Social Accountability Network – Pakistan (SAN-Pk

Workshop on Social Accountability Success Stories and Case Studies
SAN Pakistan Elections
Minutes of the Meeting
4th December, 2014
CESSD Head Office Peshawar

A day-long meeting of SAN-Pk. held on December 4, 2014, at CESSD Peshawar, where
the General Body members participated and shared their deliberations.
Total 12 participants from 9 member organizations participated in the objective meeting.
(Detailed list of participants is enclosed)
The detailed meeting focused on the following core agenda/ objectives:

Progress Review/ Updates of SAN-Pk
Elections/ Rotation of Network Secretariat
Expansion of SAN-Pk to other provinces
Reconstitution of National Steering Committee Members
RTI tracker and Case studies of member organizations

Progress Review/ Updates of SAN-Pk
o Mr. Gulbaz Ali Khan (Sr. Manager, Governance & CD Unit-CESSD) moderated the
proceedings of meeting. He opened up the meeting with a warm welcome to the
participants. Mr. Khan shared an introduction/ rationale of the meeting. He also
oriented the participants on the objectives of meeting;
o Through his opening remarks, Mr. Hameed Hasan (Deputy Field Program ManagerCESSD) appreciated the true voluntary spirit and commitment of the member
organizations for taking the SAN-Pk network to the next level. He termed the
occasion as an enduring milestone for all members where the network was moving
through its first leadership change. The progress so far is encouraging and with this
zeal & dedication it can achieve it due stature form a provincial to national horizon;
o Being an existing secretariat, IRSP’s representative (Muhammad Idress, Program
Director- IRSP) shared an overview of the major activities performed during the
preceding year. He summarized that IRSP contributed its best possible support for
SAN-Pk but still much more could be done for its strengthening. IRSP maintained a
coordination role, facilitated the network meetings, raising membership and all other
support for the network development. However, more resources would have resulted
in more desired development for SAN- Pk;
o Other network members also shared their views and concluded that SAN-Pk shall
prioritize its organizational development and the primary task shall be the registration

then the contesting organizations presented their vision and strategy to strengthen & promote SANPk. She assured all her due support for furthering the cause of SAN.1. In first phase of expansion. Indus Sustainable Development Foundation (ISDF) in Punjab and Sustainable Development Centre (SDC) in Islamabad have been given responsibilities to steer the network process in their respective regions. Two member organizations.of SAN-Pk. Azra Hussain (CEO. Ms. Elections/ Rotation of Network Secretariat Through the second part.Pk. Sindh. IRSP & Pak Women. AJK and GB.1: Results of SAN-Pk Elections 2014 S# Contesting Organizations Votes Secured 1 IRSP 2 2 Pak Women 7 Later. Ms. all the participating organizations casted their votes through secret balloting. members agreed to appoint Regional Coordinators to spread its message across the regions and attract more members based on mutual interest of promotion of good governance in Pakistan. First.Pk. Fig. Expansion of SAN-Pk to other provinces Discussions were held on expansion of SAN-Pk to other provinces and regions. After having a due structure and operation. She termed that Pak Women would spare due technical and financial support required to run the important affairs of SAN-Pk Secretariat. Azra Hussain thanked all member organizations for showing their confidence in her to lead SAN-Pk towards the accomplishment of its desired objectives. And finally. offered their candidature and contested the elections. Most of the network members argued that this network should not only be expanded to Punjab. Total 9 votes were casted by the member organizations. the network can effectively raise its resources by tapping the funding opportunities. interested organizations furnished their candidature for the election. where Pak Women secured the highest votes (7) and thus declared as the new SAN-Pk Secretariat. the scheduled elections of SAN-Pk held through a participatory process. Baluchistan and Islamabad but also to FATA. Reconstitution of National Steering Committee Members National Steering Committee has reconstituted and following members have been approved during the meeting:  Integrated Rural Support Program (IRSP)  Sustainable Development Centre (SDC)  Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS)  Organization for Human Development (OHD) . Pak Women) took the charge as the new Chairperson of SAN.

SAN. reports. an amount of PKR 600. Azra would issue an email for the early schedule of the strategy workshop. Initially. A communication mechanism should be developed and shared with the member organizations for smooth sharing and ultimate feedback. one program officer & one IT officer. some of the members have submitted forms but has not yet approved and/or notified by the steering committee. All such important information would appear on SAN-Pk website and publicized through the national press as well. basic health and rural water supply schemes. and membership fees to Pak Women. Action Points  As first & primary step.Pk Secretariat.  SDC and URDU would act as the advisory panel for peer strategic review and support with the SAN.  All the network members should follow CESSD pattern of documenting success stories and send through its own editorial committee (SDC&URDU) for onward submission for final editing. Pak Women would reserve and utilize due technical and financial resources.Pk support.  For effective Secretariat operations. printing and dissemination. the member organizations shall develop relevant case studies of pertinent governance/ accountability issues in their respective areas. New SAN-Pk secretariat is tasked to complete the documentation process as the earliest.000/ per annum would be dedicated for covering the due expenses of SAN. would be taken on board for handing the essential activities of Secretariat.  All records and activities of Secretariat would be properly documented and made available via website and through network meetings. Mr. Ms. Also.  SAN-Pk secretariat would compile all the RTI information request data and conduct critical analysis in consultation with CESSD governance team. A minimum of two staff. In continuation of the documentation process. SAN-Pk members should deliver regular RTI requests on important public affairs to gauge the effectiveness of this newly enacted law in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan explained that being a ready support to the RTI commission.Pk Secretariat.Pak Women would convene a day-long consultative workshop for working out the future course of action. . specifically in primary education.  All the SAN-Pk members are encouraged to send RTI requests to district and provincial departments to seek information.  IRSP will formally handover all the operational and financial documents including registration forms. Indus Sustainable Development Foundation (ISDF)  United Rural Development Organization (URDO)  Mohmand Community Empowerment and Development (MCED) RTI Tracker and Case Studies of Member Organizations While having a follow up on RTI tracker & case studies.

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