In this opportunity I would like to talk about the criterias to become an ideal teacher for
the students.
To begin with, I’m going to talk to you about becoming an ideal teacher..In a lifetime, we may
be graced with the presence of few great teachers. These people end up shaping our lives for the
better because of their greatness, and we deeply admire them for that. A good teacher has many
faces. They may typically be a professor or teacher in the classroom, but often they can be our
family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. It makes no difference who they are really, or what
their profession, but good teachers all have one thing in common. They instill inside us values,
knowledge, hopes and dreams. Once they’ve been taught to us, we are changed for the rest of our
Teachers who teach for a profession have high expectations to meet. They hold our young
children’s minds in their hands and mold them like pieces of fine clay. Greatness is expected
from these teachers as they are responsible for helping bring our children into their adult lives.
This is partly why it is important to find the characteristics that these great teachers share. If
teachers are to be taught themselves, they must be taught the excellent traits of their peers before
So let’s take a look at the qualities that define a good teacher:
First and foremost, they
1. Love What They Do
There is no question, that awesome teachers love to teach. Not doing it for the money, prestige,
or glory, they teach because it brings them an incredible feeling of satisfaction knowing they are
contributing positively to the futures of others. If a teacher doesn’t have this inner satisfaction,
and does not enjoy what they do, they’ll never be able to make lasting impressions in their
students minds. Passion has great impact, and this is something that all really good teachers have.
The second qualities is an ideal teacher is a
2. Good Communicators
A teacher has the responsibility of bridging the gap between themselves and their students, so
good communication skills are a must. It’s difficult sometimes to relate to people, especially
children, so that learning can happen in their minds, but excellent teachers are masters of this.
Relating to students on the student’s level, these teachers have developed many ways to reach
their students, and communicate using terrific speaking skills, visual aids, and even in their body

Next is the most important criteria for me, it is they are

and know the best avenue to take them to who they will become. These teachers lead lives of high moral ground. they must be admirable. are always continuing to learn in the hopes of becoming even better teachers. creates resentment in the students minds. Positive Reinforcement Instead of using strict punishment to discipline students. . Good teachers have an uncanny understanding of what they teach. Fair & Just is also one of an important qualities in being an ideal teachers. Next criteria is they have a 4. Often these teachers reward their students for doing a good job. good teachers know how to use positive reinforcement to discipline instead. because they are experts in their fields of knowledge. and like their students. Good teachers are very committed to the curriculum they teach. because we wish to be like them. admirable teachers are more credible than others. They have to lead their students on the right path through the learning experience. so they are more apt to doing it in the future. who they are. yet giving them the individual attention they need. and help by showing the obstacles that may stand in the student’s way 7. Models of who we would like to someday be. and are willing to help students whenever they need it. Admirable In order for a teacher to be great. Understanding Great teachers understand their students better than most people. Being 5. they end up teaching their students the importance of equality and fair treatment. In doing so. they own the spotlight. They treat their students equally. They understand where their students came from.3. No child is left out in the mind of a wonderful teacher. In the classroom. and ends up breaking the ties of the student-teacher relationship. really good teachers help show us the way. We as people are much more likely to listen to those we admire. 8. and have the responsibility of being strong instructors so that students listen to them with determination. The next criteria is their 6. and they set an example to their students because of it. These teachers understand that negatively hinders how their students learn. They go above and beyond the time requirements of a typical teacher. Leadership Good teachers are leaders. Equality is an ideal that good teachers hold dear to themselves. even if the teacher hadn’t intended to do so. Really though. Committed There is no doubt that a great teacher is committed. and they make it a mission to teach them all the same.

They know that as someone who is responsible for helping people learn. and in what they are teaching. they are creating individuals who will have the skills. They believe in timeliness. and a good teacher recognizes this and has the inner desire to help. because they know that by giving knowledge to the next generation. The next time you think about that awesome teacher you had. Good teachers stick to the plans they’ve prepared. . and treat their students with respect. Professionalism Professionalism is the sign of a great teacher. and dedication to ending suffering. Great teachers help by teaching.9. whomever it may be. Confidence A teacher can’t teach without confidence. and follow them well. and are more willing to learn from them. and these are some of the most important ones. 11. their students respect them. Good teachers care about the world and what they do and wouldn’t have things any other way 10. think about these qualities and what it takes to be a person who lives a life of admiration. Good teachers are confident that they know how to teach. Nothing stands in the way of this confidence. These teachers are always ready to go when the time calls for it and they never leave their students lost and not knowing the direction they are headed. have good hygiene. In do so. There are many qualities that make up a good teacher. Prepared Excellent teachers are prepared. Students won’t believe in a teacher that first doesn’t believe in there-self. then maybe we can become great teachers too. and the teacher does their best not to become arrogant about the job they do. Compassion & Caring There is suffering in the world. and are never late and rarely miss days they are assigned to work. Terrific teachers dress well. they must take their work seriously. in order to teach the beat way possible 12. They know they steps necessary in their curriculum to teach students. compassion. If we truly learn from these people that have shaped our lives.