With easy installation and the wide variety of products. www. sizes and accessories.Non-Rated Page 4 Shadowline® System 800 – 9/16” Exposed Tee System .bmp-group. environmental protection and multiple colour and profile choices for appealing aesthetics. Bailey Metal Products Limited offers a complete range of Suspended Ceiling Systems and Accessories for all your building needs. low maintenance and attractive suspended ceiling systems for all applications. Bailey Suspended Ceiling Systems incorporate features such as superior strength. Should you have any questions about our ceiling systems. They are versatile and easy to install. Thank you.Non-Rated Page 5 Lance-Lock® System 400 – All Aluminum Exposed Tee System Page 6 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS Lance-Lock® 1400 – 15/16” Rated System Page 7 ® Page 7 ® Page 7 Lance-Lock 700 – 15/16” Class “A” System Lance-Lock 600 – 916” Class “A” System Accessories and Conversion Chart Page 8 Lance-Lock® Punching Details and Relocatable System Page 9 Colours and Finishes Page 10 Bailey System Layouts Page 11 Specifications and Installation Requirements Page 12 . With offices across the country.Fire-Rated Page 3 Lance-Lock® System 900 – 15/16” Exposed Tee System . or any other Bailey products please contact the office near you. Bailey is your best choice for suspended ceilings. Bailey is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of wall and ceiling systems. design flexibility.SUSPENDED CEILING SYSTEMS Bailey offers a wide range of easy to install. meet all ULC fire rating The comprehensive design of the Bailey Suspended Ceiling Systems will accommodate all your ceiling installation requirements. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXPOSED SYSTEMS ® Lance-Lock System 1800 – 15/16” Exposed Tee System . manufactured in aluminum or steel. These systems. Bailey Metal Products Limited has a reputation for exceptional customer service and is proud to offer quality building products through our plants across Canada for over 50 years.

economy and durability featured in the non-rated System 900. UL in the U.A.. this in-line expansion joint expands linearly reducing the rotation effect on the grid itself.bmp-group. clean main tee/cross tee intersection • ASTM C635 Intermediate Duty Rating • Engineered for maximum design flexibility with economy and durability In addition to meeting fire rating BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 1800 ADVANTAGES • Straight push-in joinery with “stepped edge” for a crisp.S. www. • Rapid assembly for economical installation All fire-rated cross tees are of 1 1/2” high structural design with fire-rated end joinery designed to expand through the main tee slot under fire conditions.L ANCE-LOCK® SYSTEMS 15/16 EXPOSED TEE SYSTEM – FIRE-RATED Bailey Lance-Lock System 1800 exposed tee fire-rated system has been fully fire tested at Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC).L. 1 1/2” 15/16” 1 1/2” 15/16” 15/16” 3 . Classified for fire resistance designs Bailey’s ULC fire-rating listings cover all building applications through their 1 and 2 hour floor/ceiling and 1 hour roof/ceiling designs. Under fire conditions. The fire-rated main tee incorporates the Bailey Patented Expansion Joint. and Warrington Fire Research Centre in the United Kingdom. • U. Bailey Lance-Lock System 1800 delivers all installation.

L ANCE-LOCK® SYSTEMS BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 900 4 15/16 EXPOSED TEE SYSTEM – NON-RATED Bailey Lance-Lock System 900 exposed tee non-rated system is a fully engineered. The 1” standard and 1 1/2” structural cross tees have a straight push-in locking design facilitating ease of installation and removal. Custom lengths up to 12’ can easily be manufactured and all main runners are available with either conventional or basketweave end joinery. clean appearance. ADVANTAGES • Engineered and tested to ASTM C635 Intermediate and Heavy Duty Standards • Designed for installation in either conventional or basketweave layouts • Straight push-in joinery with “stepped edge” for a crisp. All cross tees are designed with a “toboggan” or “stepped end” ensuring a crisp. clean main tee/cross tee intersection • Sturdy double web design • Rapid assembly or disassembly for ease of installation or removal for relocation • Engineered for maximum design flexibility with economy and durability 1 1/2” 1” 15/16” 15/16” 15/16” . available from stock in 10’ (3000mm) and 12’ (3600mm) lengths. The main runners are 1 1/2” (38mm) high.bmp-group. double web design.

