1. Define management. What are the nature and characteristics?

Explain its funct
ion. Jan2014,June 2013,June2012, Dec2011, Dec2012.
2. Is management a science, art or profession? Explain. June2010, June2012, Dec2
012 3. What are the modern management approached? Explain briefly the contingenc
y approaches of management. June2013,June2010,Dec2012 4. Explain the various rol
es of a manager Jan2014, June2012
1. What is planning? Explain the steps involved in planning. And give the import
ance and purpose of planning process Jan2014,Jul 2013,June2012, Dec2012,Dec2011
2. Briefly explain the types of planning. June2012, June2011
3. Explain the process and steps involved in decision making and planning
Jan2014, June2013, June2012, dec2012
4. Explain hierarchy of planning June2010, Dec10
5. Differentiate between strategic planning and tactical planning Jan2014, June2
013, june2012
6. what are planning premises? Explain the classification of planning premises.
7. what are the different types of decision? Explain briefly July2012
8. Discuss the limitations and importance of planning July2012.
Organizing and staffing
1. what are the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff organization June
2. what are MBO and MBE? Explain june2012, july2009
3. what is recruitment? Explain various source of recruitment June2013, June 201
4. what are the various principle of organization Jan2014,June2013,Dec2012
5. explain the selection process Jan2014,June2011, Dec2010
Management & Entrepreneurship 10AL51
Department of EEE Page 2
6. Define span of control. Discuss functional organization structure with a char
t Jan11, july2012
7. Define staffing and discuss its importance Dec2011,Jan2012
8. Briefly explain the principle of organization Jan2014, July2012, Dec2011
Directing And Controlling
1. Give principle of directing. June2012
2. What are the different styles of leadership June2010,Jan2012
3. State and explain steps in controlling. Explain the methods of establishing s
ound controlling Jan2014, Dec2012, Jan2013
4. discuss various principle of directing June2013
5. define leadership Jan2014,Jan2013,june2012
6. with neat sketch explain Maslow s theory Jan2014,June2013, June2011
1. What is entrepreneurship? Explain its model and types of entrepreneurs.
June2013, Jan11, Dec2012
2. what are the barriers of entrepreneurship? Explain the role in economic devel
opment June2011, Jan2012
3.explain various stages in entrepreneurial process Jan2014,June2013,june2011, d
4.Explain the evolution and growth of entrepreneurship in India. Jan2013, June20
5.explain in detail various types and function of an entrepreneur Jan2014, July2
6.Differentiate between entrepreneur , intrapreneur and manager June2013, June20
Management & Entrepreneurship 10AL51

Department of EEE Page 3 Unit-6 Small Scale industry 1. jul y12 3. Explain WTO.Explain briefly the government support for SSI during 5 year plan July2012. 4. Jan2012 5.June2011 3. june2011. Briefly explain the importance of project identification Jan2014.Discuss the impact of liberalization.Dec2010. ja n2011 7.Dec2012.June 2013. KSFC Jan2014. July2012 3. Explain the aims and objective of KIADB and KSSIDC Jan2014. Explain . Explain the phases of project identification with its sources Jan2014.Explain the objective of SSI and its role in economic development Jan2014. Define Small scale industry and state the characteristics of SSI Jan2014. State its Function June2013. DIC.Explain GATT and WTO.june2012. Jan201 2 2. Single window agency. Give the meaning of project appraisal July2012.June 2013. and its impact on trade. july2012 4. July2012 Unit-8 Preparation of Project 1. Explain NSIC. privatization and Globalization on SSI j an2012 Unit-7 Institutional Support 1. What is TECSOK? Explain the services offered by TESOK Jan2010.June2013. June2013. jan2011 2. June2013 2.Define ancillary industry and tiny industry June2012 6.