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Orgyan Lingpa makes the point that. This condensed version of the Chronicles is commonly used as a text for recitation. and that full version is called “The Chronicles of Padma” (padma bka’ thang). present. Thrulzhig Rinpoche explained the virtues of reciting the text. King Trisong Deutsen. On the occassion. Padmasambhava instructs the great Lotsawa Vairochana to write the discourse down and conceal it in the rooms at the top of Samye Monastery. At the end of the discourse. but Thrulzhig Rinpoche suggested that it would be good to recite it once a month. one of the four sons of the dharma king of Tibet. the revealer of the text. and pleasant-sounding intonation—then it will be just vii . if possible.TRANSLATOR’S INTRODUCTION The text is a record of a discourse by Guru Padmasambhava given at the request of Prince Muthri Tsenpo. The discourse chronicles the lives of Padmasambhava before. and that if you did do that. It also makes many predictions about the future. of course. which are that it will tend to overcome obstacles and increase the general state of auspiciousness. The text was revealed as a treasure by Orgyan Lingpa. Padmasambhava gave his life story in a very condensed form. it would have great effects. Orgyan Lingpa. suggests that you could treat it as you would your yidam and recite it over and over again. and after. The more that you do it the better. if you read this condensed version just one time but do it with the three things that are the hallmark of the best style of reading or chanting—clear pronunciation. He gave a much longer version on another occassion. correct pronunciation. He wrote a small colophon which appears at the end of the text.

One of the things that Rinpoche felt important was that the terma-breaks should be retained. somehow. However. Î it looks like this . a special mark called a terma-break is used. This is a bit of an experiment. Nepal December 22. I have kept the terma-break marks in this translation. the translation is written out as prose with the terma-break marks placed according to the verse-lines of the original. One of the unique things that identifies a revealed treasure is the use of a special punctuation mark. This not only fulfills the need for the terma marks but also gives the reader a guide to the rhythm used when reciting it in the Tibetan.. I have not provided many notes to this edition. The original is in Tibetan verse which makes it very useful for recitation. note that Orgyan Lingpa’s colophon is not part of the Chronicles and is not recited with it. However. I’ve made the terma-break marks small enough that they do not detract—at least not too much—from the text. so that we could have prayers in our own languages that really work for us as non-native Tibetan speakers. Lotsawa Tony Duff Bauddha. There are other books available that have sufficient of the history surrounding Padmasambhava and his times that you should be able to read them and thus understand all the details of this Condensed Chronicle. because it is these marks that immediately and definitely indicate to the reader that the text is a revealed treasure. I’m quite convinced that a little experimentation is in order these days. Accordingly. the content is not poetry. Instead of the usual vertical stroke (called shay) that serves as a break-mark in Tibetan text. Some years ago Nalanda Translation Committee was translating revealed treasures and they discussed the work with Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche who was visiting at the time. If you do use it for recitation. THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Kathmandu. 2004 ix . Therefore. it is prose. I freely admit.viii THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE as effective as reading the full version of the Chronicles.

and sangha. you came into the cannibal Î Î lands.THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE BY ORGYAN PADMA Î In Oddiyana language: buddha dharma sanghadhya In English language: Î I take refuge always and respectfully Î In the buddha. presented many Î gifts to go with his request. Î E MA HO Î Î Then. He offered many specially fine jewels. prince Mutri Tsanpo invited the acharya of the tiers of three races1 Î and seated the acharya on a throne of five-coloured brocade nine deep. The Tibetan people have short lives distracted by haughtiness. then politely said: Î E MA HO Î Great bodhisatva knowing the three times. seated Î the preceptor on a throne of five-coloured brocade five deep and. the being who guides shows this biography for the beings Î to be tamed and so provides protection through informed faith for the fortunate Î ones. dharma. at the head Î of the left and right rows on patterned seats seated the three lotsawas with Î Î Vairocana as chief. you came into my father King Î Trisong Deutsen’s realm. Lamp of the teachings. From 1 . Î Padmasambhava.

