THEME: PlayStation 3 Days in Flanco
Flamingo International Group is present on the Romanian market since 1994, its main
business line being the retail of electronic, home appliances and IT&C products, and
is currently the second biggest player on this segment of products.
To communicate the official launch of Sony PlayStation 3 console in Romania,
simultaneously with the product’s European launch, in one of the Flanco stores.

Similar launching events from USA and Asia were taken into consideration,
alongside the reactions generated by the events, on all media channels.
All the press reviews from the Romanian mass media regarding the product
launching in USA and Asia have been monitored, as well as the forecasts
regarding the product’s launch on the local market.
Establishing a focus group with the Professional Gamers League members in
order to identify the most relevant information regarding the PlayStation 3
console for determining the key messages of the campaign.
Interviews and discussions with the Sony’s officials, both from Romania and
abroad (Bulgaria).


Taking into consideration the launching of competing products, few months
before – Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 – the agency identified a high
interest for this event, both in the industry, as in the specialized press, the
PS3 launching event being the most broadcasted and awaited IT&C event of
the beginning of 2007.
Also, the agency found out that one of the most sold video games and very
popular amongst the gamers is FIFA 2007, which is why it was decided to
associate for this event with one of the most prestigious football clubs in
Romania – FC Steaua Bucharest, alongside PGL’s members who will
demonstrate on PS3, for and with the public.

An interactive concept for the launching event was established after the research,
under the “PlayStation 3 Days in Flanco” slogan, which was planned to be more than
a simple product launch, but also a possibility for the participants, mass media and
the public, to test the product from the first day of availability in Europe.

brings the PS3 console for the first time in Romania.000. EVALUATION CRITERIA  The press reviews generated in the local mass media. product and event images. TARGET IDENTIFICATION  National and local mass media: IT Magazines Central newspapers – sport and IT&C columns  Gaming fans – professional and amateurs gamers  Flanco and Flanco World customers  Flanco Network and Sony’s partners  Flamingo International employees MESSAGES COMMUNICATED TO TARGET   Flanco organizes “PlayStation3 Days in Flanco” Flanco. being the first Romanian retailer to put out for sale the Sony PS3 console.3.000 press exposures from March to May 2007. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Partners. The agency targeted 20. online and TV . Flanco customers and gamming fans:  Central mass-media: written press. simultaneously with the European launch of the product.  Sales volume for Sony PS3 registered in Flanco and Flanco World stores in the next 2 months. Establishing a strategic partnership on the entertainment area between Flanco Store and FC Steaua Bucharest. quantitative and qualitative analysis: number. page positioning. PLANNING CAMPAIGN’S OBJECTIVES    Sony PlayStation 3 launch in Romania. from the first day of availability in other European countries. one of the most appreciated football teams in Romania. in partnership with Sony and Steaua. Flanco is the promoter of the most advanced technologies in gamming and fun. simultaneously with the European launch of the product.

 Official meeting with Flanco representatives in order to present and establish the project’s concept and communication plan.ro and www.  Daily communication and update: . special designed Sony stand. business or sport. Flamingo International Group employees:     Internal letter to present the event Intranet: internal e-mail Event invitation Product placement in Flamingo offices. in order to be tested by the employees MEANS OF COMMUNICATION Press releases: - Before the event. After the event.flanco. They obtained relevant information for the represented publication. . in order to announce the launching and the possibility to order it online from www.ro. Flamingo International forecasts regarding the sales’ volume of PS3 for the next 3 months. in order to announce the availability of PS3 product in Flanco and Flanco World Chain Stores. Sony PS3 video presentations to invite Feeria’s clients to the launching event. benefiting from the complete support for the carried out PR activities. Event for the large public – a three days event. . A few days before the official launch.Briefing on daily actions and on the campaign’s deployment.ro Event promotion in Flanco and Flanco World stores trough banners announcing the launch.flamingo. . with the new console and extra shelf positioning of the product. where the large public was given the opportunity to test the product in the special areas. Press conference – with the participation of business.Briefing on media coverage on each event.Interviews and press meetings schedule.   Radio campaign – spots announcing the Sony PlayStation 3 launching event in Flanco World Feeria Online campaign – event’s promotion on Flamingo Group’s official websites: www. CONTACT WITH THE MANAGEMENT TEAM Throughout the whole campaign.flamingo.flanco. our project team has co-operated with Flanco representatives. IT&C and sport oriented press. The press releases were written in different ways.ro and www. suited for each publication specific: IT&C.

Also. competed by playing console games with the fans present at the event and offered autographs to the participants.4. to prevent potential incidents. in Băneasa. We hired a special guard and protection team who accompanied permanently the members of the team who were at the event. as well as the next day. On the second part of the event. Along with Flanco and Sony officials.801 exposures. by obtaining 173 press reviews. compared to the retailer’s initial forecasts. The official launch of Sony PlayStation 3 console took place within the press conference. the professional gamers. in many Flanco stores. EVALUATION  The overtaking with 34. in Flanco World store from Feeria Complex. 5. the members of FC Steaua Bucureşti participated at the launch event. as well as during the event. to the general public. to Flanco’s partners and employees. IMPLEMENTING CAMPAIGN’S STAGES The press releases and the invitations for the official launch of Sony Playstation 3 were sent to all available media. which represent a 60% increase in Sony PlayStation 3 sales. The football players tested the product. .28% of the intended target. Flanco sold over 400 consoles. they revealed the PlayStation 3 console. as a total number. Flanco World store from Feeria had been checked before. 9 TV news. between March – May 2007. during three days (March 23 rd – 25th 2007) and was addressed to mass-media.855. In the first 2 months after the launching event. on March 23rd 2007. DIFFICULTIES The presence of Steaua team to the launching event required special protection measures. with 26. the day of product’s official launch at European level. The event took place in Flanco World Feeria. from which:    164 press reviews in the written and online press. members of Professional Gamers League participated to demonstrations meant to confirm the technical specification and game sensations offered by the game console. The public had access and could test the console from the first day of the official launch.