Main tees are available in 10’ and 12’ lengths to meet any layout demands. Custom lengths up to 144” are available by special order.SHADOWLINE® SYSTEMS 9/16” EXPOSED TEE SYSTEM – NON-RATED Shadowline System 800 9/16” narrow face exposed grid system enhances the look of the ceiling by decreasing the visibility of the suspension systems. this feature adds rigidity to both main and cross tees. ensuring panels are always centered. Shadowline System 800 incorporates the Bailey panel centering SHADOWLINE ® SYSTEM 800 ADVANTAGES • All products use a 1 1/2” body for added strength • Double web design body 5 • Straight push-in joinery with “stepped edge” for a crisp. This system combines the engineered strength of the Bailey Lance-Lock system. In addition. clean main tea/cross tee intersection • Engineered with the Bailey panel centering device for rigidity and precise panel location • Rapid economical installation • Hanger holes in grid bulb and body for complete installation flexibility • Finished in Tile White. www. The Bailey Shadowline Suspended Ceiling System is a Class “A” non-rated system. 1 1/2” 9/16” 1 1/2” 9/16” 9/16” .bmp-group. with the sleek look provided by narrower exposed face. an ideal match for today's ceiling panels.

etc.L ANCE-LOCK® SYSTEMS 15/16” ALL ALUMINUM EXPOSED TEE SYSTEM www. providing maximum protection in higher humidity environments. and 5’.com BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 400 Bailey Lance-Lock System 400 15/16” Exposed Grid system is manufactured from 100% aluminum. ADVANTAGES • All products use a 1 1/2” body for added strength • Double web design body • Straight push-in joinery with “stepped edge” for a crisp. 6 Available in white or natural aluminum finish. food processing operations. Cross tees are available in standard lengths of 1’.bmp-group. This all aluminum system meets the requirements of areas such as kitchens. 4’. Bailey Lance-Lock System 400 offers the versatility of conventional design. Main tees are available in 10’ and 12’ lengths to meet any layout demands. clean main tee/cross tee intersection • White or natural aluminum finish design • Rapid economical installation • Hanger holes in grid bulb and body for complete installation flexibility • Designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 15/16” 15/16” 15/16” . 2’.

www. where the ceiling will be subjected to high humidity. Lance-Lock 600 provides environmental protection with the aesthetics of narrow grid in one system. hot dipped galvanized components • Lance-Lock straight lock-in end joinery 1 1/2” 15/16” 1 1/2” BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 700 Lance-Lock 700 is designed for installation in hostile environments.bmp-group.L A N C E . Lance-Lock 700 incorporates the features and benefits of the Lance-Lock 900 system. 15/16” FIRE-RATED SYSTEM ADVANTAGES • Provides a ULC Fire Rated “Environmental” System • Heavy and Intermediate ASTM C635 classification • Double web.LO C K ® E N V I RO N M E N TA L SYS T E M S BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 1400 Lance-Lock 1400 system not only suits the design needs of hostile environments. but is also classified for ULC Fire Resistance Designs. Manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel. kitchens and health care centers where regular washing of the ceiling may be required. Lance-Lock 700 is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel to provide maximum protection in areas such as food process plants. ease of installation and design 15/16” 9/16” CLASS “A” SYSTEM ADVANTAGES • 1 1/2” double web design • Narrow grid design • Hot dipped galvanized steel • Designed for protection in hostile environments 1 1/2” 9/16” 1 1/2” 9/16” . At the same time. including superior strength. As with Lance-Lock 700. while meeting your ULC fire rating requirements at the same time. 15/16” CLASS “A” SYSTEM ADVANTAGES • Hot dipped galvanized steel • For Installation in high humidity environments • Double web design body • Heavy and intermediate Duty ASTAM C635 classifications 1 1/2” 7 • Available in all standard colours 15/16” 1” 15/16” BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® SYSTEM 600 Lance-Lock 600 offers the same design features and benefits as the 700 system. hot dipped galvanized steel provides the environmental protection you need. in a 9/16” profile.

