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www.ECU Wiring Diagram .com.2008 Edition ○ Auto Transmission (Diagnosis & Testing) ○ Automotive Timing Belts & Chains ○ Collision Repair (Unibody Frame Dimensions) ○ Diesel Technical Service Data ○ EFI Diagnosis & Testing ○ EFI System Repair .BOYCE.autolibrary.Vacuum Hose Layout & System Diagrams ○ Waveform Reference ○ Fast Quote (Handbook Service Schedule) ○ Wheel Alignment ○ Wiring Diagram ○ Repair Times Guide Boyce’s Automotive Data ph: +61 (0)2 9319 7484 fax: +61 (0)2 9698 7346 email: sales@boyce.1 .COM.autolibrary.ECU Terminal Voltage & Trouble Codes .au PO BOX 1035 strawberry hills nsw 2012 australia WWW.AU | www.au .com.au (Includes UNLIMITED Tech Support & FREE Updates) SCANTOOL: ○ Purchase a Scantool from Boyce’s & receive a 12month subscription to Boyce’s Auto Library FREE (Contact Mark at Boyce’s for more details) MANUALS: ○ Service Light Reset Manual No.com.BOYCE’S AUTOMOTIVE DATA PRODUCTS LIST SOFTWARE: ○ BOYCE’S AUTO LIBRARY .

B. • VIN and engine number locations • Australian. Japanese and Korean vehicle service schedules.com. Passenger & Heavy Diesel Engines • Datalink Connector Locations (digital photos) • Electronic Component Locations(digital photos) • Repair Times Guide .000 model variants • Over 3gb of data • Vehicles from 1980 . Wheel Alignment • Body Measurements • Common Faults and Solutions . European.E.2008 • Petrol. Punch in engine code and all vehicles carrying that engine will appear • More user friendly logbook service estimate screen • Ability to add your own parts to the custom parts list • Wiring diagrams with colour codes displayed on each individual diagram • Now includes boyce’s auto news & reviews Weekly report on the latest releases & industry news. Fuel System. A/C. diesel. yours free! UPDATES IN PROGRESS • More european complete vehicle wiring • More european pin data • More european service schedules • More complete vehicle wiring • More transmission control unit voltages and pin outs • More transmission wiring www. NGK & Ryco • Print out with your company details and logo • Print out tax invoices. • OBD II Trouble Codes (P. Gates.au Boyce’s Auto Library © is used nationwide by: + INDEPENDANT WORKSHOPS. European. Chains & Gears • Tune.000 models (including: electronic diesel) • EFI / ECU Terminal Voltages • Electronic component locations (digital photos) • Component locations (digital photos) • Key Coding Procedures • Full Vehicle Wiring Diagrams with over 1. 4WD. Ignition. korean and japanese vehicles • Over 17. european. Power Windows. Japanese and Korean vehicles • Engine control unit wiring diagrams for European models • Vehicle photo identifiers VEHICLE TECHNICAL DATA: (1980-2008) • Specifications: Electrical System. Japanese and Korean vehicle specifications • Timing belts & chains PROGRAM ENHANCEMENTS • Ability to search by engine codes i. part numbers and pricing • Australian. Light Commercials. etc.500 circuit diagrams (color coded) eg. 168 engines.catalogue june 2008 . track customer history.autolibrary.000 part numbers & prices from Bosch. Torque Settings. Service Times. Tyres & Brakes.23 manufacturers & over 3. Filling Capacities & Grades. TAFE’S & COLLEGES  boyce’s automotive data . Service & Wheel Alignment (Petrol & Diesel) • Waveform Library with 550 live tested patterns.FREE 30 DAYS FULL VERSION DEMO Includes UNLIMITED Tech Support from Australia’s largest technical automotive library! Boyce’s Auto Library © subscription includes: UNLIMITED Tech Support FREE regular updates FREE Auto News & Reviews GENERAL COVERAGE • Australian. Cooling Fan. technician reports. passenger cars and 4-wheel drives AUTOMOTIVE LOGBOOK ESTIMATING SYSTEM • Handbook Schedules.8000 Scenarios • Diesel. C & U) • Engine control unit pin data for Australian. BCM. Lubricants • Has a catalogue with 1.Industry Standard • Service Light Reset (digital photos) • Timing Belts. job cards. Champion. Engine. send reminder letters • Change part prices on standard items • Add your own parts & prices on custom items VEHICLE DIAGNOSTIC DATA: (1985-2008) • ABS Diagnostics • Airbag Diagnostics • Automatic Transmission Diagnostics • EFI Diagnostics .

