Address the Engineering, Management Trainees and of BEL

on "Technology, Innovation and Excellence"
26 Apr 2013

"Technology, Innovation and Excellence"
Knowledge is powered by Technology
Technology is empowered by Innovation.

I am delighted to address and interact with the Engineers
and management trainees of BEL, Bangalore. My greetings to all
the Engineers, management


Staff of BEL Bangalore.

I would like to share my thoughts on the topic "Technology,
Innovation and Excellence"
When I see in front of me engmeers and management
trainees, I am reminded of one thought regarding inventors and
inventions, discoverers and discoveries.
Inventors - inventions and discoverers - discoveries
Let us study important inventors and their inventions.
• The Wright brothers and the plane.
• George Eastman and film
• Thomas Edison and the light bulb
• Alexandra Graham bell and the telephone.
Let us study a few Discoverers and their discoveries.
• Albert Einstein and the energy equation E=MC2
• Srinivas Ramanujan and number theory
• Chandrasekhar Subramaniyam and Chandrasekhar
• Sir CV Raman and Raman Effect
Dr AP J Abdul Kalam
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Innovation A nation's competitiveness. Innovations come through creativity.· Technology is powered by innovation. It -can be anywhere and any part of the world. economic development 1S powered by Competitiveness is powered by knowledge. Innovation opens up new vistas of knowledge and new dimensions to our imagination to make everyday life more meaningful and richer in depth and content. thereby leading to inventions or discoveries. Higher the number of creative minds in an organization. It may start from a fisherman hamlet or a farmer's household or a dairy farm or cattle breeding center or it could emanate from classrooms or labs or industries or R&D centers. Knowledge power is powered by technology. Creativity In a knowledge society. Technology and innovation are powered by resource investment. we have to make innovations continuously. Creativity comes from beautiful minds. discoveries and innovations. all the forces of the universe work for that inspired mind. have . emanated. Creative mind has the ability to imagine or invent Page 2 of 13 .Inventions and discoveries. Creativity has multi dimensions like inventions. from creative minds that have been constantly imaging the outcome in the mind. the best results of innovation in all the three sectors of the economy will emerge. working and With imaging and constant effort. Innovation is born out of creativity..

excellence is not by accident. each one of you will aspire to become unique with culture of excellence. but themselves. The performance standards are set by themselves.something new by combining. they work on their dreams with focus and are prepared to take calculated risks and do not be deterred by failures as they move towards their dreams. else. in the process. They are not in competition with anyone That is the culture of excellence. while looking for ways to improve it. It is a process. What is excellence? Friends. Then they step up their dreams. Creativity is a process through which. the habit of enjoying the good. important The aspect of creativity is: seeing the same thing as everybody else. multiplying further their potential. Page 3 ofl3 . which should stand for a culture of excellence. Moreover. as they tend to reach the original targets. a willingness to play with ideas and possibilities. where an individual. Culture of Excellence Excellence in thinking and action is the foundation for any mission. and this is an unending life cycle phenomenon. changing or reapplying existing ideas. (or organization or nation. you all belong to a youth community. they increase their performance thereby . a flexibility of outlook.) continuously strives to better oneself. Innovation and creativity ultimately results into the culture of excellence.' Creative person has an attitude to accept change and newness. but thinking of something different. I am sure. we can continuously improve ideas and find unique solutions by making gradual alterations and refinements to our works. They strive to work to their potential.