Setting the sentient Î Î beings of the three realms at ease is guru Padma Jungney. Proclaiming the sound Î Î of dharma to all six classes is Guru Senge Dradog. you. The father of expanse-rigpa’s Î Î consciousness is dharmakaya Samantabhadra. The mother who Î Î plants the life pole of the teaching is Jetsun Arya Tara. Having been supplicated with those Î words. because of my supplication please tell us the Î story of your life in condensed form. the guru gave the following instruction: Î Listen well. eight charnel Î grounds. Î E MA HO Î The fourth one shows the eight emanation sons. All vehicles unfurled in the space of equality is Guru Nyima Ozer. the chapter of the eight birth mothers. The father Î Î who is a friend with advice given out of love is the friend Ser ’Od Dampa. The father. The mother of the Tsan3 who serve self-grasping Î Î is the queen ’Od Chang Lhamo. eight isolated places and eight ladies Î Î come close to the heart. eight places of residence and eight gurus attended. The mother who performs charnel-ground Î Î yogic discipline is glorious Vajravarahi. The mother who confers the four Î Î empowerments complete is Bhikshuni Kunga Monlam. the dharma lord is guru Padmasambhava. the earliest human met2 is the dharma minister Trinadzin. basis of the teachings. the lake of Î Î Dhanakosha. Jowo Lord. The mother entrusted Î Î with the meaning of precepts is dakini Layki Wangmo. embodiment Î Î of the holy dharma. THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î 3 Î The father. The mother who praises the Î Î nirmanakaya is Vajrayogini. the chapter of the eight sons. Î Î The father of the greater family line. eight dharmas. the Î chapter of the eight named gurus. The son who made the holy Î Î dharma happen in Tibet is the dharma king Songtsen Gampo. Î That was the second chapter. Î E MA HO Î The third one shows the eight birth mothers. Î E MA HO Î The first one shows how the eight named gurus descended. Î eight signs of final accomplishment of yidams met face-to-face. The son who stabilized the holy dharma so that it would not wane Î Î is the dharma prince Mutri Tsanpo. Î E MA HO Î There are eight male fathers. The son Î Î who will uphold the teachings of meditators is the doctor Chandragomin. Î That was the fourth chapter. The Î Î father. guru. Every bliss complete in body is Guru Dorje Î Î Î Trollo. Sovereign of the Î Î teaching. The mother. The mother nothing-established Î Î great bliss is no-outflow Samantabhadri. eight enlightened deeds and eight concealed treasures. Who performs the knowing Î Î of every knowable is Guru Loden Choksey. The son who held the teaching properly Î is the commoner in the retinue Lu’i Wangpo. Î E MA HO Î The second one shows the eight male fathers. royalty is the king Indrabodhi. The son who will revive the teaching Î Î after it declines is the refuge-guardian of degenerate times. The three pitakas without Î Î Î flaws is Guru Padma Gyalpo. eight disciples. root Î Î of dharma. That was the first chapter. The son who pacified the fierce Î Î ones is the Indian Acharya Krishna. Î eight profound dharmas of practice and eight dharma-owning Lingpas. The father Î Î over all the aryas of the six classes is buddha Amitabha. Î Î Eight arranged on one body is Guru Shakya Senge. The son who Î caused the holy dharma to spread and flourish is the dharma king Trisong Î Î Deutsen. Mutri Tsanpo for the future’s sake I will show it in condensed Î form. eight birth mothers eight emanation sons who Î Î descended into eight lands.2 THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î now until the end of the kalpa for the sake of fortunate ones. is lotus stem and anther. The Î Î son who will tame whoever is to be tamed is Telo Prajnabhadra4. the sangha is the nirmanakaya Shakyamuni. Î E MA HO . That was the third Î chapter. the chapter of the eight male fathers. The Great Compassionate One. The father of abandonment Î Î of both showings of birth and death is the guardian Amitayus. bodhicitta is the sambhogakaya.