Torque Settings. Fuel System. Electrical component locations datalink connector locations Incl. except printing.catalogue june 2008 . Ignition.000 model variants • FREE Regular Updates • UNLIMITED Tech Support (average 20min response!) If you can’t find in on the software we’ll find it for you in our Boyce’s Technical Library . Capacities.the largest automotive technical library in the Southern Hemisphere! • Request your FREE 30 days Full Version Demo today! Demo includes access to ALL information and features. Wheels. Electrical. • Purchase a scan tool from Boyce’s and receive the Boyce’s Auto Library software FREE!! (subscription expires 12 months after registration) UNIQUE STEERING WHEEL mAIN mENU Data & program features divided into sections to make it easier to use.BAL© SCREEN SHOTS australian | european | japanese | korean • Covers over 17. Brakes. Service Schedule. digital photos of common locations The only technical software to be endorsed  boyce’s automotive data . Specifications Engine.

catalogue june 2008 . digital photos Timing Belts & chains Info & Diagrams Full schedules by both the IAME and the MTA (NSW&NZ)  boyce’s automotive data .ecu & complete wiring diagrams repair times handbook SERVICE estimates service light reset procedures Incl.

GST. Subaru. Subaru.2008 EDITION MANUAL NO. Hyundai. Ford.50 for postage. Daihatsu. Nissan. Hyundai.1 PRICE: $165 (AT1) Covers: Daewoo. Tests and Connector Diagrams  boyce’s automotive data . Mazda. Mitsubishi.1 PRICE: $66 (slr1) Includes: Service Light Reset Procedures.catalogue june 2008 . Ford. Mazda. Nissan. Mazda. Suzuki & Toyota FEATURES: • ECU Terminal and Pin Configuration • ECU Voltages and Test Conditions • Technical Data List • System Wiring Diagram • System Component Tests and Connector Diagrams • Self Diagnosis Code Extraction Procedures • Self Diagnosis Code List. European. Kia. Suzuki & Toyota USA MANUAL PRICE: $195 (ATUS1) Covers: Acura.2 PRICE: $195 (AT2) Covers: Daewoo. Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi. Honda. Infiniti. Ford. Kia. Japanese & Korean vehicles • 134 pages in a handy size manual • High gloss cover for extra protection in the workshop NEW RELEASE only $66! incl. 3 Books in 1! Contains digital photos to make locating parts easier and more accurate! AUTO TRANSMISSION (DIAGNOSIS & TESTING) AUS MANUAL NO.1 . Honda. Add $7. Datalink Connector Locations and Key Operation & Programing FEATURES: • Complete with Digital Photos to make locating parts easier and more accurate! • Covers Australian. Nissan. Holden. Subaru & Toyota AUS MANUAL NO. Hyundai. Holden.BOYCE’S SERVICE LIGHT RESET MANUAL NO.

Proton.11: 1998 . Mazda. please contact us for more info! FEATURES: • Ideal for low speed collision repairs • Large. Hyundai.6: 1992-2004 Price: $165 (TBC6) Manual No 7: 1992-2007 Price: $225 (TBC7) Covers: Alfa Romeo. Service & Replacement (incl. Nissan & Toyota • Adjustments.10: 1996 . LIGHT COMMERCIALS & 4WDS Manual No. Mazda. Daewoo. Holden. Honda. Eunos.12: 1999 .7). • Comprehensive schematic diagrams covering sprocket identification and alignment marks. TBC7 WAS $225 nOW $125!! SAVE $100 Australia’s ONLY manual to include Timing Belts AND Chains! COLLISION REPAIR (UNIBODY FRAME DIMENSIONS) Manual No. Mitsubishi.catalogue june 2008 . also notes and precautions are outlined. • Specific details on tightening torques. Subaru. Renault. clear diagrams • Full bottom view of the vehicle measurements • Full side view with horizontal datum line • Engine bay dimensions • Model identification • Supplement to any measuring system you have INCLUDES LOW VOLUME JAPANESE IMPORTS!  boyce’s automotive data . • Time taken for the operation.1998 Price: $149 (FD10) Manual No. Suzuki. Nissan. Lexus. Saab. MG. Chrysler. Ford. Audi. Holden. Daihatsu.2001 Price: $149 (FD12) Some previous manuals are still available.1: 1987-1992 Price: $99 (tbc1) Covers: Ford. Features: • Manufacturer’s recommended removal and installation procedures.1999 Price: $149 (FD11) Manual No. Seat. Belt Numbers) Manual No. • Identifying special tools required to undertake removal and installation procedures.AUTOMOTIVE TIMING BELTS & CHAINS PASSENGER CARS. Kia. Peugeot. Toyota. Jeep (Manual No. Mitsubishi. Volvo & Volkswagen. Porsche. Citroen. • Removal and replacement of Timing Belts and Chains with Illustrated tension points and techniques for servicing. Land Rover.

