Left handedness

dear visti,
i had to reply to this mail, as i found it amazing.
just this afternoon as i was working in the kitchen , the thought of my friend who is
left handed came to my mind. i noticed that she used her left hand to light the
diya.so wanted to know, if there was anything wrong in doing so.
thanks to schanmukha , i did not have to send in the question!!
so here is a case of telepathy!

|Hare Rama Krsna|
Dear Schanmukha, Namaskar.
Left handedness (ruled by Moon and Venus) arises when the persons right-side of
the brain is more dominant than the left. This is comparatively much more rare than
right-handedness (ruled by Sun and Jupiter).

So look for cases where the person is born with Lagnesh in Kendra or trines to Rahu
(reversal of intelligence) whilst birth is during daytime in krishnapaksha, or
nighttime in suklapaksha (again reversal). These people have a predominant
influence of the right-side of the brain (which is the root cause of left handedness)
and would have a tendency towards using the left hand or left leg more than their
right. Venus also becomes very strong in such horoscopes.

However, if Jupiter has a strong influence on the lagna/lagnesha, then the person
may have had a parental figure or a teacher who forced them to use their right
hand/legs more than their left.
Yours sincerely,

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yet in school they teached me to write by right hand so I write right. 11th is stronger. though I remember I started writing left. where the left hand implies impureness. But I have never read or heard about this subject in Jyotish. if both equally strong then left as well as right. 11th house signifies left arm. thus I'm left-handed. if 11th house is stronger then left handed. In my chart..schanmuka wrote: Dear all. in particular this may be apply to India. Yours sincerely. The reason is also simple: 3rd house signifies right arm. Check out 3rd and 11th house: if 3rd house is stronger than 11th than right handed. who knows how to judge left handedness in a chart? Are there any yogas in classical literature? Usually a left handed person has to face problems.. 2) The answer is simple. Dhira Krsna dasa . and will do any detailed work like drawing etc by left hand.

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