1/2”. PAIRED TEE CLIP The space between the double main tees allows for air return or air handling through linear diffusers. 3/4” panels to resist upward wind loading on tiles. Opening Main Runner Product Number Center to Center Dimension Opening Dimension B134 1 3/4” 3/4” B200 B214 2” 2 1/4” 1” 1 1/4” B212 B300 2 1/2” 3” 1 1/2” 2” BAILEY ARCHITECTURAL FL AT STRAP Bailey flat strap is available in various widths and finishes to match your ceiling or custom colour requirements. often used to hold your “line” to the wall angle when laying out and levelling your ceiling. AFS-10 METRIC MODULE CONVERSION CHART (All dimensions indicate nominal size) Panel/Tile Width/Length Panel/Tile Thickness Grid Width/Length 12” x 12” = 300mm x 300mm 12” x 24” = 300mm x 600mm 24” x 24” = 600mm x 600mm 24” x 48” = 600mm x 1200mm 24” x 60” = 600mm x 1500mm 20” x 60” = 500mm x 1500mm 30” x 60” = 750mm x 1500mm 1/2” = 13mm 9/16” = 15/16” = 1’ = 2’ = 4’ = 5’ = 8’ = 5/8” = 16mm 3/4” = 19mm 1” = 25mm 14mm 24mm 300mm 600mm 1200mm 1500mm 2400mm Imperial/Metric Conversion 10’ = 3000mm 12’ = 3600mm .46mm . Angle Mould BMX32 Flex Wall Mould BMF ‘F’ Mould BMX32 Flex Wall Mould 3/4” Dimension Variable 1/2” 3/4” 1/2” or 5/8” Board BAILEY COLUMN RINGS Available in steel or aluminum with baked enamel paint finish to match the grid. BA 21 Hold Down Clip For use with 1 1/2” ceiling grid over 5/8”. Paired Tee Clip Provides a simple method of introducing a double main tee into your ceiling system.bmp-group. Reveal Conventional www.ft.51mm . Custom made to specific dimensions.38mm .012” = . Architectural flat straps are ideal for curved and illuminated “kitchen type” ceilings.205 lbs = 3. BA 36 BA 35 BA 37 Bullnose 1” 3/4” 3/4” MISCELL ANEOUS BA 53 installation Clamp A multipurpose clamp.L ANCE-LOCK® SUSPENDED CEILING ACCESSORIES BAILEY WALL ANGLES Bailey provides a wide variety of mouldings produced in steel.84mm 1 sq.76 sq.31mm . offering various colours and finishes to meet most design needs.033” = CORNER CAPS 8 Available for both square or round (bullnose) corners. -10’ lengths. = 2. Post painted to match any design.018” = .020” = .015” = .94” = . metre 1kg 100mm .

c. 6” 14” 10” 10” 14” 6” 150mm 350mm 250mm 250mm 350mm 150mm Bef 60 5 Slots as shown Bef 1500 5 Slots as shown CROSS TEES Web Height 1” (25mm) 12” 12” 12” 12” 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 12” 12” 12” 12” 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm Bef 48 3 Slots as shown Bef 1200 3 Slots as shown Be 48 3 Slots as shown Be 1200 3 Slots as shown 12” 12” 12” 12” 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm Be 24 1 Slot @ mid-point Be 600 1 Slot @ mid-point Bef 24 1 Slot @ mid-point Bef 600 1 Slot @ mid-point NOTE: Stocked cross tees less than 48” (1200mm) long are produced without holes.c 5” 10” 10” 5” 125mm 250mm 250mm 125mm Be 120 12 Slots @ 10” o.LO C K ® SYS T E M D E TA I L S BAILEY L ANCE-LOCK ® IMPERIAL/METRIC PUNCHING DETAILS CROSS TEES Web Height 1 1/2” (38mm) 3” 6” 6” 3” 20” 20” 20” 20” 20” 20” 75mm 150mm 150mm 75mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm Be/Bef 144 24 Slots @ 6” o.c Bef 120 5 Slots @ 20” o. etc. Lance-Lock System 900 = Be – Non-Rated Assemblies Lance-Lock System 1800 = Bef – Fire-Rated Assemblies BAILEY RELOCATABLE CLIP/REMOVABLE CROSS TEE SYSTEM Standard BSC-3 Clip Installation The Bailey Relocatable Clip is designed to allow a cross tee to main tee connection within non-compatible systems and nonmodular layouts..c. speakers. additional cross tees can easily be locked in place. Bef 3000 5 Slots @ 500mm o. Be 3000 12 Slots @ 250mm o.L A N C E . Be/Bef 3600 24 Slots @ 150mm o. Custom punching to suit any layout is easily accommodated. BSC-3 1 1/2” Cross Tee BSC-3 Clip Location and Locking Lances Removed Locating Lance www. irrespective of the original ceiling MAIN RUNNERS Web Height 1 1/2” (38mm) 9 . even after ceiling completion. In ceilings requiring the installation of custom size fixtures. Main Runners Existing ceilings may be changed or added to using Bailey grid. diffusers.bmp-group.c.