Nissan. Honda. idle speed. wheel alignment. Holden. Mazda. Mitsubishi. electrical system. Mitsubishi. Subaru & Suzuki Manual No. Subaru. Light Commercials & 4 Wheel Drives E.3 Price: $176 (EFIN3) Covers: Ford.3: 1985 . Nissan & Toyota Manual No. Subaru & Suzuki Special Edition also covers: Imported Nissan Skyline R32 FEATURES: • ECU Terminal and Pin Configuration • ECU Voltages and Test Conditions • Technical Data List • EFI System Wiring Diagrams • EFI System Component Tests & Connector Diagrams • Self Diagnosis Code Extraction Procedure • Self Diagnosis Code List.4 Price: $176 (EFIN4) Covers: Ford. DIAGNOSIS & TESTING Manual No.DIESEL TECHNICAL SERVICE DATA Manual No. piston protrusion height) SERVICE GUIDE TO VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: Detailed Service Schedules for time/km interval HEAVY COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS FOR MECHANICAL REPAIRS: Covers a selected range: Engine. injection nozzle. Daihatsu. Mitsubishi. Honda.2 Price: $145 (EFIN2) Covers: Ford. Tests and Connector Diagrams  boyce’s automotive data . Nissan. Proton. & piston protrusion height) Passenger Cars. injection pump. Holden. Hyundai. Honda. Kia. tightening torque AND system tests (injection timing. Holden.2000 Price: $195 (DT3) SPECIFICATIONS FOR MECHANICAL REPAIRS: Engine. Mazda.1 price: $145 (EFIN1) Covers: Daewoo. Holden. tightening torque AND system tests (injection timing & idle speed.catalogue june 2008 . Hyundai.F. Ford.I. Suzuki & Toyota Special Edition also covers: Imported Nissan Skyline R32 Manual No. filling capacities. tyres & brakes.

Hyundai.E. Holden. SYSTEM REPAIR ECU Wiring Diagram Manual No. Mazda.2: 1992-1996 Price: $125 (ECU2) • 630 models Covers: Ford. Holden.1: 1986-1992 Price: $125 (WDM1) Manual No. Honda. Mazda. Kia.2 Manual: 1991-1996 Price: $65 (VH2) • 432 models Covers: Ford. Mitsubishi. Mazda. Mitsubishi. Hyundai. Mitsubishi. Nissan. 1146 pages • Now includes Datalink Connector Locations! Covers: Daewoo. Nissan & Toyota ECU Terminal Voltage & Trouble Codes Manual No. Suzuki & Toyota ECU 3 now includes Datalink Connector Locations (incl. Holden. digital photos) WAVEFORM REFERENCE Manual No.catalogue june 2008 .2: 1982-1996 Price: $125 (WDM2) • 440 models • 630 models Covers: Ford. Mazda.3: 1995-2007 Price: $235 (ECU3) • 1000+ models. Hyundai. Daihatsu.F. Hyundai. Nissan & Toyota Vacuum Hose Layout & System Diagrams No. Holden.1 Manual: 1986-1991 Price: $65 (VH1) • 270 models No. Over 550 live tested patterns  boyce’s automotive data . Subaru.I. Mitsubishi. Nissan & Toyota ECU Terminal VoltageS Manual No. Ford.1: 1986-1992 Price: $125 (ECU1) • 440 models Manual No.1 Price: $159 (WFM1) This manual displays a selected range of over 550 live tested patterns in the following areas: • Fuel injector • Oxygen sensor • Idle air control system • Throttle position sensor • Map sensor • Mass air flow sensor • Knock sensor • Pick up coils This 150 pages waveform reference manual contains hundreds of valuable waveform patterns that will help you to start a waveform library or it will make an important addition to your current waveform library.

