the 10th house is placed in the 11th house.asks us to consider the strength of the tenth house and its lord: The etrength is judged by the rasi and Navamsha in which the lord of the tenth house is situated.l Yr{frfi rrq fid vgaqrft f"Ftnt:ll If the lord of the lfth houeeis placed in the l2th house.He is ever cheerful.R: tl ffi When the lord of the 10th house is placed in the lfth house. one born in royal family. he remains worried by another benefic. and remains happy always.he incur€s e:rpenditure through the king (government). He is endowed with wealth and sons. virtuous. q. Simitarly the strength of the lord nf +ho qtor in whinh thc Inrl . courageous. Resultqas mentloned ln SatSra Sarnfo1lat Satya-Samhita is a very important work in Astrolory.Even thouglr clever.There is fear frcm his enemies. gdil1 {rdFFFTs T{qfuTd . truthful. the person has much wealth and happiness. It gives very many important rules. say Mercury as the lord of another auspicious houseor by both. He is happy. . rtAi qqqrde} traq nq$ qq. One born in other family becomesequal to a king.ft] {qqrq{P) v#q-g. surely becpmesa king. Satyacharya. TF+fi flrrqm{q ffi1 q-agqfaa: t E{-cqWqirsrfr rrertriu.Prcfe s sion' Thtough Astrclogt qrqtr qnit nil rtq!frilsq: I {+i q{5Tlffigd: rt r.It is consideredto be the basis of Dhruva Nadi.qds+Efredt When the lord of thel0th houseis placedin the 9th house. the person is an expert in all actions.truthful and devotedto his elders.

If it is nery weak.e. (Planet placed in the tenth house. he will be a chief of village.e. If the lord of the 10th houseis placedin beneficrasi. If the Sun is conjoinedwith Merculy.Plnnetsin the 10thHouse 87 of the 10th houseis placed. moderate fortune is indicated. amsa and star.. Then one has to asc€rtain the yogakaraka for profession i. Satyacharya further glves the following as the services . If this Sun is associat€dwith Venus he will be serving under a queen. If such a Sun is aspectedby or associatedwith Saturn. he will be in judicial servic€. he will be in a low service.(.alsoshouldbe considered. If it is moderately strong.. he might be serving a low caste (Mlechchha)ruler. If the Sun is the yogakarakafor profession. Moolathrikona or exaltation signs the professionwill bring good fortune to him. If it is associatedwith Rahu. significator for profession.the pereonwill be employedin government service. placed between benefics) or is aspected by benefics or is in own rasi.its lord planets ruling the navamshain which the lord of the tenth houseis placed). If the Sun is associatedwith Moon. he will be working in the salt department.Then the casteand age ofthe personghould be considered. (i. The pay will be in proportion to the associationand aepect of benefic planets.' Salt is indicatedby the Moon). If such a Sun is aspectedby Jupiter the native will be in templeservice.and is situated in the 10th house. and has subha karthari yoga. If this Sun is assoclatedwith Mars. incomefrom profession will be small.

.'Leo. confidant Venus MinistrY Saturn Punishlng authoritY Rahu punishment. Mars and jupiter are prominent. Mars gives creative ability. Architects. Athtete: The signe of Virgo and Sagittarius are found most favourable.killing etc. Mars and Mercury are present. Venus channelisesthis creative ability into art. Mars and Mercury ehouldbe also favourable. (Janmalagna. Professions and sl gnlficators The following observationsare not only supportedby As' trological principles. Mars .Scorplo.Cancer. councillor. First houseand Fifth housereceivefavourableaspects.Suryalagna fall in these).Chandralagna. Venus gives the ability to feel beauty' Favourable aspectsbetween the Moon & Venus. guide. but are based on actual studies. 2.PrcfuesionThrcugh Astrclogt 88 indicated by the planets.Venus or Mercury is generally very prominent.Virgo and Libra are the signs favourablefor the three lagnas to fall in. and statistical considerations. Mer' cury gives clear thinking power and manual dexterity. Moon & Mercury.as it rules structures and plan' ning. Saturn is most pomlnent. 9. Artists: The signs Gemini.This will be of interest to the readers. Libra and Sagittarius are favourable.imprisonment.nd Moott. Sun clerical work Moon work in treasury Mars magistrate Mercury - president of private bodies and panchayats Jupiter private secretaryof king.Next comesMercury too. L.

5. Saturn & Mars wenepnomi' nent in L007oof the charts. Third houee was found active. Mars. Astrologer. Mercury should be prominent. Book keeper:The sign of Libra is favourable. The third house and the 9th houe€were active. Chemist:The signsLeo. First and fifth houses should be active. Mars coming next. The 8th housewas found strong whlle the 3rd houserather weak. Moon. This being a laborioug work and requires alertnessand preci3ion. Mars in close aspect of Mercury givee mathematical ability.Virgo and Libra are favourable' Saturn should be prominent. Dancer: The signs Leo and Virgo are favourable. Moon rules tune. Mercury ruleg dexterity of hands & Jupiter for suc' cessin profession. LL. The first houserules the personality' The fifth house is for entertaining. Saturn rules teeth. 9. 7.Sixth houe€should be active.Mercury and Venus were prominent.Planetsin the 10th House 89 4.Venus should be prominent.6th & 12th houseswere found active as they rule sicknessand sick roolnn. Mars gives skill in surgery and giving medicinos. 8. Mars is fbr surgery. Auioter: Neptune and Mars are prominent. Mercury giveelntellectual ability. Dentist:Jupiter. Venus rules harmony and grace. 6.Mars and Mercury shouldbe also favourable. favourable Saturn and Mercury are also required.FavourableJupiter would give him patronage. 6th house was found active in a large mqjority of the chartg. The reason for the influenceof 8th housemay be that the book keeperhas to deal with others' money.'WegternersconsiderUranus to be the planet rulingAstrologr. Mercury girresthe memorising capacity. Neptune is the planet ruling this vocationaccordingto Westerners. Draft' . Mars gives strength and muscular power for dancing. L0.Draftsmen: In almoet all the horoscopps. Mars the necessary mechanicalski[ and Venus the ertistic ability. Mercury should be also favourable.6th hous€denotesailments. Mercury.Doctor: Mars ghouldbe prominent.

Energetic personality. Saturn denotee hard monotonous labour. Mars is the planet ruling energ/ and as such rules electricity also. The Moon is the ruler of nutritions. To becomea musician. 18. 17. dquarius. The 4th houseshould be active. Saturn gives foresight and the ability to plan. 18. which ie a requisite.PrcfeasionThto{4h ing. one requires patiene. L2. Mars wag found prominent (gg%). beauty and fine drese. Next to this wag the lst house.The nlnth house was found active.Fanner: Saturn war found prominent.eo. Libra" and Sagittarius ar€ found favourable. ana pieffi were found favourable dgns.Merctrry grve the neo€. Mars and Saturn were found prominent.cion. The 4th houserules land. Merctrry gives intelligence and alertness required for repair work etc. Mercury gives the necessaryability. Scorpioand Leo were found favourable signs.. In many. Moon war found prominent. Then Mercury and Venus.Mercury and Mars wer€ found prominent in a large majority of the horoscopes.Saturn (:98E)ald Mercury (967')next in order. 5th house was found acti'e. irs grven by Mars. Mercury gives intellectual ability and power of speech.Machinisr. then only Venus. the Moon was aleo found prominent.. Lanayer:The signs of [. and writing are ruled by the Brd hous€. Jupiter is the planet ruling law and justice. Bnd it is rightly considered the planet of farmers. Venus is the planet ofgrace. and yearr of hard practice. Mars rules creatirrcand cpnstructive work. Saturn and Mercury were found actlve. Saturn rules hard laborious work.Jupiter comingnext.y l\[echanical ability. L4. Virgo. 15. Mouie Actor: Mars was found prominent.Musicians. This is supplied by . Saturn inclines to laborious gpe of work. L6. Fifth hous€was found activ€. Electri.Engincer The sign of Leo was found highly favourable. sary intellectual ability whlle Mars givee the neceea.

In fact.nan is a laborious one as he has to follow the criminal till he is captured. Mars denotes active work. policemen and soldiers are ruled by Mars. tenth house was active in all of them. Sun gives the necessary authority to exereise authority. one takes to sellinggrocerlee. In most of them 6th house was found to be active. L9. Nurse: Here also Moon and Mars were found prominent. Sickness is ruled by 6th house. looking after the sick and treating them. and a sense of rhythm are provided by the Moon. Ability to entertain people. Mercury ln 86Vo and next Jupiter. Tlme. Mercury gives shrewdness and ablllty to befriend people. who are the secret enemies of the eoclety. and also their place of confinement. beverages. Sun was prominent in 100% of them. 2L. Moreover it should be noted that Juplter rules financial matters while Mercury is the planet of trade. Jupiter gives high positions.Planets in the 10th Houae 91 a prominent Saturn. tune. The profession of nursing ls mainly ruled by the Moon. Saturn and Mars were prominent. Salesrnan: In almost all of the charts analysed Jupiter was found prominent & Morcury next.'In the oharts analysed. Mars gives the necessary @urage and darlng.and things needed by . 12th house was also active. 20. In about 957oof the horoscopos. Tenth house relates to public life. 22. 12th houee indicates criminals. Sun rules leadership. Saturn has the authority for irnposing punishments. glibness of tongue and sharp intellect are provided by Mercury. So it is right that these ghould be prominent. Abillty to express oneself clearly. law-enforcement oflicers. respectabillty and the ability to help people. Twelfth house was found active in almost all of them. Saturn is the planet of strict justice. 12th house denotes confinement. securing their goodwill and winning their liavour is grven by Jupiter. If the Moon ig well aspectd. So these are prominent in the horoscope of a nurse. The job of a policer. administration and business. Politicians. Policernan: It was observed that in almost 1007oof the charts analysed.

For example. L5. the frfth house.clothing etc. 23.or be in the Surya lagna it denoteemuch writing work. . and next to it. logical reasoningand intuition.The signs where the aecendant.6.20 yearswhen they are at the highest point of e:<altation1qlieu. or Sagittarius appearsto be favourablefor this profession. At their extr€me debilitation pornts.25.theseare: 9uz.if Mercury lg in the tenth house.that omupyingthe tenth house.2I.L0l/2.tenth house.. The significations of the planets and signs have to be harmoniously synthesieed.This art comestlrrough constant practice. articles worn by women. L2.Surya l"gnq Chandralagna haveto be noted. L5. The resulting number indicatesthe income.If Venus is well aspected.7u2. I2Uz.Virgo. A rough method to determine one's incorrre The years allotted to the planets Sun on wards are: L9. 100.Also it is to be seenwhat kind of signs the majority of the planets occupy. accordingto the true longitudeof the planet).The ninth housewas found active. The influence of the slgns .(This is to be worked out by the rule of three. Teacher:The Sun.the Moonor the Ascendantfalling in Gemini.or near the tenth house and the year€ it has to contribute.one gets luck through selling jewelley.'l %.. This number is to be rnultipliedby 10. artistic things.SZ ProfessionThroughAstrotogr the commonpeople. yoga (ii) ordinary Dhana yoga (iii ) powerfulDhanayogaor (iv) extreme Rajayoga. 1000. Find out the strongostplanet amongthe loro of the tenth house.LO.10000 accordingas the horoecopehas (i) dridra (poverty.

He may be a leader. rigid nature. pioneer. The earthy signs (Taurus.r are in Chara rasi).dealers booksellersand printers also. Libra. gardening. They are successful in government service. Leo and Sagittarius have connec' tion with army and dangprous pursuits.sthe sign Ariee denotesconnectionwith Army. and other well established occupations requirlng etrict disclpline (euchas thoseof physicians etc). . healy work. Note in which type of signs majority of the planets are situated: movable. Aquarius) show much literary work. it makes one very energeticand actirre. a good organiser or a good buglness man. Piscesand Scorpioproduce those connectedwith public work and water. The sign Scoropio produces doctors. agriculture. it denoteeplain. labour. inventor. (Examle: C'andhdl's horoecope:5 planeti. (2) If the m4iority of the planets are in fixed sigrs. The airy signs (Gemlni. Leo. (1) If the majority of the planets are found in movable signe. The watery signs Caner. sailors. trade of corn. building. interest in scientiflc studies. mental occupa' tions. iron. physicians and chemists. They only indicate literary work.Plonetein the 10thHouse 98 The nature of the signs has to be given great consideration. Sagittarius) denotemachineryand occupationsin which ftre. fixed or common. The fiery signs (Aries. Great writers on the subjectsay that airy signs (Gemini.ambitious and hard working. It producespublicans. carpentary and masonarSl. Onebecomespatient and steadfast and follows the rulee of descipline. Wherea. Capricorn) show work connectedwith earth. Westerners recommendanother method. Virgo and Sagittarius indicate messengers. and shop-keepingetc. merchants of wine and those who deal in liquids' Also the signs Ariee. and metals are used.LibraAquarius) are termed scientific signs. Virgo.

1 .

during their periods and subperiods also will produce gains.{Tr*a qwr'tTra'cl qiflfffidi{s{l I The planets owning the 10th house. Jataka Parijata and other standard text books. provided they are not afllicted and are strong. So their lords. The planets in the llth house. The Dasha Bhukthi principles should be studied from Phaladeepika. qrt{dFlmdl qT+ikfqqrqhfr q-d qrai qflrqrfq6l1 . Laghu Parasari. In the dasha and Bhukthi of the lord of the 10th house. So also the planets in the 2nd house and owningthe 2nd house.t i"tr it is placed. the karakas will produce favour of the king. We quote here only those relating to the 1. one gets opportunity to do meritorious deeds. the houses it owns and the house which aspects and the effects of combination with other planets" qTq{qnrdrsq}ilfrsq rrtsd ns fu <vnzTr{ll The houses 2 and6 ere respectively 5th and 9th from the 10th house.0thhouse. promote the indications of the tenth house. as also planets should also do good o. placed in the L0th house.Chapter IX Dasha-Bhukthi PrinciPles A planet producresduring its dasha the effects of the house in *.

Also we should consider planets aspecting these. In the sign of the Moon. He will lead a happy life. due care is to be given to the planets conjoined and aspected by the lord ofthe tenth house. The nodes become stronger than the planets when they are aspected or when they are placed in the signs of a planet. Kethu was placed. the lord of the tenth house. in the sign of Mercury which was in the 10th house. Rahu was aspected by the lord of 10th house Jupiter. See: rrnqqrd. planets assoclated with the lord of second house have to be considered. Otherwise results will be different. Jupiter Bhukthi. Example: A certain person gets employment in RahuKetu period. even at the time of getting employment.rEl . All the good results are to be understood.96 ProfessionThrough Astrologr So. Moon was conjoined with the lord of the 10th house.-driTf. a person gets appointment during Rahu Dasha. And Jupiter was placed in the star of the tenth lord. the planets placed in the second house. when the planet is strong and has benefic aspects. planets associated with these aspecting these and consider their Dasha-Bhtrkthi periods. Thus we find that of the Dasha lord and Bhukthi lord are connected with 10th lord. He becpmesfamous and gets a permanent position. Rahu was placed in 6th house. AU theee. influence of benefics. Similarly the lord of 2nd house. in their periods and suu-periods can give wealth. He commands great respect. Thus. In another horoscope.+onffirc*. we have to consider planets placed in the tenth house. qffidcroqgHr il*s Rrtr E"-qtfiql !frffi yffi T'wtc-{faqrffi sdc+ftnqr{rl During the Da-shaof the lord of the 10th house the person concerned will successfully complete any undertaking commenced by him.eqdsqq{trqd fffi wqqfrq: r I @ffrl errdrqifdx.

{rqdrqrfrrqi{Ivqqq*lr qR ffir erlrftffiflnfira rtq4irftqffisr (8. qrq{T-qrft{dr rrA .R. one will not get any yoga reeult. mffiffi-n cr+{tJq{tl But in the sub-period of the lord of the eleventh house.) If there is a relation betweenthe lords of the tenth house and the eleventh house. will occur.sgive the effects of the planete in whose stars they are placed. rtqgrqrnrrflhq qq*} qR ffir Tlaffi srytQ rrqirr sdfta:tr (8.{rA sl cR sRerdn qrfr dffiqr1tu If the lords of the fth and the 10th housesare placedin the 10th or the 9th house. This is certain. moderate yoga (auspicious results). can give results relating to the 10th house.Dosho-Bhukthi Principles D7 Also it is an established fact supported by ancient works that planets during their dasha.One gets extreme fame. Thus Jupiter when placed in the star ofthe lord ofthe 10th house.) If there is a relationbetweenthe tenth house. in the period of the lord of the elerrcnth house.R. One gets extreme fame. there will occur R4jayoga. rrffiytr I rrfil. one gets yoga.and the lord of the eleventh house.cl qsqi$rflr ncrdr+ulrqrctn'itifi*mmrgirI Ifthe lords ofthe tenth and bth housesare placed in the 10th house or in the 6th house.one gets Rajayoga. {EIRS qR qrt}n: 11m qrrqril qftt rrqfrrrrcruifd crd qlffitl .

wflrni fuAqvq=+f$3ffi. One becomes fiamousand successful. One becomesfiamousand attains much success. qffiftffiqryq sftqdrr {rsirrrtdftfuMIffiq*(rr Ifthe lords ofthe 9th and 10th house have exchanged their houses. ErTFIr€t Y{li6FI qvnql +rFFrfl:| Rgt*. the sub-period of the kendra lord in the dasba of a thrikona lord produces pod results. . ffil ffiqlTrfqfd iqd Mt qsd(rl ffi Ifthe lords ofthe 10th and lst house exchangehouses. the yoga karakas in their sub-periods produce good results and some times even exemplary yoga results. qCqrdt{ng qrl erfraErq *oT oral@ffi:rr In the dasha ofthe lord ofthe Sth house.g v{€Fd gnffi'M RI{tl When the dasha of a benefic is in prcg?ese. it causes Rajayoga.PrcfessionThroughAstrclogt 98 If the lord of the 9th house is placed in the 10th house or the lord of 10th house ls placed h gth house. (Both planets are benefics). Ifthe kendra lord is not a malefic. the sub-period of the lord of the 9th house has been proclaimed to be extremely good by the sages proficient in Astrolory. it causes Rajayoga. gq11 f<Ef(trfi nut W(tl In the dasha ofthe lord ofa kendra. the sub-period ofthe lord ofa thrikona produces good results. one gets Rajayoga and much fame.

ilfl {q{srflrcFTcF| <{fl R cFrd gqe-{ Rr(r 'q s{q gdt -. Similarly. Thus the noble sages say. The dasha of the lord of the 10th house associatedwith tht' lord of the 4th produces happiness to people. Similarly. the period of the planet associated with the lord of the 9th house will be extremely good.). The period of the lord of the 9th house associated with the lord of the 4th house. Dasha Bhukthi TH*FM Principles FIGI{I ({II {fq9-{I-{fll i?TrqcqTffg nt'-{rrFl * *ji The dasha of the lord of the lagna associated with the lord of the 5th house gives kingdom (good profession etc.r. the period of the lord of ascendanJ combined s'ith the lord of the 9th house is good. will be very h"pPy.s. and children. Tqiir gffiR crhrq <{n Ewl gdasffir€mtrqilvrs <YlT( {qr | | The dasha of the lord of tenth house.]qffiR qFiltFIll SVnTun *effi Similarly. profession. ffi4 99 Dasha-Bhukthi Principles rrqEHrqFcdifsfiTqs wngqr {qgdrqt sr(l s*1ffrners gd{e{s <qrl Rrn qrg{Et{tiftTl:lt The period of the 9th house associated with the lord of 5th hous€ gives status. . So does the period of the lord of the 4th house associat€d with the lord of the 10th house. wealth and happiness. q--qf*i gffis n6R qr{ri{nl d?r rdCqgffis q{tl q{q{ilrl{t11 The dasha of the lord of the 5th house will produce good results. associated with the lord of the 5th house is good. e. the period of the lord of the 10th house placed in the 9th house will give honours. (kingdom).