According to NASSCOM. let me now focus on "Innovation and India's Role in the Knowledge Economy.7 billion respectively. etc.8 direct and indirectly employing 8. prepaid calling cards.the IT-BPO sector in India aggregated revenues of US$100 billion in FY-2012. IT is not the only area where India is innovative. 1 billion domestic and US$31. When you consider that the IT sector employs just 0.9 million people in 2012 and contributes roughly 25% of India's exports. The IT sector also contributes roughly 4% of India's GDP. But. growing by over 9%. where export and revenue stood at US$69. today 929." We all know about the recent rise of India's IT sector. India has the cheapest telephone rates in the world. India also has the fastest growing telecom market in the world.Innovation and India's Role in the Knowledge Economy Dear friends.2% of the population. Today the IT sector employs more than 2. Mobile Phone Innovation: Mobile phone has reached all the cross sections of the society irrespective of any societal or economic imbalances. for both land lines as well as cell phones. you can see that the IT sector is contributing economy. many times its share to the Indian Indeed it is not wrong to say that the IT sector.37 million mobile phones are used in India. such as free incoming calls. We should remember that innovation in business models is also innovation! Page 4 of 13 . perhaps single-handedly. This amazing growth has been made possible because the Indian cell phone service providers had a number of innovative business models. changed the world's perception of India.

Hyderabad also developed a very low-cost "stent" that brought down the price of stents by more than 90%. 100% of the voting is through EVMs. where BEL has played a very important role in the innovation of EVM. But the Indian Space Research Organization applied its technical competence to the problem. I could see the normal distribution and use of mobile phones irrespective of Air travelers. and designed a still lighter and more durable foot. I travelled by Air and Road." and so on. compared to more than $ 50K abroad. these sachets can be found everywhere in India. The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences and DRDL. Similarly. We see here an Electronic Voting Machine used in our elections. So we don't have to worry about "butterfly ballots. One thing I observed. doubts have been raised about the reliability of the software used in electronic voting machines in some countries. Yet . A sachet of shampoo costs just Re 1.a very low pnce. by itself is. In recent times. Jaipur Foot Innovation: We have seen the so-called "Jaipur foot. EVM Innovation: India's democratic society also benefits from Indian innovation. but also its contents. Our EVMs·are Page 5 of 13 ." which was originally made for about Rs 1000/-.Recently I was travelling from Delhi to Guwahati and then to Shillong.5K. not to mention the cost of distribution. Foreigners are often surprised to find that in Indian elections. Imagine producing something for Re 1 that includes not just the cost of packaging. road travelers and the people in the villages that I passed through. the cost of a heart bypass surgery in India is just about $ 3 ." "dimpled shards.

our impact will be felt worldwide. But. at any level. More than Page 6 of 13 . as the Indian economy becomes more globalized. there were total technological and economic denials. India 1998 after nuclear test. Moreover. We have a shortage of capital. Until now our local innovations have not been able to spread outside India. be it national. so we have to be very innovative to stretch our limited capital. state or regional. government agencies are unable to deliver citizen services effectively. So we can ask: What drives innovation in India? India has a unique blend of ingredients. The authorities of the Election Commission carrying EVMs on elephant back to remote regions in the Northeast corners of India are common. it is also possible to have a "recount" in the case of close contests. Sometimes. many innovations born in defence and civil sectors.based . India being democratic. Innovations in Mature sectors: India has seen the innovation in Pharma sector with the low cost manufacturing for Active Pharmaceutical products and exporting medicines to nearly 40 countries. Largely. necessity drives for growth of innovations and inventions. without any difficulty.on push button technology (rather than touch screen technology) which makes them absolutely tamper-proof. So we use electronic voting machine even in areas that are so remote where there are no roads! We have seen some of the home-grown Indian innovations. But in 5 years time. Entire banking has been computerized with seamless secured transaction and ATM everywhere. individual citizens are free to evolve local solutions for local problems.

