Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Prof. Dr. Ahmet YEŞİL
Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. Adrian Mihai CIOROIANU
Dean of Faculty of History
Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality


Address by

Prof. Dr. Mircea DUMITRU
Rector of University of Bucharest
Prof. Dr. Yunus SÖYLET
Rector of Istanbul University

Opening Address
Address by

Mr. Ambassador Koray ERTAŞ
Turkish Embassy in Bucharest
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Mini Concert
Opening Cocktail

Fragments of history.50 Imprint of Turkish Culture in Romania Chair: Assist. Culture and Destiny Question and Answer Coffee Break HALL-A Transylvania Assoc. Prof. 16 October 2014 Damian Panaitescu Dr. Arzu Kılınç The Turkish Baths from Timisoara— The Crimean Tatars an Original that Migrated to Archaeological Turkey from Monument in the Romania Context of Rehabilitating the City’s Historical Centre 10:5011:10 11:1011:30 Michał Wasiucionek Logistics Supports Provided from EflakBoğdan in1716 during Ottoman-Austrian Wars Placing the Danubian Principalities within the Composite Ottoman Empire Metin Ömer (PhD Student) Assist. Gábor Kármán Transylvanian 2 . Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Prof. Iulia Chesca The Influence of Atatürk’s Reforms on the Turkish Community of Dobrudja Ada-Kaleh Turks. Uğur Kurtaran Dr. Prof. Rodica Butucel Thursday. Dr. Marius Diaconescu Szabolcs Hadnagy (PhD student) Assist. Mihai Maxim HALL-B 09.3010. Silvana Rachieru Dr. Prof. Dr. Bekir Gökpınar (PhD student) The Effects of Ottoman Ottoman Policies and Sovereignty in Wallachia’s Public Eighteenth Century Finances (1714-1774) Wallachia and Moldavia: a Case of Mental Geography of the Enlightenment Epoch Dr. Dr.HALL-A Status of the Principalities FIRST SESSION Chair: Prof. Dorel Micle Assist.

Ömer Metin Formation of Cooperation Companies in Romania Economic Relations Between Turkey and Romania during Ataturk Period Wallachia – Moldavia: The Food Depository Of Ottoman Istanbul 12:5013:10 13:1014:30 Question and Answer Lunch HALL-A War and Diplomacy THIRD SESSION The Commercial Relations between Romania and the Ottoman Empire (1878-1912). Prof. Prof. Dr. Dr. Arzu KaraaslanMehtap Nasıroğlu Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Alaaddin Yalçınkaya Assoc. Akitsu Mayuzumi An Agenda of Ottoman Army for Suçeava by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538 The Meetings of Foreign Envoys by the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia in the Second Half of the The Establishment of the Russian consulates in the Danubian Principalities in the 1780s and the Ottoman Empire Dr. Dr. Margerata Aslan Sequences of Ottoman Diplomatic Ceremonies in the Work of Kelemen Mikes 3 . Mehmet Akif Erdoğru Prof. Viorel Panaite 11:3012:50 HALL-B Economic Relations Chair: Prof. Aziz Tekdemir Assist. Dr.SECOND SESSION between the two Empires Chair: Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir The Role of the Ottomans in the War between Transylvania and the Habsburgs in 1562-1568 Transylvania or Venice? The Ottoman Military Campaign in 1658 Reflections of Ardeal Issue in 17th Century Ottoman-Austrian Relationships in Diplomatic Field Pretenders at the Sublime Porte. Mahmut Ak Prof. A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of the Romanian Goods on the Oriental Market Chair: Prof. Alina Sava Assist. Prof.

Dr. Ana Mihaela Assoc.14:3015:50 HALL-B Dr. Political and juridical status of Moldavia in 15th – 18th century. Luminița Cosmin Minea 4 . Prof. Liviu Bordaș Between Poland and Ottoman Empire. Mustafa H. Valentina Zovko Greater Balkans The First Envoys of the Republic of Ragusa in Turkey (1430-1431) Chair: Assoc. Dr. Marius Diaconescu 15:5016:10 16:1016:30 Catholics in the Ottoman Empire through the eyes of English travellers in the 17th century Caciur Dana Silvia The Involvement of the Morlachs in the Trade of the Venetian Cities from the Eastern Shores of the Adriatic at the Middle of the 16th Century Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Illona Czamańska Prof. Dr. Mahir Aydın Assist. Tufan Gündüz Image Of Turk And Muslim According To Croatian Voyager Matija Mazuranic Question and Answer Coffee Break HALL-A Borders and Neighbours FOURTH SESSION 18th Century: The Case of the Embassy of Repnin to Istanbul (1775-1776) Radu-Andrei Dipratu (PhD Student) Chair: Prof. The Relations between Wallachia and Widdin: Neighbourhood on Opposite Shores at the Danube The Intermediary role of the Ottoman Empire in the Circulation between South Asia and South-Eastern Europe. Dr. Guță What happened beyond the border? Some Reports of Moldavian and Wallachian Voivods Related to PolishLithuanian Commonwealth (17641795) Prof. A View from the Romanian Lands Dr. Dr. Sayar HALL-B Prof. Prof. Hacer Topaktaş Dr. Dr.