Lord of the lagna is therefor€ very auspicious. their periods will be good--eo the peoplelearned in Astrolory say. 3. qrfT{qFrs5ffFtrIedqm wl gctrRrcTsftE$r $qs<t|Tfi11 The dasha of the lord of the bth house placed in the 4th house will be gmd. Inrd of 8 is alsoevil as the 8th houseis lfth from the 9th housedenoting one'sfortunes. arrqtgmrq +{s EFfffs fff:t {rqr{ tsfutm|:tt The dasha of the planet associated with the lord of the 5th house and the 10th house or aspected by these can also grve a kingdom (good profession). so say the learned astrologers.loo Prcfession Thrc ugh AstroI ogr g&il cfiil{tq€fi qrivt: U€ruRrI:r Tdrfu fllTrcrgvdfffit lril:ll If the lord of the 4th houeeis placed in the 10th house or if the lord of the 10th hous€ is placed in the 4th house. . Iords of 3. Yogas proclaimed by Parasara Sage Parasara is coneidered to be the father of Hindu Astrolory. do good as regards wealth. The dashaof the lord of the 10th house placed in the 4th house will give a kingdom (goodprofession) and income. ari nffiftq Srr*i{tl 2. Legnacan be treated as a Kendra as well as a thrikona. q{ ffiqffit T6t: {rFFFn: T{fl: I l. 6 and 11 give evil results. Principlee propounded by him are mostly infallible and have stood the teet of time. whether malefics or benefics. All the lordg of the thrikonas. 4.

.mutual exchangeof housesetc. Iords of Kbndrae loee their natural benefic or malefic nature. For Aries ascendant. It loses its benefic nature as it owns the Kendra houses 7 and 10. Planets owning a kendra and a thrikona become yogakarakas. and Jupiter ls oonsider€da benefic for this asoendant. For example. it gives much prosperity. The thrikona is a house of lakshmi (wealth). as the Sun owns the quadranHth houee. 8. Their periods and sub-periodgare very auepicious.the ascendant lord is very auspicious the ascendant can be reckoned as a Thrikona and a Kendra.Rulership of gth will dominate.A connectionbetween lords of Thrikonas and Kendras gives rise to Rqjayoga. fame and wealth upon the person. When there is sucha Rqjayoga.D osho-Bhukthi Principle s lol 6. If the lord of lagna is strong in its period. 9. dqrfrqqrifufrF$qriE*aqg Tfiqfr r**r: rl 6. Jupiter owns gth and 12th houses. The Sun los€smuch of its cruel nature in respectof Taurus lagna. Such a Rajayogabestows position.mutual aspect.Jupiter is consideredevil for Mithuna lagna. Let us apply these rulee for the ascendantArieg. 7. rank. scffi'g1<rFr{f{: cm}fr qr+€qh qR:I This is becanrse. sub-periods and conjoinedperiods.The connectionmay be due to combination.Th€€ planets own . Arles. When a planet mles these two houses. The lords of 2nd and lfth housesare consideredneutral.the rulership of the house other than thege two housespre\ails.the planetsproducingsuch yogas give their auspiciousresults in their periods. Sun and Jupiter are auspiciotrs. The kendra is a houseof Vishnu (lordship).

1 .

Mars 2. Pisces Mars. Aquarius Venus. 1. The periods of Yogakarakas' The periods of benefics' The auspicious planets for each lagna are as follows: 1. Venus 4. Virgo Venus. Capricorn Venus. JuPiter . Mercury 8. Moon 6' Leo Mars' Sun 6. Sun 10. Mercury 9. Saturn 12. Sagittarius JuPiter. Libra Saturn. Aries JuPiter. Gemini Mercury. Taurus Saturn. Scorpio JuPiter. Moon 9. Cancer Mars. Saturn 11. MercurY ?.Chapter X lVealth: fime of Gains and Its Amount of Now we will discuss the time at which good income' means by wealth can be expected and secondly certain rules be of which the approximate amount of earnings can calculated.

friendly sign.One should apply the rules of "Jataka Chandrika" for studying the nature of periods and sub-periods. For example. The planet placedin the 2nd house.2. In their periods and subperiods one ha.The planet which rules the 2nd house. when the lords of the major period and the sub-periods are friends of each other and are favourably situated. own house etc.10& gth houses during the course of the dasha of a yogakaraka.Promotions and gains of wealth are possibleduring the sub-periods of benefics having connectionwith 1. ufir{rrn(: s id gq{fffut @d\ I snl Planet placed in the second house.wfrq: r rraqrq+ft s*q ncrnmq.2. it will bring loes of wealth.fqsr(r arwm5-ol r Considerthe following planets: 1. When a planet is favourably placed in the secondhouse. Loss of vzealth fiRam: crrf{nsrrd. signs of debilitation. . in heliacal setting brinp about loss of wealth in its periods and sub-periods. But if it is heavily afllicted. Income will be through the indications of such a planet. This will be so when it is in exaltation. This will be more so. qqtrffirsq. it gives wealth. 3. Planets connect€d \nrlth ttre 2nd flouse T+qqTd. Jupiter in the second house gives good amount of wealth provided it has the strength to do so.5.sgains of wealth.lO4 Prcfesaion Thrcugh Astrologr The periods of yogakarakas generally prove very auspicious. with malefic aspect. posited in inimical signs. Same is the result when if becomesuseak in Gochara. sqfrsq<vtrrdi frdd enr . The planet a^spectingthe 2nd house.

.Wealth: Time of Gains & Itc Arnount 106 Dasas of planete placed in the loth horrse frorr Lagna or Moon r<qwffit qlfi i qrt qrTqftq-fls 1 t q{srmr iun e<vng qtftFo:rr Planetsplacedin the tenth housefiom the Lagna& Moon can give wealth in their periods.Theygrre emploSrment and wealththroughthat.

consideration of Chandralagna is also required. houses Though Janmalagna is of primary importance. diseases. From these considerations. When three or more auspicious planets occupy the ascendant. Strong planets placed in the lagna signiff the profession. On the other hand if three or more evil planets occupy the ascendant people born are ovencomewith grief. prosperous and wealthy like kings. the person may earn his livelihood through writing or teaching.Chapter XI Importance of Lagna in the of Wealth "Iudgenent 6qffi. If Mercury is there. people born are happy. 2nd and llth give wealth without much effort. t'1{Hiq qr-+tqrffi s{qTl rr (Gargr) qk+j ffi: *rsR*rt+qrsqr Mifrira X-A) Thus great Acharyaslike Gargi and Varahamihira harre clearly stated that benefics placed in lst. fear and rejected by others. So oys Saravali (a classical text on . Very often planets placed in lagna or Chandra lagna signiff the profession. one's prosperity continuously increases. it is clear that asc€ndants and planets plaeed therein have a great influence over one's wealth. in this respect. In Phaladeepika it is mentioned that in the dasha of the strong lord of lagna.

if malefics have conneetion with lagna in their conjoined periods loss of wealth has been told. Moon does not get the benef. According to Pgrashara's rules too. it is told that when the lord of the lagna is placed in the Navamsha of 6th. As it aspects Mo o n Mercury Sun V c nu s Saturn La9na Marc Kcthu .agna). (Even here it is with reference to Chandra I. In Brihat Jataka. it will be clear that Lagna and Chandra lagna deserve close scrutiny in matters concerning wealth. Sunapha. a malefic Mars is placed in lagna. From this discussion. attach great importance to the aspects received by the Sun and Moon in considering money matters. In Saravali.rcinfluence of Jupiter since they are in 6. In Sakata yoga. Here.gna in the Judgement of Weolth Hindu Astrologr). Anapha. Rahu Jupiter This lady lost heavily during Rahu-Saturn period. . 8th and 12th lords one becomes poor. Westerners too. Saturn is aspecting the lagna. Gajakesari yoga arises when Jupiter is in a Kendra position from the Moon. . Mihira says: erffi dri Te q qq-qffii:t Td{r*f*r{QTqrsrtusrft:qer: u (XI-3) When Lagna or Moon falls in Vargothama Navarnsha and is aspected by four or more planets.lO7 Importance of I-a. and Chandradhiyogas.8 houses mutually. Rahu acts perhaps as an agent of Mars placed in lagna. the person born is a king and twenty two different typee of Rajayogas ariee. Durudhura have reference to Chandralagna.

And the outennost circle represents the 12 housesftom Surya lagna.11 ?trd?r[ftqiqr*4 rqd g{: rr (ffi: lltr qqT*Asrflgqeq.The innermogt circle representsine fZ houses fum Ingna etc. It is in the ninth house from the Moon. Here loseof wealth occunrd in Rahu-Rahu period..s qj dri $q1qqrq. The next representi the 12 houses from Chandra lagna. With the same entre three oncentric circlee are drawn.Prcfession Thrc ugh Achtl ogr Rahu. Here also Rahu is affecting the lagna being placed in inimical sign. Parashara sa5rs: q*Arfu rq frl&1 Ttr{c Eq! il€iqk qaH g(Yfr{tl Er<vncT ?firuqnarqm qrat*Gqr:rnd?{:I r{rff qaq q-fl: teqqFril:tl qS qsfw 5r.irrqr V e nu c ffi 1vsrflrq ilqi. TtiB is supported by the verse of Jataka Parijata- q r=q+tt qR irE{nqt qrcrwT({rcnrgvila.. 11 qrQtfi elqqRrcdt i q+eq{lqn:I W WrU.qqqrfl: n6rFdr:I in E $ri qfi 6|gFFr{a: r d y+.iRn mr$rqwiq+(rr . the latter prpdued the reeults in the sub-period of another malefic Saturn. Srturn Ju p i t o f Lagna iun Rahu llercury Mars Moon Kethu Sudarehana Paddhatl: The details of this procedure is explained in Brihat Parashara Hora and other standard works. We will quote another example. They ane divided into 12 houses.

If no planets are plaed in these houses.In this way. Even a malefic planet. the Moon and lagna. It is said in Parashara llora that results of the houseecan be known very clearly from this Sudarshana Chakra. . one should interpret the results of the houses. In. E-({fi arc rdflrsEz kTll -. Accordingto the planetary occupations. seeingthe good and evil results. Keeping this as the ascendant. it is to be taken as giving bad effects. Thus it is a method of divining the result taking into consideration all the three lagnas-Janmalagna.results dependupon the aspects.the lst house Sun may be treated as a benefic but in other places.Importonce of Wno . poeit€d in own sign or exaltation sign. doesnot producebad results. T#.in the Judgemcnt of Weolth loe 123 Jupiter 12 Rahu Moon 11 10 Kethu L a g na Venus Saturn M6rcury Mars Sun Here the first houseis occupiedby the Sun.the other hous€s are to be understood.+n ilqrR qmci ild vtfi\fd tsfu(rr The results of the housesare understoodaccording to the planets placedin thesehouses.the results are to be understood. Chandralagna and Suryalagna.

Jawaharlal Nehru. naturally becomesweak and its significance becomesfeeble. decays. The house occupied or aspected by malefics. This is the horoscopeof Pt. Bahu L a gn a Mo o n Saturn K e t h u S a t u r n V e n u s Ma r s Mercury Ju p i t e r .nqr wFrfunqr T+}5dsqlqtl -\. And one malefic with respectto all the three lagnas.110 ' Prcfession Thrcugh AstrcIogr ft . the results ofthe benefics and the Yogakarakas will be very much pronounced and of a high order. In ancient times. 1. Now we shall apply this Sudarshana Paddhati to the horoscopes of a few persons and show the advantages of this procedure. vtqdq grt A qt itFI 6fir yffi11 The house conjoined or aspected by the lord and the benefics flourishes.naturally becomesextremely weak to producesignificant results. SudarshanaPaddhati can be employedand results bejudged. If all the three lagnae fall into either of these two sets. It is no novel method. Mercury.Mars and Jupiter. 1. but only an old method taught by our ancient sages. the Moon. the practice of judging the horoscope with respectto all the three lagnaswas very much in vogue. The hous€ which ie subjected to the evil influence of a very large number of evil planets. \ \ . This becomes clear from many ver€€€rof Varahamihira in Brihat Jataka such as 3qg{ffitffi IRcII:etc. 2. The planets may be divided into two sets. A planet which is a yogakaraka with respect to all the three lagnas. The Sun. Even in the matter of guessing one's profession.gets threefold power to produe beneficreeults. Venus. Saturn.

Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer (influence of Jupiter. For want of space. Mahatma Gandhi's horosc-opeis given as e:rample. The role of Mars as also the strength of the tenth house becomes more clear from considerations of Sudarshana Paddhati. lord of lagrra. Surya lagna. they are ruled by planets of the same set. In Mars dasha. lord of Surya lagna. Or sometimes. Chandra lagna and Surya lagna all are ruled by Moon and Mars. . It is occupied by Moon and Jupiter.its strength increases. Nehru became the vice-president of the Indian interim govern' ment and later in the Mare dasha he became the Prime Minister of India. we are able to see the influence of the benefic planets on the tenth house.sof the planets also. conjunction. Mars is a benefic with respect to all the three. The student can easily draw thern and veriff for himself. and aspects. It is the lord of the Surya lagna also. the aspecting planets determine the effect. and Mercury over the lOth house). At a glance. Firstly. If a planet is in benefic varga. write down lagna. the lords of the house will determine the eflbcts. (MoonJupiter influence). If no planet aspects the house. Venus and Mercury and the tenth house form the Surya lagna" aspect of Jupiter. The tenth house receives the aspect of its own lord Mars. It is aspected by the benefics-Venus and Mercury. Chandra lagna. Venus. If there is no planet in a house. Mars is a yogakaraka with respect to his Janma lagna and Chandra lagna. and against these enter the names of the d i fferent planets in fl uencing these by oeupation.e.Impofiotw of Ww in the Judeement of Wealth lll The lagna. and other considerations of difficulties of preparing diagrams we do not give them. The profession is determined by the planets having the maximum influence. All are in friendly signs. i. He was a great leader. Parashara recommends the consideration of varga. the profession will be one indicated by the group of planets influencing these lagnas to the maximum extent. Now we will describe a rough method for judging the profession without drawing this diagram. lord of Chandra lagna..

Thue Sun and Mercury are having ma:rimum influence. ' Chandra lagna-Mercury. Sun. Rahu..Venus-8. Kethu. Saturn. Mercury. Sun. Chandra lagna ter. Sun. Mars. Moon Jupiter. Defene Aeountantr Lagna-Mars. Moon-2. Kethu . Rehu Moon Jupitcr Mare Surya lagna-lord-Meranry. Mercury-G. Saturn. Venus. Mare-2. Sun. 2.lordMercury. Sun.Jupiter-3. so the profession in defenceaccounts gets fully juetified. V e nu s Mercury R a hu Moon Sun Surya lagna-Venus. Mare. Airfonce officonThe influences of the planets over the three lagnas S c t u r n and their lorde are as below:Lagna-Saturn. Jupiter. Lagna Sun V e nu s Mercury Kethu VeSaturn Jupi- Chandra lagna. nug. Mercury. L!gnr Lagna-lordJupiter. Sun-5. Lagna lord-Moon. Mars Jupiter Chandra lagna lordMars. Together they denote accounts. Surya lagna-Mercury.As further Mercury and Mars have e:rchangedsigns.ll2 PrcfessionThrcugh Astrclogr Examples: l. Saturn.

113 Venus-l louse. fuq[{:Wealthis very importantfor a person. rc Judgement of Wealth Surya lag Jupiter. Mercury-3. Venus-l 'is closelyconnectedwith the fth houseby ownerulership.Considerationof the se is very essential. Saturn e lagna falls in Aquarius an airy sign. Mars ou owns the tw these point the tenth L Mars-2. Mer 2. Jupiter-3.Ah rtrludge:- Lagn Saturn.Oneresorts fessionfor earningwealth. rs. Sowe give rules regarding its ment from ancient texts. lagna-lordgna-Mercury. Saturn- t-2.t s.This points to judiciary.Importance of L. . sl rlly this is only a rough method. L a g na Iagr' Ma r s Mercury. The same ie confirmed by 3. Ju p i t e r Moon Venus Sun S a t ur n M e r cu r y rgna-lord-Sun. S Merc Kethu. Venus. qil wqr++q3 lrfrtnrrrdfi Tr{ffi qr tr+z++d }rt6ri{SEtl . Jupiter owns llth house. Cha (by asp gna-Jupiter ts Ct Surr. Saturn.Nerrerthelesrs we see the role of ets connect€dwith the three lagnas in determining I eesion. All r said profession.) HNAIYCE .

he produceo much wealth. it is good for wealth. T.Nl gives wealth. or when he is exalted. q-iiir. . Similarly exchanp betweenlords of 2nd and 6th houe€ is indicative of much wealth.qf5dqqfur'itfiqlrr If the lord of the 1lth houseis placedin llth houseor is in a Kendra or a Thrikona.rffq qi Crq: qTfi w{F*Trq5-(l A benefic placed in the second hon malefic causes loee of wealth. 8 or 12 it cause loss of wealth. vwfuQt?r<ranqft*ffilurq:r Tg-drriil< 3. A 5€-cnc tFFilEndt rler(t If the lord of the 2nd house or Jupiter ie placed in 2nd house. qtil HHqq€Earti cr tr{ rrtr rrrrt Ir qt q+(rr dr$ft If the lold of the 2nd houeeis placed in the llth houe€and the lord of the llth houseie plared in secud houseor both are placed in Kendra or Thrikona. 2. Much wealth cannot be earned if the lo'rdsof the 2nd the llth are cpmbinedwith the lord of the 12th house. ' and 4. 3.ll4 Prcfession Thtough AstrcIogt If the lord of the secondhouse is placed in the 2nd house or Kendras or Konas (and ig strong) it inereases one's wealth. Also if the lord of the 5th house is plaed in the 6th housewith the lord of the 9th housein the fth houeemuch wealth can be earned. Dhanayogas l. Ifthe lord ofthe 2nd houseis in the 6th houseand the lord of the latter is placed in the 2nd house much wealth ie earned. one becomeawealthy. If it is placed in 6.

