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a staff room. etc. protection of the workforce. a car parking area for 40 cars and 2 more car parking areas for 200 cars. accountant. for noncompliance. not speeding in yard and instruction to report of any problem they facing. A quick analysis of cost shown in the recommendations shows that these to be relatively compared to possible improvements in the business and when compared to fines etc. Introduction At 12th march 2014. Sure parking is a meet and greet services providing company at London Gatwick Airport have their office in horley consists of one office room. . a kitchen. 2. about 25 workers including drivers. Lots of issues could be resolved by investing a little time or a little cost that could result in increase in productivity.1. compliance with the legal requirements and most importantly. the workers working 24/7. a toilet. controllers. Everyone needs to train how to use the fire equipment’s in case of emergency. Improving the layout to create a better work environment and in place drainage system for the wastage water from the car washer. A health and safety inspection of Sure Parking meet and greet working at London Gatwick Airport was carried out. Executive Summary At the completion of the inspection it could be seen that there are some issues in organisation concern with the employer and employees as well. Provide first aid equipment’s as immediate basis. The purpose of the inspection was to identify acknowledge a good practice of current health and safety in the organisation and recommend any remedial actions need to be taken. The important key issues about the health and safety point of view are:- Drivers need training to properly inspect the cars before driving. managers. 365 days in a year according to their appropriate shifts. a guest room.

The drivers do not do any care to drive the cars within speed limits. As in the observation found that the uneven floor of the office could cause some slips injuries and no drainage system provided for the waste water of the car washer area could also leading to the serious hazards for the workers and the pedestrians as well. There is also no signs posted as discussed in the observation and no separate way allocated to the pedestrians. No cost will occur to train the drivers but may be a little cost about £1000 for lighting and mirrors. These all problem shows that there is lack of co-operation and lack of communication system within the organisation and all the above problems are seems to be clear violation of “The health and safety (safety signs and signals) regulation 1996” and also international labour office 1995. All the above hazards can cause some serious accidents also breaching “Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulation 2002”. No cost for training the employees but their might be about £2000 cost for the repair of floor and drainage system. Main findings My main findings from the observations are explained below:- 3. Also there is very tight turning at site and no mirrors are allocated and not proper lighting in the yard. slips and trips. etc. 3. So the organisation should need to improve the workplace environment to repair that uneven floor and make proper drainage system for the waste water within 6 month time and train employees to keep clean the area they using.3. provide proper lighting to save their cost if any accidents happen. 3. All of the above issues for the work environment shows that the directors of the organisation violating their duties under “section 37 of the HASWA 1974”. . and also the main issue was the workers don’t know how to use those fire fighting equipment’s in the case of fire.2 Work Environment:The work environment of the organisation was also seems not very good. The organisation should need to take some steps like train the drivers.1 Vehicles:The standard of the vehicles inspection system was very poor as in the observation noted that a company van making a sound from silencer was not reported to the supervisor by the driver.3 Fire:It is seemed during observation that fire extinguishers equipment’s provided by the organisation is not well enough for that area and also as mentioned in the observation that one bottle with full of petrol was found on the floor could cause fire. restrict them to drive within the speed limits.

The above issues are relating to the violation of “health and safety and welfare regulation 1992”. This could be a minor cost to buy raining suits to avoid ill health of the employees. This is also employer responsibility to provide the raining suits to employees under “section 37 of HASAW 1974”.4 Housekeeping:The standard of housekeeping was also poor as noticed in the observation. It is the duty of the organisation to provide the first aid equipment’s to the workers under “section 37 of HASAW 1974”. in the rainy weather the workers are working and not wearing any raining suits. This is not in compliance with provision and use of work equipment’s regulation 1998 regulation 4. Organisation should need to provide first aid equipment’s to the workers on immediate basis. some cables were found in the walkway could cause some slips and trips or may cause some more hazards and also in the kitchen there are some refreshment spillages found which could cause slips and trips and fire as well. 3. 3. It could cost about £100 to provide those equipment’s. 3. regulation 6-10 and 20-25. it was found that there is no first aid facility provided to the workers to face any minor injuries which could cause a big loss to the company. There should be Regular workplace check in place either weekly or monthly.6 First aid:In the observation. It will cost about £50 to replace that wire could save a big loss to the company. It would improve the apparent poor health and safety culture and to be at no cost to the company.5 Electricity:One microwave found in the kitchen which has damaged wire could cause fire at any time. The wire of the microwave should need to repair as immediate basis and allocate a proper safety checks for the equipment’s. The recommendation to solve the housekeeping issue is to complete cleaning and tidying regime for the workplace. 3. No cost will occur to train the workers and also the removal of the petrol bottle. .7 Personal Protective Equipment’s:As we see in the in the observation.My recommendation would be to remove that petrol bottle immediately and keep it in the safe place and give training to the workers to using the fire fighting equipment’s so organisation could face low level of loss in case of fire.

