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Social Business Plan Competition-2012

This business is also going to work for the development of Bangladeshi handicraft products and export them to the international market.000 disables within 5 years. The business will promote and sell their products to the international market.the disables. We believe our business will be providing medical assistance and rehabilitation facilities for 2. As they will get the scope to getting engaged with this noble project.(Protyoy) Executive summary Protyoy. University of Dhaka Page 1 . The profit will be disbursed to the disables through a special fund for their medical treatment and rehabilitation.a social business with the theme I believe I can fly is aimed for society’s that part whose agony and cry remains unheard of. The disables will get raw materials as loan and a safe. We will collect our initial funds from the commercial banks.5 years.67 years and paying back to the investors within 2. Initially we plan to start with 200 disable women of the capital and gradually move on to all big cities within 5 years. through their CSR programs. This business is so profitable that we will be breaking even within 1. they will provide us loans at a discounted rate. specialized ‘workshop’ where they could produce their desired handicraft products.

University of Dhaka Page 2 . The business will provide necessary raw materials to the selected disables as loan. Five key factors to (Protyoy)‘s success:  A unique social business that provides overall employment solution for the disables. Its goal is to provide an efficient employment solution for the disables and therefore make them self-sufficient. not literally. It is for society’s that part. It is a business that will be producing handicraft products in sectors like jute. Protyoy. mostly disabled women who are living through dire poverty.3.  Collection of raw materials from the best source. Why (Protyoy) is a social business? It is so because Protyoy works for the betterment of the society’s deprived section. The business will carry the maintenance and operational cost out of its profit.4. (Protyoy)? What is Protyoy is an export oriented social business company that aims at employing the disables. enhance their expertise through efficient training program and sell their products in foreign market through efficient channels and marketing program. the handicaps. their own hands.(Protyoy) (Protyoy) 1. The business addresses the first two Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):  Alleviate extreme poverty. 1. and bamboo and cane products. candle. which most of the people recon as a burden. 1.  Empowerment of women and removal of gender disparity.  Export of the products to the appropriate target market for best price.  Duty free advantage to the export handicraft businesses offered by the government. It is the project that envisages to overturn the scenario and provide them the slot to build up their destiny by. therefore ensuring profitability. wooden. home textile.  Appropriate training program that enhances efficiency of the workforce. while the rest portion will be distributed for the wellbeing of the disables.1.a social business for the society’s that part whose agony and cry remains unheard of.2. 1. Protyoy will make profit through selling the handicraft products manufactured by them.

Khagrachori and Bandarban districts. The rent for the workshop where they will modify and produce the products will be added to that amount as ‘Premise loan’ and it will be measured as per unit (3’ X 3’). Narayanganj.  Cotton. The business provides raw materials as loan for different handicraft sectors. Each of the loan borrowers can initially borrow raw materials worth up to BDT 10. Protyoy is a service based social business. Service area and Product lines.  Bamboo and cane: We will collect our raw materials for bamboo and cane products from the Chittagong hill tracts as well as Rangamati. We will collect our raw materials for these products from the following places:  Processed Jute : For our business. Cloth and Thread: The best quality raw materials for home textile will be collected from the same place. we will collect the best graded processed jute from the mills of Narayanganj.000. The reason is not only they are superior in quality but they are a lot cheaper also.(Protyoy) 2. There will not be any charge for University of Dhaka Page 3 . The disables will utilize them within a specialized ‘Workshop’.  Candle: The Sundarban will be our raw material collection spot for its superior quality. There will initially be loans for four handicraft sectors:  Jute products  Home Textile products  Bamboo and Cane Products  Candle Products.