www. ask for an actual sample to see the true colour of the product you select. A specific colour may appear different from one class of product to another. please consult your sales representative NOTE: The colours shown have been reproduced with all the fidelity possible with commercial printing processes.bmp-group. From standard white to metallic finishes. For assurance. Bailey offers a full colour spectrum. . 10 STANDARD White Black Platinum Parchment Haze Manilla Sandstone Taupe METALLICS Chrome Brass Aluminum *For special Bailey’s Lance-Lock series are available in these standard colours. Ask your dealer or sales representative for information on any custom colours you may require.COLOUR AND FINISHES THE BAILEY COLOUR GUIDE THE BAILEY COLOUR GUIDE The Bailey’s Lance-Lock System introduces a collection of colours designed to compliment current interiors and those of the future.

B A I L E Y SYS T E M L AYO U T S CONVENTIONAL LAYOUT.0” O. please contact Bailey Metal Products Limited for allowable loads for your specific application.0” Fixture Location Where Crossed 375 500 500 5” 15” 20” 20” Splice Location Typical Any Fixture May Be Absent or Rotated 90° Without Requiring Additional Hangers Fixture Location Where Crossed 3 @ 500 = 1500 NOTES: MT = 1 1/2” Main Tee – 10 Foot (3 metre) CT = 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 60 Inch (1500mm) Any Fixture May Be Absent CONVENTIONAL LAYOUT. 3” 24” 4’ x 4’ or 1200mm x 1200mm Module 2’ x 2’ or 600mm x 600mm Sub-Module 11 Fixture Location Where Crossed 24” 3” 24” 24” 75 600 600 1200 600 Fixtures @ 6’ .0” 125 Splice Location Typical Any Fixture May Be Absent NOTE: For fixture loads with specified material thickness. BASKETWEAVE LAYOUT (System utilizing 120” cross tees as main memberS) 5’ x 5’ or 1500mm x 1500mm Module 20” X 60” or 500mm x 1500mm Sub-Module 5’ x 5’ or 1500mm x 1500mm Module 20” X 60” or 500mm x 1500mm Sub-Module 3 @ 20” = 5’ .C. Fixture Location Where Crossed Any Fixture May Be Absent CONVENTIONAL LAYOUT.0” Splice Location Typical NOTES: CT 1 = 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 120 Inch (3000mm) CT 2 = 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 60 Inch (1500mm) Hanger Location Typical 75 600 600 NOTES: MT = 1 1/2” Main Tee – 12 Foot (3600mm) CT = 1” or 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 48 Inch (1200mm) Hanger Location Typical Any Fixture May Be Absent NOTES MT = 1 1/2” Main Tee – 12 Foot (3600mm) CT1 = 1” or 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 48 Inch (1200mm) CT2 = 1 or 1 1/2” Cross Tee – 24 Inch (600mm) www.0” O. 600 24” 24” 4’ .C. .0” 5’ . hanger spacing and selected cross tee height. 4’ x 4’ or 1200mm x 1200mm Module 2’ x 4’ or 600mm x 1200mm Sub-Module Fixtures @ 8’ Splice Location Typical Hanger Location Typical 1500 1500 5’ .