His lovely family with the kids was all in smiles.99% of Indian stocks are "de-materialized" . Dear friends let me . "Mr. one and a half decades back. Portal player's PP5002D-C chip that powered earlier versions of the iPod. one passenger greeted me and he desired to talk to me. I· was traveling in a non-stop train from Delhi to Dehradun.TATANano is another great innovation designed. Kalam I want to thank you for giving to people like me Raju-Kalam stents which is fitted in two of my arteries.share with you my expenence of innovation in the field of healthcare as the spin off innovations from the defence technologies. Indian engineers had to keep in real time with Silicon Valley engineers. He introduced himself as Jitesh working in a government office. I was absorbed in a book "Man. Suddenly. and I asked him . Raju-Kalam stent emanated through the working of missile lab ! Page 7 of 13 . since at that time. Great Indian Innovation: The Nano: I consider. Indian innovation in sun rise sectors: Many electronics products contain chips that are designed in India. Conceptualized in Silicon Valley and designed round the clock between Silicon Valley and Hyderabad. Raju-Kalam stent: sit by my side.the corresponding figure for the USAis less than 40%. Jitesh said. My family also would like to greet you. development and production in a cost effective way and reaching the people at affordable cost. I was fitted with these stents in Hyderabad Hospital almost at no cost. There was a vacant seat next to me. the Unknown" written by Dr. I could not afford a high cost imported stent. Thank you Sir. TATA building a people's car . Alexis Carell. For example.

I found many children were struggling to walk with artificial calipers weighing over 4 kgs. They We worked on this project for some time and came up with a FRO for the child weighing around 400 gms in place of 4 kg. devices and equipment's societal mission. During my visit to one of the hospitals in Hyderabad. FRO .and medical institution on a mission mode. With the light weight device Page 8 of 13 . It was' a successful mission of medical and engineering teams. I thought of sharing this incident with you to stress the importance of medical and engineering teams to work together" for developing medical systems. 1/ 10th of the weight which the children were carrying. At the request of Prof. immediately said it is possible. here I would like to share another memorable event from my professional work. exactly. Head of Orthopedic department at that time. The doctors helped us to fit the new light weight FRO on the children and the. application international at an affordable cost as a The KR stent. resulted in to the patients and also the availability of all brands of coronary stents in India at the most nominal prices. Tears rolled down on all of their faces through the joy of seeing their children running with the light calipers. which gave me bliss. of FRO (Floor J Reaction Orthosis) caliper to a polio affected child.a defence spin off technology: I would like to share with you an experience about the provision. Their parents were also present. I asked my AGNI missile friends why we cannot use the composite material used for AGNI heat shield for fabricating FROs for polio affected patients. Friends. BN Prasad of NIMS. children started walking and running around. as it was called.

I had an opportunity to meet the people from different walks of life in Finland. When I met the Prime Minister of Finland. In this context. innovation as primary focus of higher education and research. become products and systems for the global market like Nokia. ride a bicycle and do all . Next they encourage . educationists. he talked to me about how they overcome the challenges of 1992 crisis situation using the three dimensional model namely having formulating the framework of synergetic education. is one of the highest in the world and they are going to Page 9 of 13 . entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. patents becoming technologies. Finland's investment in R&D.500. Finland. ideas becoming patent. Finland political leaders. research. sorts of things which they had been denied for a long time. Finland has made quality education available to all citizens free of cost. Risk taking is highly encouraged and appreciated and built the institutions that can primarily provide the venture capital for innovators and their ideas without any collateral security. The percapita income of the country is $35. business leaders and academia joined together and decided to transform the nation through innovative education and knowledge products.provided by the hospital they could run. technologies have. at 3. entrepreneurship with venture capital. the political system. Innovation framework by Finland During my recent visit to.. this innovation framework. which I never experienced during any other achievement in my life. The removal of the pain and the freedom attained by the children gave me a state of bliss.4% of GDP. With .

It is indeed a big message to BEL Employees to focus on improving the overall Global Innovation Index and Global Competitiveness index through their innovative products and systems in the electronics domain. Whereas India is in 64th ranking in the Global Innovation Index. Macroeconomic environment. entrepreneurship and venture capital system considering idea as collateral in an integrated way. How can India reach within the top lO? It is possible only by creative education. The last 2 pillars such as Business Sophistication and Innovation . innovation.the key for these pillars depends on factor-driven economy. Health" and primary education . For all these parameters the basic foundation for any nation depends on the strength of the Page 10 of 13 . and in global competitiveness index India is 59 in2012-13.depends on the key factor called innovation-driven economies. "The education system. labor market efficiency. Financial market development. Infrastructure. industry partnership with venture capitalist and educational institutions with full political support has enabled Finland to achieve a rank of 4 in Global Innovation index and 3 in Global Competitiveness index. Technological readiness and market size . Goods market efficiency. The next 5 pillars such as Higher Education and training. innovation promotion system. Sustainable competitiveness As per GCI Report we should note that India have to focus on 12 pillars of Competitiveness: First 4 pillars such as Institutions.increase' to 6% in the near future.the key for these pillars depends on efficiency driven economies.