Conclusion In this health and safety inspection. who is responsible for health and safety issues and engaging the workforce and encourage them to report any issue or problem they facing.8 Signage:There are no signs found at the entrance of the office door as the step is very high as seemed in the observation and also the car parking yard is very congested and no signs in the yard for slow speed or for pedestrians. . 4. safety surveys and safety tours will show to staff that management do have a positive attitude within the organisation. 25 observations has been identified with in the workplace of Sure Parking meet and greet indicates that the workplace is not only guilty of breaches in health and safety legislation but everyone within the management structure have accountable and admit liability for these findings. This report finds that there is a very poor health and safety culture in the organisation ranging from the highest position of the management chain down to bottom. training and consultation system. The policy is not fit and it requires revision to find out what proactive measures need to be taken to improve the health and safety standard. There are lot of factors of the poor health and safety standard in the organisation such as lack of leadership and commitment from the management in developing a positive health and safety culture and serious lack of communication.3. There is a need to form a committee. There is violation of the “safety signs and signals regulation 1996”. by having regular safety inspections. These signs need to be in place within 3 months’ time and cost of the signs will be about £500 to the organisation will save some serious accidents. It seems to be the lack of safe system of work but by doing the programme of induction and some refresher training should improve the standard and also improve the moral of the workers .

e. is my own work. I recognise that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice policy. Name (Print) ___________________________________ Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________________________________ NB: This declaration must be completed in full. Name (Print) ___________________________________ Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________________________________ For completion by the course provider’s internal practical assessor: I declare that I have marked this work and am both qualified and approved by NEBOSH to do so. internal practical assessor): I declare that the work marked is identical to that received from the candidate.g. submitted and retained with the candidate’s script. If this declaration is not submitted the candidate’s result may be declared void.Appendix 1 . .Declaration Candidate and course provider declarations: For completion by the candidate: I declare that the work submitted for this practical application assessment i. the completed observation sheets and the report to management. I recognise that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice policy. Name (Print) Signature Date ISRAR AHMED ________________________ ___________ 23th MARCH 2014 For completion by a course provider representative (e. I recognise that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice policy.

It need to put in the safe place and labelled. Control Measure (Immediate and longer term action) Organisation should need to provide some more fire extinguishers. Provide first aid kit and train staff for first aid Repair of the affected area is required.3 weeks Floor repair:.1 month Cleaning:. 2 Door not showing any emergency exit signs which could lead to serious loss in case of fire. Provide proper information to wear high-viz jacket in the yard.when needed Bleeper:. 7 Good shift pattern seems could save the tiredness and stress to the workers.when needed Bottle removal:immediate Training:.2 weeks Training:. Allocation of separate route for pedestrians should need to take place. 10 11 Separate route not provided for the pedestrians could cause a accident with the vehicles.1 month . Training is required to staff about spillage and area should need to be clean on regular basis. trips and other hazards. 6 A microwave wire seems damaged could cause fire.Appendix 2 – Observation Sheet Observation (Hazards and Consequences) 1 Fire extinguishers are not well enough for the office.immediate Wire repair:immediate N/A Information:. There are no first aid facilities provided to treat minor injuries.1 week Training:. Need to repair the wire and check if any other wire is damaged. Uneven floor can lead to the trip hazard 3 4 5 Cables in walkways can cause slips. Proper lighting system should need to take place to avoid any accident. Van need to fit reversing bleeper and a worker should be trained as a banks man who will then control Timescale New equipment’s :1 month Emergency lighting :1 week First aid kit:. Clear all extra cables and properly tight other cables together. short circuit etc.6 months Cables:.immediate Training:. Separate area for smokers is provided is helping to minimize any fire hazard. Organisation should need to carry on these patterns. 12 There is no proper lighting in the yard could cause accident in night time. 13 Refreshment spillages in the staff kitchen could cause slipping hazard. 9 Petrol bottle found on the floor could cause fire. 14 Company van is reversing with no warning bleepers could lead to impact with workers and pedestrians. Train the workers to smoke only at the smoking area allocated. Need installation of proper emergency lighting. 8 High-viz jackets provided to workers to save any impact with vehicles.when needed Separate route:.6 months Lighting:.