If the lordg of the 2nd and the rlth housesare praced in the elerrenth house in own sign. 6.<r{frqtr gwn qf6t wn 1ttn i frFRvttrr 7. ffiq{Hrq: vtcfl f*flRr+} qrqilr 10. Dhanayoga is caused.rr 8. If the lord of the llth houseis plaed in a Kendra or a Thrikona along with a benefic planet. llth and the lagna are oeupied by their own lords. he gets 500 gold nishkas. alongwith Jupiter one gets much wealth. If Jupiteris in 11. arqrvti gtgt qi wrsqF+lr Vb s{flrernri q+(rr . If Jupiter is coqjoind with the lord of the 2nd and Mercury.Mmn in 2. an++dqrdrqd f. andVenusin g. il$fr rrt{rFmqqful i. the person will harrc .9. hegets 6000 nishkas i. If the lords of the 2nd and the rlth horrsesare praced in the lagna they are friendg of eachother. same is the reeult. a perron haring much wealth irgborn. ffitqi rTF{rrA ErsqFatr q€lfrif E sryFeq6qtfgfiqrnq..e. If the houeea2nd. nFfltlTrnfirdf q@r 12. he become extremely wealthy. If the lord of the lagna is conjoinedwith the lord of the ee@ndhouse and is placed in the lagna. friendly sign or in exattation. in ttre 4eth year.Importonce of lagna in the Judgement of Weolth 116 5. Oecomesmuctr nealthy). v'+i fi{rRrv3i sfi qg++qrr 13. If the lord of the llth houseis placedin the Znd house and the lord of the 2nd houseisplacedin aKendra.rqgrgqlRd+dqrr 11.

one beomes wealthy and famous. qr{rq tlfl{rrtvfi: crftst{Riw: +frtr{i{Fnqrfrc< drffi I q*qrr 18. If strong asendant lord is placed in the secondhouse.or if both theseplanets are in lGndra houses. fedr{'rfir( iaffiqRrtr Erq vrq€qfqe g rralr1 EgrR{rr{ifltn 20. If the lord of the ascendantis placed in the second houseand the lord of the 2nd houseis in the 11th houseor if the lord of the llth houseis placed in the asc€ndantone gets treasure. Ifthe lords oflagna. EFRqTfuqId:TItsEffiIiI: tiri fril(: RKII 19.endouredwith all strength gives wealth. he has much wealth. If the lord of the 2nd houseis placedin the elerrenth houseand the lord of the 1lth houseis placedin the Znd or llth house. If the lord of the llth houseis plaed in a Kendra or a .it qrsfr qrqr{ eqrfcrnt q+(tt 16.one becomega millionaire. fd{rtfrtf drdt drftIq fffrsrtis{irdl ffiqr 15. qrtfi tr+rIRR} tr}i qnrrrm1 artir qr f{d'T$ faffiqnqgzrqsg 17.Prcfession Thrcugh Astrclogt 116 much wealth. If the lord of the 2nd houseis plaed in lagna and the lord of lagna is placed in the 2nd house one gets much wealth \ \ uti erwfg* 6\fi qaqq|1 ilg$ +a. q{* qR vriif'fftTqR qenigilt 14. llth houseand 9th houseare in extreme exaltation (Paramochcha)or in Vaisheshikameae. A planet placed in the 1lth house.

Occurenceof NeechaBhanga tb the Sun or the Moon.9. Presenceof Kotzkokhyo yogo in the horoscope.2. the person is rich.r<tqil I xxl Somesay. 9. and Surya lagna. Presenceof Ad.hiyogain the horoscopewith respect to Lagna or the Moon. 5. Placement of a natural bene{icin an auspicious house along with IGthu. 8.Emergen@ of a planet as a benefic with respect to all the three lagnas. A planet beomingmore and moreauspicious. Placementof an exaltedplanet in an auspicioushouse and exaltation of the lord of that sign in addition. Connectionbetweenthe lordsof the auspicioushouses 1. Tho Venus will produce its auspiciousresults to a greater extent. Occurenceof Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga. and 11 by conjunctionand aspect. if four or more planetsaspecttheir own houses. 4.darslwnapaddhati. arnsaetc.. gf. Lord of an auspicious house becomingretrograde. Placementof Venus in the lfth housewith respectto one or more of the three lagnas-Janma lagna. Chandra lagna. 11.Imprtonce of Lagnn in the Judgetnent of Wealth tt7 Thrikona and the llth house is occupiedby a malefic in exaltation rasi.Suppose there is a benefic planet and it is aspectedby Jupiter as lora of . 2. If four or more planets are placedin their own signs. Suppose Venus is exalted in the 7th houseand again the lord of lhat sign Jupiter getting exalted. one becomesrich Other Yogas capabl€ wealth are of pnoduclng mrrch 1. 6.€TgdgBtsgrqr qng$ilFrJqr: etfi.. 10.The lords shouldbe strong. in the procedure of 'Su. 3. 7.

it may indicate garn of wealth through father.llt Prcfeeeion Thrc ugh AstrcIog 2 or 11.It indicates insurance money also. 1. In every horoscopethe secud house denoteewealth accumulated.'8thhouse denoteir'wealthof pa. Ifthe lord of the ascendantand the 2nd househave exchangedhouses. If the lord of the ascendantis onnected with lords of 9th and 10th housesand placed in Kendras or good signs.One earns goodamount of wealth provided they are strong. 3.one accumulateswealth.it will indicate lossof wealth. If i\rIarsand Jupiter ombine together Guru-Mongala yoga is caused. if malefic influencesare there he may lose the wealth. If the lord of the 2nd house is associatedwith Jupiter or Venus. 4th houeedenoteslanded property. If the lord of the l1th house is placed in Kendras or .rtner. one gets wealth through his brothers. it may indicate gains through mother. 4. 1. If the lord of the 2nd houeeis connectedwith the Zth house and placed in lagna it indicates wealth through wife. Connection with 12th house is not good. One becomeswealthy. If the lord of the ascendantis onnected with the lord of the 4th houseand placed in lagna. one earns goodamount of wealth. Ifthere are beneficsin the secondhousecountedfrom the Sun. and being further aepected. 2. If the lord of the 2nd houseis connectedwith the lord of the 3rd house and placed in the lagna. 6th denotesconveyanoes. 5. one can earn well. that also indicates wealth. But if both are placed in the 12 house. If the lord of the ascnndant ie placed in the ee@nd trouse. If the lord of the ascsndantis associat€dwith a malefic and placed in the secondhouse. it indicates loesof wealth.But onnection with llth houseor gth houseis told to be gPod. llth houeedenotes gAine.

5. 2 and 11 are related together. The ficllowing ombinations arc stat€d to be evil for wealth. 6. 4.Impftonce of la. If Jupiter is placedin the 2nd houee.d bejudgd as a whole. This is a bad yoga and reduces the merits of horoecope). Ifthe s€condhouee ie aspectedby benefice or united with benefics. There may be l€ry powerful yogas. 2. Then the eflixts of these ruresmay be much reduced.In addition. If the lord of the 2nd houee is debilitat€d and set. If lord oflagna and the 2nd houseare placed together in the 2nd house. 2. 8. If the lords of 2nd and llth housesare e:ralted. (Kemadruma Yoga. If Jupiter aspectsMerrury. They ngt be ap_pliedindiscriminatefy.gno in the Judgement of Weolth 110 Konas. 6. Ifthe lord ofthe 2nd houseig eituated in 6th or rzth house. If the Moon is rrery weak and is neither associatednor aspectedby benefics. 7.n" horoeope sfro"fa II :hg"l. This is discussedseparately. l. IfSaturn and the Sun are ptaoedtogether in the 2nd house. [All these crmbinations ha\E been tord herr for guidance. 8. 4. If there ane no planets on either eide of the Moon. If the lords of 1.and strong or if Jupiter and Moon are together in soie benefic slgn. One should note the_pegninS and spirit of the rul-es. 8. 6. one should notignoreihe .onelhould ue extremely careful in judging the results which depend upon se\Eral considerations. If there are beneficson either side of ihe llth house. If the lorde of 2nd and l2th hous€s e:rchange each other.

'r One is said to earn well if both lords o houses are in Kendras or in Thrikonas and and 2nd '9. the person will have enjoyments.But Venus is a$ exceptionhere' Venus is a planet of eqjoyment (Bhoga)' 12th houseis a house of enjoymentGhoga). land.it may indicate wealth through wife' ' houry 'ealth '*7tt. rd Sameis the result when the lord of the 2nd houseI in 7th and further aspectedby Venus' Positlon Venus of the beneflcs Mercury.it is said to be indit through trade or partnersirip and shares in L business. much t"ealth and splendour' Most of the planets are L"il in the 12th hous€.trade.l. it L an indication of goodamo be weak in the rasi 'evil results will be Benefic Planets in the 4th house a They grve house. it gets oralte{' riter is strongly alth' oor propertY.I 120 ton Thrcugh Ashologt Navamsha chart. and enjoyments upon the native' Tht author of Bhavartha Ratnakara says: qqt+qCgrfq \ffiRl neTlqrtl TE|-i i€ tl The author of Phaladeepikaalso says: T5-ffiqivtRrM*rqFcttt When Venus occupiesthe 12 house. Jupiter is Dhanakaraka.If it is ir It is strong in sagittarius and Pisces'\ placed. Planets may appa but may be in goodnavamshas'Ther reduced. rfupiter r Placementof Venus in the 12th houseproducesyoga' It said to confer wealth. partnership etc)' house-deuotes If the lord of the ?th houseis strongly situateo house. conveyance and l^ '. If the lord of the 2nd is placed strongly I and b" aspectedby benefics. Placementof Venus in the 12th house thus givee rise to a yoga for much wmlth and enJoyment' .

4th. out of these the first two lagnas have to be invariably considbred. one can imagine the extent of good results and wealth it can produce..When it irsin a Kendra identical with own sign.s qsdTqn ft'<t lTqft gq{tl XII-4 ll Jupiter dtrong in own sign. 4th.Importonce of Lagna in the Judgement of Wealth t2r As we have mentioned earlier. 10th and llth is good. IfVenus is only in the lfth house from Janma Lagna there will be no poverty' The persnn will be rich.e-. ?th. exaltation sign or Moolathrikona sign causes Bhadra Mahayoga. Chandra lagna and surya lagna are to be considerqd. But if it is placed in the 12th house with bf""ett"" to the Chandra lagna and the Surya lagna. Moolathrikona it produces Hamsa Mahayoga. in the opinion of the great writers. i. occupiesa high poeition and erfoye a happy life. An e. Mercury in 1st. exaltation. Janrma lagna. exaltation. 10th identical with its own sign. all the three lagnas i. ?th. Venus in the lfth Venrrs in the 6th house Placementof Venusin the 6th housealsoproducesyoga' This is certain--says the author of Bhar"artha Ratnakara: {*. in which Venus happens to be in the 12th house from all the three lagnas since the sun and the Moon are situated in vrishabha lagna.Jupiter in the l1th houseor 2nd houeealso is very favourable for wealth. .e. friendly sign in the 2nd. The person becomesrich. Varahamihira also says trrils*' house makes a Person wealthY.-xampleof this is the horoscopeof Queenvictoria.

sq}r1q€*ft. Sunapha yoga results _ If a planet other than the Sun ooctrpieethe 12th house from the Moon. Anapha yoga results. In the following pages. If planets other than the Sun occupiesthe 2nd and the lfth hous€sfrom the Moon. Results Yogas of Sunapha. Anapha and Dunrdhrrra yogas: ffi\Fw{'ilS{g{. Sunapha Yoga sqqrr[Tdifr: qtit{Rdsri q[ trcfd fd VffiTi rfirnqrfuvqr sn{ Dunrdhura . So !t is very essential to study theyogas present in the horosope. Srrnapha. Durudhurayoga is caused. Vffiqil: q'Fra:tr (Brihat Jataka) _ If a planet otlui tlnn the Szz occupiesthe 2nd housefrom the Moon.and thus keepthe personin a humbleposition.we set forth someof the most important yogas which should be studied.Chapter XII Some Important Yogas Hinfy Astrologr gives great importane to pgas or special combinations or configuration of planets in ttre horoecope. l. Anapha l. obstacles topmgress. Presence of benefic yog" greatlf enhancee the merit and status of the persronwhile badyogasbringdiscredit.

Jupiter wealth. happinese and respect from nrlers. 10 and 11 houses from the Moon's ph@.Some hnportont 128 Yogas A person earns wealth through self-aoquistion. the percon is courageous and wealthy. Durundhura Yoga In the case of Durudhura yoga. He beoomes a king or a wealthy person equal to a king. 6. passion and enjoyments. Mercury gives power of speechand exellence in arts. 6. one becomegvery wealthy. intelligent. When two benefic planete are so placed. healthy. 2. He is wealthy and commandemany eervants and conveyances. Even'if there are bad yogas present. 10 and 11 houses. Anapha Yoga sgrrwrft: {iffif{Grv+ge+Et Fdrr<nmr<qrr The person is a lord.they are cancelled and the effect of this yoga takes place in a prominent manner. then also one becomegwealthy. one will be moderately wealthy. Venus much wealth. wealthy and famous. 3.He leads a happy and comfortable life. . If from the Moon or the lagnqone planet ie plaed in Upachayasthana one becomesordinarily wealthy. righteousnees. Yoga for being a wealthy percon). cqrqdT{lFn ?rtlqrsuflrgr( f f i : q c d :r gFqi Tfrwdgqt{q nqrdrcr{ erM cdFKT6)r | | (Varahamihira) If all the beneficsare plaoedin Upachayasthanas 8. Vaeumad Yoga (Vasu means wealth. He is. If all the beneficg are placed in 8. in Upachayasthanas. If Mars be one of the planets producing such a yoga. virtuous and ig blessedwith all sorts of happiness. the person eqjoys mgch happinees.

Otherwise. 6.il* Turgq+ rrqffit F{|(n q+(rr ^ When Jupiter is placed in a Kendra from the Moon. intelligent.oga to be really effective the Moon and Jupiter should be strong and should rule auspicious. mene pneeenceof Kesari yogas of ordinary nature may not producethe aus. _A person born under Gat'akesariyoga will be powerful. picious results mentioned.the role of l0 and 11 is clear as they slgniry profession and gains. . Jupiter or any planet placedthere will aspectthe 10th house !V -t###BOT_TEXT###quot; 5th aspect-In the caseof Jupiter. ciajakesari yoga results.e.. 6th house denoteseervic€. virtuous and pleasingto the rulers.it is stat€d that if there is no planet in Upachayiasthanas rneckonedfrom Lagna. Jupiter or Mencurywhich should not be debilitated or set. Lord of the L a g nr Mare Sun Mercury Vonur . Gqfa Kesart YoEa ' +rRqi*sgttffil +slwdliffi EQ rtq*qR€sqtn<lqefl rr. th-easpectwill be full. More over the Kethu Moon Saturn dashas of the planets should operate in one'g life time.Hr{rqFll +. 10and 11are calledUpachayasthanasi.prcfession Thrcugh Actrclog 121 Note: In the @Fmentariee. It is the Bhagrasthana ftom-the lOth house. powerful Gajakeeari yoga is prmnt. J upiter In the adjoining horosop€. plae producinggrowth and increase. one rnay beome very poor. or the Moon.Ofihese. .The houses8. endowed with wealth and gair*. It is formed also when the Moon is asegctedby strong Venus.fgtroloeerc say that for Kesari ). 3rd house is rcferred to as tI{f€T{ second from the second housel.

when there is a benefic planet in the Vesisthana (2nd house from the Sun). exaltation signs or Moola thrikona signs are called Karakas with respect to each other. Lord of 10th house is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter. exaltation sign. These five yogas have been grven great importance by almost all classical writ' ers and have been included under Karakakhya yogas by Varaha Mihira. along with the lord of the 5th house. They are caused respectively by Mars. Venus and Saturn when these planets happen to occupy Kendra houses. In the horoscopes of great men. in hig celebrated work. I(arakakhya Yogas The Pqncha Maha Punrsha Yogag Varahamihira. the effect of these Pancha mahapurusha yogas seldom fails. In the period of Mercury.Some Inrportant t26 Yogas 10th house Mercury is placed in lagna. Ruchaka yoga is caused when Mars ocanpies a Kendra house identical with its own sign. their presence is frequently noticed. Thus powerful Rajayoga is caused. or Moolathrikona signs. identical with their own signs. And unless there are rrcry bad yogas' maning the horoscope. exaltation signs. It is supposed to contain very many secret principles of Astrologr. Hamsa. when the angles are not empty and when there are Karaka planets. Out of these the one placed in the tenth house merits special consideration' The Pancha mahapurusha yogas are respectively Ruchaka. Mercury. Bhadra. Mantreswara says that these five yogas can be considered from Moon's position also: IFH<fr qrqFqfrTRrqll . To illustrate. Brihat Jataka says that a person is fortunate when his birth is in Vargoththama (same sigu in Rasi and Navamsha). Malavya and Sasa Mahayogas. Planets placed in the Kendras. or Moolathrikona sign. he became the president of India. occupying their own signs. Mihira's verses are full of vast meaning and Brihat Jataha is no ordinary work.

