The Brancli fuIanager,

IDBI Bank Limited,
We, the undersigned paftners of the firm (name) M/s
located at (address)
hereinafter referred to as 'the


A/c No"

have a current account under Customer Id

with IDBI Bank Ltd"


And, whereas the firm has requested the bank to extend the Corporate Internet Banking
facility being offered by the bank to its customers for accessing and executing banking
transaction through the internet.

And, whereas the firm has authorised and nominated:






to avail the facility for accessing and executing banking transaction on behalf of the finn, on
the firms accounts, including by causing a debit balance in the firm's account(s) with IDBI
Bank Ltd and/or continually operate the account(s) even when overdrawn, as per the access
specifications authorized in the Corporate Intemet Banking application forn.
We the undersigned (all partners of the firm), are jointly authorized to convey to IDBI Bank
Ltd. acceptance on behalf of the firm, of the terms and conditions contained in the application
form and on the website www.idbibank.com pertaining to use of the CorporatL lnternet
Banking services and agree to such changes and modifications in the said ter"ns and
conditions as may be suggested by IDBI Bank Ltd., nominate, substitute, revoke and vary
mandate etc. from time to time and to execute such deeds, documents and other writings as
may be necessary or required for this purpose.

IDBI Bank be and hereby authorized to accept all valid and

tregal instrucrions through the

Corporate nnternet banking sewice from the above nominated signatories in respect of fim's
accountls as per the mandate given in the Corporate Net tsanking application fomi" The firm
does agree to hold IDBI Bank harmiess and their interest protected on account of it executing
such instructions by the above signatories in the manner provided.

through a letter addressed to IDBI Bank Ltd. as may be sent by IDBI Bank. agree and undertake the onus to inform the bank of any instance of insanity. the nominated partners(s) or any other person nominated by the paftners be and are hereby authorised to receive the login id and passwords. ALL Partners in Block Letters Signature . 6.We the paftners of the firm hereby jointly and severally (a) Agree and undertake the onus to inform the bank of any changes in the constitution of the firm.ut" Internet Banking facility only once the letter is received by the Bank. 3. _ Branch and understand that the bank will stop the transactiont th. 4. for entering into transactions on Cotporate Internet Banking and are authoiized severally to convey to IDBI Bank acceptance on behalf of the firm of any transactions as well as to enter into transactions on behalf of the firm on corporate Internet Banking" Dated this day of 20 Yours Faithfully. (b) And. insolvency. death of a partner or in case of any dispute amongst the partners for which the operations ofthe account requires to be stopped. Further. 5. For M/s Name of I 2.ough th"Eorpo.