Î E MA HO Î The ninth one shows the eight signs of final accomplishment. I descended into the country of Kashmir. When acting Î as the king’s priest at Samye. Possessing Î hearing and contemplation. I descended in the country of the Î Î Tirthikas. Come to defeat the four maras. I showed the sign of accomplishment of controlling Î the eight classes. That was the eighth chapter. I resided in SinghaÎ Î la. Î E MA HO Î The eighth one shows the eight yidam deities met face-to-face. In the Fearsome Grove. That was the seventh chapter. In Stacked Lotuses. Î Performing others’ benefit. I practised Î Worldly and attained face-to-face meeting with Worldly Offerings and Praises’ Î Î deity assembly. I resided at Yanglaysho. In Spread of Great Bliss. I attended Nagarjunagarbha in the country of Sahor and Î requested the dharmas of the peaceful and wrathful Lotus in their entirety. I showed the sign of accomplishment of not being Î Î carried off by water element. I practised Yamantaka and attained face-toÎ face meeting with body Manjushri’s deity assembly. I descended Î into the country of Orgyan. Come as a king’s son. I practised the Mamos and attained face-to-face meeting Î with Mamo Sorcery’s deity assembly. Planting the pitakas. I descended into Nepal. Training in bodhicitta. Leaving off self-grasping. the chapter of gaining accomplishment in the eight Î charnel grounds. Taking the three Î realms under my control. I Î showed the sign of accomplishment of limbs unaffected. I descended into the country of Li. In Corpse Littered Grove. When the sovereign king grandly insisted on prostration . Possessing magical abilities. I practised Kilaya and attained Î face-to-face meeting with activity Kilaya’s deity assembly. That was the fifth chapter. the chapter of the eight places Î of residence. I attended the great guru. I attended the chief dakini Laykey Wangmo and requested Î the dharmas of the peaceful and wrathful eight logos in their entirety. Prabhahasti. I descended into Vaishali. I practised Amrita and attained face-to-face meeting Î with Amritakundalin’s deity assembly. Î Î Shri Singha and requested the dharmas of Great Completion in their entirety. I Î Î resided in Magadha. Totally famed Î as indisputable. Not falling Î into extremes. I Î descended into Tibet. When the Î Orgyan King tried to exile me. I descended in the country Î of Sahor. Born in a lake. Î Renowned in the ten directions. I resided in Sosaling. When the Tirthika Î King tried to drown me. That was the sixth chapter. Î E MA HO Î The sixth one shows the eight places of residence. Having the discipline of the Vinaya. Through the force of prayers. When the Sahor King tried to burn me. Invited by the king. In Great Hum Resounding. In Stacked Î Spontaneous Presence. I practised Î Yangdag and attained face-to-face meeting with mind Yangdak’s deity Î Î assembly. I stayed in Vajrasana. took ordination then did the Î Î things of a monk. the Î chapter of the eight gurus attended. I showed Î the sign of accomplishment of not being burned by fire element. I Î practised Hayagriva and attained face-to-face meeting with speech Lotus’s Î Î deity assembly. I resided in Changra Mugpo.4 THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î The fifth one shows the eight countries of descent. I attended Î the Rigden King Padma Karpo and requested the dharmas of Kalachakra Î Î in their entirety. I showed the sign of accomplishment of control Î Î over the dakinis. In Cool Î Grove Charnel Ground. I resided in the pleasant grove. Î I attended the Indian Preceptor. Î E MA HO Î The seventh one shows the eight gurus attended. the chapter of the eight Î countries of descent. I resided Î at tiered Samye. I practiced Wrathful Mantra and attained Î face-to-face meeting with Curses Wrathful Mantra’s deity assembly. In Stacked Worlds. I attended Manjushmitra Î in Singhala and requested the dharmas of the peaceful and wrathful Yamantaka Î Î in their entirety. When the Indian King tried to impale me on a stake. The faces Î of the eight logos of practice were distinguished then the great siddhi of each Î Î one’s precepts was attained in the eight fearsome charnel grounds. I attended Vimamitra in Kashmir and requested the dharmas Î of the peaceful and wrathful Amrita in their entirety. Î I attended Dharmasamtri at Nalanda and requested the dharmas of the peaceful THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE 5 Î and wrathful Mamos in their entirety.