we will provide training to 200 disables. They will pack each of the products according to their respective packaging needs. Every individual borrower will choose his or her preferred production line where he or she may use his or her skills. They will get unique and creative designs from our designing department to implement them.1 Product Lines Initially. The Production phase: The disables will work at the workshop under the direct supervision of our trainers. grade. our business will have four product lines:  Jute Products Jute Bags Home Decors Jute Hand Bags Jute Wall Hangings Jute Shopping Bags Jute Table Mats. the sales team will collect.Canvas Jute Sling Bags Jute Lamp Shades Jute Sacking Bag Jute Rugs. 2. Sales and Marketing: Our target market is the foreign buyers to whom we will export our export quality handicraft products. wall covers Jute Food Grade Bags Jute Cushion Covers Jute Hammocks. we will export our products through the appropriate export channels. Post-production Phase: After production. Finally special attention will be given on finishing. At the initial stage. Our expert team will guide them so that their products can have competitive edge over the other local made products. Upon advance orders.(Protyoy) the training program that we will provide to them. Jute Mats Jute Fashion Accessorries University of Dhaka Page 4 . The training program: It aims to make the disables expert in their respective production fields. rate and pack the products.

Cushion Cover  Bed sheets. Vest  Ladies’ bags .(Protyoy)  Home Textile Products  Rugs  Nakshi Katha. Ornament Box  Bamboo and Cane products  Basket  Lamp Sheds  Picture Frames  Office Desk accessories  Show piece and other accessories University of Dhaka Page 5 .  Towels  Pillow covers. Pillow cases. Bed cover  Mats.

these handicrafts will glorify the Bangladeshi industries.(Protyoy)  Candle Products:  Birth Candle  Musical Candle  Candle Holder  Candle Doll 2. Nakshee Katha. University of Dhaka Page 6 . like. they will earn precious foreign currencies too. Protyoy is their business. with medical treatment and rehabilitation facilities.2: How will the Products benefit the society? The product lines are carefully chosen to carry the national heritage to the outside world. In the long run. the disables will be the beneficiaries of the revenues. In the foreign markets. Its beneficiaries are the persons whom otherwise would have been considered as a burden. These products also ensure the best use of the local resources. we plan to provide a complete solution for the disables. These loans will give the disables a chance to build a solid platform for themselves and therefore help the economy boost.

we have chosen the foreign market as our target market.  Earning of precious foreign currency. Home textile products are also in a high demand in the international market. Bamboo baskets of various shapes and sizes are in great demand in Europe and America. 3.  Foreign Market: The international market has a huge demand for quality handicraft products. and Australia are the potential markets here.  Domestic Resellers: Domestic businesses (large NGOs) that purchase handicraft products for reselling at domestic and foreign markets. South Korea. development of cane products has gained momentum. the market segments are:  Domestic Market: It has two sub-segments:  Domestic Consumers: The domestic household consumers in Bangladesh. Therefore.  More scopes for business expansion.  Bigger profit margin. With the resurgence of worldwide interest in cane. because  International market is larger in size. Jute products are environment friendly and also ‘Best at less’. Canada. University of Dhaka Page 7 . our initial product lines have huge demand worldwide.  Government offers duty free export for the export oriented handicraft businesses. Japan. UK. Market Analysis 3. Therefore.1: Market Segmentation and Target Market We have segmented the market according to the demand and buyer pattern.  Domestic market is smaller in size and full of domestic suppliers. Germany.2 Market Trend: The international market has huge demand for handicraft products.(Protyoy) 3. another tropical grass is often used as a base for support of cane furniture and handicrafts. Bamboo. Countries of big economies like USA.

