It comes time to make a major decision regarding your assignment. Do you
Don’t reach a decision until a satisfactory consensus is reached
Hold a vote, and majority rules.
If you picked A:
Everything is going smoothly. You start to feel a connection with your group. Do you:
A1: Try to build a social and personal connection with your team while working.
Remain work oriented, focusing on the task at hand.
If you chose A1:
Your group members feel uncomfortable with having a leader get off topic, and don’t
reciprocate your attempts to be social in this environment. The deadline is looming near,
although everyone has assigned tasks in the project you feel uneasy about things I want
to know where your team stand in terms of progress. Do you:
A1 i)
Trust that your team mates are doing there tasks independently within the assigned and
agreed upon guidelines since you have no indication that they are doing otherwise.
A1 ii)
Get involved with other people’s tasks, by asking them if they need help or advice.
If you chose A2:
Your team mates are happy with you as a leader and the group dynamic remains to be
productive. It’s the day before the big group presentation. All the work is done and you
are confident with your assignment. A few members are nervous, and one does not feel
confident with the slides she has to read to the class.
Do you:
A2 i) Give everyone a pep talk, inspiring them to try their best and commend them for
their efforts. Although you are happy with the slides you’re reading you offer to switch
with the partner who is feeling uncomfortable with her share of the presentation.
A2 ii) Get swept up in the anxiety. Encourage everyone to practice extra tonight and
meet up early in the morning.

After the majority rule voting some people are still unhappy with the way things are going. You worked well to produce a great report and were a successful team overall. Germanic leaders are preferred to allow employees the freedom to solve their own problems. and you do very well over all on your assignment. If you picked B: You sense that your team members are dissatisfied with the vote and that tensions are running high. but the cohesive group dynamic throughout the process of your group was enough to make up for it. Your team mates are seriously beginning to doubt you after making majority rule and then trying to get involved on a personal level when there is much work to still be done. If you picked B1 i) Your team mates feels as though you are taking away there autonomy. At this point tensions are running high in the group. The presentation is a little shaky. B2: Focus on moving forward by placing extra effort into the task and being a productive team. They’re offended that you would get involved and not give them the space they desire to resolve their own issues first. or B1 ii) Allow the two of them to arrive at a resolution with minimal intervention on your part. a dimension widely appreciated by cultures. . Your team gives a great presentation in the end. Do you B1: Take a sensitive Approach to the issues by talking to individuals on a personal and emotional level. Do you: B1 i) Solve their conflict by delegating a resolution that you find appropriate. Two of your team members in particular are butting heads with one another. If you picked B1: Leadership that focuses on considerate and humane elements is not generally seen in a high regard. If you chose A2 ii) Seeing even you lose your cool feeds into the overall anxiety level. In fact you getting involved just escalates their dispute as everyone gets defensive. You provide inspiration and are self-sacrificing your own comfort so that the group can feel comfortable and excel.If you chose A2 i) You’ve demonstrated aspects of Charismatic leadership.

You proceed with the trusted course of action. they are more used to an initiating structure in leadership than a consultative one. You lose some trust from your team mates. Your partners are used to reaching a decision in consensus and were initially off-put by your majority rules approach. Your group members also found your attempt to become personal and discuss feelings innapropreate when they were already annoyed with you. Then when you interferred in a private argument you took away their sense of autonomy and there say in the decision making process of an issue concerning them. B2 ii) Go with a trusted method of doing things. If you picked B1 ii) Your team mates appreciate you giving them space. . If you picked B2 ii) As a more risk-adverse society. As a work oriented culture. Work progresses and dynamic is somewhat restored. In the end all of the distracting negative group dynamics lead you to hand in a sub-par assignment. If you picked B2: Your team mates try to do the same. insisting that taking a risk is beneficial for everyone. If you picked B2i) The Germanic culture is more risk-adverse than Anglo. your group members are relieved. you being so aggressive with this risky idea makes everyone uncomfortable. They work out their issues with each other regarding the project soon enough that it isn’t a major interference. Now that things are going more smoothly you decide to propose an innovative new approach to doing the task. Although they can appreciate innovation and new ideas. and for your team mates to think poorly of you as a leader. Do you: B2 i) Push your risky idea on the group. They feel confident in your current plans and that they will produce the highest quality. You sense resistance from your group about implementing the idea.something that is important to this task-focused and quality oriented society.CONCLUSION: You got off to a rocky start with your group. In the Germanic culture. leaders allow employees to address their own minor conflicts without much interference in conjunction with the participative leadership approach.