A corpse was brought back to life by yogic activity. Î precious treasures were concealed. wondrous treasures of treasures were Î Î concealed. To turn Î the wheel of dharma. The sovereign king was able to produce manifestations. Knowing the points Î in time. Sangyay Yeshe stuck a phurba into solid rock. As for the rakshasas attempt at annexation. Î E MA HO Î The tenth one shows the eight disciples holding the eight dharmas. Not any one thing in particular. I set foot in Tibet. To aid the poor. minor treasures were concealed. heart treasures were Î concealed. After gaining them. I showed the sign of accomplishment of setting Î the rakshasas into dharma. jewel treasures were concealed. Î That was the eleventh chapter. Î Dharma was shown to migrators as if they were father and mother. In code on gold paper. the chapter of the Î eight enlightened activities. Then. Langchen Î Senge brought the haughty ones under his control. Î There is the Wrathful Guru’s vidyamantras. Î E MA HO Î The fourteenth one shows the eight concealed treasures. There are Î Î four summations and four ancillaries. by emanating fire that burned his clothes. Î I set this world at ease. I showed the Î sign of accomplishment saying. Equal to all buddhas. the chapter of the eight concealed Î treasures. there are the four summations: Î Î guru summed up in the eight logos. The one of outstanding Î Î service is Chogro Zadron. the chapter of the eight isolated places. Yarlung Shel Gyi Phug. Î The one of outstanding manifest realization is Shelkar Tsedron. The suitable vessel is Yeshe Tshogyal. and Paro Tagtsang Cave. the chapter of the Î eight signs of final accomplishment. The Indian wife is Î Î Mandarava. When the rakshasas of the south-west tried to Î annex us to their territory. I rule!” The demonic ministers Î snickered and laughed so I showed the sign of accomplishment of paralyzing Î and crumpling Zha Zhing. Lhodrag Kharchu. Î Î Dragmar Yama. the graded path to entering the conduct. Î two treasures were concealed. Variously taming Î beings. Î E MA HO Î The twelfth one shows the eight ladies taken to heart. That was the fourteenth chapter. Amazing. the chapter of the eight profound Î dharmas practised. That was the fifteenth chapter. mind treasure was concealed. Î Î the Sun. The king’s Î daughters are the four related wives. the buddha’s bodhicitta was enacted. To preserve the precious. Producing certainty through seeing Î and hearing. and dharmapala summed up in the eight Î Î logos. Drogmi Pal enslaved mamos. the chapter of the eight Î ladies. There is the Arya Black Wrathful Î Lady. Senge Dzong. The queen’s Î delight is Nujen Sa lay. secret treasures were concealed. Through Î defeating the host of maras. To make dharma flourish and spread. Namkha’i Î Î Nyinpo rode the sun’s rays. Î Nganlam Gyalchog could make the voice of a horse. The king’s delight is wife Padma Say. That Î was the tenth chapter. That was the ninth chapter. there are the four ancillaries. The one of outstanding faith is Margyan Zatso. the chapter of the eight disciples sending out emanations. Vairocana really is equal Î Î to Orgyan. profound Î treasures were concealed. Yeshe Tshogyal brought Î Î a murdered corpse back to life. . Drag Kyi Yang Dzong. There is Great Completion. Î dakini summed up in the eight logos. 7 Î E MA HO Î The thirteenth one shows the eight enlightened activities. the outstanding Î Î one is wife Tromgyan. “I am greater.6 THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î to his eminence. Î E MA HO Î The fifteenth one shows the eight dharmas that were practiced. various Î Î miracles were performed. First. Î E MA HO Î The eleventh one shows the eight isolated places of prediction: Samye ChimÎ Î phu. various playful acts were performed. Mon’s5 Shri Dzong. That was the twelfth chapter. yidam summed up in the eight logos. That was the thirteenth chapter. There is secret mantra. Unattached to Î samsara.