3. Adequate training and supervision to ensure quality output.6 Promotions: For our handicraft products’ promotion. The slogan will be to support a cause ‘help the wingless fly’. social medias play a huge role in online promotions. Product generation from best quality raw materials. we will be looking for capturing market share with moderate price.5 Pricing Strategy: Our products are high in quality and moderate in price.(Protyoy) 3. Artistic designs with the help of our designing department. regional and international trade fairs to draw potential customer attention. there are 183 handicraft exporters in Bangladesh (considering all the showrooms of the large NGOs). This slogan will catch the attention of people and once they visit our page. we will be using the following promotion and marketing tools:  Online Marketing: We will be exhibiting our products to the potential buyers all around the globe using the internet. they will get accustomed with our project and the noble goal we serve. Firstly.  Social Medias: Now days.3 Competitors There will be two major categories of competitors in our business:  Large NGOs that act as export traders of domestic goods (like Aarong)  The domestic handicraft exporters In total.4 Competitive Strategy We will be differentiating ourselves from our competitors through the following strategies:      Unique branding of handicraft products produced by the disables. University of Dhaka Page 8 . The website of Protyoy will have extended tabbed browsing facilities and visuals of all the manufactured products. Online product demonstration and order placement. The links on the pages will be carrying them to the main website where they will be able to place their order.  National and International trade fair: Protyoy-the business will step its feet to the national. After that we will be providing premium quality products at premium price. 3. Buyers can choose and place their orders right from the website. We will be launching our promotional strategies in Facebook and Twitter. 3.

1 Company Structure: Protyoy-the business will be headquartered at Mirpur. finance department will run the financial accounting system and perform functions such as:     Financial Planning. we will be having some media partners in order to reshaping the destiny of the disables. Dhaka. Our member Kabir Ahmed Khan will be in charge of this department and he will monitor 5 sales representative for all marketing and promotional activities. It will have two subsections within it. Raising of Necessary Funds. we will send our product catalogues and samples to our frequent buyers. Initially. we plan to provide loans to 200 disables.  Corporate Partners: From the beginning. University of Dhaka Page 9 . The workshop where the disables will get trained and use their loans for handicraft production will be at Savar. prepare the marketing strategy.  Human Resoucre Management: The HRM department will work for the improvement of the workforce. Planning and Operations: This department will be run under the direction of our member Tahmeem Siddiqi.(Protyoy)  Personal Selling: To build strong customer relationship. analyze the market trend and maintain relationship with the frequent buyers. 4. The activities of this department will be:  Job Designing and distribution  Recruitment and Selection  Training  Development Our member Sahed Mahmud will be in charge of this department. Basically. SALES AND MARKETING: The sales and marketing department will seek new potential market. Controlling the Use of Funds. The major functional activities of our organization are described below:  FINANCING: The financial activities will be carried out under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer. promote the products. Business structure: 4. It will also provide training to the disabled workers. He will supervise the training department which will have 1 trainer and 2 supervisor. They will have some customized privileges while placing advanced orders.

2:Operational Model The operational model of Protyoy will be as follows General Manager Manager (Sales& Chief Financial Officer Human Resource Manager Manager (Planning& Marketing) Representatives Operations) Accounts officer Training Supervisor Manager Transportation (Procurement) (Sales) Employee University of Dhaka Employee Page 10 . The transportations department will be managed for raw materials transportation and shipping processing.(Protyoy)   The procurement department’s manager will be in charge for raw materials and other procurements. There will be 2 assistant for his assistance. 4.

(Protyoy) 5.2: Contingency Plan University of Dhaka Page 11 . Risk Assesment 5. transportation.1 SWOT analysis STRENGH WEAKNESS  Factory will be situated at capital Dhaka where we will get the facility of proper utility.  Inexpensive raw material  Higher selling price  Lower machineries cost  Quality product  Local resources  Workforce consisting of disable persons  High transportation and shipment cost  External capital  Fluctuating interest rate  Weak internal management OPPOTUNITY  Expandable market  Increasing demand of environment friendly products THREAT  Intense competition  Unstable political situation that can threat export 5.