Dr.3010. Sokolov Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Erdoğru Chair: Dr. Adrian The Relationship between The Rıfa’ıyya Order and Prof. Dr.16:3017:50 Istrate Armand Munteanu Romatic Exoticism and Beauty of the Turkish Harem Woman Turkey Image within Romanian Travelling Literature between 1848 and 1935 Being Homo Balcanicus Without Knowing It: The Case of Anton Pann Image of the other Chair: Assist. Prof. Dimitris Michalopoulos “The Metropolitan of the Gagauz”: Ambassador Tanrıöver and the Problem of Romania’s Christian Orthodox Turks Assist. Dr. Hayrunnisa Alp Oriental Representations Turkey Visit of Maria in Carol Popp de Tănase.50 Lepar Ana-Maria (PhD Student) Assist. Dr. İgor Zimin Prof. Lia Chisacof George Alexandru Costan Cultural Ties Turkish: Known or Unknown during the Ottoman Rule Romania between Turkey and Russia Chair: Prof. Prof. Vladimir Gutorov Documents about History Political Education in of Romania in the State Post-communist Archives of Russian World: Some Federation theoretical Questions and New Regional Prospects Coman Roxana-Mihaela (PhD student) Dr. The Queen of Szatmari’s Watercolours: Romanian Tango 5 . Dr. Feyzullah Uyanık (PhD student) Bucharest during the Peace of 1812 Establishment of Russian Influence in Wallachia and Moldavia According to a Wallachian HALL-B Dr. A. 17 October 2014 HALL-A FIFTH SESSION 09. Iulia Chesca 17:5018:10 National Representation Undermined: Romania as an Oriental Country at 19th century Universal Exhibitions in Paris Question and Answer Friday.

Dr. Ü. Dr. Mihai Retegan 12:5013:10 13:1014:30 Documents from a Western Perspective? Assist. Alaaddin Yalçınkaya HALL-B TurkishRomanian Relations in the 20th Century Chair: Prof. Özgür Kolçak A Transylvanian Ruler in the Talons of the “Hawks”: II. Goodwill and Divergences. Pavelescu Serban Liviu Dr. Dr. Prof. Mihai Maxim Assist. Social and Political Dimension in the 20s Question and Answer Lunch 6 . György and Köprülü Mehmed Paşa Prof. Rákóczi II. M. New Documents from the Turkish Archives Prof. Silvana Rachieru Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu of Wallachia (16881714) and the Sublime Porte.Silvan Ionescu the Romanians during Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Times 10:5011:10 11:1011:30 Question and Answer Coffee Break HALL-A SIXTH SESSION 11:3012:50 Political Actors and Decision Makers Chair: Prof. The Position of Nicolae Ionescu Dr. Dr. Prof. Some Mutual Perceptions Lect. Dr. Dr. Emanuel Plopeanu Creating a Landmark on the Diplomatic Map of Constantinople: the Case of the Royal Legation of Romania Romania and Turkey in the ‘20’s: between Uncertainty. Dr. Filiz Bayram A Walachian Lord at 1787-1792 OttomanRussian-Austro War in Ottoman Sources: Nikola Mavroyani Irina Gafiţa (PhD student) On the Verge of War: “Activists” Versus “Neutralists”. Pompiliu-Nicolae Constantin The Romania’s National Security Strategy and Turkey during the first Half of the Twentieth Century Football Encounters between Romania and Turkey: Cultural.

Dr. Agiemin Baubec Words of Turkish Origin in the Romanian Proverbs Successful Romanian Scholars in the Field of Turkish-Romanian Cultural Interactions Dr. Dr. Emil Suciu The Turkish Loanwords in Romanian: A Synthetic View Cosmin . Dr. Prof. Daniel Victor CreţuDr. 18 October 2014 Day Trip : Visit to Sinaia 18 October (126 km from Bucharest)) 7 . Radu Ştefan Racoviţan The Activity of the Romanian Diplomacy and the ItalianTurkish War Dr. Valentin Fuşcan The Anglo-Russian Agreement on the Straits (12 March 1915).HALL-A SEVENTH SESSION 14:3015:50 Wars between 1911 and 1918 Chair: Assist. Prof. Some Considerations Erem Melike Roman Turkish Poetry in Bucharest Gihan Curtomer (PhD Candidate) Contact-Induced Language Change in Turkish Dialects of Dobruja Question and Answer Coffee Break AMFİ-IORGA Evaluation and Closing Remarks Reception hosted by the Turkish Ambassador (Calea Dorabantilor 72) Saturday.Constantin Ioniță (PhD Candidate) The Ottoman Tragedy. Yusuf Nevzat Sarıgöl Prof. Alin Matei HALL-B Linguistic Ties Chair: Prof. A Romanian View of the First Balkan War Dr. Dr. Cotirlet PaulClaudiu The Aromanian between the Two Balkans Wars Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özkan 15:5016:10 16:1016:30 16:3017:30 19:30 Assist.