The 15/16” (Fire-Rated). (BMR10 Reveal Mould) to be installed wherever ceiling meets vertical surfaces. NOTE: All hanger wire to be tightly wrapped with a minimum of three full turns. properties or performance under any variations from such conditions in actual construction.2 Shadowline System. Installation: ..W. shall conform to the requirements of the Intermediate Duty and Heavy Duty classification of ASTM C635.3 Cross Tees to be interconnected to main runners at 20”. express or implied.18. Grade of Steel: ASTM A 366/A 366M or better Steel Coating: ASTM C635 or better ARCHITECTURAL SPECIFICATIONS 12 Canada Lance-Lock is fire-rated for the requirements of both 1 and 2 hour roof/ceiling and floor/ceiling designs. G 208. I 214.1 Lance-Lock System. ULC Time Rated Designs C 204. 2. Bailey Metal Products Limited assumes no responsibility for the effects of structural movement. incorporates the Bailey tile-centering device. NOTICE: The Information in this document is subject to change without notice. 3. Materials: 2. or better. R 222. and directly suspended by wire not less than 12 gauge in thickness. Suite 101 Edmonton AB T6B 3G7 Tel: (780) 462 5757 (800) 563 1751 Fax: (780) 465 3791 sales@bmp-group. L 201. I 210. recommended uses and application instructions. Suspension wire to be spaced at 48” or 60” on centre as required. cause the deflection of the ceiling grid to exceed 1/360. 9/16” Shadowline Exposed Grid System of double-web design. 3. Bailey makes no warranties. properties or performance of materials or systems manufactured by Bailey Metal Products Limited herein described are derived from data obtained under controlled test conditions. as to their characteristics.3 All materials are cold rolled steel with protective coating to ASTM C635.2 Main Runners to be installed 24”. Lance-Lock Exposed Grid System. United States Bailey is UL Classified for the requirements of both 1 and 2 hour roof/ceiling and floor/ceiling fire rated designs. General: The 15/16”. VANCOUVER 7715 Anvil Way Surrey BC V3W 6A2 Tel: (604) 590 5100 (800) 818 2666 Fax: (604) 599 5371 4874-0709-2500 www. 48”. or 60” on centre. 3.5 Install supplemental hangers where the weight of light fixtures or other ceiling apparatus. The Bailey Lance-Lock System is fire-rated for 1 hour as required under British Standard 476 Part 23 LANCE-LOCK® FIRE RESISTANCE RATINGS 3. 9/16” exposed grid suspension systems are manufactured by Bailey Metal Products Limited. 36”. 24”. D 203. or as · www.bmp-group. 2. See Bailey Acoustical Ceiling Systems literature for product details. R 224.1 The Bailey Exposed Grid Suspension System shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C636. BAILEY METAL PRODUCTS LIMITED MONTREAL LES PRODUITS METALLIQUES BAILEY LTEE 525 Avenue Edward VII Dorval QC H9P 1E7 Tel: (514) 735 3455 (800) 263 3455 Fax: (514) 735 5052 TORONTO One Caldari Road Concord ON L4K 3Z9 Tel: (905) 738 9267 (800) 668 2154 Fax: (905) 738 5712 CALGARY 3924 27th Street NE Calgary AB T1Y 5K7 Tel: (403) 248 3536 (800) 665 2013 Fax: (403) 248 0288 EDMONTON 5710 Roper Road N. 3. Please contact our office for specific design numbers. All testing was conducted in accordance with ANSI/UL 263 (ASTM E 119 AND NFPA 251). D 205. All testing was carried out at Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) in accordance with CAN 4 S101M Guide Item 40U 18. Deflection of any component shall not exceed 1/360 of the span. or 60” on centre or as specified on drawings. double-web design. 3. 2.CO D E S A N D S TA N DA R D S ( A r c h i t e c t u r a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s ) United Kingdom All fire testing was completed at the Warrington Fire Research Center. Bailey assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. I 215. 1.4 Wall mouldings (BM5 Angle). 36” 48”. as specified in ASTM C636. Pre-painted baked-on capping Global White Tile. I 211. CODES AND STANDARDS The Bailey exposed grid suspended ceiling systems are manufactured to the following standards: ASTM C635 Metric Installations: All components are manufactured in both Metric and Imperial as referenced.bmp-group. G 218.