How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage!

How To Save More Money On
Your Wedding
And During Your Marriage!

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save. this can spell disaster. donate. but when it comes down to money. You will have to discuss what amount you can spend each money © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. even keel. one of the most important factors to take into consideration in a marriage is the finances. but it is really necessary if you want to have a good married life free from stresses and disappointments. not only for your bank account but for your marriage too. or anything else regarding your money you must talk about it. If you want to invest or buy things. your spouse still has a right to know everything about where it is going and how you are going to spend it. Living with someone and managing finances means that everything you do will have to be sorted out together and you must both know the -4- . 2. how can you make sure you are not one of those in the soon to be divorced or divorced category? Well. Keep Communicating This is really very important. Monetary matters are always the most difficult to work out and often the most sensitive of subjects to brooch. There are 15 main things you must make note of when managing your finances with your spouse so that you stay out of debt and keep your marriage on a good.Romance-Fire. www. Even if you earn the money.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 15 Things You Have to Note While Managing Your Finances with Your Spouse With marriages becoming harder to work at every day and the divorce rate constantly on the rise. 1. because lack of communication about most things causes problem. Draw up a Budget If you are going to spend money together you will have to have a plan as to how this will work.

You might have to also pay monthly fees to a nursing home or retirement village. don’t convince yourself that you will be able to do this in 2 years. becomes a challenge that you have to face with an open mind and an open heart. If you are saving up to buy a home. or other monthly items. 3.Romance-Fire. Together with your spouse you should set aside some of your finances for just this purpose. www. food. Rather take longer to plan and ensure that you are always secure in your finances and have adequate funds for healthcare. because you might have other unforeseen events that delay your savings. Your In-Laws and Parents With all the money you are saving for a rainy day or for something specific. extra food and household -5- . There are expectations that each person will have coming into a new marriage and working out where you can spend money and on what. things become more complicated in terms of finances. you should not neglect your families. Spousal Expectation This is very important as you will have to make sacrifices and compromise so that you and your spouse can both get what you want. just focus on the one. Parents get older and you might have to eventually take care of them. or instead of doing two activities a week. You should both set realistic goals as to where you want to be financially in 5 years or 10 years time. you might have to give up going on those expensive shopping sprees. 5. To make sure your spouse can enjoy his weekend golf games. entertainment and other accounts.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! and sort out the percentages of your combined income that will go towards rent or mortgage payments. 4. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Set Realistic Goals When you live with someone else and you also want to start a family and settle down. which you must also take into consideration.

com -6- . 8. You will want to buy 2 cars and have all the luxuries you dream of. you must look at other ways you can cut down costs so that this lifestyle fits in your budget. make sure you can pay all of your accounts and any debts that you have. but if you want to live a certain lifestyle. You will be getting a bigger house and one day when you have children. but once you enter into a committed relationship. one of the first things you must think about is what you and your spouse can do to earn more money and what you are doing to improve your financial situation if you need to. then you must make sure you discuss this with your spouse and work out a good plan so that you can do this. because they consider yours and your spouses as one. It is very necessary to © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Your Salaries Earning money as a cashier might be fine while you are at college or working just to support yourself. Take things one step at a time and work towards the dream lifestyle you want to live. then you will have to cut down costs on other things and perhaps get a better job to pay for it.Romance-Fire. www. you will have to look at how much you earn and how much you are likely to spend.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 6. If your lifestyle includes driving the best car and never using public transport. your home will have to be bigger still. You could cut down costs by using public transport or only having one car. Remember that you cannot have everything right away. especially if your salaries don’t allow for it. The Lifestyle You Want Making sacrifices is all well and good. 7. Being married in community of property is the worst for debts. This means that when you get married. Debts and Accounts When you are planning your budget. If you fail to do this you can both get a bad name with the various credit bureaus and you will find it very hard to do anything. If you want to have lots of great things and live in a fancy neighborhood.

then stick to your plans and get your spouse to commit to this as well. which is why you should plan ahead and start now with various education plans. 11. Whether it is the arrival of a new baby. www. healthcare policies and other insurance plans so that you and your family are safe and secure and always covered financially. and cut down on your monthly expenses drastically. you are not alone.Romance-Fire. Any other accounts and credit cards that you have. people become too blasé when it comes to their finances and they convince themselves that a night out wont make that much of a difference. Wait until you are debt free before you have a child. 10. or educating your children. must be paid very month on time to avoid massive increases in your interest rates and to avoid being in arrears. -7- . the rates and levies that you have to pay as well as any costs involved through unforeseen events. It is expensive to cover all these costs. retirement.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! pay these debts off quickly and get debt free by taking drastic measures at the beginning of your marriage like no entertainment until this has been paid off. This is one of the big decisions in life that every couple will have to talk over and decide if they can afford. you must have certain things in place to pay for everything. You have to make sure you are prepared for all of this. You will have to take into consideration the growing markets which will push your mortgage rates up all the time. Buying a House This is something that every couple should aspire to and if you are finding it hard to save up for buying a home. unless something drastic and unforeseen happens. If you really want to achieve everything in life and have the lifestyle that you dream of. the maintenance costs involved in owning your own home. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Policies and Insurance For any event in your life as a married couple you must be prepared financially. and try your best to stick to the exact payments and expenses that you set out for each month. Stick to your Plan Often times. Don’t change the plan. medical emergencies.

