Risk assessment is a careful examination of what elements while creating the opening
sequence could cause harm to actors, properties and production team so that the risks can
weigh up to figure out if any precautions need to be taken to prevent harm. The aim is to
make sure the environment is safe for shooting.
In this scene risk assessments are important to be discovered because the scene created is
dangerous itself. Filming the motion of the car on the public street there may well be
actions that my need us to consider or help alleviate. To avoid any specific environment risk
to the actors and the production cast members the motion can be replaced by the
technology an editing via transitions after the shoot. This will ensure the safety of actor lying
next to the car and no dramatic issues will occur. The informed consent of the location also
removes any ethical risks of broadcasting the location as well as other features presented in
the location. The action sequence in this shot are not attributed so still characters wouldn’t
cause any risk either.
Informed consent is again the number one priority in this scene because the house being
broadcasted and the location of the house being used as the source of opening sequence on
internet needs a permission of the house holder. To avoid any ethical risks contracts can be
taken in count. This scene includes actor laying down on the bed where the camera is
placed on top to shoot a bird’s eye view however the camera has to be placed in secure
manner so that the actor does not have any kind of injuries from the tripod, camera and
other filming equipments in involved. To avoid this camera stability should be tested before
the actor begins to act. Later on in the scene camera follows the protagonist doing different
actions such as brushing teeth, getting changed. During these scenes around the house
camera needs to double checked before each shot. Also action sequences need to be
suitable for the shoot so that no dramatic risks are caused and perhaps undertaken.
This scene is shot outdoors straight after the house scene. This is when the protagonist and
the boyfriend leave the house. Shooting outdoors on the street can be risky because no
informed consent is available from the people who walk around the street however the
anonymity of those people is kept safe. Shooting on the street has low reliability due to
uncontrollable variable such as weather. There is nothing that can be done if the weather
doesn’t suit the shooting mood. To avoid this weather conditions must be checked on the
internet before any actions are taken. This will avoid any consumption of time which is
wasted. Filming on the street is not the best place as the setting of actors is not reliable,

which can cause changes in filming. To reduce the chances of any uncertain occurrence,
observation of the location and the taking in count of the best time to film is important. For
example presence of less people may be at 6 pm, so all the actors and the production cast
may film at 6 pm. Transportation and the specific place where the shooting is taking place
need to be safe so no physical harm is caused. Filming at the corner of the street rather than
middle is important to avoid any risks.
The track is again shot outdoors where the informed consent is send to owner of the track
so that no risks occurs while broadcasting the opening sequence. These need early
identification and should be on your agenda for our first site meeting. If any actions are
required prior to the event or filming activity, then this needs to be highlighted and the
appropriate periods allotted to complete the tasks. This would include training or briefing
sessions. It also includes safety and planning meetings with us and the other authorities. The
action plan must also include how the risk assessment is communicated to your staff, so
that everyone knows whose responsible for what and when they need to act. The plan
should also emphasis that everyone has a responsibility to both themselves and others to
help guard against injury, damage and loss. The risk of camera being damaged are very high
as the action sequence in this scene is very high the fast running can cause damage to the
camera as well as the actors running. To discard any issues less force applied by actors and
good positioning of the camera will lead to a successful shot undertaken by the risk
Overall the risk assessments include uncertainty that may be caused by action sequence,
variables, locations, positioning of camera and many more. Considering all the
assessments of scenes carefully and planning to minimise them during the shoot is
important. In case of emergency all the members of production team should take the
responsibility to handle the situation as they are aware of the risk assessments.

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