Provide them a latest walkie talkie system to avoid these serious accidents. Need to train the workers to drive slowly and also place some speed signs.1 month Drainage:. 20 Very high step at the entrance door of the office could cause slips and trips hazard. 16 Yard is much congested could cause collision with other vehicles. 19 The drivers found doing over speeding on the vehicles could lead to the serious accidents. 23 Good system of bin waste removal is seemed at the site office could minimize the hazards like fire. 17 There are some restricted vision area in the yard could cause collision with other vehicles and pedestrians. 25 No emergency lighting in the yard could lead some serious injuries.1 month Emergency lighting:. Keep up to date workers if there is any change in place or system. Training is required to the workers to use of fire fighting equipment’s and give them proper instructions. There should be sign like (mind the step) need to in place at the entrance door. Need to provide emergency lighting to avoid injuries. 24 Lack of training has been seemed to use fire fighting equipment’s could lead difficulty in case of fire. 22 Car washer provided in the yard but no drainage system waste water could cause injuries.3 weeks . 21 Drivers using their mobile phones to connected with the office while driving leads serious accident/fines Signs:. Maintenance required to the vehicle and regular check should be in place to check vehicles.3 weeks Mirrors:.1 week Walkie talkie:. fines. reversing vehicles.15 Workers are working in rainy weather without wearing any raining suit. Raining suits:-1 week Training:.2 months N/A Training:. Need to make a good drainage system for the waste water to minimize the injuries of slips and trips. etc.immediate Sign:. Training required for the drivers and supervisor need to give them information and some instructions for driving. Need to place some mirrors to clear the view and some supervision provided for the drivers.1 month Supervision:. Proper raining suits should need to provide to the workers.when needed Maintenance:immediate Training:. 18 Company vehicle seems sound from the silencer could cause accident.

how to use those. It will take only 10 minutes not more cost. 9 10 Provide raining suit to the employees for rainy weather. Need to do some arrangements to avoid the congestion problem in the yard. Repair will cost about £50 for the microwave. 12 Likely resource implication About £500 needs to provide fire extinguishers and about an hour for training. Damaged wire of microwave will need to repair. 11 Need to put sign at entrance of office door. 4 Repair of floor and drainage system in place for car wash wastage water. Need to in place some speed signs and mirrors in the yard.Appendix 3 – Recommendation Sheet Recommendation 1 Provide the fire extinguishers and also train the workers. Wideness of the yard could be bigger cost for the company. Raining suits will cost limited amount. High Immediate medium Within a month High Immediate Medium Immediate High Immediate Medium Within a week Medium Within 2 weeks Low Within a year . 8 Clearance of refreshment spillage in the kitchen. It will cost the company about £1000. Priority Target Date medium Within a month High Immediate High immediate low Within 6 months Just an hour need to explain them. 3 Clearing of cables to avoid tripping. A very small cost will be associated to purchase first aid kit. Repair would cost £2000 in all. 2 First aid kit need to provide for the workers. Train drivers to inspect the cars before using and not over speeding. Limited labour cost will occur. 5 6 7 Petrol bottle need to remove and keep it in a safe place. An hour for a person to clear cables. It could be minor cost.