.tZA PrcfeeeionThrcugh Actrclogr It is sure to confer high posts and if one or more Mahapurusha yogas are present. intelligent. For further details regarding these 5 yogas.It suggestsgoodincume or pay. Desh Mukh ig an example of Karakakhya yoga.and helpful to others. Jupiter is in the ?th producing Hamsa Yoga. The book'Deva Keralam'howevergivesan alternate definition for l(ahala yoga: dri rqkn effirr q|rfiiqr @ +trt 6r6fiSilfi: ll rftnE qreaqnrnrffi q1qqvfr:I @rr 2. If Marg as the lord of the 10th houseis in its exaltation. the beneficial results will also increase proportionately. the yoga is called Kahala. The yoga is causedby Mars as lord of the tenth house. Lakshmt Yoga: If the lord of the gth houseand Venus be poeited in their I own or exltation house identlcal with a Kendra or a Thrikona. one should refer to Saravali. One born in the yoga of Ibhala becomesa minister or a ommander-in-chief earning 10.000nishkas (gold coin) as inome. gaining strength and ausplciousnessdue to combination with Bhagradhipati (lord of fth house).akshmiyoga. the resultingyoga is called L. Kahala Yoge l. there arises Kahala yoga. VargoththamaAmshaandbeconjoinedwith the lord of the fth house. cheerful. Ifthe lord ofthe rasi occupiedby the lord ofthe lagna be in his exaltation or own sign identical with a Kona or l(endra. With referene to Chandra lagna. I A perEnn born in Lakshmi yoga will be wealthy and will lead a happy life. He will be respectedby people. Exanple: The horoecopeof C D. The person who is born in Kahala yoga will thrive well.

Shreenatba pga reeults.or aspectof nalefics. a king. lord of the fth and Mercury are placed in Kendras and Konas in exaltation. virtuous. The person born in this Shreenatha yoga will be weal.thy and humorous in speechand will be worshipper of Vishnu. This pga has been told by Yavaneehwaraaleo thus. with the lord of the tenth house in exaltation and coqjoined with the lord of the 9th house. qrt{gafrRril. Chandradht yoga CId: ItRfiffiqffiFI F+q @t EiTfl:FTF {qtgdt ffiFnrqlrq EilRr:tl When benefic planets occupy_lrouee 6. Adht yoga: Thie iBa very important yop and found in the horoecopeaof many eminent per$ns. own eign or ftiendly signs. another onbination is giwn. commander-in-chief. Shreenatha yoga sults and the Inreon born will be a king equal to Indra.7. There are two types of Adhi yogas (i) Lagnadhi yoga and (ii) Chandradhi yoga. In Phaladeepika.8 cotrnted from . If Venus. long-lived. one beomee a ninister. Lagnadhf yoga qrrrssqr<qf qR {1rr. ?th and the 8th houge without aseociation.127 Somc ImpoftontYogos Shreenatha Yogr 6tM 6ffi €g* qqffrt qrqtgill qrdl rR: Tr5snr 1qfr:tl ffirmUnRqrn When the lord of the ?th house is placed in the tenth house. and happy.I Td qrscfd:ftrtrffi: dqqr({rqfr:tI ftilg+<sffiArqiilrit ernnr*tr q*qr F€td ?ffiE{Filefira}sa: Sqrtrilqqrl If beneflcs are plaed in the 6th.

Notes: It is pointed out by commentators that these benefics need not occupy all the houses 6.useit. That wou. E-nrnples yoga will be a king. the Moon and the Lagna are in even signs. They may occupy one or more of the houses.ssion Thrcugh Aettologr the Moon. They are free from diseases and fear. The person born in Malw Bhqta generous famous and long-lirrcd. if the lord of the sign in which it is situat€d or the lord of its e:oltation sign be in a Kendra ftom Chandra lagna or the Janma lagna. . Maha Bhagra Yoga gqtslqflrqrr{in. In the case of females. This is stat€d in Saravali also. if the Sun. it will b less strpng. They are long-lived. thisyoga arises when the birth is at night and the Sun. of Adht Yoga: When all the three benefics cause Adhi yoga it will be strong. Some astrologersoonsiderAdhiyoga when even two or one of the benefics are occupyingsome of these houses 6. gtqqrffifi q q-qdr{rqft aiqTd rrfl q+grffi1 ir$€mq:l If a planet is in debilitation.8. and 8.1s W In the case of a male born during day time. Neecha Bhanga RaJayoga Cfturry rrdr*tT:) ffiqd) T:fi + 76.l2A Prof. Moon and lagna are in odd signs.ld be suflicient for production of this yoga. a minister or a king is born. They vanquish their enemies. the person born will be a king and will be just and meritorious. Maha Bhagra yoga is formed. (one or more of the houses) a commander-in-chief. They are blessed with every kind of happiness and nrnenities.?. 7. lf ottc or two benefics ca.

Some Impoftant Yogas lrDg fi zrcre ++qtvtr ar*o qq qr Am{wqE{*'rd Je: Frq1wfiq6.Jupiter tated in the 4th house. is debilitated in Iagna Venus is debilitated in the lfth house Jupiter ig debili. wealthy. the person will be an empenor. it will make the native a king and famous. if the lord of the depreseion sign and its exaltation sign are in lGndras from one another. Thig is a very important yoga.I If a phnet is debilitated and if the lord of the depression sign as well as that of the exaltation sign or one of them be in a Kendra. ctun{il qfr Mft }Ereffia:r eMrqddffi'q-dt*<qr( lerrr{qfu gl: vffi}<: rr If a planet in debilitation is aspectedby the lord of that sign. virtuoug and famous.. The yoga thus makes a p€ffronpowerful. Sun. Saturn M a r r Kethu Example: Here is the horoscopeofa person who has three planets in debilitation.Yet he L was a leading laryer who R r h u McrcuryS u n Venur rose to the position of a Moon . Such Authors say that such a debilitated planet and the lord of the sign will offer good results in their confoinedperiods. zrffi@:idr ?t€tq E Trrd nrrkTr{ertra€rF: tl When a planet is debilitated.esluted by other kinp. One should not undenate a horoecopesimply becauseplanets are in depres. sion. the person will be an emperor whoeefeet will be worstrippedby all other kingr.

e. 5th or the llth house. the Moon ig placed in the lagna itself. 5th or the llth. We need not take the effects mentioned tm literally.e.shouldbe occupiedby the lorde of the gth. llth and 2nd housee. learned and virtuous. . He may be an oflicer wielding considerableauthority. Jupiter is in 4th house which is a Kendra with respect to Lagna and the Moon. Mars is placed in Kendra with respect to the Lagna and the Moon. Errcn thisyoga isonly a hint at the importance of the tenth house. i.. gain and wealth. one becomeoa ruler whoseposition never getsdisturbed. er€|uit TTrgrar*rr: (Akhanda sa'nraJya Yoga) q{Trdr\qtq+drtotR \r$fi vfrcgft*r*dt qmnmnnrCsq*< 3rcVsqlslq'{ftffiifr11 Even if one emong the lords of the gth. and Jupiter owns the znd. having much wealth and authority. The yogasmentionedmay not makeapersonan emperoror a king. The lord ofexaltation sign ofVenus. just to point out the importance of the yogae. but certainly make him wealthy and powerful.producing fortune. He was a very rich person.Jupiter ehouldown the 2nd. Thus Jupiter's beneflcial lnfluence is securedat least upon one of theee throe auspicloughous€s. The lord of exaltation of Jupiter i.PrcfessionThrcughActrclog 180 dewan.. All the planetsget NeechaBhangaand havecaused very powerful Rajayoga due to which he could rise to the position of dewan. Secondly.and whoe€kingdon is also quite secure..be placed in a lGndra with repect to the Moon. It ig cdstomar5rwith the poets to enlogise the effects to abeurd heights. 1lth and 2nd houses which are auspicious. i. Thus all the three planets have Neecha Bhanga. For the lord of exaltation of Sun. It puts down two conditions. The tenth house from the Moon.e.

It produces unexpected gain of wealth and the native becomes suddenly wealthy. ftqtffisf{qtRil{rir g *.8 and 12 in the horoscopehave been rendered weak. this yoga arie€s. Consequently.. the lord of the 6th house is placed in the 6th houee or the 12th house and the lord of the 12th houee is in the 8th or the 6th house. but should not be combined or aspected by other planets. mutual aspects etc. In thr rbren of tb. the horoscope gains strength and benefic nature.Anaphaand Dumdhura. Kemadruma Yogas leading To Poverty Yoga fr-+q Vt'flffir$g{r: eR:q}rn. The lords of these houses may be connected with each other by exchange of houses. the bad houses 6. Bad 1.l1 When q planet other than the Sun occupiesthe 2nd. qrftsdTlvfc: wwt*r* rrqrfifiriw{:rr If the lord of the 8th house is placed in the 12th or the 6th house. .Yoga ffid Tfq+tf:) Thie is also a very important yoga. l2th or both housesreckonedfrom the Moonthe neeultingyogasers calledSunapha. and the native ie raised to a high status. A person born in this yoga will be a king or an emperor of nuch wealth and rneans of happiness.}qi| qqqs'il RSd ri qi ql ftqt.Some Irnportant Yogos Vipareetha 1S1 Raja. The defrnition of thie yoga is as follows: r.qqt 1 trqftqftsgFi rrgisq *rgfr a66uFrdsry@. ffi. which frequently escapes our notice. This is because under such a combination. ft:ffisR n+qrafigi q€qrf€afiwqtqr t*qlqTilrqr$firdl.

But if the Moon is in a Kendra house from the fag. Varahanihira has dissus€d this yoga in hig grcat work Brihat Jatala Tbero hs says: }q6tcfr€:ffi:er:r lqr: tteflvil 1qilft q{rsrfl:rl When Kemadruma yogB ie present. firue the effect of Kemadnrma yoga ie to pull down the horaope as regards wealth. He will be an odinary person ftequently gtricken with grief Thue this ie another pga. Tbe peraonborn in Sakatayoga will often becomeunfortunate and may again get back what he had lat. A wige man is to consider them carefully with special attention. Srlrte Yogp Definition ilqtrqrefi det yrftfr !t ytzfi'z:I +{lt nfr lmr(tl Whsn theMoon ieplaed in 6.Sakata 'o!i aris6.a. thsrc is no Sa}atayoga. the merit of the .omJupiter. The effectstake plae even if the person is born in royal familie.182 Ptpftccion Thrcugh Asaologr abotl 8 yogas deflned. 2. which redue honmcope. Kemadruma yoga does not ads€. 8or 12 ft. errcrrgtriclen with grief. the person is dirty. there ariees a bad yoga called Ksmtdruma Jrogp. Sageparasara has said: qilrqlFnd tFil Ttglrn fr{'lrtt:r srmqqr<dft gdf qafiffiqrr Chandrayogascancel the effectsofotheryogas and produce their own effecte. If the Moon occtrpleaa l(endra or there are planets in the lbndrae of the Moon. He mey be e srnant or wicked persn. in a low paition and bereft of wealtir.

Satur4.. Ifthe lagnadhipati is very weak. 2. in the secondhouse..becomes good fo" p"of"""iori U.'when "*p. and the lord of the 2nd house is placed in the l2th house with the Sun. If Saturn is strong.". and eet with !h9 Jord of the lagna and the lord of the 2nd hous€ is also in debilitation. For Aries ascendant. *1 "".. (10 in Tula) Jatakaparijata says that even a person Uorn-in is reduced to poverty..-i. Lord of the lagna being weak. needs scrutiny from different angles.benefic it is under !\ough profeesion. houses are very weak.i" same planet Saturn. If the Sun is in paramaneechabhaga. 3.. 2.t bad for health. beneficsl. and the princlples Here we describe some methods which will be of aid to gues' matters relating to wealth. 10. This will be e.t."t influences like Venus. If the second and the llth indicate poverty. Venug becomeethe owner of lst . ll. aepected by the gth lord and Jupiter and the Sun are set.. the tenth house fells in Capricorn and the eleventh house falrs in Aquarius.roify _ [Actually. For Taurrrs ascendant. " "oyJf. one should consider g. it may ffi eF*fr-qllrrrsBiqrdtmr Tq}gttrrr$sfr tcrmjgfirffi: n fqb qL) 6. Some general 2.SomeImportont Yogos lgg Some other bad yogac which are said to make a man 1rcor . ""i.1. 4. 1. In every th" individuJ h. If the lord of the gth houee is with the Sun. Both are d"i. ib said to cause loss of wealth by ever spending. Mars. etc. 5. The principres given u"to* are for the sake of guidance only and ane not to be taken literally as they are.

For Virgo ascendant. For Cancer ascendant.As 10th house denoteefather'g wealth. (SeeMalatna C'andhi's . one deals in public work and gets fame. Saturn beomes a Yogakarakaby owning the 4th and 6th housee. For Leo ascendant. there arises chancs of getting father's wealth. 8th house denoteswealth of wife. But it rules the 2nd and llth houses. It rais€s one to a high position and girrcsgoodincome.When Moon is strong.one may get wealth through wife. Saturn becpmesa Yogakaraka.. For Libra ascendant. (seeSri Nehru's horoscope. Jupiter ig a natural benefic. Venus gets Kendradhipatya by owning the 3rd and 10th houses. 4. Venue owng 2nd and 9th houge.Merctrry rules the 1st and the 10th houseg.Mercury rules 2nd and llth hous6 which shows gain of wealth.. and it ie con' nected with the lagna.Mmn rules the 10th house.Its periods may not be good as it is told that lord of llth hous€ is evil. uncle.Soit becomesaYogakaraka. and strong.Venus owns 8th and the lagna.e. Similarly. So. Saturn gener' ally girrcsgoodreeults in its own periods and sub periods. Venueis also a benefic for this ascendant.Saturn rules the 9th and the 10th houses i.184 ThtoughAcfiolog2 Prcfession and 6th hous€s. Jupiter becomesowner of 7th and 10th hotrses.e. income through 6th house (i. Mercury may be bad for hedth. Here agian More becomesthe Yogakaraka by owning the 4th and the 9th hous€s. For Ciemini ascendamt.aunt) irspoesible. 6. And if Saturn ie strong. 6. Bhagrasthana and I(armasthana.Tbere ig mueh clrane of getting wealth of mother provided Mencury is etrong and farourably situated. good profeeeion and high poeition are possible. one gets wealth through father. Mare becomesthe nrler of the 6th and the loth houses. So.Mercury nrle the 1st and the 4th houses.Though it is said to be bad for health. 7. 3.It becomesa Yogalaraka. If Venug is favourable.He becamePrime Minister in Mars'period). hr profeseionit is not so. if Venug is farmurably situated and strong.

Ttrus there is likelihood of getting wealth through one'e eons. Mars becomeeneutral by ownrng the 4th and lfth houses. Jupiter owns the lst and t[e 10th houses. 9. ghould not be taken as final and applied indiscriminstely.SomeImportont Yogas 186 horoecope). placement with regard to lagna.3rd houeedenotesbnothers and sisters. This also suggeststhe possibility of gstting wealth thnough partner. For acquarius ascendant. In its period. If Jupiter ie etrong. aleo. For Sagittarius ascendant. its aspect.Jupiter nrles the ascrendant and the 4th house. 11. Ownership of lGndras nsmovesevil nature 12. hi 6th and 10th housee. One gets a decentjob. one earns wealth by self-acquisition. provided Jupiter ie strong and situat€d farmurably in gpodhouses.If Sun is etrong. (* lagna can be treated as a thrikonasthana). 8. Jupiter owns the Znd and 6th hous. It is glen only as an aid to guesing results.V€nus beoomes Yogakaraka. If the lords of two hous€s exchange signq tbey gBt connected. Jupiter is a benefic and beoomes a Yogakaraka too. Saturn owns the Znd and 3rd hous€s. one gets wealth through hie brothere. Venus be@mee the Yogakaraka. For Piscee asendant. For the neeultsdepend upon many other factors. it gi\r€sgoodinome and happinees. one doee glorioue acts ard achieve great thingr. strength of the planet. Sun rule the lOth houee. 10.. If further the lord of Znd houe€ is placed in the 6th .If Saturn is strong. Saturn rules the ascendant and the 2nd houees. if Saturn is favourably eituated and ie strong. as Jupiter owns the se@ndhouse. InVenus dasha"he gets promotions and lives happily. 1. provided it is etrong. cnqiunction and influence of other planets. For Sqorpioasendant. The above principlee. So.e. For e:ranple if the lords of 2nd and 6th housgo exchange eigns. For Capricorn ascendant. it would mean wealth and children ars oonnected. i. there is chance of getting wealth ftom fathdr.Mare rules the ?th houseand the 2nd house.

There is poseibility of getting wealth through children. Saturn. Unlees.Jupiter the lord M c r c u r y Lagna of the 2nd house aspects the 2nd house. S u n Kcthu eficial aspect. 2nd housecan denotelearning.. .Jupiter is not only the lord of the 2nd housebut also of the llth house. He is aspecting the lord of lagna also by his ben. 2. 6th house can denote intelligence. Similarly. With refer€nce to Chandra lagna tbslo L Saea I\faha yoga in addition). this is a stronger corurection. the lords of the signs containing Sun and the Moon. lords of 1. Soconnectionmay be betweensomeindica' tions other than children too. If some or more of these get related we orpect good amount of wealth. Chandra lagna and Surya lagna get on. Lord of lagna Saturn Rahu Saturn ie connected with V e nu c Bhagradhipati Venus..Jupiter. all denote wealth. family etc. we cannot be too definite.186 AstrcIogr PmfescionThrctqh house and the lord of the 6th hors is plamd in the 2nd house. favourite deity etc. Also it was told earlier.The planet ruling Surya lagna and Janma lagn4 i. e:rchangeof 2nd houselord with the lord of any other house can indicate gain of wealth througlt that eource. nected.we e:tanine the karakas and study the horoscopeas a whole.(Jupiter'e B/4aspectfalls upon the Uth house). 11 hous€s. Venus is not only a benefic here. children. smusemente. but Jupitcr Moon also Yogakaraka as he rules a quadrant (4th house) and a trine house (9th house). Here Dhanakaraka Jupiter is aspecting the 2nd Maru house. Readersshould underetand this everywherel. Venus is placed in the 12th house with reference to Surya lagna and Janma lagna. There ie Parashara's . Thus Janma lagna. [We eay possibility for the reasonthat eachhouseconnotes several thinp.e. happens to be associratedwith the lord of the Chandra lagna.