Therefore it is less likely to impact our business. What will happen if we cannot sell If we can’t capture the foreign market then we will the product in the foreign market? turn into the local market. Financial Forecasts We will start with a fixed cost of BDT 2 million and our operating expense for the first month will be 1 million.  There are other means of acquiring small business loans for example business cash advance companies. They will review credit record but they are less strict in terms of seeing a few bad records on your history.  We are going to collect the loans from different banks with similar rate of interest instead of getting the loan from single bank to minimize the risk. 6. With a business cash advance. The cost distributions are shown bellow: University of Dhaka Page 12 . What if the banks increase their Our sector receives the highest incentives from the interest rates drastically? government.(Protyoy) RISK What if we do not get the capital in time? CONTINGENCY PLAN  Our first option for getting loan is the private banks.  If we don’t get the loan in time then we will invest 50% with our own money and get the rest of the amount from the CSR funding of the multinational corporation. Borrowing money from these companies is relatively easier than getting one from a bank.

000 (Assuming that 200 workers will be able to produce handicraft products worth BDT 10.000 Factory Setup and Machineries 5.1.000=75..000.000)…………………………………= 2million BDT University of Dhaka Page 13 .000.00. 000 Operating expenses……………………..000) =2.000 HR: Trainer: 15000+2 supervisor2(2*10.000 Fixed Costs Instrument credit to disable (5..………………………………. 00.000+2assistants(10000*2)=35000 CFO&Accounts officer: (20000+15000) =35000 2 office staffs: (2*5000)=10000 Total= 100.000.000*200 ) 10.300.000 Total Cost Interest (On fixed costs)……………………………….000 Food and child care………. 2.00.000 Training and Skills Development Initial Transportation 3. 000 Rent and Utility (office and workshop)……….85.000 Net sales: (200 * 10.90..(Protyoy) Monthly Operating cost Salary ………………………………………………………….000 Depreciation and Maintenance (5% per month)25.000 2... 200.000)=35000 Planning&Operations: Procurement manager:10.000 every month) Revenue (Monthly) Sales (2000*10.000 Company Setup and HR Expenditure 1.1.000 Salary worksheet: Sales& Mkt: 5*15.000 Transportation and shipment cost……………….

67 years) Here.000=30 months (2. Long term business strategy Our business Protyoy aims at being an efficient solution for the disables in Bangladesh. University of Dhaka Page 14 . We will collect our initial funds from the commercial banks. rather it’s their business.(Protyoy) (Less)Operating cost 1million BDT Profit 1 million BDT (Less) Profit Sharing (200*4. we plan to expand the business in all major cities of Bangladesh.000/100.000. They take loan and generate their own products for selling and finally. The initial fixed costs will be broken even after 1.5 years.67 years.000 per month Pay back period: 3.000= 20 months (1.000/100. they will provide us loans at a discounted rate. through their CSR program.000 Pay Back amount to the investors : 100. It will be paid back in 2.000 disables within 5 years. they get the revenue’s share.500) 900. Within first five years.5years) Break even period: 2. we can provide medical employment and rehabilitation facilities for 2. As they will get the scope to getting engaged with this noble project. We believe. Disables are not worker here. our initial startup cost was (Fixed cost+Operational cost) 3 million.000. we will always try to employ the optimal number of disables in our working process. For that.

(Protyoy) Social Impact Our business will be creating employment and rehabilitation facilities for 2. We can calculate the monetary value of the impact Protyoy is going to have: Employment for 2.000 Nation branding through handicraft products = All the profit will be disbursed for the disables. University of Dhaka Page 15 .000 Total = 82 million BDT Therefore.000 Creating capable manpower =1.000 Creation of New Potential market =20.000. An efficient supervision ensures work with joy. which will work for the betterment of the disables.000 Utilization of domestic raw materials: =1.000 disables within 5years. The profits will stay with the company.000 Medical assistance for the disables =5. Our workforce will get market wage as well as other benefits.000 Rehabilitation of disables = 5. the 3 million taka is going to have almost 28 fold positive impact on the Bangladeshi society.000. as :       The objective of this business is to alleviate poverty and develop manpower from the disables.000 people: =20.000. investors will get return their investment only. Fulfillment of seven social business principles The business fulfills all the seven principles of social business.000. It is financially viable. University of Dhaka Page 16 .(Protyoy) References:  Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)   www.bjmc.