Please refer to the below URLs for basic overview of QTP


The quick Testing process consists of 7 main phases:

Preparing to record-Preparing QTP and SAP (AUT) to record


Recording a session- F3-Performing steps in SAP

Enhancing Your Test-Parameterization, adding conditional (if else) and l
ooping (for, do while) statements.
Debugging your test-F10
ng fine

Run the script step by step to make sure it s worki


Running your test-F5-Running the script


Analyzing the Test Results


Reporting Defects

- VBScript
- Active Screen for reffering screen object porperties
- library files contains function
- uses BPT for QC integeration
-object identification (add-ins speed up the process by restricting the obj cla
--mandatory property, assisstive property
--smart identification
--ordinal identifiers

-A Checkpoint is a confirmation or verification point in which the value of some
property which is expected at a particular step is compared with the actual val
ue which is displayed in the application. Based on the expected values Checkpoin
ts are classified as follows:
--Standard checkpoint

--bitmap --table --accessibility .