your royal line from now will disappear from Western Tibet like a mirror Î Î huffed on. Abiding in dharmadhatu. Yarlung will be an army camp. Padmasambhava. Orgyan Lingpa. The five extra Î Î perceptions are how I know! Before came Amitayus. and the sun of happiness Î will flicker fleetingly. Î During the night. The evil kings will act to destroy the Î Î discipline of dharma. Î There will be strife within families and strife outside the stable doors7. at Mount Î Potala. Î Î the great sage himself are non-dual spontaneously present as Padma. Tibetan kings will come by turns. Samten Lingpa and Nyida Lingpa. the sun of Î happiness will only shine a little. I . After that. great Vajradhara. will assume the royal seat of Tibet. in one of the Confluence Kham Highlands Atisha’s Î Î When these words were spoken.” With that request Î he paid homage by repeatedly baring his head. Zhigpo Î Lingpa and Terdag Lingpa will appear as the eight. During the day. Î some as dharma kings and some as evil kings. Î In the one hundred-and-thirteenth generation of the king’s lineage a king Î ruling over a vast area will wage war on Tibet and all the subjects of Tibet Î Î will become impoverished. Î Î Î Dorje Lingpa. there will be no merit or fame for men. Then the great guru gave Î this instruction: Î King. a Î Î bodhisatva emanation named Dode Kalpa Zangpo will appear and with a Î mole on his face. I will protect all beings of the degenerate times. In Tibet. and monkey—there will be war with China.8 9 THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE E MA HO Î The sixteenth one shows the eight dharma-owning Lingpas. After that. emanations. in the south. “Great acharya. and at Vajrasana. Tibetan subjects and sentient beings will have ease Î Î and happiness. My temples also will be destroyed. Î I. The dharma kings will act to Î establish the discipline of dharma. myself. and. the beings will! At that Î time. Padma’s. being who guides. in the east. what will happen Î to my family lineage after this? What sort of happiness will the subjects and Î Î sentient beings of Tibet have? Please speak great guru. Padma Jungnay and for your own sake. a temple will arise. Because you do bad acts it will be called Î Î “a bad time” but the time will not have changed. will receive a stream of supplications. They are the Î Î emanations of eight. a fortress will arise. Karma Lingpa. Î sheep. There will be Î strife between the country of Nepal and Indian8 cities. and twenty-five treasures will be recovered at that time. not different individuals. emanation Lozang Dragpa will descend and the great being’s descent will Î bring happiness to Tibet. the fortunes of men will rise and fall. In Nyangmey Nyima Do. like shade under an awning6. Î Î E MA HO Î Î Great King. listen well! I. then at lake Dhanakosha. In three years—horse. Î at Red Hill in Lhasa. Î In this way I receive a stream of supplications. Finally. An emanation of mine will Î descend and assume secular power as a protector of dharma. in the west. Rinchen Lingpa. At that time. great treasure-revealing Î Î Lingpas and definitely will be my. Î Predicted by the sage. At that time. it will repay the kindness of the mothers and fathers of the six classes. this Tibet will be under China. That was the Î sixteenth chapter. In those times. Padma. The Î Bumthang area will be annexed to the throne. they are inseparable. and in Densely Arrayed. great beings: in the centre. the chapter of the eight dharma-owning Lingpas. Tibetan kings will appear in a hotch-potch way. Avalokiteshvara. Î Î my emanation known as “Sakya” will be born as the son named Drogon Phagpa Î Î Gyaltsen of a father named Jampal from Upper Tibet and mother named Î Î “Drolma”. my emanation Orgyan Lingpa will Î Î descend. I. In the Water Male Monkey Î Î year. Padma Lingpa. meditate Î on the Great Compassionate One and for sentient beings’ sakes recite the Î Î mani. Î Î in the north. Especially. Padmasambhava appeared Î Î as such but this is merely a show where there appear to be three kayas in Î fact. Î Î Samantabhadra. He will restore my destroyed temples and cause the secret mantra Î to spread and flourish. those of the white side will gain Î Î confidence of the upper hand. Once more he prostrated Î Î and offered a mandala. the king wept. have the ordinary five extra Î Î Î perceptions future five extra perceptions past five extra perceptions present Î Î five extra perceptions and unmeasured five extra perceptions. Î Î recite the Vajra Guru. Amitabha. meditate on me.

