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Investment and Merchant Banking
Title : Investment and Merchant Banking
Course TYPE : Training Course
Course No : TC12/2013
Duration : 05 working days working days
Frequency : 01
Time : Sunday 24th of February 2013 - Thursday 28th of February 2013
Nature: Residential
Target Group : Senior Officer or Equivalent Officer and above
Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion and Case Study
Resource Person: BIBM Faculty, Professionals from Financial and other Instit
Coordination Team :
1 Md. Shahid Ullah
2 Md. Ruhul Amin
a. To familiarize the participants with the concepts and functions of inve
stment and merchant bank, securities market and its various instruments.
b. To equip the participants with the techniques of security market operat
ions under investment and merchant banking.
c. To develop skill on managing various risks and controlling volatilities
associated with the operations of investment and merchant banking.
a. Investment and Merchant Banking: Concepts, Functions, Instruments and Pro
cedures, Security Market and Economic Development of
b. Institutional and Legal Framework of Investment and Merchant Banking: Com
panies Act, 1994, Securities Act, 1920, SEC Act, 1993,
Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969, Securities and Exchange Rules,
1987, and Other Regulations Issued by SEC.
c. Initial Public Offering (IPO): Issue Management, Underwriting, Share Pr

Mutual Funds Op eration. Clearing and Settlement. e. Central Depository System. Treynor and Jensen Measure. Company Analysis. f. Risk and Return Analysis: Expected Return and Standard Deviation of Ret urns of Stocks. CAPM and APT. Types and Valuation. Asset Securitization. Credit Rating: Operation and Effectiveness in Bangladesh. l. Amalgamations and TakeoverConcepts and Application in Bangladesh. j. Securities: Debt and Equity Concept. Stock Market Crisis: Global and Bangladesh Perspective. Right issue and Private Placement d. etc . h. Secondary Market Operations: Listing. Merchant Banking:Merchant Banking Status in Bangladesh. Portfolio Performance Evaluation: Sharp. m. i. Portfolio Analysis. Acquisitions. Mergers.icing and Premium Fixation-Direct Listing & Book Building System. . Security Market Indicator Series: General Index (DGEN) and All Share Pr ice Index (DSI). Market Risk: Market Model and Market Volatility Forecasting. Selection of Security: Economic and Industry Analysis. k. n. g. DSE-30 etc. OTC. Analysis of Fin ancial Statements. Venture Capital Financing. Trading. loan Syndication.