one spouse is in charge of the finances and handles the money. This is usually if one spouse is more capable than the other or if one spouse does not want to be involved in this aspect. www. 13. you must still keep your spouse up to date and let them know what you are doing. If you are managing all the finances. -8- . Share the accounts and expenses so you both have good credit records and you should each have a bank account where your salary is paid. Appoint a Manager of Money In many marriages. You will have to spend a lot more money once you have a baby and you must make sure you are prepared for this responsibility and to give your child everything you want for him or her. 14. you must discuss all these types of plans so that you can prepare your finances accordingly. Each to have Bank Accounts Sharing your money and expenses can reach a stale mate where you might not be able to open accounts or have any credit because everything in under your spouses name. but you may very well get into a sticky situation where you are in debt and just feel despondent about your finances. Starting a Family Family planning is a large factor in your financial management and depending on whether you want to start a family now or in a few years time. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The trick is to keep working at it together and make other plans that will be more effective. Don’t Give up This is a strange thing to hear for managing finances.Romance-Fire.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 12.

This sounds a bit backwards. the source of many arguments and fights is this financial strain. you will ultimately forget to pay certain people and spend more than you make which will land you in trouble. so here are 15 pointers that will help you become debt free in just a year: 1.Romance-Fire. but if you try to pay off the bigger debts first you are simply causing the smaller debts to build up interest and they will slowly become unmanageable.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 15 Ways to Manage Your Money so You Can Clear Your Debt Within a Year When you get married. work out how you can pay them back so that you can still live properly. Many couples take out loans and borrow money from their parents to pay for wedding expenses and living costs until they get on their feet. Pay off the Smallest Debts First. www. 2. Paying these debts back can be so hard and for many couples. Negotiate lower interest rates and try to pay a bit more than you say you will pay per month to get on their good side. Work Out a Payment Plan With your debtors whether they are parents or a bank. The best way to live your married life in peace is to clear your debt. 3. Budget. Set aside a percentage of your monthly income to go towards debts. Make a budget and stick to -9- . Budget. the huge costs of planning a wedding and starting a new life with someone can cause you to go into debt quite easily. Budget! If you don’t have a budget set in place to see what you have to pay and how much money you have. Rather pay off the smaller debts you have within a month or two and then with these out of the way you can pay more to the bigger debts you have. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

For money you have borrowed from family. you will have to relook at your lifestyle and what you spend each month.Romance-Fire. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Once they are paid off just keep them aside without using them until you have cleared the rest of your debts. You should try where you can. 7. don’t go on shopping sprees and perhaps even find a cheaper place to live. only go out once a month instead of 4 times. don’t close your credit cards. 5. Eat at home more. If you do. If you really want to be successful in clearing your debt within a year. Cut Down on Your Expenses Most of the time. paying more than you owe will seem impossible. Rather put them away and don’t use them. get a cheaper car or get an extra job.10 - . www.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 4. especially with the bigger loans. never use debt consolidation because you don’t have interest to pay them anyway (hopefully). It can also greatly reduce the instalment you have to pay each month while also getting rid of debt collectors phoning you all the . 6. You must try to cut down as much as you can to have extra money for paying accounts and debts. Consolidate Your Debt Debt consolidation can only help if you have accounts and loans which are in arrears and you are paying a lot in terms of interest. Never Close Your Credit Cards To keep your credit record high enough. to pay more even if it means sacrificing a night out at a restaurant to get an extra little bit to pay. rather work out another agreement if you are not managing. Pay more than the Instalment This can be easier said than done and if you have a large instalment already. The point of consolidating this debt is to lower the amount you pay by making several interest costs into one smaller one. people try to pay off their debts while still living the same way.

the last thing on your mind will be opening health care plans and retirement plans. By growing your own produce you don’t need to starve yourself or give up eating healthy food because you cannot afford it. Plan Ahead With debts you have to worry about. Be Self Sufficient Many people have gone green and started planting their own vegetables and fruits. rather go for a smaller place or flat when you first move in together. then choose a smaller. it can also save your money a lot and may be a perfect way to clear your debts. It is very easy to say “don’t worry it will be fine” and choose a nice house somewhere with a garden and a pool. 10. Living Costs When you have a lot of money to pay back to family or to a bank loan.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 8. 9.11 - . You must work extra hard to pay your debts and these policies because they are so important and should not be left. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved . 11. but all these things should nit be left just because you have debts. You can always move into a bigger place when you are debt free in a years time and can afford it. While this is green and helps you to be healthier and avoid diseases like cancer. Natural Remedies In the same note you can also look at more natural ways to cure illnesses and help with ailments which are far cheaper than medicines. This will allow you to eat properly and save lots of money on your grocery bill.Romance-Fire. but if you have debts and cannot really afford this. Planning ahead like this will also force you to save more money each month and when you are debt free you will have a lot extra to save or place into these policies. Things like oatmeal and sage help fight pimples and garlic is the best defense against colds and flu. www. You can even use natural products as skin care products which will save a lot of money and may actually be safer and healthier for your skin. cheaper place for now.