187 Somehnportant Yogos Rajayogaalso becauseof the combinationof the lords of the gth and lst house. It aspectsthe Moon. the lord of the Znd house from the llth hous€wherein it iestrongly plad in a friendly sign. An e:anple of Adht yoga. Ruchaka and Sasa caused by Mars in the l0th and exalted Saturn in the 4th.. . Becauseof so Vcnur many benefic influences he is a man of crores Flahu Satrm tagna l/loon Venus Sun MercuryMan Jupite l(e$u Jupibr Marr tagna Mcrrury Sdrm ilbon lGrtru 4. 2. Each factor mentioned aboveadds one point of value as regards wealth. Here Lagnadhiyoga is preeent.Lord of Znd houee is combined with lord of 9th house. This is also the horoFlahu scope of a mllllonalr. Subhavesi yoga and Vasumadyogais present. So he becamea very rich man. Jupiter ig Dhanakaraka. Becaurn of the beneficial yogas he is very rich. Sun the lord of the 2nd hous€ ie with the lord of the 1lth and both are aspected by Jupiter the Sun Bhasradhipati. Since so many of them are found. houseof wealth. Venus in 6th house is good. we e:rpect the person to be extremely wealthy.e. There also we frnd that Jupiter is the lord of Chandra lagna and Surya lagna. He is a person gaining much wealth. Similarly now consider the horoscopeof Dalmia. Firstly mark the two powerful Mahayogas. Jupiter as Lord of gains aspects 2nd housei. 3.

[Some timee the Dashas of other planets situat€d in the star of zuch planets or aseociatedwith euch planets may also give such resultsl.Its combinationwith the 2nd lord should producemuch wealth and famel. He will wield much power. But association with the lord of lagna and benefic yoga enlunee that euch results will be certain to happen. 2. So such a conbination ie etated to grve prominence in the famitvl. [2nd houee repments h'nily. If the lord of the lfth houseis placed in the lst house in cpmbination with the lord of the ascendant and has a benefic yoga"the natirrc will have muctr name and fane. 10th houee status. . The person will be an important member of his family. and influenoe. 10th houeeindicates power and fame. Erlen its situation in the lagna is sufncient. f. He may becomea minister or a great official or even a minister.lhe reasonis this: 10th houserepreeentshme and profes.Chapter nII Dasha Phala of the Lord of the 10th Bhava (From Satya Sarnhita) 1. sion. If the lord of the 10th hotrseis placed in the 2nd house in cpmbinationwith the lordofthe 2nd houseandhasabenefic yoga the pereon will acquire much wealth and will attain reputation as a rich man. The reason b clear.

DashaPhalo of the Latd of the 70thBhoua 189 Mostly he will be holding a governmentjob.. 2nd house acquisition of money' He will support many pemorxtand fbed them.. . Combinations with malefic planets will bring troublee. He may get goodinone through his landed property. 10th houee represents government. the results wlll beome poor. the reults may be poor.or pat. [4th houe representslands and happinese. Hiebrother will be famoue. or badly placedin Navamshachakra (eighth plae) ftom each other. alongwith its lord. 4. 5. If the lord of the 10th house ie placed in the 4th house. the penson is 'blessed with ministership or a kingdom. and benefice.the natirrc will achievefame for his deeds. He may becomea notorious liar' [Znd house represents speech. If the lord of the 10th house ie plaed in he bth house. He will rise in his occupation. the native will be happy and may achiew famethrough his lands. brarrery etcl. and hae a benefic yoga. He will becpme famous for bravery. it may bring troubles. fithe lifth houee indicatee ministershiP also. He will be very helpful to otherg.Poeition of lord of 10th in the 4th hous€. 3.[Reason:The third house rep' reeents brothers. If the planets are ininical towards each other.can therefore bestowlanded property' houseand happinessprovided the planent is strong and deviod of malefic influencegl. along with its lord.enumerata qfr+=niritrr. See pbala deepika:'{rqrg qfffo{Rqtfi' . If the lord of the 10th house is plaed in the 3rd house with its lord.He becomesfamousas a wealthy pe$Dn. poverty and ill repute. If the lord of the 10th hotreeis weak. Combination of 10th lord with malefics there indicates ill'reputation by lieingl. If there will be malefic yogas.

He will get fame in foreign land. flfth houre indicate livelihood. If the lord of the 10th houseis placed in the Zth house in combination with the lord of the Zth house. It can denotelas in trade becaueeit is the l2th countedfrom the Zth house. Or he may go on pilgrimages. [7th housedenotes travel. the native pur€ues a low job. Zth house indicate wife. If the lord of the tenth houseis placed in the 6th house. Connection betweenthe two houees. If there is malefic loga. . in otbination with its lord. And. Or he may earn hie living with the help of his wife. lOth house rules profeseion. lfth house pilgrimagBs]. l0th house denotesfame.lfo PrcfeeeionThrcughAstrclogr Ministanhtp ls thus consldercdfrom the 6th houseJ. the person may be oaupying a good pet in the ourt of law. he may go to some foreign land and beome famousl. the natirrc. [6th house ls generally consideredto be a bad hotrse. 6. Satyaclrarya includes law court &s an indication of the eixth house. [10th house indicateg rank and honour. Hence. 7th house is stat€d to be the house denoting tradel.nay therefore indicate that wife oomesftom a reepectableh-ityl. Both houses harrc onnection with life in foreign lande.g wife may oomeftom good family. His maternal uncle will be famoug and influential [6th houeeindicateg maternal uncle]. He may suffer loss€sin trade. Zth indicates wife. one rnay earn one'eliving thusl. [7th houeedenoteetravel. Or he may b€ emplryed in traneport department-t7lh housedenotes rnrll.Placement of the lord of the 10th houeein the 6th house thus indicates profession in the @urt. Theiefore.

results have been mentioned like thisl. The reasons are obvious. 8th house signifies for obetaclesand internrptions. If Mmn is strong. He will get royal patronage and goodappointment. His father will also be an illustrious person. Benefic yoga will alleviate the evil. the person will be a treasurer or a crrltivator of fielde and gardens. mak6 the father an illusrtrious personl. it indicates conveyances and education tm as it lg the ?th counted from the 4th. 9th house denoteefather.If Jupiter is also strong. the personswill have preciousjewele and onveyances. If Mercury is powerful. If the lord of the 10th house is placed in the 9th house. the persongpts gpodeducation and adrantages thereby. along with its lord. Or his conveyancesmay be spoiled. [The bad results stat€d will be in accordanoewith the intensity of the bad yogal. 10th housedenotes good deeds. it will not be lost). If the lord of the 10th be placed in the 8th along with its lord the person may be intemted in bad deedg.Dasln Plnlo of the Lord of the 10th Bhovo t4l. Therefore. [The 10th house denoteeprofession. fame. he will earn his living with great difliculty in a foreign place. His lands may be affected.will be rich and famous. Or he may marty in a bad family. There may be internrptions to agriculture. [Venus is the l(arnka forJewels and oonrnyanceeJ. Combination therefore. . If there is a bad yoga. There may be breaks in his education. 9th house denotesfortune. Combination brings extreme luck. If Venus is powerful. or his wife may be separatedfrom him. Mercury is the Ibraka for educationl. profession etc.Hirsocupation may be endangeredor lost. the person does gooddeeds. (If a beneficyogais there. it is a R4iayoga. 10th denotee wealth and fame.

This is why it ie told that he suffers diggrae and there may be set back in his bugineesl. It denotesloss. nmbined with the lord of the 12th house. One guffere disgrace. the native may wander a long distance.r{qHflrqqsg *lfiqftrsi $Ir-dtrTfr qrffi During the Dasha of the lord of the 10th house. undertakinp afe crowned with succe$E. He becumeebad in hirgbehaviour. during the progrcss of its period.PrcfessionThrcugh Astrclogr t42 Moon denotes treasury.he may do religious rites. So when the lord of the 10th house goesto the 12th house. He may lose his job or he may be demoted.and is also subjected to malefic yoga"the pereonsuffers disgrace and dishonour. . there may be set backs.Ihe reasonsare theee. f. He will be tactful. He gets established in a permanent poeition. Mantreswara sale in Phala deepikaffirdcpqgffi d*c Rcfd Eq-frT{ sl e. If there be benelic yogast. He will be engaged in good profeesions. One becomesfamous. If he ie in businese. undertakinp fail. diffrculties.He leads a bad life and sulfer€ fiom troubles. if it is strong. Moon is the loid of the herbs 'elMfl'].4qlmd T{qFFdgrqmrf. the person gets employment in the government or ie a phpician. lfth house is bad. troubles etc. If the lord of the tenth house is a malefic.One leads a happy liie. He commandsgood respect.indicationsofthe 10th houseget spoilt. [Sun denotes gpvernment and physiciansl If the lord of the lfth houseis situat€d in the 12th house.He goesto foreign placee. qlif r rri Sj*oi vsTsry{ Sdtffiq:ril{u '1 When the lord of the tenth house is weak. csi+. If the Sun is strong.

Firetly the indications of the housesand the planets have to be clearly master€d. In fact. and Bhava chart shoud be prepared and then only the horwcope can be studied properly. the Navamshachart.Daeho Phola of thc Lod of the 10th Bhavo 148 Soin the pr€viouspages. For. It will be a rewarding experlenceand surely they will notice the role played by planets in regard to the choiceof profession. For in many cases. the lagnqs glrc a gooddeal of information about the person. For. Sudarshana Paddhati may be adopted. The distinction between Rasi and Bhava has to be borne in mind. Janma lagna and Surya lagna in guessing the profession. Readersmay collect more and morehoroecpesandstudy them. we may now study some illustrative horoscop€s and e€e how the profesions are indicated in theee. Similarly. His aptitudes. It is here that the difliculty arises. With the aid of these principles. For this. Then we should not ignore the influences of Chandra lagna. One should not think that profession is solely determined by the tenth housealone. . Apart from this. Also we hane girrcn the professions which dre probable for different planetary combi' nations. nature. Farasara etc. we gave the rules for detemining the aptitudee. they want us to d€cidethe profession by a eonsideration of the lord of the Navamehain which the lord of $r. The 10th house tus to be consideredfrom the lagna and the Chandra lagna. Infomation regardingimportant yogashasbeen given.asi but may be strong in the Navamsha chart. readers would have notied that Mihira. It indi' cates performanc€sof religious rites also. We have aslo given the traditional nrleg for determin' ing the profession. as we said earlier. it is theseyogas which rais€ a man to a high status in life. Satya. the yogas present in the horoscopeare to be carefully noted. A planet may appear rrery weak in the r. attach great importance to Navamsha. lOth house has se\€ral indications. Also.wehave givenenoughmaterial to study the 10th house. The horoecopehas to be judged as a whole. the Chandra lagna may be mor\e powerful in exerting its influence.Then one ehould know the indications of the various signs. Also the Naramsha Chakra ie of great importane. Lastly.. and profeseionare some times indicated by the influence of planets on the lagnas. Then we cannot think that the planet is weak.

1 .

. Moon represents liq' uids as told before. He is gituated in Sravana--a star ruled bY the Moon. So dealing in oil. Moon be' comes the Jeeva of the 10th house.Chopter XN Stellar PrinciPles Now we will study the tenth house using the principles of Stellar Astrolory. lord of l0th house is Saturn. And Saturn is gitu' ated in a watery sign. satya samhita etc. The Jeeva of the 10th house has influence oner one's profeeeion. This branch of Astrolory is anancient one and is contained in many works like Nadis. agreeswith the principles of stellar Astrol' og/. This Per€on is employed in an oil com' pany. Eranple l. Here we cronsiderthe nature of the planet owning the star in which the lord of the 10th Bhava is situated' Definition of Jeeva:The lord of the star in which the lord of the tenth house is situated is called the Jeeva of the 10th house.

a star ruled by Mercury. A person not having any permanent jobHere the lord of the tenth house Moon is placed in Aslesha.The profession of a judge and law is ruled by Jupiter. a star of Mercury. Venus. Venus be- . ruled by jupiter which aspectsVenus by the trine aspect.Jupiter owns the 5th house. Venus is in the 1lth house. Lagna falls in Leo.t46 P to fession Through As tro t ogy J y e s ht h a Meru c ry Example 2. Mercury rules over 12th housein addition. [BeS a t u r n causeMercury representsaccountsl. Mercury is changeful. L Example 3.Ahigh-eouft judge. the lord of the 10th house is placedin Gemini in the star of Punarvasu.the person was changing his job frequently. Venuc Punarvasu Legna Ju p i t e r 10 Moon Ashlesha L Example 4. Mercury and Moon are inimical.And it is in the sign of Mars. He was employed for sometimes in Police department and later in Accountsdepartment. Saturn aspectsMercury from the Lagna. For all these reasons. This person is employed in Police.Note that Venus is for taking balaned decisions. The lord of the tenth house is placed in Jyeshtha.

. Venus is in P.Also.Jupiter de_ notes teaching profession and law. in the dashaperiodsof planets also. A professor in a law college-Here Venus. A business tnan: In the 10th house two very auspicious planets 5Un Mercury Venus and Jupiter are placed. Similarly.rg1e. it can give the effects of Venus a"iin!1i" period.es.. The native deals in jewellery. If it is in the . the results may not be very good. exalted in the 12th house. S a tur n Mars J upiter V e nu s Pt Bhadra L Example 6.-Inthis "t* *r1.SteIIar Principles 117 comes strong by being placed in the sign of Gemini ruledbv Mercury. Phalguni V 6 n u g poorvaphalguni.. .iibaturn is placed in the star of Bharani. a star ruled by Jupiter.i. the lord of the 10th house is placed in Poorvabhadra. l. For exampte.. inimical planet.one may be experiencingthe effectsor the star lord acording to its-pcnition a1{-ownership. tt are also to be applied to study troroecof. Seelord of llth is in associaL tion with the lord of lfth in the 9th house. its own J u p i t e r star.. (ruled by Venus).ipi. Saturn fr"pp"n" to be plaed in a star |Tlt" of friendly planet." "t"U. Example 6.

Chopter XV Illustrations Eranple L. Venus a. In Moon dashq he statred sugar mills. Mercury ie the lord of the ascendant. Here the lord of wealth. and Jupiter the lord of 10.His place' ment in the 10th houeeis auspiciotrs. the Moon is placed in the 7th houe aspectedby Mars the lord of 11. In the tenth house are plaed three planets: Sun. Brninessmen: Romakrishna Dalmia 8un Rahu Vcnur Jupitct llrrcury Moon Marr Kcthu Lagnr Set. Mmn represents . there isJupiter in the eleranth housedenot' ing rich gains through business.He gets Neechabhanga.alted in the 10th lnuse ptoduees uery powerful Malatyoyoga Added to this is the placement of the Sun in the 10th house. Not only this! The Bharyadhipati Saturn is aspectiqg the 10th house. Addedto this. Venus and Mercury.

(For Jupiter denotes (bank' ing).a great industrialist and manufacturer of automoSun biles.From Chandra Lagna. With reference to Chandralagna. It is aseociat€d with Jupiter. and many more ooncerns.Pres.Jupiter aspectsthe 2nd house. I. Mcrcury The Lagna falls in M a r c Scorpio.-32' se@nd houee is in the llth house. 2nd houge falls in Vanu! B a hu J upitct Jupiter's Rasi.lxanple 2 (F-ample of Adhtyoga) A neutspoper tnagnateLord of 10th houseis the Sun. the house dcttoting tmdz. Mercrrry rules trade.Lord of the logno Mo o n 7o-35' More ie plaaed. From Lagna"Venus itsoccupying the elerrenthhouse. lord oflagnaaspects the Znd house.From lagna. in tlw 10th houee. 10 and 11 are all strong and associated with planets favoumble to them. in association with Mercury and Saturn.ord of the Salurn Lagna t o-ttl 10. enceof Venus in the llth sign is very auspicious. Moon Ma r s Sun Mercury B ah u Salurn Kothu Lagna 12c Jupitel V e nu r Bharyadhipati aspects lord of 7th house. Rstru dasha was gd. This is the horoscopeofone ofthe richegt persons. printing and Journalism.And lord of the llth house is placed in Bhagrasthana along with the lord of l0th house. Example 3. f. We eee that the houses 7. He is placed in the 9th house.149 BucinessMen sugar). Lords of 9 and 10 aspecteachother fully producing full Kothu . Moon is in the ?th house.Lord of 10th houseand lord of llth house have combined in the Bharya Sthana. there is Adhiyoga. He start€d a bank.

Sun is associated with the fiery planet Kethu. Jupiter. Mercury is a Karaka for trade.b. There are 3 planets in the eleventh house. Lagna is very closely onMercury (indicating trade). Further Jupiter. The tenth is occupied by Mars.". L Mo o n Rahu Mercury The tenth lord Jupiter is Kethu associatedwith Mars and Ve. It is in Magha Star ruled by Kethu occupy_ ing a sign of Venus. Jupiter is placed in the gth house from the Moon. The Lagna and Chandra lagna fall in Gemini. Vasumadyoga is also present.Saturn Sun nus. a sign ownedby Mercury. fesion as o deoler in electrieal g*d. the tenth house falls in Tula. Mars is a fiery planet.f6O prcfessionThtough Astrclogr Rajayoga.-f"oC_handralagna.withthe lagna Lord of 10th is connectedwith fiery ptanet pl"dl" Suryalagna with the fiery planet Kethu. Mars. 10. [ord of llth Mars aspectsthe 10th house. aspects the lord of Bhagra from the eleventh. Example 4. So Mars connection of his profession Ju p i t e r with electricity (a kind of fire) Venus is indicated. Venus aspect the 10th house. Mor€on"t. placed in Kanya. Thus Mars does indicate machinery and factories. venus is a l(araka for automobiles. Moon is a luminary "9ct{.gets suggested.rn"r" dance. joined with Chandralagnadhipati Saturn. a friendly sign. 11 and g houses is fully clear. Thusiis proYtT.i" ir. ruied by Venus. OtraLtarala. u. Venus gets Neecha Bhanga. A dealer in electrical goods. Rajayogas of parasara "g. . Bhagrasthana is aspected by its own lord. Here also the lord of Labha (gains) and Karma (profession) are associated and placed in the Bhagnsthana. a sign. Moon and Mercury have exchangedsigns. Saturn.Mercury is in the 2nd house. The connection between 2.