digital photos • OBD II Trouble Codes (P.000 km. • Labour time is shown in hours it should take to perform each service. • Detailed list of lubricants required to be replaced on each service. European.2: 1992 .9: 1989 .2007 Price: $235 (FQ04) Covers over 1200 Australian.2002 Price: $122 (WA10) (For later years see Fast Quote 4) WHEEL ALIGNMENT GEOMETRY Caster. Japanese & Korean models! Includes the above features in FQ02 PLUS: MANUFACTURER’S HANDBOOK SERVICE OPERATIONS: • Service Light Resetting Procedures (SLR) incl. digital photos • Key Operation and Programming VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS: • Engine Identification • Engine Specs • Brake Specs Maximum & Minimum Thickness • Tuning Specs • Wheel Alignment Specs • Lubricant and Filling Capacities • Torque Specs • Ignition and Fuel Specs • Datalink Connector Locations incl. Ignition Timing Adjustment Connector & Timing Mark. Steering axis inclination.1999 Price: $122 (WA9) Manual No.catalogue june 2008 . • Detailed list of parts required to be replaced on each service. Toe-out on turn. • Manufacturer Service Intervals up to 200.4: 1992 . lock angles SUSPENSION DATA Steering type Suspension type Spring type Spring height VEHICLE DIMENSIONS Wheel base Front track / rear track 10 WHEELS & TYRES Wheel/Tyre sizes Tyre pressure Wheel nut torque Front hub nut torque Rear hub nut torque CONDITION FOR CHECKING boyce’s automotive data . Camber. Cylinder Number Sequence. Toe-in.10: 1999 .2003 Price: $160 (FQ02) Features: • Service intervals are broken up into both months & km intervals. WHEEL ALIGNMENT Manual No. Manual No.FAST QUOTE (HANDBOOK SERVICE SCHEDULE) Manual No. • Relevant filling capacities for lubricants required to be replaced on each service. C & U) Diagrams in fq04: Firing Order. B.

Stop/Back-Up Lamps.&V8) & Holden VT Commodore (V6 & V8) Manual No. Power Windows.2 Price: $45 (WD2RA) Covers: Toyota Camry SXV20R & MCV20R Manual No. Ford. Wiper/Washer. Satellite Navigation. Power Mirrors. Holden.3 Price: $45 (WD3RA) Covers: Mitsubishi TE-TF Magna (1996-1999) & Mitsubishi KE-KF Verada (1996-1999) Manual 4 covers manuals 1-3 (688 pages + over 100 circuit diagrams) Manual No.B. Subaru. Power Seats. Electronic Fuel Injection. Power Door Lock. Clock.5 Price: $185 (WD5RA) Covers: Daewoo. Ford. Honda. Suzuki and Toyota including BA Falcon. Exterior Lighting. Auto Climate Control. Air Bags. Cooling Fans. Rear Demist. Courtesy Illumination. Hyundai & Subaru The benefit of purchasing this manual is: • Easy to read wiring diagrams and connectors presented in a simple format assisting the technicians to pinpoint with ease the component and terminals that they need to access. Hyundai. Starting and Charging.catalogue june 2008 . Holden. Heating and Air Conditioning. Instrument Cluster. Audio. Mitsubishi.S and Traction Control. Auto Transmission.WIRING DIAGRAM Manual No. A. Cruise Control. Power Windows. Ignition.1 Price: $45 (WD1RA) Covers: Ford AU And AU Series II Falcon (6cyl. VY Commodore & 30-series Camry Manual No. These WIRING DIAGRAMS are for: • Auto-Electricians • Service Stations with Mechanical Workshops • Auto Air-Conditioners • Alarm and Radio/CD Fitters • Accident Damage Repairers QUICK & EASY WAY TO LOCATE AND IDENTIFY ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS AND COMPONENTS: Power Distribution. Horn. Turn/Hazard Lamps. 11 boyce’s automotive data . Jeep.4 Price: $295 (WD4RA) Covers: Chrysler. Body Electronic Module. Daewoo. Trailer & Ground Paths.

com. • Repair times in decimal hours. • A vital publication for all those who are involved in preparing and checking accounts. PASSENGER CARS.4: 1999 .2007 Price: $145 (RTG3) Price: $145 (RTG4) Price: $175 (RTG5) • Information from 30 Manufacturers on over 2300 models. LIGHT COMMERCIALS & 4W DRIVES Covers up to 120 separate operations REPAIR TIMES FOR: • Engine • EFI/Fuel • Exhaust • Cooling • Ignition • Electrical Your Boyce Rep is: Mark Boyce Boyce’s Automotive Data Tel: (02) 9319 7484 Fax: (02) 9698 7346 mark@boyce.plan work schedules .keep ahead of competition .REPAIR TIMES GUIDE Manual No.au 12 boyce’s automotive data .produce and check estimates and costing accurately .3: 1992 .1999 Manual No.2003 Manual No. estimates and invoices.catalogue june 2008 • Clutch • Transmission • Axle • Brakes • Suspension • Steering . • Petrol & Diesel vehicles. • Eliminate guesswork and maximise your profits.provide a professional service • Repair times for mechanical and electrical overhauls and replacements. • These manuals will help you to .5: 2003 .