holy dharma of myself. the land of the dakinis. ease can come. Prince called Mutri. Î I will not be staying but am leaving to tame the rakshasas. he faced and looked to the south-west. and in this life may any obstacles of adverse circumstances be alleviated for you and. All suddenly-appearing negative influences. Î Î Î SAMAYA ITHI SEAL! SEAL! SEAL! The treasure revealer Orgyan Lingpa brought this treasure out from its treasure place at Samye Chimpu. in future ones. Day in and day out there will be assistance Î Î for Tibet. karmically-connected Î being. Î Î My form will not see birth and death again. and obstacles 11 having been alleviated. For the faithful. nagas. the dark side will be defeated and the white side will prevail. Padma Jungnay will always be close to hand. Padma in the top Î level of glorious Samye. Even though born in the three Î bad migrations. Although my kindness has been greatest for Î Î Tibet. Having said that. obstructors. For sentient beings of degenerate times of short life and much sickness. An emanation of Maitreya called “Seven Cubits” will appear Î and will relieve the sufferings of the unfortunate time of the bad kalpa and Î once again the kalpa will go up and there will be happiness. It will be passed to a future. Hold this profound treasure of Guru Padma’s life story in your hearts. I am leaving to arrange ease for the subjects Î Î of Tibet. from here Î Î on you will act for the benefit of migrators through seventeen births then Î will descend into Orgyan. and so on. fortunate. take or obstruct life. Great Lotsawa Vairocana Î Î you must conceal this profound. the times ruled by strife because the support of the gods has vanished—if this life story is made into a personal deity and recited one hundred or one thousand times. karmically-connected beings! Reading it one time with the three facets of clear. then even in the bad era of ten year life-span. correct. may your body and life become an vajra of iron. may you be born in Lotus Light. he said. this kindness is not understood. and Gyalpo spirits. and pleasant pronunciation will be equivalent to reading the full Chronicle one time. The buddhas’ Î faces will be seen again and again. due to planets. the times of the nastiest infectious diseases that.10 THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE THE CONDENSED CHRONICLE Î look on continuously through the three times. . I have the means to end Î Î difficulties. I am leaving to Î enter all rakshasas into the dharma. If you can supplicate me continuously.

The last three Dzong’s mentioned are in Mon. One kind of problematic spirit. 6. The acharya of Samye is Padmasambhava. 5. It could be India or China because the text uses an abbreviation that means either one. Mon was a large area below Tibet that was very barbaric in those times. 8. One name for Samye. 4. several centuries later much of what was called Mon became modern-day Bhutan. 2. 13 . This was the first person met after Padmasambhava took miraculous birth on the lotus. The Tibetan says prajnapara but this is Telo Prajnabhadra. 3. The shade under an awning placed on a deck comes and stays only fleetingly as the sun passes over head. These days there are problems between Indian border towns and Nepal.. Meaning inside the family and everywhere outside. Chinese.NOTES 1. the source of the Kagyu lineage. which is most likely what this refers to. 7. too.given the chronology of the text. It is a three-tiered building with one tier built according to the design of each of Indian. and Tibetan cultures. .PADMA KARPO TRANSLATION COMMITTEE P.tibet. Box 4957 Kathmandu Nepal http://www.