Thus trade in motor spare parts is surely indicated. Mercury is a planet of trade. Mercury and Sun. In his Meru c ry house.. the profession of an industrialist is indicated. _ Example 6. Lord of 10th Venus is strong by being in own sign and it denotes vehicles. pisces. (house of trade). Both together aspect the 10th house. Thus.ini-Mars. do get sugested.And this can indicate machinery and as it is in Venus sign. He is a financer too. Rahu. G€. Virgo-Mmn. so tlie professions of banking. In the 7th house Mercury.Mercury is placed.ustriolistMercury. Ministere (Sri Chapan) Aquarius-traFa.Venus. Lord of the ascendant Moon is associatedwith Jupiter.From the L Marc . I€oKethu. Saturn Kethu Chandra lagna is associated with Venus. it can denote motor. Kethu is in the 10th house.partd. The lord of the tenth house from the Moon is Saturn and it denotdb iron. We note that the lord of the lfth house. Kethu Lagna Meru c ry Venus Fahu Sun Moon J upiter Saturn Ma r a This is confirmed. J u p i t e r Mo o n B a h u V e nu s A persondialing in motor sparcparts. An ind..Businessl4iyIen 151 E:arnple d. lord of the 9th house is placed. The 7th S u n houserepresentstrade. financing etc. which represents financing. He does money lending.Mars is olac€din the bth house. along with Venus the lord of 1lth (gains). the significator of trade is placed in the ?th house. for both Surya lagna and Chandra lagna have connection with Jupiter. CapricornJupiter. The lord of the 10th house Mars is connectd with Saturn which is exalted.

are present with refer' enc€ to Chandra lagna. In the fifth houge Venue Saturn 0ord of llth house)lrasjoined Ltgnt the BhagradhiPati. So he was \tery rich. Lord of the 6th and ?th are combined in the Thus lagna.yogahan'ha. t@ pct of a great minister' higlr the to rise could he tions. highly rearned. Sat' Vrnut urn and the Sun are e:(alt€d. reVenus is Bhasradhipati (lod of the 9th houee) with combinabenefic theee of Becauge spectto att the th. Adhiyoga is Present w.yogo. C'ajakeeariand Hanea Mahayoga. The Chandra lagta issryect€d by exaltnd Venus' ali the S lagnas ate rendeled @g' Venug the.152 Prcfes sionThrcuih Astrclogr Moon the tenth house is occupied bY Mars. Eranple 7. 0o'rd of 4th and 9th) ig e:ralt'edin the secondhouse. Venus Saturn Marl V€nu9 is exalted iq the second house causing MaluYo Lagna Rahu Ingxra lras Subha Moha. the lord J upiter of lagna and Surya lagna as' pects them ftom the fourth M o o n ho.r. 8un M6rcury Krishna Menon)JuPiter.t*. Saturn.K. Rrhu Iord of the 10th houge Mercrrry is asPectcdbY Mar€" M o o n Kcthu the lord of th€ 6th house.t' Mrrc Jupitcr lagna and Chandra laglta. (Ttris is an enmple of Mithira's Karaka graha '6t"*"6* . as it is Sun hemmed between JuPiter Krthu and Venus. Marcuty Karthari Yoga. and was an e:cpert irr law. (Sri V. He held many eminent pcitions as defence minister' etc.

8. kt ue analyse thig chart.158 BusinessMen yogas and adhiyogas). The 6th house indicates lord"r#tJthe is ninistership. JuPiter. acording to oy gncient is occutexte. In the M c r c u r Y oase of ministere. lo"*.' In Saturn Kethu Moon Ma r s V o nu ! Sun Mercury Jupiter Rahu Lagn. (tbe atrsPicion . sun repreeents the king. Venus and Mercury are occuPYing the 6th.Nowlet us considerthe 10th It fallE in Virgo. -j#"t* or a king is born). Adhiyoga' a commander-in "ibi. 3 Jupi' F. Thus minirstership antd of powerful Rajayoga' Tit" p*"o"" Jo"ry ". 7th and the 8th houses from Lagna. grut Dewan' a him made Adhipga Eranple 0: (CosYgin) Mrrr This is the horoscoPeof eret. So words have Varahamihira's (nftr1 correct. Its lord Merorry is with the Sun' fth and Thus Parasam's Sqiayoga arie€sbecauselords of 10th harn combined tog€ih-r' Also.e.lupiter aspectsthe bth house' 10th houeefrom the Moon' Algo Mercury is the t"t oithe 5th house from the Moon. the 9th house requires careful o<amination' It strong-Jupiter benevolent piJLy tft" lord of the iagna. commano€r-ln Adhiyoga."dly sign. Three benefic planets Moon. proved vgfn+nrnrsmw+) I i. the ftfth 8un house invariablY needsatten' Frhu tion.Jupitcr Kcthu while premier of Rusia. Here the flfth houge faUs in the sign of Pi' Lagna ea.rgA="t"d. This is the ExanPle horoscoPe of a great flewan' This is a clear examPle of Lagna AdhiYoga. Ttrat is the houe€ of Srturn Moon Vcnur end tra' ffiq'-ninister counselling. From there.

fVf"o""V funiter are placed in the houd 6. ll. the sun. n"t irr.IrfiorpoverKethu is in the Znd house."oin Nben Sun M e r c uyf Venus S a tu r n Lagna J upiter Kethu Marr Rahu Moon If_ye oompare this homecopewith the lst.ii"gii*-L ?3othel Rqjayoga.i' AIho* Einstein E)no.It fully aspectsthe second house.this cherty shows that $ris is not tfr" fror*-p" of L buginessmntr.. Jupiter and Saturn have exchanged their houses producing powerful Rajayoga.placedstrongly in its own housealong with the lord of the lagna causin6fiowerful parasaras na3a Yogr. it is being aspectedalso by it. ". p thg beneficplanets Venus. No* look at the 10th house.154 profession ThrcughAstrclogr Pl.the Moon is situated strongly in a friendly house. Mercury gets Neechabhnga. the roin rrouse r aspectedby its own lord.t"*i" placed in the 10th house.Also.1. most-important point to be notedis that there is'crr"rra""at i yoga'from the Moon.alet_for Scorpio)is. Jupiter and Mercrrry.All these planets have added strength to the horoscope. Mars is exalted in the gth house. The eleventh hous bes beenrendered Jegu s. 11rf This is responsiblefor his great eminence. All . his outstanditrg ematician is fully clear. Th9 aspectbetweenSun and t'he Moon iI gi. .Rahu in the tenth houseis auspicious. g from ihe M. Seeing the positions of Mars. one thing . Here the rord of the uth hous€rfiars has gone to trre"ath house..Not only is the 10th house fatting_r_nthe sign owned by the Sun. Gneat Sclentlete t The lord of the lagna is placed in the l0th house.Iord of ninth house. The influence of the sun over the 10th houseis to be noted. is clear.

M e r c u r y Sun represents medicines. The lord of the lagna occupiesthe tenth house and the tenth house is aspected by its own lord Mars. So. he is a trader in Fahu Mo o n medicines. Thus. Marg is Jupltcr strongly situated in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn represents Jupilor diseases. Saturn Legnr Marr Kcthu B-cnple 14. Saturn is the lord of the sign. This is further confirmed by Mercury.Business Men 165 Example 12: This is also the horosoopeof a great scientist. See the lord of' lagna..Lord of T. the l(araka for trade placed in the llth house. His profession as a scientist is thus fully justi. ing His professionas a scientist is Ju p i l e r due to the presene of Mercury in the Xth house. It b rrei- . Venus in Saturn Mrrr Bahu the l0th house represents | | | | nalu l trade. The exchange of houses between Saturn M o o n Mercury and Jupiter prducveV powerful Rajayoga. Sun Saturn is connectea with V e nu e Rahu representing drugs and poisons.the sign nepresentM e r c u r y ing medicines. It is Mars.Lagna falls in C'emini sign owned by Mercury.Adcoter in point* fire ruler of the l0th houseis Mercury. M e r cu r y Sun Rahu V e nu e Mars Lagna fied. Kethu Legna Mo o n Exanple lB: A chernist (A dealer in medicines):In the tenth house Sun is placed. there S u n ane clear astrological indicaV e nu r tions for a chemist.

Venus repreeents paints' Also these very planete aspectthe tenth hotrs€from the Moon' Merctrry repreLnts trade. Even applying sudarshana paddhati' the lords of lagna. Pbfeice. ig itt Moon eign and aspcts the Moon.r*. in the 9th Saturn hous€. Ttre lord of the l0th houso is aapectedby exalted Mars. it was in this sPhere that he attained acknowl' M r r r Kcthu odged distirtion.-y. falle on Venus. This is also auspi' cio'r. Tbere ie thus no won' dc tha0 he wag matchle in learning.rrcury Moon 8un tbe gth boueo ftom Moon V c n u ! yoga. It caugg GqiafBeari thet h€ mu. As Mars indicates R a h u 21. Eranple 16. fire lfth horee is ocupied by Rahu. It is tullY 210-52' aelct€d by JuPiter ftom the lagna. Hig Vidyartbana is thug e*romely strcrg. The lOth hotrse from the M. venus and Jupiten haw enchangFdhous€o.rs and Mercury. Sahrr. All this is .t bs a ilggFt and a bighly lean€d pennn' goat promr Thc sad hotrp falle in Gemini which is fully aspectedby ite orn lord Merctrry which is with the lord of the lagrra. Mars is ex' alted in CaPriorn. Thus Fom a cpnsiderationof the tenth lord and the tenth hluee from the Chandra lagna. Lagna falle in a watery sign. Jupiter in the lagra' in f. in the Bhavi chahra. Mars wiU be in the 10th Uo. and Moon is in Venus sign dealing in paints is clearlYin' Lrgna2o dicat€d. venug is in a lGndrapoeitiol fron the Mmn. Jupitcr 260-39'. Chandra lagna and Sutya lagna hale connection with Ven. Thus there is indication for traae in paints. Aoih Ueing placed in Kendras ane oonnected' So' sine Moon is a watery planet.rn is aepectedby two beneflcsMeranry and Ventrs.. Actudry.fire lord of the fgti house is Melcury whidr is combinedwith Venus which is further connected with Jupiter. Moon's itl u. I(anya 9wn{ !f ft4"*ry. which are subject to the influence of Venus.l5O Thtoughktrclogt Prcfeeeion atod with Venus.Venug' tenth U4 a'pect fa1s on Moon.

InMercuryDasha.AlsoJupiter'sinf.uenceoverallthelagpascarrbe-seen.BusincesMen 167 reeponsibleifor the suc€s€r'glory and honour. This SaUm wao responsible for his Fbttu po€tical eminence). .Saturnisthelordof rsearctr) and is aspecting the 9tlt house -Gigher nq. Tllis indicate prize' Nohel wealth.Jupiter and ""p*tiog:ttte venus hane exctrangpasigrn. 2nd andlhe tittr hous€s.acedin tlu'9th along with Jupiter. Venus and Meiurry hane exchanged places. He waa a great mathenatician.lupiter i" r"-urr"artip"ti 0ord of llth house)plaaedin the lagna. and aetttnomer of his age' fite lord oflhe 10th houseSaturn ie pl.on increased. InJupiterMa}radashahegothisdoctoratedegree. ftom the Moon. He was rich.Jupiter is in the i"grr" and it aspectsthe fth horrse.t*. la Lagna Chandra occupied bY Venus.€r. So the gtory was co''''cted with his dis@\. Thus Venus and Juplbr Mercury are connected with n" all tbe three lagnas. Thus ther€ ie oonnction be' gatn of tween lst.-"t of the_lotd is it Further. tras joined Dtranadhipati gord of 2nd house).lgpr and the Srrn is occtl' l(ltilr mrr Vcnlr tlmtry pied by Venus (Kavi).In saturn Dasha Uis r€puta.Saturn is the lord of the lfth houee anaigvogarararaforVrishabhatagna.r"ti*i*i*tific studies). Ventrs.hisfameinsreasedand iffid is the pak. MerotrY with is in the lagna along the lord of 4 (education). *itU t"gn" lord . . Meranry ie lord of chandra @1ttre .d"bd tn"tOttt tto. iolt"Anip"ti goIU ale Dhanasthana (2nd house). And he got the hbulous Sqqnrple 18. he was cnowned with. aspectinghis own sign e€mini' . Grcat poets:Omar lfitoyyatrt The second house from t grtr iloon Sritt I.

Rabind.. Saturn is the Yogakaraka for Vrishabha lagna.ts the lagna. tenth house. gi.Further. tlu rord of the 2nd lnuse Mars. These garrc him gmd learninj and excellencein literature and poetry.as poet is indicated by the 2nd house as houses2. Saturn as the totd. in a friendly house in the sign of Mercury.It has exchanged. Thus uery powerful Rqjoyoga ie formed. venus in ttt" is r€ry etrong here. Moon in the L a g na Kethu Sun Marr Mcrcury lagna gives fertile imagina6o tion.i. him great glory.the sour@ of wealth.168 Prcfeesion Thrcugh Astrctogt Example 17. Srturn it is eralted in tlu fifth twuse.pnaio. Lagna is occupied Venut K eh t u Mo o n by exalted Moon giving him great power of imagination. of the lwh offered him fame.It is occupiedby Ratru. And such a Jupiter aspec. Jupilcr Rahu in the tenth house is generally grcd. The tenth houseis strong being -rrrr*t"a ""pd *ilt benefics.Venus ie very close to the Sun. Lord Jupiter L a g n a Tennyson. It .. Venus and Mercury are plaed in the Znd house. the Sun is exaltedii tfre Z-nAfro"*. His profession. Venus occupies the 2nd house.rs.6. The Surya lagna is occupied Sun Mlrcury by Mercury. Moon is strongly onnected with Jupi6i.lMare is Bhagradhipati. He became Mars poet-laureate in Saturn Saturn Rahu Dasha. The lord of the tenth lnuse is Jupiter and. The lord of the R a h u lagna and the 5th house lord have exchanged housee.ra V e nu c Mo o n Noth Tagore.houseswith "". ii .The planet placed in the 2nd house can indicate. LOdenote profeseion. Consider the tenth houee. Example 18.

Sonrual Johnson (Sep. Mercury is situated in its own sign. R a h u Jupitcr L a g n r Saturn Ciemini-Mercuryand Saturn. Merorry indicatee writing work. p! V c nu s sces-Rahuand Jupiter. in the se@ndhouse from the Lagna.Jupiter is placedin the llth houe€in itt own house.we find the prindples enunciated by our ancient sagescoming out true. 8un Virgo-Kethu.Mmn. Here.Libra-I\fiarc and Jupiter. Leo-Kethu. It is crnjoined with stropg Mercrrry in the sign of _cremini. It ie associat€dwith the lord of the tenth house. Venue. Saturn and Mercrrry. Great writM o o n Mcrcury ers. I 8-I 7Og) Lagna-Capricorn. Libra-Mars. Example 19.he eouldeetabtisha great institution for studies. ina glaring manner' His inteuectual eminence. Rahu ig a node in his sign.And he established the great university of viswabharati. garm It him fertile i-"gr*?"9 tion and ability in literature 20. Here it is associated with Mercurv which is exalted. Aquarius. Lagna-Taurus-Moon. In this horoecope.Business Men lbg the m. Jupiter represents educational institutions. Virgo-Sun. Chandra lagna falls in lGnya Moon Fehu Kcthu Lagnr Mrrc Jupiter Sun Vonur Salurn Mercury .Rahu . The lord of the lagna is placed in l(anya rasi. and poetical ability were due to the presenceof a great yoga called Saraswati yoga. Cancer-Sun and Venus. Pisces.oonDasln he got tIE N&l hizaIn Rahu Dasha" he !9rt"d Eurype. The aspect between Moon ana Venus ls sextile i" highly auspicious. The Surya lagna falls in Kanya rasi. Saturn is the lord of the lfth Mrrr K e t h u house. Therefore.

Libra-Saturn and Ve' Moon nus. Jupiter is also a l(araka for education and knowledge. Rahu. ExamPle 21. Libra-Sat' . L€' gal professionie one of the inSaturn S u n dicationsof this elgn. Jupiter aspects the ascendant bY the beneficial trine aspect. Gemini-Mars.He compiled a dictionary of the English language and published many essaysand looks' {ll thi.koJu' Kethu piter. CaPri' Taurus' corn-Moon. Cancer' Sun $aiuin Kethu. Jupitcr Rahu Lagna is sagittarius. along with the SunI Inrd of the tenth house fnomthe Surya lagna is Gemini. Thesemadehim highty educated'Venue is lord of dlh ho. "rri the tremendous influence of Mercuty and Readers *iu "* Venus and the sign of Virgo. Iord of the tenth houseis venus it is placed in the ninth house.r*.Lod of L V c nu r M e r c u r y the tenth house is in e:calta' tion in the sign ofVirgo. Leo-JuPiter Virgo' Mo o n V e nu g Mercury Sun and Mercury. LousYers: Mars Lagna-Sagittarius. Its lord is also Mercury.As the Sun was in the 10th house. chandia lagna falls in Pisces. in the eign of Virgo.160 Prcfeseion Thrcugh Asfiologt rasi. Virgo-Sun and Mer' cury. Rahu Example 22. Merc'ry ig lord of the 9th house in exalta' tion. surya lagra falls in the sign of Virgo and its lord is aleo Mercury. All this made him a literary lion. He was held in high esteem.he got a govern' Jupiter ment job also. Lagna'Aries. is due to the influJnce of Mercury. venus and Jupiter in the Bhagrasthana. It irstherefore right that he followed the legal ProKethu fession. Marg.Thus the influMarc enoe of Merctrry and JuPiter are clear. chandra lagnadhipati Jupiter is also placed in Virp. Cancer-Kethu.