and social sustainability. institutions and industry. I call this as a 5th country syndrome. environmental stewardship. The ultimate competitiveness. We are the 3rd or 4th country to achieve a particular breakthrough. research is very vital. and factors that make a nation remain productive over the longer term while ensuring social and environmental sustainability. The present economic growth for the last decade has been achieved by the use of technologies essentially developed elsewhere based on scientific discoveries and patents generated before 10 to 15 years. how the economic development of the nation is linked with creative leadership. policies. Definitely.scientific research . particularly. latest technologies resulting from latest scientific results are not available from developed countries to India at least for a decade. Page 11 of 13 . Conclusion When I see the young engineers. Now our mission is to overcome this syndrome and be the pioneer in scientific research. In all the top branches of basic sciences and technology we are only followers. let me share with you. managers and experienced personalities from BEL.and the technologies driven· out of those parameters such as innovation and efficiency. basic science which will result in the latest technology required for meeting Global Competitiveness by Indian organizations. The sustainable competitiveness depends on how the set of institutions. objective IS to achieve Sustainable which reflects the search for a development model that would balance economic prosperity. Hence.

• The competitiveness is powered by knowledge power. • Quality and value of products IS powered by Employee Productivity and-innovation." I am sure. • The Revenue is powered by volume and repeat sales through customer loyalty. • The knowledge power is powered by Technology and innovation. • The Resource investment powered by revenue and IS return on Investment. • The customer loyalty is powered by Quality and value of products. Page 12 of13 . •' The Working. the higher the potential of success of visions like "developed India. The higher the proportion of creative leaders in a nation. Who is that creative leader? What are the qualities of a creative leader? The creative leadership is exercising the task to change the traditional role from commander to coach. • The Technology and innovation IS powered by resource investment. from director to delegator and from one who demands 'respect to one who facilitates self-respect. Environment is powered by management stewardship and sound project management. employee satisfaction and working environment. manager to mentor. • Management stewardship IS powered by creative leadership.• Nations Economic development IS powered by competitiveness. • The Employee Productivity IS powered by Employee Loyalty.

I will work and work for removing the problems faced by planet earth in the areas of water. good teachers. My greetings and best wishes to all of you. 8. I am as young as my faith. BEL has to facilitate such industrial innovators and researchers to participate in our university research programme and enrich our young research minds. May God Bless you. Page 13 of 13 . Oath for the professionals 1. invent or discover. defeat the problem and succeed. as young as my fear. as old as my doubt. work and work and succeed. Wherever I am. I firmly believe that no problem can defeat me. habitat. 7. work and persevere to realize the goal. I am confident that BEL will open up many opportunities and gates of innovation for the the Engineers. I realize I have to· set a great technological goal that will lead me to think high. 2. 3. 6.. be spen t in vain". I will always remember that "Let not my winged days. Technology is a life time mission. As young as my self-confidence. waste management and environment through the application of science and technology. My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my nation. 9. That is what process or product I can innovate. My greatest friends will be great scientific -technological minds. I will work. I will develop faith. 4. I will become· the captain of the problem. good books and good internal environment. Management trainees to blossoms with innovative and out-of-the-box missions for the nation. a thought will always come to my mind. 5. I realize. self-confidence and hope. As young as my hope and as old as my despair.) the experts and experienced assembled here will focus on developing such leaders in every professional cadre from the young engineers and trainees of BEL. energy.