make sure you always work out how much you can spend and keep a calculation of this while you are at the shops. so here is the best solution. So you can cut out on 2 expenses and still get fit and keep trim. This will avoid the shock when you reach the till and realize that you have overspent on your groceries. rather walk or cycle. becoming debt free will require that you make some sacrifices. You can sell these items to second hand shops or online to make more money and clear out your home. You also don’t want to give in and become unfit and unhealthy. In fact to make sure you don’t spend more than you are supposed to. or perhaps you both have furniture already and you need to get rid of the double items. This will allow you to cancel your gym membership. Maybe you have some old toys or gifts from ex boyfriends or girlfriends that you can sell. there are sometimes lots of old items that come into a marriage that can be sold. . Shop Mathematically When you buy food or clothes or anything for your home. Exercise One way to get debt free easily is to cut down on so called luxuries like your gym membership. While many newly married couples do not have much to begin with. www. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.Romance-Fire.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 12.12 - . This will also teach you to shop economically too and look for the cheapest items and ones that will also last the longest. Household Items While you want to have a nice home with all the latest gadgets and furniture. Instead of driving your car which costs a lot in gas. only take the exact amount of cash with you that you have worked out. One of the best ways to get some extra cash is to have a yard sale. 14.

How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 15. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The same goes for clearing your debts. when we reward ourselves we are more motivated to continue doing what we have set out to do. Then go on to conquer the next debt you have. Reward Yourself Like anything in life. Good luck on becoming debt free in a year. give yourself a small reward for doing so . and once you have solved your debt problem in one area. www.13 - .

Look for friends . Do-it-yourself . 4.Romance-Fire.You can’t escape debts. This way is advisable especially after you have paid most of your wedding expenses using your credit cards. Get Immediate Resources . Look for a reliable company which may even be able to give you credit counseling. There are many items which you can get from home rather than spending money to buy or rent them. Debt consolidation . 3. Pay a visit to their house and ask if you could have them for free or at a lower cost. As for how brides and grooms can save money during their wedding-planning. it can be the darkest days of your life. there are plenty of ways out there. © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. www. Learn some basic sewing and you can do wonders to your comb or straw hat just by adding a bit of some jewelry or pearls.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 10 Cool Tips On Saving Money For Your Wedding! Wedding is a day of blessing but if you do not manage your finance properly.You can get most of your needed items from your home from tables to chairs to cutleries and so . And here are 10 cool tips on how you can now save money. There are many reasons why brides overspend and overblow their budget.There are many ways you can cut cost from making your own veils to your own flower bouquet. not saving enough penny for their after-wedding life.Do you have some friends who just had their weddings? If so. So one of the ways to pay lower interest rates is to consolidate them.14 - . they would have excess or left-over materials which they no longer need them. 1. 2. I shall explore more on such reasons for other posts.

You will need to practice a few times before you can create that beautiful cake of your dream.How many credit cards do you have? 3.One of the main reasons why brides overspend is because they don’t have a budget list.If you have a relative who bake. 6. And that is why they overspend! 7. Stick to a credit card . I think many brides have the misconception that second hand items are old and worn off. 9. 5 or at least 6? Now.It’s quick its cheap its easy to send wedding invites via email. And that is how they end up with the debt consolidators.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! 5. bake your own .com or auction sites which sell second hand items at a lower cost. In fact. ask her to help in baking your wedding cake. Buy second hand . Deploy your relatives of aunties and ladies who can cook and ask them for help. you can save alot of money by not catering from food catering companies. So stick to one card so that you can track your expenditure. You use powerpoint program to do a nice digital wedding invite and © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. many are as good as new and you can consider this option. They do not know how much they have in their piggy banks and they say “Yes!” to every price they first see. 10. In this way.Go ebay. Save The Trees . Bake Your Own Cake .15 - . You may be surprised how well some of your uncles can cook too. Have a Budget List .Romance-Fire. www. 8. people are always spending future money and they are very addicted to it. If no one can help.One of the high cost items is the food. There is no negotiation done or sourcing for a cheaper alternative. Cook Your Catered Food .

Romance-Fire. www. So start planning now to avoid having clear up the money mess in the © Copyright Jhong Ren – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. visit http:// . Wedding expenses can add up rapidly but doing a lot of the preparation yourself can really help in holding down the expenses. Ask them to reply you via email too and this saves you from buying response cards.16 - .Romance-Fire.How To Save More Money On Your Wedding And During Your Marriage! email them to your guests. For more wedding articles.