Dr Tavares God told me to send these morse code communications to you

Theyre showing that they found Dawoods location in Pakistan
I have a feeling you will find him very soon from all the clicking I do
Im running on faith
News networks wont put it on the news it will create an atmosphere of threat
If you have his voice Governments will find him in no time
Someone like the UN Security Council would only allow things like this to gradually come on the news
they usually keep it covert
Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
Everyone you find with that technology will be D company associated
Everyone caught lying to you or to any world authority will be D company associated
I told you Indian Federal Government uses the support of D Company for terror that which includes
They have had zero reason to lie since January two thousand thirteen
All they are doing is establishing proof of their own involvement and criminality
In fact indian police visited my family in October or November two thousand thirteen
So they know what they look like and where they live
They must have realized that I caught onto the fact that the heads of government are involved with D
Likely why they are not allowing contact to them now and wont let them leave the country
That makes it the most severe enforced disappearance in history
The Federal Government of India will come down same with Thailand when you find a D Company head
It will prove all of them are connected
The one thing no one has ever been able to do is connect the Federal Government and D Company
Even my dad said it is common knowledge

Them using the same technology will prove it
Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
It will establish an international network of D Company and governments and the monarch and
government of thailand which support them directly
Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
I already laid out my plan
When the Federal Government of India is taken down
I want to expose all the locations of D Company holding hostages holding women and children in
trafficking in drug trafficking in arms trafficking
After that I want all locations of the terrorist organizations I connected found out
That being Al Qaeda LeT ISIS
Once a domino falls the rest will follow
I have already asked for a special task force of Interpol and FBI to use this technology against them
It will save billions of dollars off the fight on ISIS and lead to the largest international cooperation to
fight terrorism in history
Sixty nations in Iraq and Syria will look small compared to what comes afterwards
But it will be historys largest simultaneous action worldwide to hit every terrorist organization in every
country at the exact same time
Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
I told you law abiding good police officers are afraid to arrest D Company because they target their
families the same way the federal government of india has mine

Thats why I said masks
Especially if youre going to arrest Ambanis
Even someone like Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will know the entire federal government of
india and nations worldwide cooperate with D Company and their heads in the same acts of crime
I assure you the communication is right
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is involved
I keep track of all the news articles
And those that have a history of corruption with Sonia Gandhi involved Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
and the two thousand thirteen helicopter bribery scandal involved President Mukherjee
Sharmistha Mukherjee is not in jail
That I can confirm
The phone indicated as her is on
President Mukherjees daughter

If you dont have them with you and you kept the phone onto a UN Security Council Member or any
international authority tell them straight
The President of India wont get you my family

Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
Put the Europol Secretary General on camera to the Interpol Secretary General and onto the head of any
UN and foreign establishment in every major city in India

Put An Assistance Secretary General onto all of them at minimum
Tell the Chinese Ambassador to speak to President Xi Jinping and only President Xi Jinping
Tell the UK Ambassador to speak to Prime Minister Cameron and only him
Tell the US Ambassador to speak to President Obama and only him
Tell the French Ambassador to speak to President Hollande and only him
Rishi Gulati
Rishi Gulati
Do the same for Thailand