To Whom It May Concern

0740034961 Relu

I am extremely pleased to recommend Relu Drãgan for admission to your university. I
have known Relu for four years now in my position as English teacher and I can say
without hesitation that during this time Relu has spared no effort whatsoever to achieve
his present level of competence.
If truth be told, Relu is the epitome of the ideal student. Intelligent, passionate, hardworking and endowed with magnetic enthusiasm, Relu has always been there to deliver
high-quality work in our hypercompetitive secondary school (ranked two in the top ten
Romanian schools) and at national level. Relu is an extremely conscientious person who
can carry out his tasks with great passion. A perfectionist by nature, Relu dedicates his
time and energy to achieve the best results, no matter what the scale or complexity of the
undertaking may be. Looking at his fantastic achievements in the field of mathematics,
physics and IT both synchronically and diachronically, it is obvious that for Relu these
are not just a passion. They are a lifestyle. I think it is natural therefore that he continues
in an American educational establishment, where, if given the chance and the support he
needs, Relu will become a true expert in his field.
In addition to his desire for self-improvement, I would say that communication and
leadership skills are two of Relu’s greatest assets. Relu is a great communicator who can
convey a message quickly and interestingly. He has, on many occasions, delighted the
class with entertaining stories while his sharp-as-a-blade reason allows him to get to the
point in the nick of time. Thanks to his outgoing nature, Relu finds it easy to blend with
classmates during group work activities where he has assumed a wide range of roles in
the English class such as discussion initiator, presenter or narrator. I have always been an
observer of classroom psychology and I can say that these two qualities set Relu apart
from several classmates who may work diligently, but find it awkward to communicate
with their peers or assume roles.
I also appreciate Relu’s commitment to develop on a personal and social level and to be a
round-up person. He somehow finds the time to squeeze in his tight schedule activities
such as international projects and partnerships. I am also aware that he plays guitar in a
band and plays tennis on a weekly basis.
It is difficult to put in a few words Relu’s fantastic achievements at such a young age.
However, from my own experience at Åbo Akademi University (Finland), University of
Limerick (Ireland) and Oxford University (UK), it is absolutely doubtless that Relu will
measure up to the strictest standards of the Anglo-Saxon academe. I therefore strongly
recommend his application and I believe that Relu will undoubtedly demonstrate his
incredible potential.
If you require further information about Relu’s application, do not hesitate to contact me on
telephone or via email.
Yours faithfully,
Sebastian Popescu
English Teacher, “B.P.Hasdeu” Secondary School, Buzau, Romania
Cambridge Oral Examiner & Supervisor, British Council, Romania