Jupiter aspects the l1th house' Mercury is a significator of the legal profession. Jupiter has joined Rahu who in turn rePresents Mercury. Sun is conjoind with MercurY the lord of 11.Great I'awMoon yers. Mercury is occupying thishouse. Its influence is clear.I'ord of the Lagno occuPies the Sun 70th house ensuring suc@ss. Example Ashutosh Muhcrjee. JuPi' '-" r' Venus I ter fully aspects the 10th l house from Chandra lagna. and the Janma lagna' Sir 24. he was in the legbl profession. The Sun is combined with Mertu4y. t agna is occu' .. caused Ruchaka This Mahayoga and he became a great personality.r. Marc Moon Kethu Mandi Rahu Jupiter Mars lagna Mercury Sun Venus Rahu Jupiter Satum Mercury and Venus hare exchangedsigns. Sagittarius-Moon.try have exchanged houses and Mercury is exalted "id in the 6th house. venus M"t. Satum Mercury tagna Kethu fame and good income. Capricorn-Rahu' The 6th house from lagna is occupied by Mercury. Jupiter aspects the lagna. Jupiter asPects the Moon. the 2nd house and Mercury.e.IVIarsis placed in own sign in Chandralagna. So. The Suryalagna fa-Us in the sign of Virgo' The tenth house from the chandralagna falls invirgo. The lord ofine 10th house has joinedVenus the lord of the 2nd house. Example 23. Jupiter fullY as' pects the Vak sthana. Surya lagna falls in Mercury's sign. i. The lord of 10. Mercury is in lagna.161 Business Men urn and Venus. JuPiter aspects the 10th house and the Surya lagna by his Tfin'e as' pect.

lord of 9th house. and the lagnas . position). Venus (taking a decision). In Rahu dasha. in the tenth house from Lagna. Venus is planet which considers the pros and cons of a subject cooly and takes a decision. thinking) Sun (honour. 1. Mercury is placed in second house from Chandra lagna. The sign of Libra. As Mercury rules the legal profession. He was a great lawyer. Deusans. Lagna lord is associated with Jupiter. The lord of the tenth house is aspectedby Jupiter. Placement of the lord of the 9th house in the 10th house constitutes a Rajayoga. Ramaswamv Rahu Mercury sin Mo o n Venus . Jupiter is the lord of Chandra lagna. Mercury (intelligence.the profession of Judgeis fully justified. he became a great Judge. Jupiter aspects the lagna. the professionofajudge. Ju p i t e r Saturn Ma r s Kethu Lagna Moon Rahu V e nu s Mercury Sun Now. i. represented by a balance.Janmalagna and Suryalagna are connected with it.P. Venus is receiving the aspect of Jupiter and it is in the llth house suggesting good income.. For thesereasons. Mercury is placed along with the Sun. shows a good government job.162 Professi on Through Ash:cI ogr pied by Mercury. Moon is placedin Sagittarius. S a t ur n Ma r s Combiningthe effectsof Jupiter (law and judge). Lagna lord is connected with Mercury. A Judge. Not only this. Jupiterraspects the lord of Surya lagna also. does get J u p i t e r signified. Example 28.e. lord of 10th. Sun in the 10th house. Example 26. Rahu is associated with Jupiter aspecting the 10th house. Kethu does indicate justice too. law. Sri C.

Here the Yogakaraka Saturn is placed in exaltation. Venus gets Neecha Bhanga and thus Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga is present. he became an emperor. Su' gets neecha Bhanga (cancellation of debility) because. Mars has causcd strong Ruchaha yoga and. Example 27. Mars is placed in own sign in chandra lagna causing8l inin" Mahayoga. the sun. Lagna has subhakarthari yoga. Jupiter is in . The lord of 10th house is the Moon. Causing Soso Mahayoga. It is placed in the lagna. because of the presence of so many Mahapurusha yogas. a great speaker and a great dewan. So.the Sun.Business Men 163 Iyer. Venus is placed in the lagna in own sign and is producing Malauya Mahayoga. Rahu J u. And 10th house is aspected by Mars and Jupiter. the labhadhipati. (Chandramangala yoga). Lord of the 10th house is placed in the 2nd house. Aspect between Moon and Mars is good.}Jerc Jupiter is in Venus Ma r s exaltation.titer Kethu MOOn Lagna Now let us consider the Sun M e r c u r y S a tur n 10th house. Lord of the 10th house is associatedwith Mercury. He was_a leading lawer. Mercury the Bharyadhipati is piaced in the second house.The lord of the secondhouse is in its own sign.he rose to the position of a great dewan. pouerful Rajayoga. Iord of the 10th house is placed in the lagna and has conjoined the Sun. associatedwith the lord of the llth house. the lord of its exaltation sign Mars is in a Kendra (7th house) with reference to Chandra lagna and the lagna. in association with lord of 1lth house. Saturn and Jupiter have exchanged houses. Kings (GeorgeVI): The lagna lialls in the sign of Libra. lord of the 9th house. causing.

164 ProfessionThroughAstrologr c. by his trine aspect. there is Vasumadyoga. Kethu represents the Sun.In Kethu Maha dasha. Example 28. Venus and Jupiter are placed. Thus Sa t u r n . Lagnadhipati Moon aspects the 10th house. Two benefics are placed in lagna. There is Hamsa mahayoga of a very superior kind becauseJupiter 'hahu is exalted and that too in the Ma r s lagna. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. From Chandra lagna too in the 10th house. In the llth house. Moon and Venus have exchanged signs. Vasumadyoga is present. Iord of 10 is aspected by a friendly planet Sun lord of 2. 9th and llth houses. Example 29.Placement ofVenus in t . King: T}:is Mercury Kethu is the horoscope of a great Sun king. causing powerful Hamsa Mahayoga. Rajayoga is caused thereby.ctors: Lord of 11 Venus is placed in the lagna. Thus lord of 10 is extremely strong.Kethu is placed in the 10th house from thc Moon. So. It is aspected by Jupiter. His tenth house is extremely strc 3 by the presence of Jupiter and by the association so many planets with the lord of the 10th house. Iords of lst and 4th houses have exchanged R a h u Ma r s Mo o n houses. lord of l"0th house. The presence of such S a tur n powerful yogas does justify his position as a king. lord of 11. there arises connection between 1st. in association with the Moon. 4th. Mars is strcngly placed in his own sign. he ascendedthe throne. Lord of 10. the Mercury Venus lord of the 10th house is L a g n a K e t h u S u n J upiter Moon placed. Jupiter is exalted Lagna Ju p i t e r causes Hamsa and Venus Mahayoga. Lord of lagna. FiIm o. From the I'agna.roltation in the loth house.

Venus is placed in its own sign T\rla. Jupiter the lord of 2 and 11 is aspectingVenusand Mercury. 10th lord in Venus sign. i. And Mercury is the lord of the 5th house. Mars is placed in the 10th house. Example 30. (Shiuoji Gancshan): This is the horcscope ofa great film actor of South India.. From the lagna they are in the 9th house i.e. Venus the Bharyadhipati aspects its own house. Ju p i t e r (R) Rahu Ma r s Lagna Moon S a tur n V e nu s Kethu Mercury Sun Example 31. From Chandra lagna. in the 10th house. It will be noted that lords of 10th house from all the three lagnas. . fully justifu his career as a film actor.He becameprominent in Rahu dasha and during Jupiter Dasha his fiameand income insreasedvery much. Mercury the lord of the 10th houseis in Venus sign along with the Sun. falling. Lord of the lagna. Moonis the Labhadhipatiand it hasjoined Jupiter inVenus sign. But Chandra lagna is aspected by Venus There is Guru Chandra yoga in the second house assuring accumulation of wealth.165 Business Men Lagna. are placed in Venus sign. the second Sun V e nu s M e r cu r y Mars Kethu Ju p i t e r L a ! n a Mo o n S a t u r n house.e.. Saturn is placedin the tenth house. in the Bhagrasthana. Venus and Mercury are placed together in the sign of Venus.of Surya lagna and Chandra lagna in the Venus sign. This is the horoscope of a person who was in Military service but later became an actor.

in Kendra causing Ma)atrya Mahayoga. Venus is a prominent planet here by beini in its outn sign and in a Kendra. Saturn which is in association with Venus.Lord ofthe 10th houseaspectsVezzs. .is the Sa tu r n Fahu Mars Mo o n V e nu s J upiter Sun K e th u Mercury also {Iercurr. . The lord of Chandra lagna and the P"lt lord ofJifla. This is also the horoscope of a very successful film actor.along with Kethu who represents Venus also. "i"go. ?he 10th housefrom the Sun falls in Leo a sign of amusements. Jupiter is placed in Venus tSig. In the 6th hou"" Jupiteiis"in its own sign with Mercury. Lord of the 10th house Venus aspects the 2nd house.the house. Ma r s Moon L a g na Rrhu Kethu Mercury Sun J upiter S a t ur n Venus Example 33.166 Profession Through Astrclogr Example 32. a faminine planet. Mercury is exalted in the gth house. This is the horoscopeof a famous film actor. a sign owned by Venus. Moon. All these are favourabre indications for his beinga suc""ssful actor. The tenth house falls in the sign of Libra. sasa mahayoga is also present. aspects the lagna and the lord of the lagna.f Venus indicatescinemaand oiher amusements). is in Lagna. _ The lagna and Chandra lagna consider. Venus is strong. Exalted Saturn aspects the 10th house.Jupiter aspectsthe 10th house. Venusaspectsthe lOth house. In the tenth houseJupiter is placed.Fromthe Chandralagnaalso.

exalted Satrun is as.psgling the Ma r s Chand ra Sun M er cu r y Sa t u r n K e t h u 10th house. Eminent Scholars. Jupiter by itself would have made the native L la*y". Lord house. Jupiter is the lord of the 9th house and thus rules over higher education and philosophy. o. Venus 9th house. Added to this. A potitical lea. a star ruled by Saturn. Higher tenth house is Mars and the rf the tenth is placed in the education and Ju p i t e r Bahu Saturn L a gn r Sun Ma r g Moon Mercury V e nu s Kethu great titles are to be jundged fnomthe 9th house. u. Here. This is the horscope of an eminent philosopher Look at the tenth house. Jupiter is placed L there. Therefore his professioi as Philosopheris fully justified.In the gth }ol= Mercury is eralted. the Lagna is falling in Pushya. Bahu Ju p i t e r Judge but the influenceof saturn over it has made thl native a renownedphilosopher. the occupied by Moon. powerful Jupiter aspects the gth house.Added to this. r r I tasthephilosophicalplanet.BusinessMen 167 Example 34. baturn is known .it is no wonder that l: tu"" highly educatedand was honoured with the titre of 'Sir". Here is the horoscope of a highly educated person who was knighted with the title of 'Sir'. Example 38. Jupiter is placed in the bth house from the Lagna and ths ninitr .Anemincnt philosopher. Example #. Venus gets NeechaBhanga. Here.dercurn Scholar. since the eflbct of the auspiciousplanets liallson the 9th house.

Rahu From the Mmn sign. Doctore. medical line is fully jttstified Lrgna Sun as the Sun denotes medical Juplter profession.ThrcughAstrcIogr Prcfession r63 Moon K e th u Saturn Jupiter housefrom the Moon. Lagna contains the Sun. Fahu The lagna falls in Leo sign. Sun Example 37.JuPiter is placed in its own sign. This is also the horoecopeofa doctor. AII these have R a h u M r r c made him a great Political leader. Its M o o n M a r c lord Sun is placed in the lagna. the lord of 10 Mars (indicates Lrgna M a r r 8un Saturn Jupltcr doctor) is placed in the eign Ilccw1 V c nu r of Scorpio (doctor). But Venus in 12 along with the lord of 11 ensures good incomeof wealth.Venus is weak bY being placed in the 12th Krthu Saturn housein the sign of Moon' So.The lord of the tenth hous€ Mercury has joined the Sun and M o o n the two are placedtogether in Kcthu the Ingrla. So hir . E-nrnple 38. Jupiter's PlaceMcrcury in the bth house has V e nu a ment rnade him a scholar. As the lagna and the Venus Mercury planets placed therein is al€o a detetrrinant of Profeseion. The Sun is an indicator of Medical profeesion. JuPiter is combinedwith the lord of L a g n a the ?th house. All the three lagnas receive its full aspects. the profession here is deter' mined by the Sun and not V€nus. And it fully aspectsthe Moon in the 9th house.

S u n Vcnug Kothu M o o n the lord of the 10th house MSaturn e r cu r y Mercury which is the lord of the Ascendant has joined the Sun in the 7th house.Mercury. MercurY is placedin lagna. Thus there is connection of the tenth houge with Mars. Virgo-Kethu. Lord of Chandra lagna is also Mercury. . Example 41. Mars is and M o o n Sun Venus Lagna placedin the secondhouse. hofessor in a mcdicol oll'ege' Aries-Lagna. Prcfessors. In the lagna. From the Chandra lagna. JuPi' Rahu ter is placedin the 9th house Ma r s M e r i u r y aspects lagna. Tauru+Mars and Saturn. Here also. in the tenth house. Libra'Moon. the pereonis working asta surgeon. SagittariusJupiter. the Sirn is plac'ed. The influenceof MercuryandJupiter over profession is clear. and Moon is also placed in Mars star. Sun is asso' ciated with Mercury. of 10is placedin the rasi Iord K e th u S a t u r n Jupiter of Mercury. MeranrY brd of 9 is placed. and he is a teacher. They aspect the lagna.Business Men 169 prfession as doctor is fully justified' Bsarnple 39. Its lord Jupiter aspects the tenth house'. Mars also aspects the tenth house. The tentrr house cusp falls in Mars star. PiscesRahu. Gemini-Venus. It is right that. Jupiter R a h u Lagna Ma r a Mars is strongly Placed in its own sign.Cancer-Sun. ExamPle 4O. From the Moon again the Sun is on the exact cudP of the tenth house. Iord of lagna is in Vaksthana.in itsown sign.

yogo and he was a Mahapurusha.MerJu p i t e r Moon K e t h u cury aspectsthe tenth house from lagna.t70 Prcfession ThrcughAstrcIogr The lagna falls in Mars sign.Thus it is right that he is a professorof surgery in a medicalcollege. Added to this Jupiter is strongly placedin the 9th house. . Sun in the 10th house L a g na Marr Mercury Kethu made him noble and famous. very much learned in Shastras. He was highly respected not only by his own countrymen but even by the Britishers. Mercury is exaltedin the 10th Jupiter houseindicating his profound learning. Ishwara Chandra Vidyasagar.ii house Saturn is conjonied with Mars placed in the Sun house of education. AU this clearly suggests that profession is connected with surgery. he must be a respectablepersonteachingthe subjectto others. From the Surya lagna Mercury is placed in the tenth house. Mercrrry denotes teaching and lecturing. In the R a h u Saturn tenth are placedthree planets Sun. medicineand education. He was a profes. Moon Venut From Chandra lagna. Rahu L a g na Ma r s Saturn V e nu e Example 42. 10th houseis occupiedby JuSun piter. He was kind hearted and helpedmany gtudents.9th housedenoteshigher education. Mercury in the 10th house has caused Bhadra Maha.Aries is Mercury the tenth house from the Surya lagna. ?he lord of the ten'i. As the Bharyasthana is occupiedby strong Jupiter. Mercury and Kethu. sor of Sanskrit and later became the Principal of Sanskrit collegeat Calcutta.

Mercury the lord of 2nd Vcnuo and 5th houe€s is placed in .Matr Kcthu .The tenth housefalls in Kumbha Rasi and is occupied by Mercury. His knowledge of Shastras knew no bounds. This is the horoscope of a very great scholar of Sanskrit who was held in high esteem in Varanasi. Jupiter is the lord of the tenth house and the ascendant.who was a Jupitcr reputed astrologer and scholar.Hete. This clearly juetifies his fame and profe+ sion as an e:eert Astrologer. L a gn a Jupitcr Kethu B u dh a Sun Saturn Moon Rehu Eranple 44. the Kethu S u n V e nu r hous€ of leerning. See the sthanparivartan between Mercury and Jupiter. from the lagna as also the Chandra Merrury is placed in the 10th house along with Sun. It has exchanged signs with Mercury placed in lagna. Jupiter and Sun. he wrote many books on Astrologr and published them. Adjoining is Sun the horoecope of Bangalore Mcrcury SuryaNarain Rao. Thus he was doing business of book-publishing also.Jupiter M e t c u r y Ma r c aspectsthe eecondhouse.t7l Business Men Bxample 43. Ae Mercury is for publiehing and writing. Lrgna Ssturn S a t ur n Flahu Example 45. Astrologers. L a g na J u p i t c r Mercury and Venus have exMo o n changedtheir houses.

He is respectedby all. 0 n a Sun and Venus. BV.JuPiterthe lord of 2nd and 11 is placedin Jupiter Krthu l3o the tenth house. R a h u Moon Vrishabha-Saturn. V c nu r Prof. 2. Meena'Rahu. reputation' nalne. tenth house has given him a happ. in aspected Uy tvtoon itt "ddition. He wrote many books on Astrolory and other subjects and earned name and fame through his books.. Lords of 9 and 10 bave combined producing powerful Rajayoga. 10and U houses.. wealth. MercurY L . etronglY in friendly sign.y Vrishabha.It is aspectedby t-L the lord of-lagna saturn. Erample 40. LagnaSrturn Kumbha.*ry. His work started in Jupiter . learning and suc@sain his undertakings. Jupiter in the life. Jupiter as Dhana labhadhipati inthe tenth housegives him steady incomeof a high order. Gajakesari yoga and Amala yoga are preeen! -in the Veeisthana. Kanya-Kethu. Smiha-Mars.ggry ii Vargoththama. Kataka' Sun. Lord of 10 is associated with Mercury indicating Astrologr and publication of books. Mercury in angle aspecting Lagrra has given him gr""t ast-logical abitity. and it is no wonder that he had goodincome and a haPPYlife.172 ThtoughAstrclogr Prcfeseion the tenth and i8 very strong. 10th house is which ig also exalted.Lagna is aspectedby lord ofthe 5th house' M". Raman. Thus there is connectionbetween 1. Jupiter in the tenth house also points to Astrologl' Mer' dasha. This is Mart aleo the horoscopeof an Ag' Mcrcury trologer of great reputation. Another point to be noted is aU the benefic planets are in anglee. Mercury and Venus' I{araka plaqets are Present. There is orchangBof housesbetween Saturn and Merctrry producing very powerful Rdayoga. 2o Vrischika-Jupiter. There are two benefics. . fame. There is oombination of 2nd and llth houeelords in the tenth house indlcating much income.

All Saturn the three lagnas-Lagna.M a r s V e n u s M o o n Lagna scope of a great Queen.Itis occupiedby Saturn and is aspectedby exalted Venus' Mercury the iord oi fOtt house has exchagedsigns with Saturn. Kumbha and its lord Labhasthana (llth house).Lord of lagna Jupiter is Placedin the eleventh house exchanging signs with Venus. Venus is Placed in the Jupitcr 12th house (And this is good according to Bhavartha Ratnakara and nanY other books as stated earlier). The I I Kothu I I tenth house falls in the sign of Saturn is placed in the is Saturn. Saturn has e:ahanged signs with Jupiter' . Noo'let us analysethe lfth houeeof this horoecope. Saturn is Yogakaraka for Vrishabha Lagna. the lord of the !t-h house causing very powerful Rajayoga' Mercury is fully aspectedby the auspicioueJupiter too.'inlord of 2 and 3 ig the 10th house aspectedby venus the lord of the pr"""a itth. Further Mercury is combined with the Sun.l7S BucinessMen steadily grew up and in his Mercury dashait wasoutstanding' tte orent-or. Here is the horo. He received many titles and won many distinctions. Chandra lagna and SurYa tagna fall in the sign of Venus. 4 and 11. Thus there is lnwerful cpnbination be' L a g n a M o o n Jupitor Saturn Rahu tween lords of 1. This is the Kethu horoscopeof Sayaji Rao III.*o"ld tours and gBvemany lecturee. Ve' nus is exalted in the 4th Sun house causing very Powerful M e r c u r y Malavya IMahayoga.His name and fame spread far and wide. Queen R a h u M e r c u r y S u n Victoria. Example 48. ' ' ' Saturn. V 6 nu 8 Mars the Gaekwar of Baroda. Example 47.

Jupiter is placed in the 10th house itself. MithunaKehtu. See first of all how many Maha yogas are R a h u present. Mercury. In Moon Mars S u n Venus Dasha. Kataka-Mars. A Raja yoga due to the combination of 5th and lst lords is also present. I the l0th house. Rahu.An Indion Maharani. Mars is placed in the 4th house causing Ruchaka . This is corf unction of the lords of the lst and the fth houses. Actually. According to the Bhava chart. Saturn Dasha and Mercury Dasha she was the nrling queen. J upiter L Saturn F:xnnrple 6O.Sun. the lord of the 4th Sun Moon and gth houses is the R a hu V e nu r Jupitor Yogakaraka and is placed in aMercury r Saturn l rlc . In jupiter Dasha. the Iord of 7 is placedin the llth house. Mercury which is in complete agreeV c nu e ment with astrclogicol pri* ciples. in a friendly eign. Moon is Vargoththama. venus and saturn are conjoined. producing Rajayoga. Dhanus-Sun. Vrischika-M@n. he Kethu became prime minister of ceylon. TulaJupiter. Example 49. the Bhava chart should be studied here. Kethu Lagna 200 Marc Venus. Sun is combined with it.171 PrcfessionThrcugh Aetrctogr Thus lord of 9. Saturn also aspects it. As the latitude of birth is 51' variation between sigrrs and houses is very much. Ministere: Kumbha-Lagna. Venus Saturn. 10 and 11 are getting closely connectd.Jupiter ttre t ora or the 2nd and the llth houseisplaed in the gth trouse. Mercury and Venus have conjoined together. Moon is exalted in lagna and Jupiter aspects it. The lord of the lagna is placedclqseto the cusp of the tenth house.

Saturn and Venus. Jupiter's placement in the eecondhoue€@upl€d wttb the aspectsof Mercury and Venus over tbe s€@ndhous indicate tbat he must be o uery rich percon.Businees Men l7E Maha yoga. The tenth house receivee the full benefic aspect of Jupiter. .Iord of ll is aspectedby lord of 7 and 10. Thus the lords of hous€ g. Saturn th. Leo-Kethu and Moon Libra-Saturn Flahu Sun Capricorn-Mars. Its aspect ouer the lotd of th. The lord of llth house is exalted in the 8th houee. VenuB. Mahayoga.Venus ie the lord of 6th house. fireir onbination gduee rise tn another powerful Rajayoga. Lagna receivesthe beneficial aspectof Venus and Mercury. Saturn is placed. lrgna Cancer-Jupiter. lord of the lagna.eBhagyadhipoti is ealtd in tlv Ai houce. The lord of ll aspectsfully the llth house. The lord of tln tenth lrcrce is salted in tln eeotd lwue teceiuesfull aspectof tltc brcfoe Venueond Mercury. Maro Vcnuc Mercury Mercury Juplter l(c0ru t/borl Aquarius-Rahu and Sun Silnn The lord of the tenth house is exalted in the Znd house. Venug and Mercury are benefics not only by nature but also subha grahas for Gemini asc€ndant. 10 and ll arre connectedtogether. Example 6L Politicione: Morurji Desai Lagna-Gemini. 6. Saturn is exalted there causing powerful Sasa .e tenth lause eousesR4ioyga" Mercury is lold of lagna. In the tenth house. Its aspect over Jupiter aleo Caus6 Rqiayoga. Note Mercury is the lord of the 9th house while Venus is the lord of the 10th house. the lords of g and 6 haw exchagedsigne.

It is joined with MercurY Lotd R a h u L r g na of the 3rd house. Jawaharlal Nehru.Prcfeccion fhrcugh Ashol ogr t78 Exarnple 6ll.JuPiter's trine . The tenth houee falls Lrgn. Example 6:1.r Kctu 8un llrrcury Vcnur Mrrr . (Also Mars indicates machinery. Jupiter which is Placedin its own house. Mpon StenograPher'Here the lord of 10th house is Mars. in Mesha rasi and its lord 2ao Mars aspects Mesha bY its toon t90 8th aspect._ aspect fallg on Mesha and thie is highly beneficial. The Moon falls in Mercrrryb sign.The tenth house is also aspected bY JuPiter Srturn which is placed in its own house. Mars not only aspects the tenth hougebut also the lord of the fth house' .l uiausesMolouyo Juplt.4nd Mars is tlv yogalnnha for Concerlagna Jupiter's powerful aapectouer the tenth howe and place' ment in sagittarins indicate towards legal profmsion' Venus's piacemenL in the 4th hous. therefore StenograPhY. The 10th lord from the Sun sign is Saturn K6thu the Moon and it falls in Mercury's sign combining Marr Ju p i t e r Sun and V e nu l these indications Mercury signiftcanceaof MercurY. Mercury ond et venue ord furtlur by ite own lord Mone. Thuc the rcfue will ee ttnt ttrc tenth houseie ertrcmely png aspated by thrce bencftcplarcte: Jupiter. Mencrrry and Venus too aspect the tenth houp.This ig the R a h u horacope of Pt. MercrrrY Printing. Ste' nography is clearlY euggeetd.

He entered politics in Venus Mahatlasha. Nehru the Prime Ministership. Mercury rules the 3rd house. Indira Gand. 10 and 11. Rahu represents Venus.t77 Business Men Maharyoga.It is strongly placed in the 4th house. He was the Prime Minister in Rahu Dasha also. That Venus is combinedwith Mercury. Rahu represents Mercury which is combinedwith Venus and as' pects the 10th house.There is another way of analysis.In the dasha of Mars.He was highly learned and wrote many books. Example 64. the lord of the 10th house. in Mars-Rahu period. Lord of 11is placedin own sign in the 4th house. By the exchange ofsigns by Jupi- Jupiter 150 Kothu Laga n 21. Ilahu is connectedwith 9. Saturn 21o Mars Moon 5o 150 R a h u Sun4o V e nu s Morcury 150 130 .Jawaharlal becantePrime Minister during the sub-periodof Rahu which representsMercury (Rahu is placed in Mercury's rasi) and Jupiter (Rahu is fully aspected by Jupiter). Mercury should give auspicious results of Venus.which is mainly responsible for giving Pt. The subperiod of Jupiter (Bharyadhipati) in the major period of Yogakaraka has to be good. because Rahu is placed in the sign of Mercury. His secondhousereceivesthe beneficial aspect of Jupiter (trine aspect).But as the nodeRahu is aspected by Jupiter.his elevationto the high post is in agreementwith Astrological principles' He was very rich.It is combinedwith Mercury.hi: By the exchanges of signs by Moon and Saturn there arises a Rajayoga.In Sun's dasha his fame steadily increased. Dhanakaraka Jupiter is strongly placedin his own sign.Venus is the Karaka of a very powerful Yoga-MalavyaMahayoga. Rahu is powerfully aspected by Bharyadhipati Jupiter. So. Parasarab principles arc totally true here. and Mercury is a friend of Venus. and Mercury and Venus both aspect the 10th house. So.



ter (lord of 9) and Venus (lord of 4) there arises another
The tenth house falls in ,Aries. The lord of the 10th house
Mars has exchanged houses with the Sun. These two are
closely connected and therefore Mars derives much strength
and authority. From the Sun Mars in is 10th house. There is
connection between lords of 2nd and 10th houses. As Mars
denotes leadership and Sun is for C'overnment, she headed the
Government of a great country.
There is Clear Ingna.dhi yogo.
Also Sun which is strongly connected with Mars is related
to Jupiter by aspect.Thus lords of 2,9,6, and 10 are connected
together. Not only this, Venus and Jupiter are closely related
because they have exchanged signs. Venus is the lord of 4 and
11. Thus the tenth house lord is oonnected with lords of 2, 9, 10
and 11. Readerg can now understand the strength of this great
Now we will study the tenth house in pa.rticular. It fialls in
the sign of Aries. It is not subjected to any malefic influence.
Its lord is Mars. Mars is situated in the 2nd house. It is strong
'becauseit is in the sign of Sun. Not only this, it hae exchanged
signs with the Sun. Sun indicates royal power. It represents
Government. Thus Mars gets inmense power. Thus there is
close relation between the lords of 5, 10 and 2nd houses. 6th
house represents ministership. Since the 10th house is 8o
powerfully connected with the 5th house, ministership was
bestowed. Readere will further note that Mars is the
Yogakaraka for Cancer ascendant. There is much mone rea'
son. The Sun has combined with benefic planet Mercury.
Jupiter is Bharyadhipati. Ordinarily it may be regarded weak
in the sign of Taurus. Here it is not so. Jupiter has exchanged
signs with Venus. Venus is Labhadhipati Jupiter is
Bhagradhipati. Thus Bhagadhipati and Labhadhipati are
very strongly related. And such a Bhagiadhipati Jupiter is
aspecting the Sun. Jupiter is by nature a benefic. Herc it is the
Jord ofthe 9th house further. Such ajupiter aspects the lord of
th€ lagns by its powerful, benefic, trine aspect. Mars is


Business Men

aspecting the Sun and Mercury. Readers will notice, that a
number of benefic yogas are present . Powerful Vasumad' yoga
is also present. Jupiter is in 11 and has exchanged signs with
Venus lord of 11. In the 6th house Venus is present. In addition
to this, therg is Lagnadhi yoga. All theseyogas, have given the
high status of prime ministership.
Example 55. Great ManSaint Tyagaraja: In the tenth
house, Sun irs exalted. Mercury is Vargoththama in the
tenth sign. In the Bhava
Chart he is placed in the 9th

v e n us
Sun 23o
M e r cu r y S a l u r n
00.21' 29"-3'

Merculy represents the
incarnations of Vishnu. 9th
house for devotion. He was a
great devotee of Sri Rama,
whose vision he achieved


L a g na


through intense austerities and penane.
He was a \rery learned man. Mercury is combined with the
Sun in the 10th house.His literary output was profuee. He
composed hundreds of songs which are vety popular even
His eminenoewas in music. He is one of the trinity of
Caranatic Music and occupiesthe foremostrank in that field.
Lord of the 1lth house,Venus is placedstrong in its own sign.
It aspects the 5th house in full. In ttu second lnuse, the
extreme benefic Jupiter is situated. It throws tts fuU aspecton
the lord of the secondhouse,the Sun and Mercrrry.
He lead a saintly life of austerities and penane. He did not
uee music to earn money. He compoeedsonp in praise of all
Hindu gods and in particular of Sri Rama.
Exanple 60. Horoscopes of groat menMahatma Gandhi
From the lagna, in the tenth hotrseMoon is placed in its

own sign. Rahu is also placed
in the tenth house.From the
Moon's place, in the tenth
house, Jupiter is placed pro'
ducing powerful Gajakesari
yoga. T}re tenth house from
the Moon is aspected bY
benefics:Venus,Mercury and
its own lord. Thus readers
will notice that the 10th
house from Chandra lagna is
rendered. extremely strong.

P rc fession T hrc.ugh As trc I ogr

Ju p i t e r

R a lu
Mo o n

La!n! l3'
S a t u r nMorcuryl3
lllrs 27'

Out of these, Mercury is the Bhagadhipati. It is joined with
the lord of the lagna producing very powerful Raiayoga. From
Chandra lagna, Bhagradhipati Jupiter is placed in the 10th
house aspected by Mars. Thus lords of fth and 10th houses
aspect each other thereby producing another powerful
yogo. firis is responsible
Rojayoga called Dharmakamndhi
for his virtuous nature. Also the aspect between lords of 4th
house and the 9th house aspect each other causing another
Rajayoga. Again there is combination of the 5th and 4th lords
from the Chondra lagon.
Apart from this, powerful Malatya Mahayoga is present
and it is no wonder therefore that he was really a great
Mahapursusha. Three kendras are occupied by benefics and
Mihira's Karakakhya yoga is pr€sent. Powerful Vesi yoga is
present as the second house from the Sun is occupied by two
very auspicious planets-Mercury and Venus' (See how the
rules of Varaha Mihira are proving true here).
The Moon rules public life. It is placed in the tenth house
in own house. So he was a great leader of the masses, the
father of the nation. There wer€ several changes in his life and
in his early years, he had many voyages too' (This is only to
indicate that Astrological principles are coming true perfectly).
In Rahu dasha, he was arrested probably due to MoonRahu combination. In Chandra lagna, Rahu is placed. He
struggled hard. He suffered hardships; but his fame spread. In

Libra-Rahu and Mercury. Rahu this was the reason. another sign of Scorpio. and 8th houses has produced Vipareetha Rajayoga also. The aspect between the lords of 9 and 10 gives Rajayoga. Venus and Mercury have exchanged houses. Virgo-Sun and Venus. Jai Example Prahash Narayan: LagnaCancer. in the Gorrernment. Combination of the lords of lagna with Bhagradhipati Jupiter also produces a powerful Rajayoga.181 Business Men Jupiter Dasha. And Mercury aspects the 10th house. Tenth hotrse is occupied b. Moon falls in Scorpio. Jupiter is placed in the 10th Inuse ftvnt the Moon 67. The exchange of lords of 6th.y Mars in . Sordar Example Vallabh Bhai Patel. It is aspected by the lord of lagna the Bhagradhipati. But three planets are debilitated-Mars. Jupiter and Saturn have exchanged houses. Mars Saturn Moon Sun Mercury V€nus Jupiler Kethu 68. The tenth house is connected with all the benefics. The tenth house is occupied by Kethu and its lord is debilitated in the lagna. Capricorn-Jupiter and Moon. Jupiter and Venus. why he did not occupy any offrce of high power. Aries-kethu. Kethu Lagna Marg Jupiter Moon Lord of the lagna Moon in ?th house shows his engageSun Rahu ment in public work. The lord of the lagna Moon is placed in the 7th house with Jupiter indicating public life.Lagna falls in Aries a sign of Mars. Sagittarius-Saturn. The lord Saturn Mercury VeDus of 10 is placed in the lagna. he achierred indpendence for India. Perhaps.

Venus is in the l1th house.Prcfession Thrcugh AshPlog 1t8 exaltation. i{e was known for his courage and trnwer. Kcthu Mars and Venus have exchanged signs.ord of 10 is associated with lord of 5 in the lagna. The tenth Jupiter ho-use has subhakarthari in is yoga. Exanple the Here. RojagopalachonLord of the 10th house.the lord of the 10 in 1st house. saturn in the 10th house. Jupiter rules law' Mercury also indicates legal profession. Raiendra M o o n Saturn Pra"sad-Lord of 10 is Placed Kethu in Lagna in JuPiter sign. in own sign.he became the hesid.Mahayoga. Jupitqr aspectsit. so. Mercury S u n Venus Rahu Mare Moon is exalted.ent of India. He had an indomitable will. the Sun is placed in the lagna.There is sambandha (connec' tion) betweenJupiter and Mercury. Surya lagna. Thus it is an excbage of lgt and 7th houses which produces Raja Yoga Mars rules over Lagna. Jupiter L a gn a Bhagrasthana. and the lord of Chandra lagna. 00. in its own sign is causing Sosa Mahayoga' Example 69.Surya lagnadhipati is also with Mercury. [. Rahu is very ausPi' cious in KanYa.In Budha dasha.he was practising "otttt*t"d as a lawyer.All these combinationsenabled gth trim to becomethe president of India. S a t ur n Moon J upiter Rahu Sun M e r cu r y V e nu s Lagna Mars C. an undaunted spirit. Chandra lagna. tn Jupiter dasha. Very many Mahayogas are present' Mars exalted in the 10th house is causing R uchaha. There is GajakesariYoga. BhagiadhiPati is ex- . sardar Patel was a Martian. Jupiter is in the house aspecting the 10th house.

placement of lord of 2nd house in the lagna. It is situated in Scorpio a Rasi ruled by Mars. Mars aspects the tenth house from the Sun. the Moon is occupying the 7th house' Because of these yogas. Desh Muhh.He was an I. con' junction of Moon and Mars. Leo-Kethu. . The influence of Mars over the Chandra lagna and lord of the tenth house from Surya lagna is clear. Sagittarius-Mercury. Aquarius-Mercury Gemini-Moon and Mars. Jupiter gets neecha bhanga. governor of reserve bank. was the chief Minister of Madras and later he wrote many books connected with religion and philosophy. Saturn and Jupiter have exchanged houses. the tenth house is occu' pied by Saturn placed in friendly sign. falling in the sign of Sagittarius. Pisces-Sun. Mercury is placed in the second house. Mars aspects Jupiter. All this is due to Mercury being placed in the 2nd house and the placement of the lord of the 10th house in the lagna ensuring successand glory. Generals.S. It is further aspected by the lord of the lagna Mars. All this has rnade him a great general.D. The influence of Mars over Chandra lagna. the horoscope of a great general who retired as chief of the army staff. Jupiter aspects the tenth house by the beneficial trine aspect. and 81. Taurus-saturn. as the lord of its exaltation sign.Business Men 183 alted in the ?th house. The lord of 11. rus-Moon and Mars. Sun is placed in the tenth house from the Moon. Example 62. placement of Venus in the 12th house rightly point out that he is a very wealthy person. Its influence is clear on the Chandra lagna.C. Janma lagna. Example 63. Surya lagna and 10th house is thus clear. This is also nus. He Practised politics. Aries-Veter. Great officer C.Lgna-Scorpio-Jupiter Exanple TauSaturn. From the lagna. and Aries-Rahu Sun. Aspect between Jupiter and Moon. held in high esteem by all people. a vice-chancellor. a reputed scholar and a great educationist. Mars is in the llth house. he was a great leader. oflicer. He was a grfted speaker. Lagna-Leo. Capricorn-Jupiand Rahu. Here the lord of the 10th house is Sun.

1 .